Sister Mary Ch. 03


Back to basics

‘It seems unhealthy for Sister Mary to be deprived of the experiences of life,’ the Reverend Mother said.

‘She seems happy enough. She enjoys teaching, and the boys love her like a mother,’ Sister Teresa pointed out.

‘You don’t object to her teaching the human biology class anymore,’ Reverend Mother said.

‘No. She seems to be doing a good job. The boys haven’t bothered the girls in the village recently. At least we haven’t had any complaints from irate fathers. Perhaps they have learnt something, discretion, at least,’ Sister Teresa grimaced.

It was the closest to a smile she could manage.

‘Good, then we’ll leave her to it. I still think she should experience something of the world before she takes her vows,’ Reverend Mother stated.

‘What about the vacation request. One of the boy’s fathers has invited her to their house for two weeks. They live in the city, so that would open her eyes to life,’ Sister Teresa reminded the Reverend Mother.

‘Yes, that seems like a good idea. I’ll give permission. It will enlighten her to the fast pace of life away from here,’ Reverend Mother said.

The meeting moved on and Sister Mary was forgotten about.


James couldn’t move on so easily. His waking thoughts and dreams were centred around Sister Mary. He was still doing well in other classes, and he was happy, happier than he had been in a long time. The thought of meeting her at lunchtime spurred him on to immerse himself in mathematics. He knew it would please her, and he would do anything to make her happy. It would also make time pass more quickly, compared to just staring at the clock.

At last it was over and lunchtime arrived. He shot out of the classroom like a Champaign cork. In minutes he was edging into the first aid room, looking for her. She looked up from some paperwork and gave him a big smile.

‘Is it that time already?’ she asked.

‘Yes, Sister Mary,’ he smiled back at her.

‘How was maths this morning?’ she asked.

‘Alright, I was the first to finished the set work,’ he proudly declared.

‘Well done, you have a talent for maths, as well as helping me,’ she said, and stroked his hair. ‘I do appreciate you helping me. I would have failed in this class if you hadn’t guided me, James,’ she said.

‘I’m sure you would have found a way, Sister Mary,’ he said.

‘I have no experience at all, as you know. This was my first class, my first teaching experience, and it was a test from the Reverend Mother. This morning she told me I was doing well, and to carry on. That’s all down to you, James, so thank you,’ she warmly smiled.

‘What do you want to show me today, James?’ she brightly asked.

‘Maybe we should go through some of the basics. Did we explore kissing?’ he asked.

‘Is that important? How does it fit in with everything else?’ she innocently asked.

‘It is important to the reproductive process. Let’s say we are on a first date, and I take you home. There is an awkward moment, when we make the first intimate contact, with a kiss,’ he explained.

‘Is that relevant to the lessons, James?’ she asked.

‘It’s the very starting point of the reproduction process, and you said we must reproduce for the church, Sister Mary,’ he explained.

She looked sceptical with that certain innocent expression he loved.

‘I didn’t mean us, Sister Mary,’ he quickly said.

‘Mmm? Oh, I see, no, of course not, that would be inappropriate. A nun is excluded from adding to god’s flock,’ she demurely smiled.

‘We should have started from the beginning,’ he encouraged.

‘Well then, you had better show me, James,’ she smiled, looking a little worried.

‘I enjoyed your company, Mary, it’s been a nice evening,’ he said, and leaned toward her.

She didn’t know which way to turn her head, and her nose hit his. Like a duelling parry, they warded each other off, rather than meeting up. James took hold of her face in both hands, and kissed her tightly puckered lips. He kissed her eyes, and every inch of her face, murmuring phrases from love songs. Not that he knew many. Returning to her mouth he tried to push his tongue between her lips.

‘We had better start again, Sister Mary,’ he told her.

She looked startled with a pained look on her face.

‘I wasn’t expecting that. You had better explain it to me. Should I have been kissing your face too?’ she asked.

‘No. I was trying to get you to relax. In class we are demonstrating two people who, err, like each other. They will kiss, as a start to a relationship. Let’s assume they are passed the awkward first date moment, and are married. You put your arms around me, and, yes that’s it. Not so tight. Relax, Sister Mary, it’s just a kiss,’ he said.

‘Yes, that would be better, us being married. I mean the couple we are supposed to be. Oh, you know what I mean. We shouldn’t encourage single people to procreate,’ she said.

They both nervously laughed at the idea, though for different reasons.

‘Just a light peck on şişli escort the lips,’ he said, and smiled at her.

She relaxed in his arms, so he felt she was ready for more.

‘Open your mouth, a little, a little more. You can close your eyes if you prefer,’ he said.

He pressed her lips with his, then ran his tongue delicately between her lips.

‘Oh! That tingles,’ she laughed, and wiped her mouth with the back of a hand.

‘Try to concentrate on kissing, Sister Mary. Relax, try to enjoy it, and discover the pleasure,’ he reassured her.

Their lips met again, though now he pushed his tongue between her lips. A slight incursion rather than an invasion. She opened her mouth a little more, allowing his tongue to flicker around inside. Her breaths came in long heaving intakes. They were glued together for a considerable time. Her arms tightened upon him, pulling him close, then it seemed as though she were pulling him into her body.

Her tongue was entwined with his, while she explored his mouth. All went still when she pulled up the habit, and pressed her lower half against his. To check he was right, his hands went around her, to her bottom. Both hands cupped the large blue, old fashioned knickers she wore. He pulled her belly against his hardness, still kissing intently.

They came up for air after sometime. They were still tightly embracing each other. Sister Mary rested her chin on his shoulder.

‘That was more than I thought it would be, James,’ she whispered.

He nodded his head, listening to her heavy breathing.

‘If we kissed on the front porch, would it lead to other things. Those lovely things you taught me?’ she dutifully asked.

‘Not on a first date, Sister Mary,’ he informed her.

‘What if the girl wanted to,’ she asked.

‘Some of the girls in town do. They were sluts, so they wanted to do it,’ he recalled.

Sister Mary added this piece of information to what she had already learned, and couldn’t help thinking she might be a slut. Her body was crying out for him to do the wonderful things he’d done to her before. When he gave her an orgasm it felt as though her whole body was alive. He lifted her mind into another place. It sent her to another dimension, with glorious abandon lighting her way.

‘Oh, I see,’ she murmured.

‘We could practice for this afternoon’s lesson. Play at coming home after a first date. The guy must be gentle and guide his girl,’ he enthused.

‘Yes, that makes sense. You have guided me all along, James. I shall bow to your better knowledge, and do as you say,’ she coyly spoke.

They stood kissing for some while, and when he opened the front of her habit, she was too carried away to stop him. The bandage like cloth wrapped around her chest defeated him.

Once she got her breathing under control, enough to speak, she asked him, ‘What do you want to do next, James?’

‘I was going to kiss your breasts, Sister Mary,’ he said.

There didn’t seem much point other than being direct with her. She was bouncing with energy, and he recognised why. Right now she would agree to anything, and he wanted to see her breasts.

‘Why is that, James, I don’t see the point,’ she asked.

‘It’s the third step on from kissing, Sister Mary. It’s safe to do, and helps the couple to get to know each other intimately. The man needs to learn to treat breasts gently, so it will be an important lesson in class,’ he explained.

‘I guess you need to show me, like everything else, James. Unwind me, James,’ she said, while peeling the cloth from around her torso.

At last he unveiled her breasts. They had been hidden away, shapeless, while wrapped in a sort of bandage, rather than a bra. They were pert and full. Even though when first at the school, she had comforted him by burying his head in them, he was surprised to find they were so large.

‘Are they alright?’ she innocently asked.

‘They are wonderful,’ he murmured.

He watched his hands reach out to the magnificent orbs. They weren’t huge but would attract attention if she wore a bra. His hands automatically cupped them, and weighed them. Sister Mary watched him with a look of curiosity. He seemed happy with them, so she was satisfied they were normal and satisfactory. She let out a little cry when he pinched the nipples.

‘Sorry, Sister,’ he mumbled.

He leant forward to suck a nipple, as though kissing it better.

‘Ooo! That feels so nice,’ she exclaimed.

For the rest of lunchtime he concentrated on her creamy white breasts, previously untouched by human lips. She had of course quickly washed them, but never played with them. She hadn’t realised how sensitive they could be in someone else’s hands, and never guessed they were centres of pleasure. The sensations were wonderful, though nothing compared to when he touched her down there.

‘James, James, you had better stop now. It’s very nice, but lunchtime is almost over. Help me to put this back on,’ she said.

‘How was that, Sister Mary?’ he asked.

‘Very nice, James. Very nice indeed. I can see how kissing lips leads to kissing breasts, and how nice it feels. They are tingling wonderfully, and have started something happening down there,’ she thoughtfully smiled.

‘What do you mean, Sister Mary,’ he asked, knowing full well what she meant.

‘You know, when you played with my bits down there, almost like that. When you kissed me, it left me feeling as though I wanted you to play with me,’ she quietly mused.

‘You said kissing my breasts was the third stage. What happened to the second?’ she asked.

‘We did the second stage, Sister Mary. It’s while kissing lips, the couple play with each other. Not so intimately, and without undressing,’ he informed her.

‘That’s why we needed to go back a stage. What we’ve done is a lead up to playing, then procreation for the church, Sister Mary,’ he reminded her.

‘Very good, I see what you mean now. Your demonstrations have helped me understand it, and what to teach in class. Thank you, James,’ she smiled.

‘Do you still feel you need playing with, Sister Mary?’ he innocently asked.

‘I do, yes. So, I guess you were very good at kissing,’ she smiled, with it looking almost like a grimace.

‘Would you like me to play with you, so you are less, err, more ready for the lesson this afternoon?’ he asked.

He almost said she was sexed up, but managed to fumble around it.

‘Well, I’m not sure. If you think I should, and you don’t mind,’ she hesitantly said.

‘It will just be a natural progression, and I don’t mind,’ he offered.

She quickly pulled up the habit, and dropped the large loose knickers around her ankles. The alacrity undermined her show of reluctance. She was eager to experience what she had learned from him. What he called an orgasm was very nice.

She leaned back on the cot, with her knees spread, as he had shown her to do. He ran fingertips lightly over her thighs, into the crease of a leg, just missing her lips. He could see they were engorged already.

‘No need for all that, James, I’m ready,’ she tightly spoke.

He ran a finger between her lips, finding them soaking wet. She was right, she was wide open, and more than ready. Her breathing was deep and ragged, as though she were ready to orgasm. He pushed a finger inside, to explore her vagina. Meeting the familiar barrier, her hymen, didn’t scare him this time. He pushed another finger into her, while being careful not to break anything.

With a thumb he rubbed her clit. He tried different pressures and rhythm’s until he confirmed what was best for her. He was only a little way ahead of her in knowledge, but he used the internet to find out how a woman worked. Putting it into practice was a lot different to just reading, and studying diagrams. More fun too.

She pushed her hips up from the cot, and groaned. Wanting to try something, he pushed a finger into her bottom. She was in no state to object, or even be aware of it. She was panting heavily, and her feet looked as though she were running somewhere.

‘I love you, James,’ she whispered. ‘Keep going, James, please keep going.’

Her eyelids were flickering, and she looked as though she had left this world for heaven. A heaven, hers, wherever it was, and whatever that was like. Her hips rested back onto the small bed, and she sighed heavily. It looked as though she were sinking into the thin mattress. She opened her eyes, trying to bring her mind back to the here and now.

‘James, oh, James, that was so good,’ she murmured.

‘Glad you liked it,’ he brightly smiled.

‘Is it like that when a man puts his penis inside?’ she asked.

‘It’s much better than that, much better, Sister Mary,’ he said.

From watching her, he didn’t think it could get any better than that. It certainly hadn’t for the girls in town. He lied, from wanting to do it to her, but of course that would be impossible. She was a virgin, and a nun, so this was as far as they could go.

‘You look sad, James,’ she commented, looking concerned.

‘I was just thinking, it doesn’t matter,’ he said.

‘I too was thinking, thinking of you. I’ve received pleasure from your teaching, but you haven’t. Is that the reason for the sad face,’ she asked.

James couldn’t think what to say, without blurting out he wanted to take her.

‘You’re trying to put on a bright face, but I’ve discovered the truth. Next time you must show me how to pleasure you, James. I need to know everything, so I can teach the subject. No need to be shy, James,’ she encouraged.

‘Yes, Sister Mary, whatever you say,’ he smiled.

‘That’s right. You are my guide, but I am the teacher, and you must do as you are told. So when we have time, you will show me how to play with your penis, James. No excuses, I will learn how to pleasure you, James,’ she sternly told him.

It was strange when Sister Mary tried to be strict. It didn’t sit right on the pleasant and innocent young woman.


She was pleased to see her students were in class early, and looking eager to start. She’d heard the other nuns complain that students always had an excuse why they were late, hadn’t done their homework, or needed to leave early. Maybe she had a natural talent for teaching. Her technique hadn’t been learned from a college, as she hadn’t passed from high school. That was here, taught by the other nuns.

‘We shall start by reviewing past lessons,’ she said.

They pointed out parts of a female and male body on a chart, using illustrations from text books. The medical names are sometimes difficult to pronounce or even to remember.

‘Use the name you are familiar with. If in doubt, I’ll tell you the correct medical name. It will help if you need to see a doctor. Also, your crude words need to be used sparingly,’ she chastised them.

The subject of sexuality and procreation had gained their attention, so past lessons had been learned and memorised. Satisfied her boys were up to speed with the lessons, it was time to move on.

‘Now, on to something new. It seems we started half way through the procreation process, or at least, not right at the beginning. I wonder if anyone can tell me how it is started?’ she asked.

‘That’s right Brian, a kiss. A simple kiss is how you start. Can anyone show me how that works?’ she enquired.

‘How can we do that, miss, with no girls here,’ Brian cheekily stated.

‘Good point, Brian. I need a volunteer, to demonstrate kissing,’ she said.

All hands went up, with a look of determination on their faces. All of them wanted to help their teacher. About to pick James, she realised his involvement must be kept a secret, so as not to embarrass him. Though there might have been another reason.

‘Brian, you will demonstrate to the class,’ she said.

He eagerly came forward, while wiping his lips with the back of his hand. For some reason it seemed different this time, compared to when James kissed her.

‘Not so quick. Turn this way so the class can see,’ she said.

Feeling a fat wet tongue invade her mouth was unpleasant. She pushed him away, and was sorry to see his face drop.

‘A good attempt, Brian. You need to take it gently, to be less eager, and more careful,’ she told him, and the class.

Brian looked crestfallen and embarrassed. He was used to failure, but this was a direct blow to his male ego. Sister Mary knew her boys, though she was unaware of the word ego, but understood male pride.

James was keeping his head down, indicating he didn’t want to be involved.

‘Brian, let me show you,’ she said.

She licked his lips, and sucked them into her mouth, just as James had shown her. Her tongue roamed around the inside of his lips, not invading his mouth as he had. Their lips squashed together, to feel little sparks of sensitivity. Her tongue darted into his mouth a little way, and quickly out.

They came up for air, and this time he had a big grin on his face. She didn’t think of it the same way he did. Brian was being kissed by a nun and she had slipped her tongue into his mouth. His previous failure was forgotten.

‘Now your turn, Brian. Try to copy what we did just then,’ she told him.

He leaned in to lightly peck her lips, like a little bird. He was no longer rough and ready, as though frightened she would run away. He sucked her lips into his mouth, and gently nibbled them. His tongue slipped between her lips, sedately, in no hurry. Finding her tongue, his wrapped around hers, and she joined in cavorting, and teasing together.

Sister Mary pushed him away, to see his bright smiling face.

‘Well done, Brian, that was excellent. You get a gold star for kissing,’ she complimented him.

‘Thank you, Sister Mary. I enjoyed the kiss,’ he beamed at her.

‘I can see that. Your penis has grown. Does everything make it grow?’ she asked.

He looked down at the lump in his trousers, and blushed.

‘Sit down now, I don’t think there is anything else I can teach you about kissing. Is there anyone else unsure of the technique?’ she asked.

Who was going to miss out on kissing a beautiful nun? No one in that class, so they all held up their hands. Brian sat looking proud of himself, with a big stiffy he would work on later.

One after another the boys eagerly walked, almost ran, to the front of the classroom. The last boy had more experience, and automatically wrapped his arms around her. He knew what he was doing, from long hours of practice with the girls in town.

‘Wooow! Darren, that was very good,’ she gasped.

He nonchalantly swaggered back to his desk. His friends applauded him.

‘Settle down, boys. I think we’ll move on,’ Sister Mary said, sounding out of breath.

Some of the guys looked disappointed, whereas others wondered where she was going next. They all had a smile on their faces, from having smooched their favourite nun. For some of them it had been the first time deeply kissing anyone. They looked at James, grateful to him for starting this wondrous lesson. Had he put her up to kissing, or had she thought of this herself? Either way, he started her experimenting, instead of sticking to the text books.

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