Sexy Mandy Gets Her Just Desserts


The day was fucking hot, Typical Southern California weather. I had been here a week and still wasn’t used to the heat. San Francisco could get warm but not like this.

Our saucy Mandy Collins had been the perfect host. Dinners, workouts, massages, and of course, fucking.

Platinum haired Mandy had drained my ballsack several times a day for the last week. She had happily explained to me with my balls in her mouth that a guest is a guest, and she didn’t want me telling my friends back home that Mandy hadn’t sucked and fucked me silly.

Today was the last day of my vacation with the blonde slut, and I wanted to show my appreciation for draining my nuts dry as the Mojave Desert. I had scouted the Irvine neighborhood looking for the perfect present, and Oh brother, I had found it at LuLu’s Dessert Shoppe.

Eighteen-year-old Ricky Rickter was the soda jerk manning the fountain at LuLu’s. Tall, skinny, and redheaded, he was everything that a porn star wasn’t, and he was a virgin, precisely what I wanted for Mandy.

I watched Ricky through the window the day before. I went to LuLu’s and struck up a conversation with the geeky young man. Well, as always, when two males are talking, it came to sex.

He reluctantly said he had never been with a woman. No fucking, no blowjob, not even a handjob.

I told him I could fix that. I explained I was visiting a very horny bitch, and I could fix him up. Well Ricky, was just about ready to hand me the cash register on that.

I slipped him two one hundred dollar bills and made him promise LuLus would be closed for two hours tomorrow afternoon, and he was supposed to act surprised when I brought delicious Mandy in for frozen yogurt.

“Buy yourself a pair of Tighty Whitey’s.” I told him, “Better yet buy some girl’s thong panties, that’s better yet.”

He nodded like he liked the thought of wearing panties. I was going to show him the pink thong I was wearing but didn’t want to give him ideas.

The Next Afternoon

“Billy, it’s so nice of you to take me for yogurt.” purred the fifty-year-old Mandy taking a pull on her Sherman Black and Gold cigarette. “How did you find this place?”

“I’m a hunter, baby!” I joked, looking at Mandy, her tight bum nestled into the bucket seat of her convertible. I was getting a dick hardening view of her long legs sheathed in red nylons that need in her perfect feet tucked in Leopard print six-inch spikes.

“Mandy, you look scrumptious!” I complimented her choice of outfits. She had packed her toned cougar body in an ass hugging pink button up the front sundress. The hem was barely covering the red rings topping her thigh highs.

“Your tits look perfect!” I added piling on the compliments. “I love the cleavage that dress reveals, and those pearls are the “Cats Meow” I laughed, staring at the three strands of pearls disappearing in the valley of her tanned titties.

She took another boob expanding drag on the gold filter-tipped black cigarette, the smoke drifting in the breeze.

“Speaking of cats, I got my “Hello Kitty” butt plug packed in my pooper.” she giggled, sticking her tongue out at me.

“Oh, God!” I groaned under my breath. I looked over and noticed she had bunched the bottom of her dress up above her crotch. The fucking cleft of her bald pussy was calling my name, but then I heard Mandy’s husky voice and realized it was my blonde slut beckoning me.

“Billy, what are you looking at?” asked Mandy taking a final drag on her cigarette.

“Do you want to finger Mandy’s cunt?”

I choked back my reply realizing my hand had been rubbing my cock the entire ride to LuLu’s.

Before I could answer, the GPS directed Mandy to turn the corner into the dessert shop parking lot.

“Oh, Fuck! Billy, we’re here!”

There wasn’t a single car in the parking lot. I smiled. Ricky had done well. Watching Mandy step from her convertible sent a tingle through my groin. Those lengthy gams in the cum fuck me’s got my little pony quite stiff.

Tucking her Gucci handbag under her arm, Mandy gave me a puzzled smirk.

“Looks like LuLu is closed,” said Mandy in a disappointed tone. “Doesn’t it, Billy?”

Mandy looked at me with those sexy mascaraed green eyes and wet red lips, and I almost confessed my little caper.

“Let’s try it.” I almost begged her to say yes. “It might be siesta time,” I added, placing my hand on her sundress covered ass.

“God, Billy, you love my ass, don’t you?” laughed Esenyurt Escort Mandy brushing her fingers across the lump in my Dockers. “When we get inside, I can take you in the men’s room and suck your cock. You know, take the edge off.”

“Mandy, your the best,” I told her, pulling the door handle, letting Mandy walk in before me. A bell rang above the door, and Ricky popped up from behind the soda fountain like a fucking Jack in a Box.

I stealhly flipped the Open sign to Closed and led Mandy into the parlor area. Her Leopard skin spikes clicked dangerously on the black and white checkered floor. Ricky was jumpy as a male dog in heat. He was ogling Mandy’s tits and wetting his lips.

I was beginning to wonder if he was even going to make it to his first piece of ass. Mandy just smiled and said. “Do you know who I am?”

“Mandy Collins.” he bleated like a lamb going to slaughter. “Southern Charms model.”

“Okee Dokee, now that we have the small talk out of the way, let us get down and dirty,” said Mandy cocking her index finger, beckoning the geeky teen around the counter.

“How did you know?” I asked Mandy with a puzzled frown. I watched her stand in front of the virgin soda jerk and look directly into his eyes.

“Billy, I’ve been coming to LuLu for fifteen years, and she’s never been closed in the afternoon, and knowing your naughty mind Billy Boy I figured you had some nasty little trick in your shorts.”

Mandy opened her handbag and took out a fresh pack of Sherman Black and Golds and dramatically lit the cigarette with her gold lighter. She directed her exhale at me with an evil smile.

I knew that look, and I felt an electric thrill race through my hard-on. Ricky Boy was in for a treat.

Her cigarette dangling from her full red lips, I watched Mandy place her palms on Ricky’s striped shirt lapels and then rip them open, exposing his hairless white chest, his nipples two pink dimes.

Mandy looked at me and winked, then took a cheek allowing drag on her cigarette before she kissed the teen’s neck like a vampire feasting on a fresh blood donor.

“Ohhhhhh!” Ricky moaned a virginal sigh as Mandy’s mouth smothered his cries, kissing him, forcing her tongue into his mouth, “Ummmmmmmm, Mandy, please.”

“Please what?” asked Mandy, licking the boy’s lips. The tip of her pointed tongue trailing a thread of saliva across his cheek. “Please, what? Please blow me? Please fuck me? Please tongue your asshole?”

“Whatever you want to do!” Ricky whimpered in his geeky voice. I could see the lad’s knees shaking as Mandy licked him. My cock was doing the old man’s dance as I watched my porn slut seduce the soda jerk.

“I always do whatever I want, sweetie! Right, Billy?” smirked Mandy slipping Ricky’s shirt off, tossing it on the floor.

“Right Mandy” I volunteered my prick a hard lump in my Dockers.

I heard Ricky groan as Mandy kissed his hairless chest, then handed me her cigarette. She looked at me with that smile that makes cocks stand at attention. Just the way her tongue worries the corner of her mouth when she’s going to do something nasty.

Holding the black cigarette to her pursed lips, Mandy sucked in a mouthful of smoke then pushed the teenager against the ice cream cooler. Yanking his white slacks down around his knees, Mandy exhaled a stream of cool smoke in Ricky’s grinning face.

“Oh My God, Billy, he’s wearing pink panties!” .” laughed Mandy, clapping her hands. “Now, I know you put up this entire damn escapade.”

I dropped my Docker’s kicking them across the floor. Mandy giggled and pointed at my old man pecker tucked in my pink bikini girl’s thong.

“I knew it! You panty pervert!” Mandy said, turning her attention back to the geeky little morsel of sex. She quickly undid the red pearl buttons on her pink sundress letting the silky material drape open like a new car unveiling.

Ricky swayed as if he was going to faint when Mandy’s 36 DD titties showed themselves. Her thumb thick nipples were hard as pencil erasers and were begging for attention.

“Can I kiss them?” Ricky gulped like a man asking for his last meal before being led to the gallows,

Mandy took her cigarette from me and held it in her “Ved” fingers as she lifted the massive boobs in her cupped palms. She offered her mature twins to Ricky’s lips.

He nibbled at the dark pink nugget gently. He looked up into Mandy’s green eyes.

“Bite em, baby! Treat Esenyurt Escort bayan my girls rough. They love it!”

I couldn’t help myself, I slipped my pink thong down over my erection, noticing the seepage of pre-cum oozing from my circumcised knob.

I took Mandy’s dress in, my finger’s and slipped it off her tanned shoulders. Folding the expensive garment, I placed it on the soda fountain counter.

“Thank you, Billy,” murmured Mandy looking at me over her shoulder. She snapped a French inhale then whispered a smokey request, “Fuck me, when I suck him!” her words spoken with a throaty groan escaping her red buttered lips.

I nodded and moved in place behind Mandy’s beautiful buttocks. I almost slipped my penis in the dark crevice of her bum, but waited till I saw her stand back, moving her tits out of reach of Ricky’s sucking mouth, but still teasing the teenager,

“Sit on the freezer, honey,” ordered Mandy, her spiked cum fuck me’s clicking on the checked tile floor. She gave him room to hop up on the freezer, his skinny bum was hanging inches above a tub of French Vanilla Ice Cream.

“It’s fucking cold on my balls!” Ricky grunted, moving his pink pantied asscheeks in a circle. He was still staring at Mandy’s breasts when she placed her cigarette between her lips and reached to his waist and slipped her fingers in the frilly waistband of his panties.

“Out of the sissy underwear.” laughed Mandy pulling the silk undies down over his thin hips. Ricky’s penis flipped in the fresh air like a minnow leaping out of a fish tank.

I looked at the geeky’s erection. It was the skinniest cock I had ever seen. But the fucker was at least a foot long, with a glans that looked like a purple-hued plum.

I smiled—no wonder he had never gotten laid. Now I’m talking skinny like cheap hot dog thin, but knowing Mandy, she would take one for the team.

“Oh God, I fucking love it!” yelped Mandy dragging Ricky’s panties off and flipping them back at me. I caught them and hung them on my erection. The feel of the silk on my hard-on made me want to wank my best buddy, but I knew Mandy’s warm insides were better than my hand.

Holding her cigarette, our blonde porn slut placed the fingers of both hands on the pale white Garter Snake prick. Pressing the gold filter tip of her cigarette against the pale pink penis, she stroked it with her long red lacquered nails.

Lowering her mouth, Mandy kissed the erection, tattooing the skin with her ruby red lipstick.

I saw my chance and moved directly behind Mandy’s upthrust buttocks, the plump cleft of her pussy peeking between her thighs. Wasting no time, I nudged my cock into her, Ricky’s panties hanging from my boner going along for a ride to Mandy’s cunt heaven.

Now let me stop this story for a minute. I’m going to describe what Mandy’s insides feel like. When your cock slips between the smooth pink labia, it’s wet. It’s sticky wet, and God, it’s tight. The next few inches are a warm butter filled glove, then your cockhead hits her cervix and your fucking by God, lucky you don’t cum right then and there.

And that’s where I was ready to pump my old man junk deep in our Mandy.

“Ohhhhhhh, Shit!” Ricky moaned as Mandy’s kissing mouth smeared the blue-veined worm with her crimson lip gloss. “I’m going to cum!”

Like a Raptor Guided Missle, Mandy locked on her target, her open mouth covering the plum head just before the ice cream kid blew a wad of pure spunk.

She hissed, catching the first spurt as it hit the roof of her mouth.

“Damn! Ahhhhh, God, that’s Good Cum!” gargled Mandy on the mouthful of youthful semen. She tasted the thick sperm filling her mouth to the brim.

Lifting her mouth off of Ricky’s spewing prick, Mandy lifted his ballsack and spat a mouthful of sperm into the tub of French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Well, folks, that’s all it took to make me cum. Watching the sexy bitch spit virgin baby juice into LuLu’s most excellent ice cream treats was my Waterloo. I gripped Mandy’s hips and ejaculated into her. My orgasm was so sweet a tear ran down my cheek.

Mandy!” I groaned, working my crotch in a semi-circle getting as much of my ejaculate into her as I could.

“Fuck me, Billy! Fuck me, you dirty old man!” laughed Mandy, a long rope of the geeky kid sperm dangling from her lips. “God Damn It! I want to cum!”

Poor Ricky, his face was a mask of delight and awe. He was looking at his cum dangling Escort esenyurt from his blow job. The long skinny pecker still hard, but was losing the battle. Not many men could survive a second erection after a good pipe cleaning by Mandy Collins.

Reluctantly I stepped back, my elderly seventy-year-old cock mimicking Ricky’s virgin pork.

Mandy pirouetted on her spikes and looked at me, her eyes bright with anticipation. “Kiss Me, Billy!”

She knew my naughty ways and that a nice load of my cum or any cum was not to be wasted. I stepped in front of her, my flaccid penis cloaked by the semen soaked pink undies. Pressing my mouth against Mandy’s was like stepping into heaven.

I tasted her cigarette, her spit, and ate the spicy virgin load of Ricky’s spunk. Wrapping her arms around my shoulders, she Frenched me, her gooey tongue licking the insides of my mouth.

“Taste good, Billy?” she asked, breaking our kiss. She inhaled on her cigarette, then dropped it on the tile floor.

“You naughty cum eater! I want you to guide your prodigal son into his first cunt.” ordered Mandy turning to look at skinny Ricky. To both our wonder and amazement, he had sprouted a new erection. The foot-long worm was towering above his milk-white belly.

“Alright!” squealed Mandy pointing at the bean pole erection. “Put Bitch Mandy on my Ricky Dickey . It’s time for Ricky to lose that cherry.”

Stepping in close, I cupped the firm cheeks of Mandy’s ass, then lifted her into the air, holding her cream pied pussy over the soda jerk’s cock. With a high pitched scream, Mandy clenched her butt, and to my delight, her Hello Kitty anal plug shot out of her pooper and dropped into the French Vanilla ice cream with a soft splat.

Ricky giggled and humped his hips just as I lowered Mandy onto his prick. The lad’s penis slipped quickly up into the mouth of Mandy’s vagina. I let go, and the hard cock slammed home, buried to his hen egg-sized testicles.

“Oh My God! Ricky, you’re stabbing my tummy!” screamed Mandy bouncing her ass on the eighteen year old’s skinny hips. She lifted a few inches and then, with a grunt, dropped back on the prick. “Fuck Me, Baby! Make Mandy Cum!”

I watched from my spot next to the ice cream freezer, now and then sneaking a look at the chilling sperm in the ice cream. Hearing a familiar squishing sound, I observed Ricky fucking up into Mandy, his slim cock forcing my load out of her

Suddenly all hell broke loose, Mandy shivered, her body shaking as she orgasmed on the ice cream jocky.

A geyser of her musky juices squirted into the chilled parlor’s air-conditioned room.

“Oh, Mother Fuck Yes!” gasped our blonde beauty, her eyes rolling back as she came. “Oh, My God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Mandy Dirty!”

Her spiked heels planted on either side of Ricky’s hips, Mandy rode his pole, my creamy nut flying in tiny white drops with each downward thrust of her asscheeks.

Three frantic cunt filling stabs and young Ricky was no longer a virgin, Mandy’s muscles forced the snake-like cock out of her, followed by a jet of her pussy juices.

Reaching across Ricky’s thigh, I grasped his pussy slick erection in my fingers and aimed the spurting tip at the ice cream tub. Three prolonged ejaculations spurted the baby juice into the ice cream, his cherry load mingling with his blow job load of jizz.

I started laughing; there was our Mandy doing a high wire act on top of the ice cream cooler, Ricky helpfully holding her red nyloned calves for balance. Rivers of Mandy’s cum dripping through the open freezer top, splashing into LuLu’s sweetest desserts.

Mandy looked at me with a broad smile on her satisfied lips. “Oh, Shit! This was the best fucking dessert I ever had!” giggled Mandy holding out her hands for me to help her from her freezer perch.

Ricky was now sitting on the countertop, touching his slimy soft cock. He looked at Mandy and me and made an OK gesture with his fingers.

“Thanks, Mandy, Thanks Bill, I feel wonderful!” he grinned, licking his fingers. He beamed a Cat who ate the canary smirk.

I put my arm around Mandy and gave her a smooch on her cheek. “You sure made him happy, Mandy, ” I said, watching her light another of her black cigarettes.

Reaching into the open freezer top, Mandy dipped her finger’s into the ice cream and brought out a glob of semen mixed dessert ice cream.

“LuLu got a new flavor!” burped Mandy licking her fingers clean. “Mandy Creme Ala Mode!”

I reached into the freezer for a sample and spotted Mandy’s Hello Kitty butt plug grinning at me from the ice cream tub.

“Billy Boy, maybe we should take a pint home for later.” laughed Mandy looping her arm in mine.

Nothing like Homemade Ice Cream Treats, Right?

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