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The kisses are passionate and hurried. I guess I want to make sure I get her in a compromising position before she manages to change her mind. Lips are nibbled, clothing is shed. I’m not sure if I’ll find that shirt in the morning but I don’t really care. Her tongue in my mouth, on my neck, against my ear when she whispers, “You’re so damn beautiful.” I shiver but I don’t care if she felt it.

Pushing her to the bed, I remove the clip in her hair, the last piece of clothing she had left. Falling back on the bed, she pulls me on top of her. More kissing, and now there are hands everywhere. All the things that are “wrong” with me are forgotten in the feel and taste of everything that is right with her. I reach out and grab the silk strip she didn’t notice and, while kissing her, tie it around her wrist. She breaks the kiss to gasp. I look at her wickedly and her eyes soften when she looks into mine, “You’re evil.”

Smiling, I nod, “Yes, I am.” As I tie her other wrist, I whisper hotly in her ear, “But I am so fucking good at it.” My hands unoccupied, they find her nipples as my tongue finds and licks the curve of her ear. This time it’s her that shivers. My fingers pinch her nipples into aching peaks and my lips, hungry for them, make their way down her neck to her chest to tease. Peppering kisses there, I know I’m creating a need. And that, God help her, is the point. antalya escort When my head dips to allow my pointed tongue to flick a nipple, she groans. Then my lips wrap around that same nipple to suckle and she arches hard for more contact.

“God, you’re driving me crazy,” she moans.

Having switched to the other side, I stop my flicking tongue only long enough to answer, “Just enjoy the trip then, baby.” Sucking, flicking, swirling, I spend ample time with each nipple in turn. My hands hold the full weight of each breast and squeeze them softly as I switch back and forth. To give her a little relief, I kiss between them at intervals so that when I go back, the tip I lavish attention on first is no longer numb to the sensation.

Her body is moving under my own and her breathing is heavy and labored. She hisses when I tug at my new friends and I groan when she gasps my name. “So good,” she whispers, “it feels so damn good.” She pulls at the silk ties but they don’t relent. “Please, touch me. I need you so much.”

Never one to deny such a request from a beautiful woman, I slide one hand down her stomach to her hip, “Where, baby?” My fingers find the source of her need and I gasp, “Here?” She nods, frantic, and I slide a finger into the wetness and she grunts when I make contact with the most sensitive part of her body. “Oh,” I groan, “you alanya escort do need me, don’t you?” She is drenched. Knowing I affected her this way spurs me to leave her upper torso and make my way, kissing, to her thighs.

“Oh, God,” she pants, “yes. Yes.” She spreads her own legs wide, eager for me to take my place between them. When my thumb rubs circles on her clit, she trembles all over. Words fall from her lips but they’re so broken with gasps and moans that I can’t make any of them out.

Testing her body, I slide a single finger into her and find she’s more than ready. I withdraw it slightly, almost completely out of her, before pushing it back in slowly. I smile when her body seems to suck on it, “Good girl,” I murmur. Repeating this several times, I draw more and more wetness out of her. Finally I give in to temptation and flick my tongue against her. After the first taste, I know I’m hooked.

She’s waited long enough and is pulling at her restraints while arching her back. “Don’t,” she gasps, “stop.” Her feet are on the bed now, and her hips are moving seductively. The circular motion brings her to me and then away, like a sexy cat-and-mouse game. When the grinding begins, I wrap my free arm around her thigh, palm flat against her hip to hold her down. “Yes. Fuck yes. God damn,” she grunts.

Thrusting harder into belek escort her, I add a finger. Her body accepts it willingly and she gets even wetter. The push and pull motion sets the pace for her hips and she undulates in perfect time. Tossing her head from side to side she grunts and groans a string of words I can’t decipher. But it doesn’t matter. She repeats “Oh my God” several times and I know she’s close.

I can smell her everywhere. I taste her more sharply than anything else I’ve ever tasted. And making her do this…tug at the ties, arch her back, spread her legs, tighten with her inner muscles, and give me the most precious gift she can…turns me on like nothing else.

As she careens towards the end, the bed shakes under the effort of her thrusting hips. When she starts begging, I start sucking her clit. Softly at first, then harder and harder to match my fingers diving in and out of her body deep, hard, and fast. Her body tightens…quickly and like a vice. When she whimpers, just moments before she gasps, her hips buck off the bed and the silk around her wrists hold fast. I will get everything she has to give. I’ll settle for nothing less.

Her body quivers, shakes, trembles, and finally succumbs to the orgasm with a few violent thrashes and a shudder. While her body relaxes, I move to straddle her hips and lean forward to kiss her. Nodding towards the ties, she asks softly, “Baby, did you forget something?”

Smirking at her, I sit atop her hips and slowly slide a hand down my body and whisper, “Oh no.” As my fingers find my own wetness, I smile down at her with an evil grin, “It’s your turn to watch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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