Shivers of Mm…


The cold air blew into the cottage seconds before Angela, Monica, and Danielle stormed into the log cabin. The heat coming from the furnace was a welcoming touch to their pink skin and goose-bump covered flesh. Long johns, thermal socks, plaid shirts, winter coats, hats and gloves had barely kept the three girls from freezing, yet they had all insisted on going out and making snow angels and snowmen for the cottage’s front lawn. Clumps of snow fell onto the floor, as the three girls quickly peeled off the wet layers that kept them chilled and frozen.

“Coffee — coffee — coffee,” Angela muttered as she hurried over to the kitchen counter and poured a generous helping of the dark brew into her and Monica’s mug. Danielle grabbed the thermal container that held rich hot chocolate and poured herself a large cup’s worth.

The three of them spent several minutes alternating between drinking down the steaming brews and holding the stoneware mugs within their chilled grasps. Eventually when they all felt as if their bodies were ready to move beyond the kitchen, they all went into the living room, where Danielle started a fire.

Angela snuggled against her lover Monica and watched the other woman as she poked and prodded the fireplace. She glanced up and caught Monica staring at Danielle’s round ass and full bosom. “Careful love, you’re drooling.”

Monica smirked, shrugged her shoulders and chuckled. “You’re no saint,” she whispered, before clearing her throat and turning her attention toward Danielle. “So you and Karen are definitely finished?”

Danielle sighed, nodded her head and took a seat next to the other women. She angled her body so she faced the couple. “Yeah.” Her voice was low and gave away the disappointment she felt.

“Well, I for one am glad,” Angela muttered before taking a long drink of her coffee.

“Angie!” Monica scolded.

“What?” Angela asked. She looked at Monica and then at Danielle. “Look, you’ve been way more reasonable about all this than I would have been,” she said to Danielle. “If Monica had told me she wanted six months of one-on-one time with someone else to see if there was anything there, I’d have bitch slapped her and sent her packing.”

Danielle nodded her head in understanding.

“Angela, they’d been together three years,” Monica said, hoping to come to Danielle’s defense.

“One of those three though had been spent with her cheating on me,” Danielle admitted.

The other two women both sighed. “We didn’t know,” Angela said, followed by Monica nodding her head in agreement. “If we had we would have told you, or at least hinted that something wasn’t right.”

“I know. I actually suspected her of it long before she told me, but I just wasn’t ready to accept it,” Danielle shared.

“Shit like that is never easy,” Angela told her. She reached over and squeezed Danielle’s knee, allowing the touch to remain longer than necessary. Her gaze traveled slowly over Danielle’s body. When she reached the woman’s dark blue eyes, she smiled. “We’re here for you,” she told her, “and no matter what that slut’s new bitch says, you are beautiful, sexy, charming, and a great person. Don’t forget that,” she whispered, before leaning over and kissing her on the forehead. “And did I mention sexy?” she asked, chuckling softly, before giving Danielle a wink and rising from the sofa. “I’m off to take a long hot bubble bath. You girls behave,” she looked back at Monica and added, “don’t start without me.”

Monica rolled her eyes, laughed and shooed her lover away. When she was alone with Danielle, she tucked her legs up under her and settled against the arm rest of the couch, allowing the distance between her and Danielle to remain empty. “How are you doing? Really?”

Danielle took a deep breath. “It’s gotten easier,” she admitted. “Though in the beginning I was so angry, hurt, lost, and alone. Those things Angela said, about me being ‘beautiful and charming’ — I felt that way when I was with Karen. I’ve never felt that way before her and… .”

“And you don’t feel that way now?” Monica tilted her head and stared at the other woman. Danielle’s blue eyes were moist with tears that were threatening on spilling down her freckled cheeks. Her red hair was a curly mess and her lips, still more crimson hued than usual, because of the weather, quivered. “Aw baby, you’re all those things and more.”

Monica rose from the couch and closed the space between her and Danielle. She wrapped the woman in her arms and held her close as Danielle cried. Cooing sounds of support fell easily from her lips, as did ones of encouragement. When Danielle pulled away, Monica stood up. “How about some wine?” she asked, moving toward the small wine cooler that was tucked in the far corner of the kitchen.

“Sure,” Danielle whispered. Her gaze shifted back and forth from the fireplace, where the logs crackled and snapped, to her former college roommate. Monica’s black hair hung in ringlets down her back. The ends tickled her round ass cheeks as she escort levent walked around the small room, readying their drinks. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?” Monica asked as she poured a glass of red wine.

“How do you and Angela stay so committed and yet you both willingly bring in other partners?” Danielle asked. Her cheeks reddened at her question, but she was curious to know what she’d done wrong.

Monica walked over, offered Danielle her glass of wine and reclaimed her place on the couch. “It’s never been an issue because we’ve always been honest about it. We’ve shared lovers and had our own lovers on the side since the beginning of our relationship. It’s just something we both want.”

“You’re lucky,” Danielle whispered.

After Karen had confessed to Danielle’s accusations and Danielle had time to digest it all, the two of them spent a lot of time talking about bringing Holly, Karen’s lover, into their apartment. Danielle agreed and for two months the three of them lived together. Karen claimed to devote equal time to both women, but Danielle had almost immediately felt like the third wheel. She had willingly fucked the other girl, hoping that her acceptance of the situation would become easier once she had become intimate with Holly. But whether it was just the two of them, or all three of them, the ending was still the same, Danielle was left feeling empty and out of her league.

Danielle took a day off of work and asked Karen to make a choice between her and the other woman. Karen had told her she couldn’t and asked for six months of one-on-one time with Holly. Danielle gave in, clinging to that last strand of hope that Karen dangled in front of her. When Karen picked Holly, Danielle’s world collapsed around her.

She missed several days of work, so much so that her employer actually showed up at her apartment and gave her notice that if she didn’t makes some changes she’d be unemployed. Danielle returned to work, but that was all she did. It wasn’t until Angela showed up on her doorstep, needing a place to stay while her and Monica’s apartment was being remodeled. Monica had gotten lucky, her employer needed her overseas during the renovations, so Angela moved in. It took a lot of convincing and some strong arming, but soon Angela had Danielle out and about turning heads and smiling again.

“She told me about you and her,” Monica said, suddenly interrupting Danielle’s musings.

Danielle’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“About her putting the moves on you and you pushing her away. She said you were worried about what I’d think,” Monica told her. “Why? You’ve known for years that Angie and I have no qualms about our lovers. She knows the rules, as do I and you — you’re definitely a ‘go for it’ lay,” Monica said with a wink.

The freckles on Danielle’s cheeks faded with the brightening of her cheeks. “I — I just felt that,” she licked her lips, took a sip of her wine, and swallowed the fruity concoction, “well — that you should be there too,” Danielle confessed.

Monica’s lips rose in a grin. “Oh really?” she asked, her voice took on a confident air.

Danielle nodded her head and chewed on her lower lip. Her chest rose and fell as she took in great gulps of air. Her gaze darted from Monica’s hands to her feet, and then back to her hands. “Why haven’t we three ever — well, you know.”

“Honestly, we wanted too. The two have us have wanted to cross that bridge many a time, but you never seemed opened to it. Whenever we mentioned one of our group nights, or one of our one-on-one moments with someone other than one another, you shied away and looked well — disgusted with us,” Monica told her.

Danielle shook her head. “No, if anything I was jealous and a little hurt that you hadn’t asked me.”

Monica sipped at her wine, as she stared at the woman before her. She could hear Angela bellowing out some pop song and knew that her “don’t start without me” command had been more serious than playful. She took a deep breath and smiled. “You don’t just ask someone, not when they’re putting off the vibes you were putting off.”

“I understand,” Danielle whispered. She finished her wine, placed her glass on the table and tucked her feet under her, while chewing nervously on the inside of her cheek. “And now?”

A long puff of air left Monica’s lungs as she fought an inner war with herself. Again she was forced to clear her throat; the desire to be with someone new and share her with Angela was building to a level she’d not felt in a long time. “We’d consider it,” she told her. “But it’ll have to be your move. Neither of us are going to push you into something you don’t want.” She rose from the couch and headed back to the kitchen, pausing to look back. “You’re healing from a pretty big heartache and what you’re asking — well, you need to make sure you know the difference between what you had with Karen and what you’ll have with us.” She left Danielle to her thoughts, depositing her glass in the kitchen and heading escort istanbul back toward her and Angela’s bedroom.

The logs in the fireplace continued to burn and the wind outside picked up. Danielle walked over to the window that overlooked the lake. The snow blew haphazardly about and the froze lake glistened. She wrapped her arms around herself and thought about what Monica had said.

When Angela had invited her to the lake cottage for a couple of weeks before Christmas, she’d jumped at the chance. The two women had been on her mind since she had agreed to let Holly in on her and Karen’s relationship. During her time with the two women, she had hoped to get a sense of what Monica and Angela had, yet it was never there.

She wanted to witness an honest love again as well as be a part of it. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense that she experience that with the two women she’d trust with her life. She wasn’t being told to do it or their friendships would be over, she was being given a real choice. There was no pressure to join the two women and if she declined, neither of them would caste her off.

“Where’s my girl?”

Danielle turned around and smiled. Angela stood, wrapped in a thick white robe. Her damp hair hung straight, the wet ends caressed her shoulders. “She headed to bed,” Danielle answered. “How was your bath?”

“Too good,” Angela admitted. “I’m heading that way too. Wanna join us?” Angela said, grinning wide and raising her brows up and down.

Danielle chuckled. “Maybe later,” she said, this time laughing when Angela’s smile grew even more wide. Angelia licked her lips, winked and headed toward her and her partner’s bedroom.

The look on Angela’s face had been telling and left Danielle’s skin prickling with excitement. She turned back to the wintery scene before her and imagined Monica telling Angela about her and Danielle’s conversation. Her skin grew warm and her pulse raced. She felt the moisture of her sex slip from her smooth mound. Danielle gave herself a mental shake, smoothed her hands down the front of her sweater and took a deep breath before turning away from the window.

She took time to snuff the fire out, thinking all the while of her friends and wondering if the thought of her joining them had led to their coupling that night. Would they fantasize about her? Share with each other their desires to fuck her? A thrilling shiver rolled up and down her spine. Goosebumps blanketed her flesh as she felt the chill of desire skate across her flesh. “Down girl,” she told herself, allowing a small giggle to escape from her lips. With the lights off and the fire out, Danielle headed down the hall toward the spare bedroom that Monica and Angela had tucked her into.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

The sound of Danielle closing her bedroom door caused Angela and Monica to simultaneously sigh in disappointment. “I really thought she’d be knocking on our door,” Monica admitted, before turning toward her lover.

“I told you, she’s not ready. She’ll never make the first move,” Angela whispered, before pulling back the blanket that kept Monica’s breasts covered. She reached over and slowly began to trace the darker pink flesh of Monica’s right are aureola with the edge of her fingernail. Monica moaned softly and shifted closer to her lover.

“We can’t make it for her though. She knows our rules,” Monica whispered, before sliding her hand under the blankets that still partially covered her and Angela. Her palm, soft from the lotion she applied daily, touched Angela’s hip. She slid it down, allowing her fingers to dance lazily across her partner’s round flesh. Her nails dragged along the crack of Angela’s ass causing Angela to tremble with excitement.

“I hope she comes to us before our little vacation is over,” Angela admitted, before cupping the breast she’d been teasing. She kneaded the firm globe, squeezing it with enough pressure to remind her lover that she not only knew her needs, but knew how to satisfy them.

Monica pressed herself further in the seductive touch, while allowing her fingertips to trail around Angela’s hip and across her trimmed mound. “Mm baby, that feels good,” she whispered, when Angela tweaked her nipple. A long groan of pleasure followed when Angela twisted the tiny bead and pulled it tight between her thumb and finger. “Damn, you’re soaked,” she hissed, after she slid her palm over Angela’s sex.

“I’ve been wet since inviting that tasty morsel, across the hall, to our vacation retreat,” Angela admitted. She rolled to her back and opened her legs. “You wanna clean me up?” she asked with a grin.

“Nah, I want to make you more dirty,” Monica answered before pushing the covers away and leaving both of them openly exposed to the cool air of the room. The lights of their room had been left on, allowing each woman an unhindered opportunity to view the other. Monica took the time to give a long slow assessment of Angela’s attributes. She felt the thrill of seeing her lover’s chest rise and fall as she escort fatih breathed. Her breasts, high on her chest, had nipples that stood erect and hard. In Monica’s mind they seemed to ache with need. She leaned over and licked around the right bud, while teasing the left with her fingers.

“Fuck that feels amazing. You’re so good to me,” Angela hissed, as she ran one hand up and down Monica’s back, encouraging her to continue. Her other hand she placed on the back of her lover’s head, and used it to push her down further into her chest.

Inwardly Monica grinned. She opened her mouth, engulfing the sensuous morsel beneath her lips. Her tongue rolled around the ridged flesh that had puckered with desire. She sucked hungrily on Angela’s nipple, drawing the tender bead deeper into her mouth, before allowing it to pop out. It’s twin was soon treated to the same erotic torture, forcing Angela to gasp and moan in pleasure. “Fuck baby, you’re making me so fuckin’ wet.”

“You already were.”

Angela chuckled, opened her legs wider and lifted her lover’s head from her breasts. “Get down there and clean me up then,” she said, in a deep lustful voice.

Monica smirked. “I will — if you will.”

“Fuck yes!” Angela gasped.

Seconds were barely wasted as Monica turned herself on the bed, position her nimble body above her partners. She stared at the trimmed pussy that was sodden with juice. The fragrance of sex wafted up to her. Her stomach growled and her abdomen tightened. Her body knew what it needed and Angela was there willingly giving her what it craved. “You smell wonderful,” she told her, before spreading open her lover’s lips. The wave of perfumed flesh made her shiver. She lowered her mouth and began to lick and suck up the clear fluids that coated Angela’s pussy.

Angela’s head fell to the side as she gave into the waves of pleasure that came one right after the other as Monica licked her sex. For a moment she allowed herself to feel the sparks of electricity that each swipe of Monica’s tongue brought to her heated flesh. Monica too smelled of arousal. The scent surrounded her, causing her nostrils to flare and her abdominal muscles to flex and knot. The aroma reminded her of how delicious Monica tasted. She took a deep breath, recalling the past and how wonderful it was to drink of Monica’s release, while also tasting the hints of another woman’s juices on her lips and tongue. She opened her eyes, turned her head back and spread the lips of her lover’s pussy open.

The evidence of Monica’s desire was apparent, not only by the hot liquid that had seeped free but by the hardened nub of her clit. Angela lifted her head and captured the bead between her teeth. She held it there. The pressure was firm enough to keep the pearl in place, while Angela used her tongue to whip the tender strip of flesh. She heard Monica groan, felt the heat of her lover’s breath on her pussy and lifted her hips instinctively — a quiet demand that Monica continue her assault on Angela’s sex.

The two women continued to lick, suck and taste each other until both were coming. Angela swallowed the heady perfume that lathered her tongue as did Monica. Each woman pushed their faces deeper into their lover’s mound, lapping up split honey and breathing in the erotic scents that enveloped them.

When they both were satisfied, Monica rolled over and lay on her back. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed in the fragrance of her cum on her partner’s face. Angela too moved over, sharing the flavor of the cum she’d swallowed with a kiss. Their tongues tangled with each other in a slow waltz of adoration, before Angela moved away.

Monica watched as her lover reached for the nightstand drawer. Her pussy flexed, tightening in anticipation for the strap-on that Angela and she was fond of.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Danielle shoved her fingers deeper into her pussy. Her eyelids were clenched tight as her imagination took her on a joyous ride. She had gone to bed knowing full well she was going to masturbate to the erotic images of her being fucked by both Angela and Monica. That fantasy had been leading her down paths of climatic release since Angela had spent two weeks with her in her apartment. The idea of having two tongues and ten delicate fingers dancing over her skin, while she lay there a willing victim, had been one of many dreams she’d indulged in. The fantasies had been so rewarding she couldn’t help but wonder what the real thing would be like.

When she had been with Karen and Holly she had felt two tongues and ten fingers, but it had all been done out of necessity — a way to save her dying relationship. With Angela and Monica, she knew it would be different. She trusted both women and had desired them for so long that the rush of finally being a part of their intimate circle was breathtaking. Another climax washed over her, leaving her panting and her bedsheets soaked.

She pulled her fingers out, brought the slim digits to her nose and breathed in the knowing scent of her sex before opening her mouth. Danielle washed away the evidence on her hands, only to dip her fingers back into her pussy and gather up more. She imagined feeding Monica and Angela her cum as well as tasting theirs’ on her lips, tongue and throat.

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