Shanda and Reesa


Reesa wasn’t quite sure what she was doing here. After all, she was straight and had never even thought of a woman in that way. Okay, so she had had dreams where she was being licked all over her body by a beautiful woman, but that didn’t mean that she was a lesbian. Everyone had those kinds of dreams, didn’t they? Unsure of what to do, she walked over to the fireplace and stared into the fire.

“You really look beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone else who has hair like yours.” Shanda smiled at Reesa from across the room. They were so different — Reesa with her titian hair and Irish green eyes and Shanda, her olive complexion with the brunette locks to match. It seemed so innocent, that first conversation after class — idle complaints about the reading assignment, the monotone speaking style of the professor. It seemed so natural to continue the chat over coffee. Coffee turned to lunch, lunch to phone calls, and phone calls to a late movie. Now, in Shanda’s apartment, Reesa wasn’t quite sure what she wanted. The time that they had shared had been wonderful, full of long, deep discussions — the type that set the foundation for real relationships. It was only in the last few weeks that she had found her skin tingling when Shanda smiled at her and she felt ashamed when she realized that she was blushing with unbidden thoughts.

“Thank you. I hated it when I was little…all the kids called me carrot-top.”

Shanda laughed. “Well, I am sure those kids would be kicking themselves now. It always seems like the kids who get teased the most growing up are the most beautiful when they get older. Ugly duckling syndrome, I guess.”

For a while Reesa simply stared into the fire, and Shanda let her be. They simply listened to the snapping of the flames licking against the wood, the occasional pop of sap exploding across the surface of the logs. It was warm. It was comfortable. The tension filled the room to near stifling levels. There were only two choices. Reesa turned and looked at Shanda sitting on the floor, leaning against the sofa. She could leave and probably never talk to Shanda in the same way again, or she could cross the room and join her on the floor. Reesa fixed her eyes on her companion’s, and in that moment there was no decision to be made.

She slowly walked across the room and sank to her knees in front of Shanda. Gently she reached out a tentative hand and slid it across the curve of Shanda’s cheek where the brown curl tickled. Her stomach clenched pleasantly at Shanda’s sharp intake of breath. Somehow, Shanda knew that the only way that this was going escort mecidiyeköy to work for Reesa was if she took the more aggressive lead. Reesa was so tentative…hesitant…scared. Shanda knew just what to do to turn that fear — not eliminate the fear, but turn it to the sparkling glide of excitement. She reached forward, took hold of Reesa’s hair and pulled her into the kiss. Reesa’s eyes had widened with dewy shock, but she did not pull away. Shanda pulled her close, but just as her lips were about to take her woman’s, Shanda paused. She could feel the sweet whisper of Reesa’s breath against her skin, begging for the contact, but she wanted to be sure. She wanted Reesa to be sure.

Ignoring the sharp tug against her scalp, Reesa closed the distance between their lips.

Writers have been describing the first moment of contact between lovers for thousands of years, but how can they describe in words what is such an elemental moment? It’s no wonder that images of saints in the presence of God often have an orgasmic look of ecstasy on their faces — that first touch is like touching the hand of God…dangerous, scary, and important in a way that leaves us forever changed.

As their soft lips skimmed against each other, Shanda and Reesa felt as though they were sinking into pure light. The result of that divinity? Or maybe just a lack of oxygen. Shanda gripped Reesa’s hair tighter as she pulled her into her arms and Reesa gave out a little yelp of surprise. Shanda kept her there, in that moment, by pulling her head back to deepen the kiss, but at the same time she stroked her hand over the tender skin behind her lover’s ear. Reesa’s yelp of surprise turned quickly to a moan of pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?” Shanda whispered.

“Yes. Please.”

“Please, what?”

Reesa clutched at Shanda’s arm. “Please kiss me again.”

The soft, sweet kisses seemed to go on for hours. Shanda left small nipping marks along Reesa’s ivory skin and both of the lovers had swollen lips that screamed for just one more kiss. Reesa felt as though her soul was going to burst out of her body…her nerves were so energized and her pussy was so wet that she idly wondered if she could be electrocuted on her own power. She was stunned to feel Shanda’s lips wrapping around the pouting nipple of her left breast — dragging its sweetness into her mouth. She was further stunned to feel the orgasm curl through her body, arching her back, thrusting her breast deeper into Shanda’s greedy mouth.

“Oh, my God!!”

Shanda could wait no longer escort bayan istanbul — she yanked Reesa’s shirt over her head. She could hear the little buttons scatter across the floor, small plastic reminders that she would be finding for days. As she relieved Reesa of her clothes, her lover was equally busy. Reesa laughed out loud as she tugged Shanda out of her fabric prison. Their joined giggles filled the air as they were almost defeated by zippers and shoes that just would not come off quickly enough. Finally, they pressed their bodies against each other and suddenly there was nothing to laugh about any longer. They stared into each other’s eyes and their lips met once again. Again, Shanda knew that she would have to take the lead.

Taking Reesa’s wrists in her right hand, Shanda stroked her left down her torso. Reesa arched her body into Shanda’s hand, seeking that sweet contact. Holding her still, Shanda dipped her head to suckle at her lover’s breast and gently rolled the nipple of the other breast between her thumb and forefinger.

“Sweet Jesus!!” Reesa almost erupted off of the floor, but Shanda held her in place. It seemed like hours that she held her writhing on the floor, sucking first on one breast and then the other, always tugging and tweaking the opposing nipple with her strong fingers. Had Reesa thought her pussy was wet before? It had been bone dry compared to the ocean between her legs now.

“Please, Shanda! Please!”

“Please, what?” Shanda grinned evilly as she raised her dewy lips from Reesa’s distended nipple.

“Please fuck me! God, I don’t know how much more I can take!”

Shanda smiled and released Reesa’s hand. She began kissing her way down her lover’s body until she reached Reesa’s hips. She grasped her legs and pulled the quivering thighs apart — gently kissing the soft skin on the inside of her knees as she moved closer to the source of musky sweetness. Reesa’s pussy was so soft…so plump…so stunning. Shanda gently spread her pouting lips apart, gently stroking the soft, wet hair that covered her mons. Spreading her lips apart, Shanda gazed at Reesa’s wet, wet, pussy. Her clit was so big! She had become so aroused that her clit was trembling in need. Ignoring that tempting skin, Shanda gently ran her tongue around the edge of her opening.

“Fuck!” Reesa screamed, and her juices trickled even thicker.

Not waiting for her to recover, Shanda dipped her tongue into that sweet whole and began lathing the interior walls, sucking that sweet nectar into her mouth.

“God,” Shanda murmured, escort bayan şişli “you taste just like honey and apples.”

She fed at Reesa until her face was glazed with that sweetness. She could feel Reesa’s thighs quivering beside her head as she came again, and again. Only then did Shanda slide her index finger into that dark tunnel.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Please!”

“Do you like the feel of my finger inside you?” Shanda asked.

“God, yes! More, please, more!”

“You want me to put more fingers inside of you?”

“mmmm…yes, please. I want to feel you fill me up!”

Shanda tested the wetness of Reesa’s pussy and knew exactly what she wanted to do. She pulled her finger out of her, and at her moan of disappointment, Shanda drove four fingers into her tightness.

“Fuck!!! Yes!!!” Reesa howled.

“You really want to be filled up, don’t you?”

Reesa was crying incoherently. “Please! I need it! Please!”

Shanda stoked the fingers of her other hand in Reesa’s slickness, and dipped her face down to her jutting clit. She began moving the four fingers back and forth, spreading them, pushing them deeper. She licked her clit, flicking it, sucking on it. Within moments, Reesa was writhing in the grips of another orgasm. At that moment, Shanda pulled her fingers out of Reesa’s pussy and before she could howl her disappointment, Shanda drove her entire hand into her lover. She stretched her wide and slid her right hand into her pussy up to her wrist.

“Shit! Fuck! Shit! Yes!!”

The feeling of power was incredible, and Shanda was not about to let go of it a moment too soon. She gently rotated her hand so that her fingers could stroke Reesa’s g-spot.

“Holy Mother of God!!!!”

Reesa’s hips thrust up so hard, Shanda had to pull back to avoid getting a black eye! But she wasn’t nearly done with her! She pushed Reesa back down to the floor, and with one movement caressed her g-spot again, gently bit down on her clit, and drove three fingers into her asshole up to the joint.

“UUUUUUGGGGGGG!!!!!! FUUUUCCCKKK!!! YEESSSSS!!!” Shanda began lapping up the juice that squirted from Reesa’s oh, so full pussy. The juice squirted again and again and Shanda drank down every drop.

Reesa’s body collapsed back to the floor and Shanda gently pulled her fingers out of her ass and her hand out of her pussy. Her hand was covered in thick slickness and more was oozing out to drip onto the floor. She licked her fingers clean, and slid down to cuddle against Reesa. Reesa’s eyes fluttered and Shanda realized that she was on the edge of unconsciousness. Gently, she slapped her cheeks until she opened her eyes. The pupils were dilated into wide black holes, but the smile that spread across her face was even wider.

“Is it my turn now?” Shanda asked.

Reesa smiled and nodded with an evil glint filling her eyes.

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