sister-in-law could not resist

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I was pissed. My girlfriend never did stop. I have told her at least a dozen times now that i really don’t want her hanging with him.
Well, my name is Cameron and here is a little story of how my sister-in-law couldn’t resist her wants needs and aches for her own husbands brother cock.
17 short hair, 5″”10″ athletic, i work out a lot. tan skin. blue eyes. god blessed with manhood. but enough about me, let’s talk of my sister-in-law chelly. Smokin’ hot chick. Dark hair down to her shoulders. Half german so she has perfect tits. 36C. just enough to grip onto tightly. Slinder down to the most perfect ass you could fuck. 19 years old. She met my older brother while she was dating this guy named Will. She fucked him just behind the Marine Recruiting Station.

When my brother braught her into the house, i thought i was all good. I mean she was smart funny and sexy to get some shots in. But all that started to get high when my brother left for recruit training. She and i started talking so much more. Chilllin’ hangin out. taking some shots, she even let me flirt with her every now and then. Making sexy comments on her body. Getting a hard on right in front of her so she could see it. Teasing her. while she teased back of course. Grabbing and spanking of the asses. She didn’t mind at all. And i sure as hell didn’t either. But even all that excalated when my brother was caught cheating on her with some skank up in camp lajune. When she found out she was devistated. Heart broken. The only person there to comfert her was me and i was there quicker then you could say please. After a while she moved up there with him, never forgiving him though.

After a long while of missing her form and having to wank off a few at the image of her, she finally called and said that they were coming to visit. I said “hell yea!”
When they came down to visit, they slept in the living room on an air matris. I knew chelly never slept with clothes on. She always slept naked. i knew this because i watched her when she was crying.

One night, my brothers were gone and my parents were asleep and so was chelly when i found out that my girlfriend had just spent the night with five guys that i don’t even know. When she mentioned that they all got morning wood i was way beyond pissed. So i decided to get back at her by smokin some green. I called my bro Mason up and told him to bring down some goods for fifty. He did and we sat outside puffin through our hand-made gravity bong out of a green tea carton. When we went inside i guess we made too much noice because chelly walked in on us laughing our hearts out and just asked,
“are you two high?”
“mmmhhmmmm” i nodded
“why?” she asked.
and we both just started laughing.
so she sat down and we all talked and chilled. Now my high time, is my confession time. If i think it, you’ll hear it or see it.
I just streight up told chelly one of my fantasies. About me tieing a colar around her neck and tieing the other end around my dick and walk her around like my little bitch. Mason laughed because he thought i was jokeing. I wasn’t. And i knew what kind of sex she liked because her and my brother asked my to take videos of them.
She blushed and walked out of the room. I decided to call it a night and so did Mason. He was too blazed to drive so he took connors room while i went to my bed.

I was half asleep when i heard my door open. i thought it was just someone looking in so i didn’t bother to sit up and greet them. Next thing i knew i felt someones lips kissing mine. i kissed back. they were so soft and angelic. when they parted i had to have more.
“wait” i practically shouted. “don’t go”
the figure locked my door and walked back to my bed and sat next to me.
“We can’t do this Cameron” i heard chelly whisper. on the edge of crying.
“Then why kiss me ?”
“because your fantasy turned me on so much and made me so wet, i came without even touching myself.”
“would you like it to be real?” i asked with a grin.
without even waiting for a reply i stood up and shoved down my boxers, leaving my 8 inch soldier standing at full attention just cenimeters from her lips. she gasped and leaned back.
“suck it” i demanded.
B-but’ she started but was cut short as i grabbed her hair
“suck it bitch.” i ordered louder.
“she quickly licked her lips and opened her mouth. As soon as she did i put 4 inches of my meat down her throat. she gaged but didnt stop. i watched her as karşıyaka escort she bobbed her head up and down on my thick long shaft. As soon as she got into a good mood she started striping. When she took off her panties i threw her down on my bed, ripped her legs open and dove in. i started eating that pussy like there was no tomorrow. she screamed for a second then caught her mouth and only screamed in her hand. she even had to grab a pillow to scream in. i kept flicking my tounge roughly over her clit. opening her lips and ramming my tounge deep inside of her. i looked up at her just as she started coming all over my face. i didnt stop. i decided to make her come twice more before stoping. when i finally stoped she looked at me and looked scared as i readied my cock at her pussy.
“no, not even your brother is that big. no”
before she could finish i rammed my cock all the way inside her. she screamed but didnt try to hide it. i think she didnt because she knew it was no use. “oh baby your so tight. hasnt jeremy been fucking this?”
“no” after he cheated i never even took a shower with him. i hate his cock.” good girl” i replied. “because form now on, this is the only cock that’s allowed to fuck you. understand” “no cameron no” she cried. but i know her body was saying yes. so, i fucked her even faster. didnt slow down for one second. i pulled her legs over my shoulders and rammed her until i had to keep pulling her back. soon, she was bucking her hips up toward me to try and get more of my cock inside her. i only laughed as i realized she was loving it. “you like that you little bitch?” “oh yes cammy fuck me. FUCK ME LIKE YOUR BROTHER COULD ONLY DREAM OF!!!!!”
At that i turned her over on her hands and knees and steadied my dick at her ass. The second my cock touched her ass she pulled away saying,”no! not there. not even your brother as fucked me there no!” i didnt listen. i ignored her pleads and slowly forced my cock into her virgin ass. she moaned and groaned both in pain and ecstacy. when i was down to the hilt she asked if i had stoped. as a reply i pulled my entire shaft out of her until just my head was left in. and quickly rammed it all the way to the hilt. she choked. but that didnt stop me from ravishing her virgin ass. i was pissed and i wanted her ass whether she really wanted to give it to me or not. as i was fucking her ass i noticed that she was pushing back against my cock very slowly. as if she didnt want me to notice. but i did. and to repay her i fucked her faster and harder and deeper we both never though was possible. she started screaming my name. “OH MY GOD YES! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! OHHH YES CAMERON FUCK ME! FUCK THAT ASS! SPANK ME! IM YOURS! IM YOUR LITTLE PUSSY MOUTH ASS SLUT! PLEASE DONT STOP! DONT STOP PLEASE! OH MY GOD DONT STOP FUCKING MY ASS! i grabbed a hand of her hair and pulled her back. “i want you to scream that your coming.” i whispered in her ear. at that i felt her pussy grab my dick like a vise. “IM COMING MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!” as she was coming, i couldnt hold it in and came inside her ass. when she was done with her convulsing and twitching she callapsed on my bed and tried to catch her breath. i stood at the side of my bed stareing at her naked body.
“lick me clean you filthy little whore. lick me clean”
y-yes m-master” she said as she stumpled to her knees
just as my dick was lip level to her, she engorged my cock all. socking every last drop of cum out of me.i leaned my head back as i came a second time while my cock was buried to the hilt in her mouth. i held her head there as she choked and gaged on my hot spunk. when i let her go she leaned back and caught her breath.
when she was done she stood up and got dressed. i took one look at her and when she looked back i said,
“you had better be in my bed naked when i come home tomorrow from school.” i ordered.
“y-y-yes m-m-m-a-s-st-t-er” she whispered quitely.

after that night chelly and i fucked every night until she had to leave again. but that didnt stop our desires, needs, wants, and urges.

Till next time

** now that was my first post. it is all true to the letter. if you like please comment if you dont then ask yourself why the fuck you even read this far. if any young lady would like to get her brains fucked out dont and you live near lewisville texas, dont hesitate to text 972-400-8793. leave your name reason and ill get back to you as soom as i can. nineteen now by the way.

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