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She was my co-worker, classmate, student, and most of all, my friend. I hadn’t known Liz for too long, no more than a year really, but she had become one of my closest friends. She was also one of the prettiest girls I’d ever met. She’d never thought she was anything special, not even the strings of suitors could prove to her that she was desirable. My sweet Lizzy.

It was a day like any other at the Burger Duke, she was working the cashier while I was making the endless barrage of burgers people ordered. My arms were already starting to ache from all the meals I had prepared. I glanced over to the clock hanging over my head and realized it had struck 8 PM. Only 4 more hours, I thought, until I can get my ass outta this dump and get some rest…

“Christy!” I awoke suddenly as someone shouted near me. Whenever business got heavy I tended to space out a bit. I looked up and saw Liz’s teasing smile. “Hurry up slowpoke! Make me a Big Duke with extra pickles!” haha… Her lips had the cutest pout when she got impatient.

An hour later I clocked out for lunch and was sitting outside leaning on the walls, hoping to catch a fresh breeze. I closed my eyes and raised my chin as the cool air blew past me. When I opened my eyes, Liz was standing in front of me. I freaked out, how the hell did she manage to sneak up on me like that!

She sat next to me without saying a word and leaned her head on my shoulder. She was wearing a cherry scented perfume, the one I’d given to her for her 21th birthday. I smiled and continued to meditate, staring at the night sky. It seemed hard for me to believe how I’d befriended someone like her. Not a lot of people can stand to be around me. I was never too sociable and my appearance tends to intimidate people. The goth type. The silent type. The pensive type. The I’ll-kick-your-ass-if-you-come-within-a-10- feet-radius type. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Lizzy on the other hand is a bit popular, dressed casual, and always got cute guys to like her. She approached me one day at school while I was playing my guitar in the quad. She simply sat down in front of me without me noticing. I tend to ignore my surroundings when I’m playing, absorbed in the notes. I had no idea how long she sat there, listening, but when I finally saw her she smiled and said “That was beautiful… Any chance you can teach me to play like that??”

I’ve been giving her lessons ever since then.

After we got out of work, I was going to her house and sleeping over. Actually, I was kinda homeless antalya escort at the moment, since my parents had kicked me outta the house for the hundredth time this month. I’d been sleeping in my car for the past week. Ha! But as soon as Lizzy found out she convinced me to stay at her place. I say “convinced”, but this girl seriously would NOT let me spend another day without a proper roof over my head.

I was probably gonna end up living with her anyway, since she lived alone ever since her parents died. Lucky for her though, her folks left her a house, the house she grew up in. All her siblings had moved out years ago, and she being the youngest inherited the place. Liz hadn’t mentioned me staying for good, it didn’t matter to me. I never really had anywhere permanent to stay. I wouldn’t be surprised if I took off soon, I didn’t want to be a bother. And if I couldn’t stay there I’d find another place. However, she didn’t live in the best neighborhood, and with the idea of her being alone in that house, I really just wanted to be there to protect her.

Before I knew it half an hour had already past. Liz had been talking about her most recent ex, and how badly they had ended. I listened vaguely, since I obviously had other things running through my head.

We headed back inside, ready for another 2 hours of hell. Business really got out of hand for a while, there was an endless stampede of customers that went in for their midnight snack. Burger this, chicken that, would you like fries with that, and so much more nonsense.

Finally, it was midnight. The kitchen crew and myself were cleaning up putting away utensils, washing up dishes before we were on our way. I grabbed my things and headed outside to my car. Liz, as usual, was waiting for me there. “Hey, let’s get outta here, my pillow calls out to me!”

Once we were home and had settled my things, I changed into some old jeans and one of my usual black heavy-metal T’s. I was in a good mood, which for me usually means I’m in a drinking mood. I took out a bottle of red wine from a black leather suit case I’d been saving for a special occasion..

“Oh hey, how appropriate!” Liz squealed. “I gotta warn you though, I’m not much of a drinker!”

“Yeah, yeah,” I replied, pouring a glass for her, “I’ll take care of you girl.”

After a few drinks, I noticed she was getting buzzed, so I took her glass away. She let go of it reluctantly. I laid down on her bed and closed my eyes for a bit. I felt the bed shift as lara escort she laid herself down next to me, her arm barely nudging my side. I crept a bit closer until the nakedness of our arms were touching. I turned to face her and opened my eyes. I saw those innocent blue eyes of hers looking back at me, her black hair falling over her pale cheek.

There was an unspoken tension between us. One of which I was never entirely sure she felt until now. I had always seen her as someone special, though I always shook off the possibility of being involved with her. I never bothered to find out whether or not she’d be interested in a girl like me. I suppose a bit of alcohol can serve as a truth serum.

A few inches closer, a few moments later, our lips were touching, burning, as we kissed. I was pleasantly surprised at the silkiness of lips. Her kiss was soft compared to the lips I’d tasted before. My hands cupped her chin as I held her kiss tightly. With one hand I stroked her hair, touched her shoulders. I let my lips travel slowly to her neck, teasing her collar bone, going back slowly upwards to her earlobes, letting my tongue explore her. I held her gently as she squirmed beneath me. I could feel every inch of her responding to my touch.

As I let my lips explore more of her flawless body, I let go of all my insecurities, all my fears. Even if she were to be with someone else, she was mine for that moment. I wanted every second of our time together to count.

I kissed her again and let her have a taste of my tongue as I began to go lower. I licked her neck, as my hands slipped under her shirt, cupping her breasts. Slowly, I undid each button of her pink blouse with my teeth as my fingers found their way to her back, undoing her bra strap. Once she was free, I lifted the veil that covered her and began licking her nipples, a lovely contrast of pink on the pale beige of her skin.

Her nipples perked up, I could feel her chest heaving as her breathing quickened. She loved what I was doing to her. She was mine. I was teasing this poor girl so much, but I knew she loved every second of it.

I undid her skirt and pressed my lips to her warm thighs. My breath was hot and I let her skin feel it, I let her feel every bit of longing inside me, every bit of passion. I let my tongue play over her black cotton panties already feeling the wetness, smelling that sweet smell that can only come from a woman’s most private place. A woman’s most beautiful area.

“Ohhh manavgat escort Christy,” She moaned. I was having so much fun teasing her, but I figured I’d made her wait long enough. “Please touch me there, I want it so bad.”

“You want it?” I whispered, “Are you sure you do?”

“Yesss, please…”

“Hmm… you’ve been such a good girl, I’ll give you what you want.”

I pulled down her panties, and she eagerly complied. Ohhhh the smell was so much stronger now. I was excited as well, I couldn’t wait to have my first taste of pussy. I pressed my lips to hers, I kissed her wet pussy lips and let my tongue slide between them. Quickly, I found her button and pressed it slightly, doing small circles around it. I would go down lower, plunging inside of her. Much to her delight my tongue was long and explored her inner walls, each crevice dripping wet. I wrapped my arms on her burning thighs as she squirmed.

“Ohhhhh, ahhhhhhh” She moaned. And I found that I too was moaning. This was so amazing, having her at my mercy, giving her so much pleasure. My pace quickened and her body quivered as she reached her peak. Her nipples hardened, she arched her back as she came all over my hungry lips. Wave after wave of pleasure zinged through her body as I rubbed by tongue on her sensitive clit.

“Ohhhh, stop! It’s too much,” she begged. Her body twitched in pleasurable agony until her quaking subsided.

She lay there heaving with her eyes closed, my sweet Lizzy. I took off my jeans and slid off my panties and slowly propped myself between her legs so our pussies were touching each other. Slowly I slid myself back and forth, rubbing my lips with her sensitive pussy. There was no protest from her. I knew she wanted more.

She raised herself slightly, resting her weight on her elbows as she moved to meet my pace. I placed my fingers between our lips, opening them, petal by petal until our buttons were in contact and rubbing together to our beat. I held tightly to her leg and shifted myself so I could reach her toes, letting my tongue tickle their webbing.

I was so excited from before I couldn’t hold on, “Oh God…”. We exploded into orgasm together and melted into each other.

Hours passed and we lay next to each other. She asked me to stay after all, my dear Lizzy. “Christy, I need you here with me… don’t leave.” I realized then that I loved her. I wanted the best for her. But to be honest, I wasn’t sure I could stay. Something inside my soul told me it couldn’t be that way. She was so frail in my arms… and I had never really known how to love. If I ever were to hurt her I’d…

She was my co-worker, classmate, student, friend, and now my closest companion.

I’m staying Lizzy, for your sake… but I don’t know for how long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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