She Thought I Was Sleeping


So after all of these years I decided to finally write that diary I have always considered. The only problem with the diary concept is that someone always finds it. And if someone finds it, they read it. And, I would always be afraid of that so I wouldn’t write any of the real good stuff. And if you are not going to write the good stuff, then why write anything. Right?

So why after all of these years? Technology. That’s why. I have thought about this and decided that I will type my diary on the computer and that way I can encrypt it. That way without a sophisticated decryption program or my secret pass phrase (and they would never get my pass phrase) nobody can read it; except me of course. Someday I may share these with my special someone, but right now. These stories are for ME.

The beauty of writing things many years later is that they are not in chronological order. They are just events that have happened to me that have popped into my head. And already after me writing this anecdote I have thought of several others.


I admit I live a pretty sheltered life. We were your standard suburban middle class family. I never had to pay much attention to money even through college. But my parents were strict. They kept me on a pretty tight leash and so during high school I didn’t get out too much. If I did go out, I had to be home before midnight. It wasn’t so bad because I went to an all girls’ high school and most of my friends had the same rules.

When I went to college things changed a bit. Well, a lot. In one day I went from having a million rules to basically having none. Don’t’ flunk out. That was pretty much my only concern.

I liked college. The people seemed very nice. Nobody paid much attention to petty things like they did in high school and my new roommate was very cool. Sarah was pretty much in the same çapa escort boat as me. Out in the world for the first time. So we hung out a lot together. We did go to parties and met some new friends, but neither of us really had a boyfriend. Mostly, we had boy friends. I never really had an interest in boys up to this point.

One night after a party Sarah and I walked back to our dorm together discussing the people we met. Sarah said she had met a boy. He was tall and cute and she had kissed him in the bathroom and they had started feeling each other up when someone interrupted. They exchanged email addresses and promised to hook up for coffee soon. I was very happy for her.

So we cleaned up a bit and went to bed. It was a pretty late night for us, but tomorrow was Sunday so, no big deal. I’m usually a pretty sound sleeper and when my head hits the pillow it doesn’t take long for me to crash. Tonight, however, I was still wound up from the load party. I really felt alive tonight. And Sarah’s bathroom story was pretty hot. I kept playing the scene in my head.

After I bit, I noticed Sarah was not sleeping either. I did not pay much attention and just laid there quietly thinking I would be out any minute. But soon her movements were more rapid. I realized then that she was masturbating. It made sense. She was probably still very worked up from her little friend. I stayed as still as possible because I did not want her to know I was awake.

Soon her breathing was getting rapid and much louder. I opened one eye to see what was happening. It was quite a surprise to me, but it was beautiful. She lay there with one breast exposed out of her comforter; eyes closed; had facing mostly away from me; both hands busy beneath the covers. Occasionally, she would let out the slightest of whimpers.

I kept my eyes closed for fatih escort the most part so I would go unnoticed, but I definitely looked over more than a few times. Each time her face looking more intense and her hands moving more rapidly. Her whimpers turned into moans and her lips spread a bit. She appeared to be about to explode. And I, well my panties felt damp. I reached down to check out the situation and they were indeed soaked.

I normally did not masturbate. It just wasn’t a big priority for me. But that night, my fingers made their way into my panties and straight to my soaking wet pussy. It was hot and already very swollen. I did not want to bring attention so I only rubbed very slowly with my fingers. I was mostly enjoying the company.

Just as I thought she was going to orgasm, she seemed to stop. I did not know why, but I was very let down. I wanted to see and mostly hear my new friend cum. Come to think of it, I had never heard another woman cum. But she just laid there.

And then very slowly and quietly she pulled back the covers and tip-toed toward her closet. She was fully naked. As she walked away I saw her round ass moving beautifully across the room and the sides of her full breasts spilling out to the sides. I never looked at her like this, but she was a beautiful woman. But where was she going?

As she exited her closet I noticed she had something in her hand. She tip-toed back to the bed and got back in. As far as she was concerned I was still fast asleep. I did not know she had toys. I didn’t hear anything at first. I expected a vibrator of some sort, but there was no buzzing? After a minute or two the movements resumed. And soon I did her noises. It was definitely a dildo going in and out of her.

I could hear muffled noises from under her covers of something entering and exiting sarıyer escort bayan her pussy and the wetness that went with it. However, more intriguingly, I heard her gasps as it entered and exited. If I had to guess it was wider at the head than it was below from the way she sounded relieved after it entered and exited. She was going very slowly at first enjoying the moment of entrance and exit. Prolonging it.

But the movements got faster. Much faster. Soon she was fucking herself hard and fast with her dildo. At this point she did not bother with trying to keep quiet. In an instant she threw off her covers leaving her full body exposed to the air and to me. She continued to fuck herself with her pink rubber dong like a man coming home from war. At this point my eyes were wide open and I was watching the show. Still touching myself, but again mostly concerned with Sarah. Her knees were now up to her breasts and spread wide apart. One hand frigging her clit and the other pounding herself with her dildo. Her moans were loud and guttural. It seemed she was mumbling almost begging her dildo to give it to her harder.

This was almost too much for me to take. Under my covers I pulled off my soaking wet panties and began to frig my own clit with aggression. My new friend was turning me on to no end. I too started to moan a bit. At this point, we were both enjoying our bodies immensely. Sarah threw off my covers to expose my half naked body. She watched as I used my two fingers to work my swollen clit. This is what seemed to put her over the edge. Her climax came in waves and was very vocal. She did not hold back. After what seemed like minutes of her coming she, handed her dildo.

I had never used a dildo before, but after the last five minutes I felt like I was an expert. I too fucked my tight pussy with that dildo. The sensation was wonderful. It did not take me long. After just a minute or two I came very hard. Leaving it inside of me and using my fingers to finish myself off.

It was a wonderful night but both of us were exhausted and without a word. Tucked ourselves in and dosed off.

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