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i’d beenseeing the older secretary from work for a while & one day she said her friend Glenda had asked her to house & dogsit for her while she went away for a few days & would i like to stay with her as it was out in the country.i said o.k. and she told me Glenda wanted to meet me & introduce me to her dog & show us where various things where,we went round the night before Glenda was due to go & the door was answered by a petite, attractive older lady,wearing a cream blouse,black skirt,
black stockings/tights,high heels,greying hair & immaculate make-up,”come in,you must be David, Susans told me all about you” “all good i hope” i replied,”oh yes ,she says your very good” i felt myself blushing at this as she lead us into the lounge & poured us some wine,”could you do me a favour?”Glenda asked”the dog has gone out into the garden & won’t come in & as you can see i’m not really dressed for traipsing around out there,would you go & get it in for me please?” o.k. i told her & armed with a torch went out & found it at the bootom of the garden covered in mud,i picked it up & carried it up to the house with it wriggling all over me & covering me with mud.when i got back to the house the two women were horrified to see the state of me & got me some towels,Glenda told me to take off my clothes & she would wash & dry them for me & told Susan to take me & show me the bathroom so i could have a shower.while i was in the shower Glenda knocked on the door & told me there was a robe on the back of the door i could use while i waited for my clothes,i showered,dried & put on the robe which was a pink,silk womens robe which barely covered my bottom half,i wrapped a towel around my waist under the robe & went into the lounge where the women were sat on the settee,”thank you for that” said Glenda”sorry about the state you got into” i told her it was o.k. “let me get you a drink” she said,”come & sit down here with us” said Susan”you look cold,why have you got that wet towel round you?”.
i explained to them that the robe was a bit short for me & i wanted to save my modesty,
“we can’t have you siting there in that wet towel”said Glenda”Susan go into the bedroom & see if you can find anything in our wardrobe that will fit David”.as Susan went off Glendagot up & poured us some more drinks & as she lent over to hand it to me i could see right down her blouse at her tits which were in a white lacy bra,Susan came back in with a pair of pnk silk french knickers which she handed to me”thats all i could find that might do” she told me,Glenda told me to slip them on & take off the wet towel,i stood up & slipped them on & removed the towel & sat back down feling very self-concious,”don’t look so worried” said Glenda”we won’t tell anyone about this,anyway you look quite cute like that”, i took a big glug of wine & said that is wasn’t her sitting there in womens pants & robe with someone they’d only just met.,i asked Glenda why Susan had clothes & underwear in a wardrobe here,Glenda told me that since her divorce & Susan looking sfter her mother that they’d been enjoying each others company,”bloody hell” i replied”are you embarressed & shocked by that?” she asked”you know how sexy Susan is,who could resist”, i told her i was more embarressed by being sat in a womans robe & pants,”would it help if we were just in our underwear as well?” Susan asked” maybe,i don’t know really,tonight has been an eye-opener for me” i replied.the two women stood up & removed there blouses & skirts to reveal matching sets of white bra,pants,suspender belts & black stockings & sat down either side of me on the settee,”does that help?” Susan asked,”yeah a little,but i still feel strange wearing womens things”i replied,”well i think you look cute & sexy” said Glenda”don’t you Susan?”,susan put her hand on my thigh & told me not to worry as no-one would ever know & she knew that i was all man.”so you’ve said before Susan,no wonder she looks so happy these days when she’s seen you & had sex” said Glenda.the sight of these two ladies in there sexy underwear was starting to have an effect on me which the women noticed,Glenda looked at Susan & asked if she could maybe share me with her,Susan told her she didn’t mind if i didn’t,i said that i was really in no position to argue & Glenda put her hand under the robe & started to rub my hardening cock,Susan got up & knelt on the floor & started to kiss my legs whilst Glenda pulled the pants down & licked my cock & balls,by now i was rock hard & couldn’t believe what was happening to me,Susan got up & took down Glendas pants & started to kiss her arse & legs,”don’t waste that Glenda,put it in you,it will make a change from our vibrators & strap-on”,Glenda stopped sucking my cock & sat across me & lowered herself onto my cock with a groan,”god that feels good”she said,Susan knelt behind her & played with my balls & slipped a finger up Glenda’s arse,Glenda screamed with delight & came & collapsed off me onto the settee,Susan got on all fours on the floor & told me to fuck her hard from behind,i git behind her & started to fuck her & soon shot my load deep inside her,she got up & straddled Glenda’s mouth gaziemir escort & told her to lick her fanny & taste my spunk,Glenda licked her till she came & told me my come tasted good.
Glenda suggested we went into the bedroom where we would be more comfortable, when we got onto the bed Glenda opened her bedside cabinet & got out a 10″ strap-on & told Susan to put it on & they would show me how they satisfied each other normally,she got on all fours & Susan pushed into her whilst Glenda put her head in my lap & started to suck my cock back hard which didn’t take long,Glenda soon came & Susan got up from behind her & crawled up the bed & asked me to lick Glenda’s juices off the stap-on,i hesitated at this & she told me that she’d sucked mine often enough & as i was wearing womens pants i should act a bit more like a lady,she pushed it against my lips & i licked the end & could taste Glenda’s juices,”that wasn’t so bad was it?”asked Susan,i told her Glenda’s juices tasted nice ,”well now you can lick my fanny” she said lying down on the bed & taking off the strap-on & spreading her legs,i knelt between her legs & started to lick her,Glenda got behind me & started to lick my balls & cock & feel my arse,i slipped a finger into Susan’s arse which i knew she enjoyed & next felt Glenda do the same to me,this made me jump & Glenda told me to relax & enjoy it,Susan soon came & told Glenda to put on the strap-on & let me find out what it was lke to be a woman,i asked her what she meant & she replied”well you’re dressed like one & have licked Glenda’s juices from it,so why not take it like a woman?”i was shocked at this as Glenda put it on & Susan rubbed some lube between my arse cheeks,”you’ve fucked my arse & fingered it before,so you can try it now”said Susan,i felt Glenda get behind me & Susan spread my cheeks as she pushed slowly in,”relax dear”said Susan”it’s only the first bit that stings a bit”,i felt my arse stretch as it slid into me,she then started to push in & out fucking my arse,Susan got underneath us & started to lick my cock & balls,i started to feel my come rising & shot my load into her mouth,collapsing forwards onto the bed,Glenda pulled out of my arse & told me i was a good little girl & was going to cancel her trip away & that the two of them were going to enjoy themselves with me,”yes i think he will make a good sexy girl for us to enjoy”said Susan,Glenda got up & went into the bathroom & ran a bath,”come & get in here you two”she said”i think we should all stay here as girls for the next few days”,i asked her what she meant & she told me that seeing as i’d worn womens clothes & been fucked like a woman that i should be made to behave like a woman,Susan got some hair removal cream & started to rub it on my legs & told me not to worry as they would be gentle with me,i was in no position to argue as hey removed my body hair,they got me out of the bath,dried me & covered me in body lotion & gave me some black pants to put on.
In the morning Glenda & Susan tied me to the bed & went off into town shoppng for me,
when they came back they untied me & dressed me in pants,bra,suspender belt & stockings,black high heels,put some false tits in the bra & did my makeup & put a wig on me,”there you go”they said”you look very sexy for us now”,i looked at myself in the mirror & was shocked at how they’d made me look,they stripped off to their underwear & told me to walk around for their approval,patting me on the arse as i went past them,”come downstairs with us now”said Glenda,we went into the lounge & there was a selection of sex toys laid out on the coffee table,”sit down dear nicely dear & watch us pleasure each other”said Susan as she took off her pants & picked up a vibrator & put it up her fanny,Glenda picked a butt plug,pulled her pants to the side & pushed it into her arse & sat next to me & watched Susan masturbate,Glenda told me to stand up & pull down my pants, i did as she said & she bent me over the end of the settee & pushed a string of anal beads up me & pulled up my pants for me,Susan told me to take out glenda’s butt plug & fuck her in the arse,Glenda leant over the end of the settee & i pushed into her arse & started to fuck her,Susan got behind me,pulled out the anal beads & pushed her vibrator up my arse & turned it on,the sensation was unbelievable & what with fucking Glenda’s arse & the vibrator i soon came.I pulled out off Glenda & Susan got behind her & lick a dribble of come from her arse cheeks,”waste not want not” she said,Glenda got up & put on the strap-on & told Susan to lie down & started to fuck her pussy,this soon got me hard again & i lay next to her & made her suck my cock,as i felt my come rising i pulled out of her mouth & shot my load over the pair of them,Susan soon came & the two of them licked my come of each other,Glenda sat up & said that we should all do this again & that they would get me some more womens clothes,they bought me some more underwear which i always wore for them & dressed me in a skirt & blouse & we went for a drive in the car one night & ended fucking on the back seat,we had many more enjoyable times together & i will tell you of them soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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