Small And Cute


Being small and cute is a heavy burden to bear if one is a guy. When Stevie was sixteen, he only stood five-feet-two inches tall. The bit of bum-fluff that he had on his face was barely worth mentioning and the few sprigs under his arms and above his cock, rather pathetic. To add to his woes, he was smaller and prettier than most of the girls at school. Everyone always presumed that he was gay, which he had strong reservations about at this time and did his best to sublimate the feelings of his sexual orientation. He was constantly told how cute he was and worse than that, even asked if he had a cock. Stevie was often tempted to haul the damn thing out and show his ‘almost,’ six inch dick!Of all the boys than constantly ribbed him, his nemesis was a guy named Rory. Rory was a star performer on the athletic field in the shot put, discus, and hammer throw events. He was a huge lumbering guy who regularly pawed, or picked Steve up, announcing that he wanted to fuck him. Of course, this amused the hell out of all the other guys in attendance. Rory was crass and vulgar and would often grab hold of his own crotch when he saw Stevie, before sticking his tongue out in a lascivious manner and fondling his genitals. If or when Stevie eventually had sex with a guy, he thought, it would definitely not be Rory.Much as everyone thought Rory was joking, Stevie had a strange feeling that behind the mirth there was a strong hint of intent. Apart from doing his best to avoid Rory at all times, Stevie always made sure that he was never alone with Rory in any secluded place. Whenever Stevie needed to use the toilets, he tried to make doubly sure that Rory was nowhere about. On one occasion, however, when Stevie entered the ablution block, Rory was standing at the urinal. As their eyes met, Rory stuck his tongue out obscenely and began tugging on his fat knob. Naturally, Stevie got out of there as quickly as possible.When Stevie’s school days ended he was pleased that his torment by Rory had ceased. Stevie was soon to discover, nevertheless, that the world was full of guys like Rory.The first of these ‘Rory’s’ was his landlord, Kevin Jones, who did Stevie a huge favour of renting an apartment to him. Being underage, Stevie’s parents, who lived two hundred miles away, should have signed the required documentation for his lease. Kevin made him feel like he owed him big time for his oversight in this regard. Kevin was a manly guy in his fifties. He was slightly overweight and exuded a virile self-confidence that intimidated Stevie. Stevie also found the way that Kevin stared at him was rather curious because his gaze seemed to radiate a lustful glow. Fortunately for Stevie, they very seldom bumped into one another.The second ‘Rory’ he encountered was a guy that he worked with, named Jaxon. Stevie had gotten a job as a clerk at a small warehouse that sold bolts and nuts. His office was in the stockroom and he did all the paperwork required for receiving and invoicing goods. Jaxon was in charge of unloading new stock and pulling orders. His resemblance to Rory was breath-taking and they could easily have been brothers. Jaxon wasn’t as bolshie as Rory, however, and had a far more affable nature. Initially, the similarity between the two unnerved Stevie a little, but soon he got over himself. Jaxon had the habit of placing both his hands in his trouser pockets and fidgeting with his crotch when he spoke to one.Jaxon and Stevie soon realised that they lived a block away from one another, and often walked to and from work together. As the weeks wore on Jaxon’s conversations with Stevie also seemed to become more personal. Naturally, Stevie was fairly guarded, but that didn’t stop Jaxon. Jaxon also took to touching him fairly often. It wasn’t anything overt, but slightly more than just friendly. The leering way he often looked at Stevie, also flustered Stevie somewhat.When Stevie’s first rent was due Kevin arrived at his apartment to collect it. After handing over the cash, Kevin unexpectedly extended his left hand and cupped Stevie’s chin.“Fuck, you are a pretty little thing,” he stated, before asking, “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”“I’m not gay,” Stevie replied, anxiously.Kevin let out a laugh and then said, “Yeah, right, and I’m James Bond,” he concluded with snigger.As he leaned in toward Stevie, Kevin’s phone then rang. Irritated, he answered it. His wife was calling to say that one of the other tenants was looking for him.“I’ll be back later,” he said, as he was leaving.Stevie bolted the door behind Kevin and when he heard a knock at his door thirty minutes later, he simply didn’t answer. After knocking a further two times, Stevie heard him use his spare key to try and open the door. Unsuccessful, Kevin then finally left.The following day Kevin was waiting Haramidere escort for him inside his apartment. As Stevie stood apprehensively looking at Kevin, Kevin said, “We’ve got business to attend to, Stevie.”Stevie realised that if he caused a scene he could be out looking for a new place to stay, that night. After Kevin bolted the door, he moved toward Stevie and said, “Take off your shoes and socks.”“Why?” Stevie asked, totally bewildered.“Because I said so,” he replied.Nonplussed, Stevie removed them. Next, Kevin began to unbutton Stevie’s shirt. As Stevie tried to push his hands away, Kevin growled, “Do you like this shirt, boy?”“Yes,” Stevie answered.“Well, if you don’t want me to rip it to pieces, then take your fucking hands away,” he warned.As he unbuttoned the shirt, Stevie inexplicably felt his cock start to stiffen. Once the shirt was off, Kevin’s hands moved to Stevie’s belt buckle and soon his pants dropped down. Stevie then bent down quickly to remove the pants from his ankles and to try and hide his hard-on. Kevin’s hands were equally fast, however, and instantly Stevie’s body was pulled upright and placed standing on the sofa.“So, you’re not gay, right?” he said with a laugh, “Then what the fuck is this?” he concluded, as gripped hold of the stiff dick in Stevie’s underpants.Stevie was left speechless.“Take your underpants off,” Kevin said, in a raspy, horny growl. As Stevie did so he found himself becoming very excited, despite his nervousness.Kevin now removed his own t-shirt and dropped his shorts to the floor. Observing him, Stevie saw that Kevin was hairier than he had imagined and despite his gut being quite large, it wasn’t flabby. As his hands ran up and down Stevie’s torso, Stevie instinctively placed his hands on Kevin’s shoulders. Stevie had begun to relax and was finding the entire experience rather stimulating. Kevin would never have been his first choice as sexual liberator, but maybe Kevin was exactly what he needed to open his closet door, Stevie figured. As they stared into one other’s eyes the entire scene felt unreal to Stevie, almost as if he was being unshackled from a prolonged captivity.Stevie was abruptly ushered from his reverie when Kevin asked, “Have you ever been fucked before?”“No,” Stevie replied.Kevin’s next words, however, sent Stevie into a panic, as the reality of the situation hit home.“Whoa, are you kidding me?” after a pause, “Do you mean to tell me that I’m about to take your fucking cherry?” he uttered, with a lustful look on his face.“Please, no, no Kevin, please Kevin, please don’t fuck me,” Stevie stammered, before continuing, “I’ll suck, or play with your dick as much as you like, but please don’t fuck me.”Kevin remained silent for several seconds, before saying, “Well, the thing is, I’ve never taken anyone ones cherry before and when opportunity knocks at the door, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”“No, please Kevin,” Stevie once more implored.“It’s our lucky day, Stevie, you’ll see. I finally get to pluck a cherry and you get an everlasting memory to treasure,” Kevin assured Stevie.Observing the bewildered look on Stevie’s face, Kevin continued, “When your cherry gets busted it must be unforgettable. There’s no point, to having a needle-dick breaking you in, you’ll live to regret that for the rest of your life. My knob, however, you’ll remember for the rest of your days. ‘Go big or go home’ as they say,” he concluded with a smirk.If these words were meant to console Stevie, they had the opposite effect. ‘Jesus,’ he thought, ‘what am I in for.’ Kevin now told Stevie to turn around on the couch. When Stevie began to protest, Kevin told him that he simply wanted to check out his pucker, to see if it would be able to cope with Kevin’s knob. Gingerly, Stevie turned around and bent over the backrest. Stevie then felt Kevin hands on his backside, before his thumbs pulled Stevie’s cheeks apart.“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Kevin exclaimed, prolonging each expletive. “Jesus, Stevie, this is the prettiest fucking pucker I’ve ever seen.” A few more murmurs and groans followed before he continued. “Fuck me; my knob is going to love opening this little rosebud. Jesus, boy, this is the eighth fucking wonder of the world.”Shortly, Kevin’s tongue began badgering Stevie’s knot voraciously. Stevie had never felt anything more stimulating in his life. Kevin’s snorts and grunts as he ate Stevie out were mind-blowing and Stevie felt like he had an out of control anteater scouring his hole. All Stevie’s resistance crumbled and his balls were beginning to churn. When Stevie screamed that he was about to cum, Kevin quickly pulled Stevie’s cock backward and let Stevie unload in his mouth. Every masturbation session Stevie had ever enjoyed before, İkitelli escort bayan was like comparing a gentle handclap, to a standing ovation.‘I am gay,’ Stevie thought, ‘Fuck yeah… I am fucking gay!’“Stay where you are,” Kevin said afterwards, before bending down to retrieve a small tub from the pocket of his shorts. “Now, let’s prime your arse and get it ready for my cock.”“Please Kevin…” Stevie again began to plead, before he was interrupted.“I’m going to fuck you and that’s, that. Now, let’s make it as comfortable for you as possible,” Kevin finalised with a slap to Stevie’s arse.When Kevin’s finger entered Stevie the initial shock quickly gave way to a rather pleasant sensation. Kevin was patient and calm as he worked Stevie’s pucker. Not long after, the finger was replaced with a thumb that Kevin began to move to and fro. Next, two fingers replaced the thumb as the stretching was intensified. Following on that, an uncomfortable third finger was introduced. As Stevie began to gasp, Kevin kept telling him to relax, in a soothing tone.Stevie had not seen Kevin’s dick as yet and wondered how large it would be. Glimpses at Kevin’s tented boxers clearly showed that he was well-endowed. Slowly, the discomfort began to fade and when Kevin sensed that Stevie had begun to calm down, he manoeuvred Stevie’s body flat onto his stomach on the seat of the couch. After pushing his own boxers down to below his knob, Kevin smeared some lube on his cock before placing the head of his dick on Stevie’s pucker.Gentle applying pressure, Kevin’s knob started its excavation. Stevie began to whimper as his sphincter capitulated to its new master. As much as it hurt at first, Stevie found himself entranced by the pain and it was almost as if he was willing it. Kevin just kept pushing in deeper and deeper, savouring the tightness of the finest portal he had ever fucked. Once all in, Kevin relaxed for a few moments, before his hips slowly stirred to life. Shortly, because of confinement of the sofa, Kevin withdrew from Stevie and suggested that they more through to the bedroom.When Stevie finally got a look at the thick cock that had conquered him, he couldn’t believe that he had accommodated Kevin’s fat dong up his arse.Once in the bedroom, Kevin said, “Get on your stomach boy and spread your legs.” Stevie did as told.As Kevin got on the bed behind Stevie, he spoke once more. “There are three things I need to tell you. Firstly, don’t you ever fucking bold your door again, do you understand me?”“Yes,” Stevie answered, submissively.“Next, from now on when you hear my key in your door, you drop whatever you are doing and move through to the bedroom. When I enter the room I want you naked and ready, positioned exactly as you are now. Are we clear on that?” Kevin affirmed.“Yes,” Stevie once more replied, in a whimper.“Finally, that old bitch downstairs will be fucking off for three weeks, the day after tomorrow. I’ve bought her a bus ticket and she’s off to visit her sister. So… you will be seeing a lot of me and we won’t have to worry about quickies,” Kevin concluded.Placing his cock at Stevie’s manhole Kevin entered him a lot more briskly on this occasion. Kevin’s hips also sprang to life much faster than before. Kevin’s dick felt much thicker than before, and Stevie reflected upon the fact that now having seen it, the mental picture was influencing his opinion. Fortunately, despite the fact that Kevin started thrusting urgently, the discomfort did diminish quite rapidly. A minute or two later, Kevin began to grunt as he sprayed a deluge of spunk into Stevie’s backside.After Kevin left, Stevie moved through to the toilet. As he expelled the seed from his arse he was astonished by the volume that Kevin had unloaded into him. Stevie then placed his left middle on his puffy manhole and rubbed it in the spunky residue. Lifting his finger to his nose, he first smelt the jizz before tasting it. This act excited him so much that he began tugging his cock frantically, before shooting a load into the bowl.Stevie did not see Kevin the following day, but the evening after that Kevin spent the night as forewarned. This time there were no quickies. With no time limitations, Stevie got to enjoy Kevin’s full repertoire. Kevin was into domination and control, which Stevie thrived on. Kevin was also extremely verbal and instructive, which further enhanced Stevie’s gratification. There was not a moment that went by, where Stevie’s small body wasn’t being pawed or manipulated by his large landlord. Initially, Stevie wasn’t mad about the nickname that Kevin gave him, ‘Piglet,’ but he soon grew to accept it.The one thing that Stevie quickly learned was that Kevin did not like his arse being touched or rimmed. Stevie’s arse, however, Escort Çapa was never left alone for a minute. Kevin’s mouth, cock, or fingers, incessantly explored his manhole. Stevie particularly loved Kevin’s unbelievably long tongue. Kevin also did not allow Stevie to touch his own cock, but this wasn’t a problem because Kevin’s hot mouth frequently sucked Stevie’s balls dry. Once Stevie received his first oral load from Kevin, he became a complete jizz hound. The volume of spunk and the force with which it surged out of Kevin’s dick was a source of total delight to Stevie.“Are you ready for your premium blend of high protein, Piglet?” Kevin growled, every time Stevie got fed.Not only did Kevin turn out to be a great kisser, but a highly sexed lover as well. After every one of their sessions ended, Stevie was totally exhausted. There were times over the following two nights, where he scarcely had the energy to talk once Kevin was done with him. Stevie’s arsehole was always puffy once they had finished, but he loved dozing off with the tingling sensation of a well-fucked pucker.***The following day at work, Jaxon asked Stevie if he would mind staying late. An order of stock en route to the warehouse had been delayed and would most probably only arrive, after six-thirty. As they waited, they sat in Stevie’s office.After the scenes that Stevie had experienced with Kevin over the two previous days, Stevie felt greatly emboldened and remote from his former guarded demeanour. As he observed Jaxon a strange thought crossed his mind. Given the strong resemblance between Jaxon and Rory, he had a flashback to his school days. ‘Maybe,’ he thought, ‘I shouldn’t have been so prissy and given into Rory.’ Although he only had the briefest glimpse of Rory’s thick knob, this image now began to play on his mind and Stevie wondered what Jaxon’s dick would look like, given his similarity to Rory.The more he thought about it, the more obsessed he became about seeing Jaxon’s knob. Stevie also wondered if Jaxon had merely been playing him along with his stares and prying questions. When Jaxon once more placed his hands in his pockets and began fondling his crotch, as always, Stevie decided to make his move.“What’s the score Jaxon?” he asked, with a naughty grin.First looking down at his crotch and then back up at Stevie, Jaxon let out a rueful laugh, apologising for his bad habit.“I don’t find it offensive,” Stevie retorted, with a mischievous look in his eyes. A quizzical expression appeared on Jaxon’s face as he tried to formulate Stevie’s response. Intrigued, Jaxon then brazenly placed his hand over his crotch and gave himself a really good fondle, reciprocating with his own brand of audaciousness.Picking up on this, Stevie stood up and matter-of-factly mentioned that he needed a piss. “Hold up,” Jaxon replied, “I’ll join you.”As they moved towards the ablution area Stevie was trembling with excitement. Once there, they both climbed up on the high cement step in front of the long steel urinal. Standing side by side they both opened their trousers. Unable to resist, Stevie glanced down at the most unusual cock he had ever seen. It was large and long, but what made it peculiar was the long foreskin snout that dangled off the end of Jaxon’s dick.Not able to restrain himself Stevie said, “Wow, now that’s what I call a foreskin!”Jaxon went on to tell him that when he was born, his dad had wanted to have the flap removed, but that his mother was dead against it. “I glad my mother got her way,” he exclaimed, as he flapped the overhang about shamelessly.“I’ve always regretted that I am circumcised, and have often wondered what it would feel like to wank with a foreskin,” Stevie replied.“Well, would you like to feel what it is like?” Jaxon asked.After enthusiastically nodding yes, Stevie believed that he was simply going to tug on Jaxon’s dick. Jaxon then surprised Stevie by climbing off the step and moving to behind him, telling Stevie to face him. Jaxon now widened his stance so their cocks were at the same level. Next, holding the flap of his foreskin open with his thumbs, Jaxon invited Stevie to push his cock into the opening. It felt incredible as Stevie’s knob entered the moist tube. With a third of Stevie’s cock covered by Jaxon’s foreskin, Jaxon encouraged Stevie to jerk on their docked dicks. The sensation was awesome and not long after, they both started becoming overexcited. Shortly, they coordinated their combined release to within seconds of one another.Once they had cum, things got rather messy as spunk oozed through Stevie’s fingers and onto the floor. Their session was then rudely interrupted when the buzzer sounded, alerting them to the fact that the delivery had arrived. After pulling his pants up hastily Jaxon departed to open the door. Stevie used paper towels to mop up the mess, before joining him.After they had taken care of the delivery they decided to have something to eat at a pizzeria. By the time they eventually left the eatery, it was already eight-thirty and Stevie was sure that Kevin would have given up on seeing him that night.

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