Slipping Ch. 07: Open


“Have you ever cheated before?”

With the morning came the hard truth. I’d crossed that border between the faithful and the cheaters–loving every moment of it. I regretted nothing, and part of me felt awful about that. Brianna had spoken so carefully that her question actually eased my heaviness.

“No. You?”


“How do you feel?” I asked her, wondering if it was the same as me.

“Honestly? Happy.” It was a nervous response. “I’ve given Patrick so much crazy sex through the years. Whatever he wanted. It feels right that I finally got what I wanted.”

I understood completely. “There’s a difference between lustful play and love-making.”

“Yes. Oh my god, yes. Exactly. It’s been so long since we really made love.”

We talked more and I admitted to feeling a little guilty. Both our husbands were great guys. They were good dads, remembered anniversaries and birthdays, texted us during the day and came home without going by the bar every night. Sure, our marriages had problems. Our husbands were romantic dimwits and sexually ignorant, but they didn’t deserve cheating wives. Of course, in spite of that, I wasn’t ready to take anything back. I loved Brianna and told her so all the time. Finally, I had her the way I’d craved for so long. Whether our husbands deserved it or not, this affair was happening. Brianna and I were incapable of stopping it.

She smiled and agreed. We kissed passionately, sensitively, which reignited our desire. The graze of her hand on my ribs sent a trill through me, which only increased as she traced my figure and finally let her hand stop between my legs. Her mouth tantalized my neck and breasts as her fingers brought me to a nice clitoral orgasm. I was amazed at how she knew exactly how to touch me. I got on top and returned the favor. It was special to look deep into each other’s eye all the way through, seeing a desperate plea turn into utter pleasure, then deep-felt thankfulness. We caressed each other’s bodies until a hungry kid knocked on the bedroom door. Back to mom duty—munchkin clothes, Velcro shoes, cartoon toothbrushes and clicking car seats. We all went out for pancakes.

Over 18 months, from January to the following June, something curious and unexpected happened. As we continued our love affair in secret, our marriages actually improved. Brianna and Patrick had never been strained to begin with, but the things that had bothered her dissipated. His hardcore bedroom behavior softened and he became very sweet toward her, surprising her with gifts and helping around the house.

Tye, to my surprise, actually kept a New Years resolution of getting fit. We’d started taking some nutritional products that a friend had spoken to him about. After he’d seen his own body return to the fitness he had at 25, he started selling the products. His efforts were paying off and our family was enjoying some nice side income each month. He was happier, healthier and less stressed. We regularly laughed and joked together. My husband had become as easy to love as my lover.

Brianna and I were probably more patient with the guys because, secretly, we were filling a need that had previously gone unmet. We no longer held our husbands accountable for filling that void and simply appreciated the many other ways they loved us.

I could never have predicted this twist, but I loved it. Every day was happy.

It was a wild adventure trying to hide my sex-filled relationship with Brianna. We had some very tense moments—one time in the closet while Tye was just feet away reading in the bedroom chair, one of my hands giving her fingers to suck on as the other gave her fingers elsewhere. Over time, my guilt had subsided only because I knew Tye was very happy with our marriage. Living the lie was less about selfishly betraying him and more about protecting him from a potentially disastrous revelation. That’s what I told myself.

Summer came. I was lying naked with Brianna in a comfortable hotel bed after we’d just finished a wildly fun shower together. Her hand was on the end of a vibrator that was rapidly sliding in and out my engorged slit. How foolish of me to think our fun would’ve ended in the shower. Joy. Over and over, she pushed it into me, letting me relax in a wonderfully helpless “getting-fucked” feeling, not worrying if it would end too soon. Her tongue was dancing circles around my erect nipple. My eyes rolled back and I felt myself arrive to those rhythmic little spasms that shattered me every time. Second orgasm in twenty minutes. Glory. My thighs closed, needing to shield myself as the heightened sensitivity faded through the aftermath. My body shook and twitched a few times. Then that wonderful warm glow settled on me. Peace.

As I lay there catching my breath, Brianna set the toy aside.

“Wait,” I said, “Don’t you want to…?”

“I couldn’t wait.” She was laughing and as out-of-breath as I was. “The look on your face got me. I was doing myself at the same time, came right after you.”

I laughed. “Oh shit, our first simultaneous orgasm! I didn’t even notice!”

“Second one was good?”

“Mmmm. Oh yeah.”

“Me escort bayan ataköy too.”

I’m not sure which is better, the pre-sex kiss or the post-sex kiss. The one she crawled up and gave me was pretty fucking epic.

We were on a weekend getaway with both families. The kids and husbands were at a park while we “watched a chick-flick and did our nails.” The movie part was a lie, but we did want do our nails. I stood up, went to get my makeup bag and returned wearing a hotel robe. Brianna now had shorts on and was pulling a t-shirt down over her breasts. There it was in my mind, that same recurring thought, the one about how perfect her body was. I smiled to myself.

“What color?” We settled on a couple shades of orange and started.

“Um, I have something startling to tell you, Brianna said, “I’ve been nervous about it.”

Brianna had a concerned look on her face. I said nothing, just waited.

“Patrick and I got into a big, BIG fight before we left town … because,” she looked down, then back up again, “He knows about us.”

I gasped. Her voice had not sounded calmer than I would’ve expected having said something like that.

“And he’s okay with it,” she added.

“Oh…okay. That’s surprising.”

“Somewhat. He wants an open marriage. If I can be with you, he says, he wants a sidepiece too. His words, not mine.”

“A side piece? What the hell does that mean?”


“This isn’t just casual sex.”

“I know.”

“Is that what he thinks?”

“That’s what we fought about. I tried to explain that you’re fulfilling something that he can’t, something deeper than sex. He said he needs someone also, to fulfill his sexual needs. Not as deep, but still a need.”

“Uhh, does he realize what a pig he is for saying that? You’ve always given him whatever he wanted.”

She just shrugged. I could tell she was heartbroken. Since I’d first known her, even before our workouts, she’d been more attentive to her husband than anyone I’d ever known. Now, for her to hear that it wasn’t enough must have been crushing.

“I’m sorry.”

I looked down and kept painting my nails.

“Is he gonna tell Tye?”

She shook her head.

After the initial shock and uneasiness wore off, I was a little envious of my friend. It sucks to be found out, but at least she didn’t need to hide anymore. Everything was open and honest for her and Patrick. True, if he knew about us then her hand had been forced, but maybe it was for the better. Obviously, letting Patrick have his own ‘side piece’ would be a challenge. She’d definitely have to deal with some jealousy, letting her husband woo and fuck another woman. It was a shallow, if not shitty move from a guy I had thought highly of. (Not that I had any right to judge, of course.) Bottom line, I’d rather deal with jealousy than the guilt of betraying someone I loved.

“Maybe I should tell Tye,” I thought out loud after a few minutes of silence.

“He might be okay with it like Patrick.”

“He might also flip out. Or he might be crushed by it—but act like he was okay.”

“Maybe. You know how much guys go crazy over lesbian stuff. It’s, like, universal.”

“In videos, yeah, but not from their wives. Wouldn’t he be all sad realizing he wasn’t enough?”

“Yeah, but then his fantasy side would probably take over.”

Most likely, she was right. I’d never ventured to talk with Tye about his sexual fantasies, but I had a feeling he was no different than the norm. He probably had fantasized about me with another woman. Then, I had an idea.

“What if … you texted Patrick and had him talk to Tye and get a feel for what he thought of this sort of thing.”

She smiled and grabbed her phone.

It turned out to be a really fun hour of indirect conversation. Patrick was brilliant, reading a text from Brianna, bringing it up with my husband in a guy-talk way, then shooting back a quick reply. It felt childish and R-rated at the same time, but the revelations proved to be worth the immaturity.

Tye was no monk. He completely fell in line with the guys-love-lesbians stereotype. He’d also seen his fair share of internet porn. No surprises. I rolled my eyes. Guys were such horn-dogs. (There I was again, entertaining my own hypocrisy, as if I’d never been utterly overcome with lust before.) But the deeper things Patrick unveiled completely surprised me: my husband had a cuckold fantasy. And he wanted to watch. Damn.

I tried to process how a guy could want to watch his wife cheat on him, but gave up without any real understanding. It’s nonsensical, but it is what it is, and I accepted it.

This, of course, presented an obvious idea: a threesome with Tye as an onlooker. Thinking about it made me feel a bit slutty and I hated it. More importantly, although nothing had been said, Brianna looked sickened. It represented another crazy sex thing that he wanted for himself. I stood with her. It was an immediate “no” from us. Yet, underneath all of that, undeniably present, was that naughty feeling that I’d first felt so many months ago during bayan escort istanbul our workouts. It was there and it would certainly grow, as these new truths became old news. At the moment, still overwhelmed by the way everything that had just changed, I only barely sensed it: a dangerous, instinctive urge to do something taboo.

Later, I sensed it fully, but something was different. This time, I didn’t like it, nor did I want to indulge in it. As I recalled the look on Brianna’s face as the word threesome hit our minds, I wanted that naughty craving to be vanquished. It wasn’t cool anymore. I loved Brianna and didn’t want to be a part of anything that may hurt her.

As it turns out, it wasn’t completely up to me.

Unknown to all of us, Patrick organized a babysitter, our teenage niece who lived in the area. She was to come to the hotel the next evening and watch the kids in the other room so the four of us could have a nice adult double date. Upon learning this the next morning, my stomach suddenly had about a dozen butterflies in it that kept fluttering well into the afternoon.

Tye made reservations at a nice restaurant within walking distance. The men cleaned up well, with buttoned shirts and nice shoes. Honestly, they both looked really hot. Brianna wore a dress that was plenty teasing, but not trashy. I hoped she saw mine the same way. Under different circumstances, we would all have been checking each other out the entire evening. As it was, we tried not to.

Dinner was nice. Tye was still clueless as to what Patrick was attempting to put together. Patrick, to his credit, wasn’t a total creep about what was on his mind. He was acting normal. In the restroom, I told Brianna that I was simply going to stand with her with whatever he was thinking.

“I know, love,” she said and kissed me lightly on the lips.

We finished dinner and left, heading back to the hotel for drinks.

As we walked back through the front door, Patrick placed his hand on the small of my back. Brianna didn’t see it. I can’t deny how nice it felt, causing a moment of conflict in me. What can I say; he had an irresistible quality about him. That damned naughtiness surged inside me and I actually leaned into him for a moment. Damn it. What the fuck? I became very worried at that point. I was clearly susceptible, though I didn’t want to be. Brianna had done nothing to end her husband’s play and I wondered where this was going, sadly torn as to where I wanted it to go.

We had drinks. We all had more than we should have. That’s when things came into the open. Patrick played his cards perfectly. I was astounded at how smoothly he brought the idea to everyone. As we all knew, Tye would be happy sit and watch as Brianna, Patrick and I fucked. Brianna sat quietly with her glass of wine, letting her husband set things up. I began preparing myself mentally for what was coming. With swirls in my mind disrupting whatever resolution had previously been there, I began to look Patrick’s figure. He was definitely handsome. Tye knew what I was doing, but said nothing.

We walked down the hallway—Brianna, then me, then Patrick and Tye. The card slid the card. It didn’t work. She slid it again. Nothing.

“Babe, let me have your card.”

Patrick gave it to her. It worked. She opened the door to let me through first. Then quickly stepped to block the way, so she was face-to-face with her husband.

“Patrick,” she said calmly, “I love you, but she’s mine. Go back downstairs and pick up that cute little slut that kept undressing you with her eyes.”


“Have fun, baby. See you in the morning.”

She pecked him on the cheek, closed the door and deadlocked it. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes.

I rushed up and kissed her as hard as I ever have. My tongue was in every part of her mouth while my mouth was filled with her tongue. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own, pulling her dress up over her ass, then over her head. Kissing her neck. Sucking gently on its base. I could smell her perfume, and it cranked my hormones to an uncontrollable level. Her hand was around my back pulling my body firmly into hers. Then I felt her other hand pull my dress up and slip under my thong to grab my ass. My thigh was between her legs and she was grinding on it hard. Then my mind swirled a way that I didn’t expect. I pictured my husband standing there in the hallway directly behind the door that Brianna was leaning against. Damn it.

Brianna had gotten her pussy perfectly positioned on my thigh and was grinding it hard. Tie’s face (in my mind) was dejected and alone as he leaned against the wall. My lover’s fingers were gripping my hair. My husband’s hand (in my mind) ran through his own hair as it always did when he was stressed.

“Wait, Brianna.”

“I’ve been wanting to fuck all night.”

The alcohol on her breath reminded me how influenced we both were. I didn’t even get to respond before the straps of my dress slid down my shoulders and her mouth was on my breast. She was kissing all around it and squeezing it. She was moving crazy fast and bayan escort şişli her wetness had gone through her panties so I was starting to feel it on my thigh.

“Brianna, wait.” I took a half step back, keeping my hands on her hips. “I want to do something.”


“Let’s let Tye watch. Not with Patrick. Only Tye. Only to watch.” My words were definitely slurring.


“I want to. He’s my husband. I want to let him see. Come on. We’re both drunk. It’ll be easy.”

“Okay.” She was still trying to decide, but she was drunk and terribly turned on. “Okay, we can do it. I’m okay with it. Text him.”

I texted: Come back to the room. Only you. Only to watch.

We kept making out at the doorway until we heard Tye’s knock. I opened the door, gave him a very loving kiss and pointed to the nearest chair, by the nightstand.

“Don’t make a sound.”

Brianna was at the corner of the bed, still in her bra and panties. It had been almost a year since we’d first started working out. Now, she looked simply stunning.

I walked to her and let my dress fall the rest of the way off my body. As I approached, she came to the edge of the bed to meet me. I put a knee on the sheets beside her and kept my other foot on the ground so she was between my legs. Pressing my pussy against her tummy and leaning over as she looked upward, we kissed. I felt her hands on me, sliding up my back and unfastening my bra, then down to my hips and thighs, pulling my underwear down with them. I removed my knee from the bed to let the thong fall to my ankles. Once I was undressed, she went straight to her own bra. My hands just held her face as we kissed. Then, she was naked too.

I got to see every gorgeous curve of her as she twisted and started crawling toward the pillows. Her lips were plainly visible, glistening and moist. Before she could get too far away, I reached and grabbed her hips, pulling them back toward me. She followed lead and arched her back, sticking her ass up for me to admire. What a sight! Looking down, her round cheeks were pressed against me, just below my breasts. Her hips and waist curved away from me to her beautiful face lying sideways on the sheets.

“Fuck me, love,” she pleaded.

I brought my hand around her hip and up her thigh until I felt her. It was beyond ready, practically dripping. She must’ve been secretly edging all evening. The light touch of my fingers caused a small shudder.

“Oh god. Fuck me.”

I would’ve loved to string her along and give a nice show to Tye, but I could tell she was tired of the ramp-up and ready for the pay-off. I knelt down to taste her, licking and sucking her, trying to pick up every drop as more and more came. She was fully bloomed and spread wide, so I could push my tongue into her farther than normal. As I did so, her pleasureful reaction reached my ear. Below my chin, I began rubbing her clit, causing hips to begin thrusting and moving. She was trying to keep still for me, but couldn’t. Even with her becoming a moving target, I stayed in place. It was driving her wild. She was groaning loudly and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I could feel Tye’s presence next me. I hadn’t tried to ignore him at all, though I thought he might suspect that. So, keeping my tongue extended to lick Brianna, I turned slightly to see Tye out of the corner of my eye. I could tell he was frozen in astonishment. I sent my hand into double time. It was a blur stroking Brianna’s clit. In response, she pushed her pussy against my face, begging for full attention. I obliged and she finished nicely.

“Oh my god.” She collapsed onto the bed and was writhing slowly with her hand between her closed thighs. “That was so good. So good.”

I lay next to her and held her; placing light kisses on her shoulder and neck.

“I love you,” she said, almost crying, “I love you so much. You’re my treasure.”

“You’re my treasure,” I argued sweetly, “Your my love.”

This was the part I really wanted Tye to see. I trusted him to understand us. After I spoke, I lifted my head to look at him. His eyes showed curious realization. Brianna felt me look and tensed up. She must’ve completely forgotten he was there.

“Tye?” she asked softly.

“I love him, too.” I had locked eyes with him as I spoke. “He’s my first treasure, before I had you. I love him, too.”

It was drunk speech, but honest.

“Does he understand?” she asked, sounding as lost in drunkenness as I was.

Tye nodded his head.

I struggled to even know what I felt in that moment. I was in the open, vulnerable but totally safe. I was free and trusted with that freedom. Suddenly, a certain giddy excitement overtook me. No orgasm could ever match this feeling. Screw it. I wanted one anyway.

“Fuck me, Brianna. Let him see me.”

She controlled me perfectly. She made it last. She put me into four different positions. She opened me a thousand different ways. She made me squirm with pleasure. She got me lost in sensation. She made me drip with wanting. She enjoyed each drop happily. She made me ache desperately for relief. She made me moan. She turned my moans into screams as if she was turning a volume knob. She made me shout cuss words at the brink. She made me cum so the sheets were soaked with me. She kissed me lovingly afterward, as I was still shaking. She lay with me face-to-face and I held her head in both hands.

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