Slipping Ch. 03: Target Dates

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To my surprise, nothing much happened for the rest of the summer. We just worked out, chatted and flirted. It was a very normal bestie friendship. We never talked about our hug or the flirty text exchanges we’d occasionally have. I became convinced that there was nothing serious in it. It seemed we were both in a mindset to make our marriages better.

Brianna was an elementary teacher, so as the school year approached, her life got very busy. Our workouts became less frequent. Instead of twice a week, it was more like once every two weeks. I would just write her routine out or text it to her. When we did workout, it was less of a hangout session like it had been in the summer. We chatted, but there was a clear purpose in both of us to finish.

As the school year started, our joint workouts stopped. Instead, since we started to miss each other, we began meeting each other at Target whenever one of us needed to buy something. It started when she wanted new decorations for her classroom. Then, at random every week or so, we’d meet again. I’d text her that I was going for something and she’d text back that she was one the way.

Neither of our husbands thought much of it. Neither of them knew we were going to the store together; they just thought we were going to the store. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. To them, we were just friends. Tye could never guess that I felt a naughty undercurrent of desire. I wondered if it still went both ways. I wondered if Brianna had told Patrick anything.

Though life was busy, our friendship continued to grow. We’d talk about whatever was happening. We’d share funny stories from home and work. We’d complain about work frustrations, marital issues, society’s ridiculousness and other things. We’d talk about plans with our husbands and hopes for the future. We’d commit to our friendship, our solo workouts and always to the next Target date. We decided to make them a part of our weekly routine. We couldn’t make it on a specific day, but decided it was a weekly must-do.

In spite of my efforts, Tye and I had issues that were growing. Our romance had gotten cold. His allergies turned into regular sinus infections. Long work hours and a long commute led to tired, empty conversations at home. A tight budget, as we saved for a house, made date nights a rarity. The few date nights we had were underwhelming, short and dull. There was nothing ever new or creative. All of this made sex a chore, as I was simply not attracted to him. Though we still had sex, it was never really good for me. Nothing like the one night when Brianna had turned me on. I assumed he couldn’t tell how unsatisfied I was.

“Honestly, I don’t care if he likes the sex,” I whispered to Brianna on the dinnerware aisle, “He’s lucky he gets any.”

“You’re a good wife for not holding antalya escort out. I know it’s hard when you barely feel loved or cared for.”

“I know he loves me. He just doesn’t do anything to make me feel it. Life just isn’t fun–which is fine. I can handle that. Just don’t let it be dead.”


Brianna was having similar issues with Patrick, although he was much more attentive to their relationship (as I wished Tye would be). The problem for Brianna was his antics in bed. He was making sex more umcomfortable than usual, pushing to do things that she simply wasn’t into. There was no love, only lust.

“Men just don’t get it,” I said. “Even when it’s good, it seems like a fluke.”

She looked at me with mischievous eyes, and asked quietly, “When’s the last time you got a really good one?”

I shrugged nervously, “I’ve had a couple decent ones, but the last really good one was…”


I grinned at her and blushed. “The last really good one was after that sexy hug you gave me in the summer.”

“Oh,” she smiled back at me playfully, “Glad I could help.”

“How about you?” I asked.

“Last week I got a really good one.”

“That’s good!”

“Mmm,” she shrugged, “he wasn’t there. It’s been a while since he got me. Almost a year. I fake it most times and … yeah.”

She stopped as someone entered the aisle. I waited for her to continue as we went to the next.

“He wants to try all these things, but… I kinda want to try… other stuff.”

“Like…?” I asked slowly, wondering if the undercurrent would finally come to the surface.

“I don’t know. Something softer. He’s good at the rough stuff and it’s fun sometimes, but I want something slower. Something not so aggressive.”

“Something soft and slow,” I said silkily. We smiled at each other.

“I just want there to be love in it.” She’d stopped walking and was looking me in the eye. “So that I can really feel what it means.”

I could feel my face turn pink as I thought about what she might describe if the talk continued.

“Sounds really nice,” I managed to say.

We entered the women’s clothing section looking at swimsuits.

“We’re going to Patrick’s parents on Labor Day for a swim party. I need to get a new one swimsuit since mine doesn’t fit right anymore.”

We both started browsing, picked out a few and headed to the fitting rooms. In adjacent booths, we started to try them on. I first put on the top of a white two-piece, but didn’t like the shape. I switched to a bright orangish top. It looked great so I pulled my pants off to try the bottom only to be disappointed at how loose it felt (even over my underwear).

“Hey, come tell me if you like this,” Brianna’s said from the next stall.
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Still wearing my loose orangish bikini over my thin microfiber panties, I peaked out to see if anyone was around and quickly pranced across to slide inside her door.

Brianna had on a green-white striped top that showed a lot of her breasts, but had fabric hanging to cover much of her mid-drift. The full bottom was the same kelly green as the top. She was facing me, smiling seductively with her hip popping to her side.

“Wow,” I whispered, somewhat speechless, “It looks so good on you!”

It did look really cute on her!

She turned her back to me to look in the mirror as I stood behind her.

“I’m split on the green. Do you think it shows too much boobs?” she asked.

“No, it’s still modest, but sexy. Patrick will love it.” (I meant that I loved it.)

“How does yours fit?”

“It’s too loose.”


We stood there quietly for a short moment looking through the mirror into each others’ eyes, smiling slightly, wondering what the other was thinking.

I felt her hand just above my knee, moving slowly upward on my thigh. I unlocked my folded arms and put them on her shoulders, stepping closer, returning her sly smile through the mirror. Her hand moved with tantalizing slowness as it drifted upward, venturing from between my thighs to the outside of my leg.

Her fingers reached the loose bikini around my hip and tugged at it, pulling me into her. I felt her other hand on my other hip. She easily pulled the loose bikini bottom down, bending over to bring to the floor. As she did, my hands slid down her back to her hips, then as she came back up, they slid up her spine to the back of her neck. I untied her bikini top and let fall from her breasts. They were gorgeous. I savored the chance to stare at them in he mirror as she twisted slightly.

Her hand was between my legs. I closed my eyes, giving her unspoken permission to continue. Her fingers caressed my underwear, then came up to my waist to slip under the fabric and down to my vagina. She started rubbing gentle circles, separating my folds, enticing some wetness. My hands had found her breasts and were alternating between gentle squeezes and carressed circuits around her nipples. My eyes were still closed, but I could tell she was getting turned on, just as I was. Then her finger slipped into me and slid up to my clit, sending a sexual shock through me.

I let me eyes open to see her suddenly standing a foot in front of me, top still tied, hands still on her own hips. My bikini was still loosly holding onto my hips She was looking at me through the mirror with a slightly confused look. I’d been daydreaming.

“Are you tired?” she asked.

I shrugged, “Just belek escort lost in thought.”

I knew she could tell where I was, though she didn’t prod me to admit it. Instead, she pulled the neck string on her bikini top and let it fall slightly as she turned to face me. She was about to remove it completely, but paused.

“Do you mind if I…?” she asked.

“No, not at all,” I said, giggling.

She pulled the top off over her head, letting me see her topless—for real this time. It was far better than my daydream. I’d imagined her nipples bigger than the quarter-size they were. Her breast were absolutely lush and perfectly shaped.

“I’m gonna get it,” she said, holding up the top.

“You should. I think it’s perfect.” I gave her a friendly squint of the eyes and turned to go back to my stall. As I peaked out, my bottom got smacked then squeezed. Again, this was no day dream. I spun around in amazement only to find her in my face (still topless) pressing me against the inside of the door.

She casually placed her hands on my bare waist, touching her tummy with mine. She leaned into my ear. Our cheeks touched and she whispered, “I love the way you look at me.”

She backed up, lifting her hand to my neck and letting it trace down the center of my chest.

“What can I say? You’re easy to look at.”

She just smiled and reached for her bra. I jumped back over to my stall. My heart was racing. I took the bikini off exactly as I’d imagined her doing it. I sent my had down my panties to rub myself exactly the same way. I was really wet down there. I only had a moment to indulge myself–it would just be a tease–but I couldn’t resist. I lifted a foot onto the small platform and finger fucked myself for a few seconds, pulled my juices up to my clit and rubbed it hard, then returned my hand to my hole again. After a couple more thrusts into myself, I pulled my fingers out and used my palm to just massage myself down there, trying to ease myself out of the throbbing desire I felt. I knew I couldn’t finish in a Target changing room, but God I wanted to.

I managed to get dressed and calm myself down. Brianna was waiting outside of the changing area with her bikini in hand. We shopped a little longer, bought our items and left. Everything was totally normal. There was no indication of anything other than two friends shopping.

We said good bye between our cars. I turned to get into mine and felt a pinch on my butt. She’d gotten me again! I turned around with a shocked smile only to find her walking away, smiling back at me as she went around the back of her car.

“See you later, love,” she said.

I went home and enjoyed a long, pleasureful shower.

When I got out, I took a naked selfie, twisting to show my ass and tits in the same shot. I didn’t have the nerve to send it to her then, when she might be with Patrick. Later that night, when I knew he’d be asleep, I sent it. Brianna replied with heart eyes and a fire. Then water drops and a blushing face.

Dammit. It would be another horny drive home.

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