Smooth Operator


Straight to voicemail.Jason ended the call without leaving a message and sighed.  Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid, he silently chided himself.Of course, he couldn’t have known that Sheila would react the way she did.  He never would have guessed that revealing his shaving kink would freak her out.  Obviously, it had.  The look on her face had spoken louder than words.  He’d told her to forget he brought it up, and she said it was fine, but then said she wasn’t feeling well and went home not long after.  She hadn’t answered a text or phone call since.Alternately mad at her and himself, he’d tossed and turned all night, and then spent most of the morning pacing through the apartment.His phone rang, and he looked to see it was Sheila.  Nervously, he answered, “Hello.”“Hi.”After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, he asked, “Are you okay?”“I…  I don’t know.”“I’m sorry.  Just forget I ever brought it up,” he apologized.“I can’t.  I just…  I never thought you would…  It’s just so weird.”“It’s not important.  It’s just a silly fantasy.  It’s not like it’s something I need.”She sighed, and after a pause, said, “I’m sorry I haven’t been answering.  I need some time.”“Are you breaking up with me?” he asked.“No.  Of course not.  I’ll text you, okay?”“Sheila…”“I’m sorry.  I just can’t even right now.”“Okay.  I…” he trailed off before finishing with love you because the line went dead.  He looked at the display in disbelief and muttered, “Are you fucking kidding me?”He tossed his phone on the couch in irritation.It only got worse a couple of hours later.  He hadn’t been out or spoken to anyone about the whole affair, but text messages and phone calls from his friends checking in on him confirmed that word had gotten out.  Nobody had yet mentioned what had started the whole thing, but then again, he doubted any of them would be callous enough to do so if they had heard.At least word that he didn’t want to talk about it spread just as quickly, and people left him alone.  By the time evening rolled around, he was too emotionally exhausted to be anxious or angry, and ended up sitting on the couch in the dark, half-listening to music.A knock on the door broke his reverie.  He remained on the couch, afraid it was another friend coming over to check on him.  Even worse, it could be Sheila.  He was in no frame of mind to make up with her after she’d aired their dirty laundry to at least one person with a big mouth.  He needed a little time.  At least a chance to try to sleep on it.A second knock sounded, and he reluctantly got up.  The music playing made it fairly obvious he was home.  No matter who was at the door, not answering it was probably going to make it worse.When he opened the door, his brow furrowed, because it was nobody he expected.  It was Sheila’s younger sister, Jamie.“So, my sister’s being a real bitch, huh?” Jamie said by way of greeting.He stood staring, wondering why she was there.  It was unlikely Sheila had sent her, because the siblings didn’t get along very well.Jamie grinned and chuckled before asking, “Can I come in?”“Uhm…  Yeah.  I guess.”  He let her in – still perplexed.Jamie barely waited for the door to close before she started in.  “I knew something was up when Sheila came home to do laundry this morning.  She was acting all weird.  So, I kind of eavesdropped on her when she was on the phone.”He watched her sit down on the arm of the couch, and at a loss for what to do, remained where he was.  He asked, “Do you know who she was talking to?”She shrugged.  “No clue.  Anyways, she said you had a thing for watching a girl shave her pussy.  Creeped her out, I guess.”Jason involuntarily groaned and reached up to rub his temples.  Even though he assumed that had gotten out as well, hearing it confirmed was another thing.Jamie continued without missing a beat.  “Like I said, she’s being a real bitch.  I don’t think it’s creepy.  It’s kind of hot, actually.  I’ll do it for you.”His hand fell to his side, his eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open.  He gave a shake of his head and asked, “What?”“I said, I’ll do it for you.  I think it’s hot.”  With that, she reached into her purse, pulled out a lady’s razor, and twirled it in the air.  “Nobody else ever has to know.”Despite the shock, Jason shivered, and blood rushed between his legs.  The shaving kink had always turned him on, but with the real possibility of fulfilling it for the first Bostancı Escort time right in front of him, the arousal hit him like a prize fighter.“Here, look,” she said, and unashamedly jerked down the front of her shorts and panties, revealing a patch of curls on her mound.  “I’ve been letting it grow.  Perfect timing, huh?”Holy fucking shit, he thought.  Time seemed to grind to a halt as she ran her fingers through the dark curls.  He only realized he was staring with laser intensity when she let go of her shorts and they covered her again.“Why?” he asked, forcing his eyes back up to hers.She grinned, and went back to twirling her razor.  “I’ve always thought you were hot, and hearing you liked it turned me on.”“Sheila would find out,” he said, shaking his head.“I’m not going to tell her.  Are you?”“She’ll find out,” he reiterated.“I’ll tell you what,” she said, and then hiked a thumb over her shoulder.  “I’m going to go shave.  Come watch if you want.  It’s up to you.”She stood up and headed for the hall, swaying her tight young ass, and letting her razor dangle sexily from between a finger and thumb at her side.  She didn’t look back even when she opened the bathroom door and turned on the light.  She left the door open, and he could see her shadow playing on the wall.His heart racing and his cock throbbing, he thought, Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  The big head that was protesting was quickly losing control – and blood flow – to the smaller one below.  He took a step, and then another.  Before he knew it, he was standing outside the bathroom door.She hadn’t been wasting time.  Even though he had hesitated for only a few seconds, she’d already removed her shoes, top, and bra by the time he stepped into the door.  Like her sister, she had small breasts, with dark, skinny ovals surrounding visibly stiff nipples.  They looked incredible.  She grinned and moaned when she saw him in the doorway.Then she shoved down her shorts and panties, fully revealing the short curls on her mound.  When she crooked her finger to beckon him, he was like a puppet on a string.“Here, feel,” she said, taking hold of his wrist and guiding it to her thigh.  “I didn’t shave my legs today.”  She tugged his wrist higher, to her mound, “And I haven’t shaved my pussy in almost two months.”He couldn’t resist running his fingers through the nest of dark hair as he imagined her shaving it off for him.  Sheila never let her hair grow much at all, so her sister far better served his fantasy.  Even though Jamie wasn’t much younger than her sister, she was younger.  Fresh out of high school and barely legal, Jamie was pushing another button as well.Jason was so engrossed in his thoughts and running his fingers through her curls that he only noticed her other hand moving when she squeezed his cock through his shorts.  He groaned from the touch.“Mmm,” she moaned as she explored his erection.  “Can I see?” she asked, and then pulled down on his shorts without waiting for an answer.Jamie soon had his naked cock in her soft hand.  Between her other hand, flexible legs, and dexterous toes, she managed to drop his shorts to his ankles.  Caught up in the whirlwind, Jason let his hand slide lower, and wriggled a finger into her cleft.  She was soaking wet.A hand tugged upward on his shirt and she said, “Take this off, too.”He was well beyond the point of no return, and complied without a second thought.Jamie smiled and moaned at the sight of his revealed chest.  “You’re lucky.  I’d pretty much decided I didn’t like this,” she said, and ran her hand over her mound.  “One more day, and I’d have already shaved it off.”Her fingers uncurled from around his cock, and she moved toward the tub.  He subconsciously stepped out of his shorts – his eyes fixed on her.  She bent over, showing off her incredible ass and a nice glimpse of her folds, hidden by a nest of hair he’d soon get to watch her shave.  She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature while letting her ass sway slowly back and forth.Once the water reached a comfortable temperature, she straightened, running her hands up her body.  She glanced back over her shoulder and said, “You can touch yourself if you want.  Just don’t come.  At least not yet.”As if it had been waiting for permission, his cock began to urgently ache.  He wrapped a hand around it to quell the throbbing.Jamie moaned and stepped Bostancı Escort Bayan into the tub.  She had barely bent her knees to sit down when another kink demanded he voice it.“Can you turn on the shower?” he asked.She offered a crooked grin and said, “That gets you off, too?”He nodded.Her dexterous toes once again came into play.  She pulled the valve with them, and water began to cascade over her body.  She arched her back, letting the spray bounce off her breasts, and then slowly turned.  He stroked his cock, watching the water droplets meander down her body and bounce every which way.Once she completed her pirouette, she offered another devilish grin and reached for her sister’s body wash in the shower caddy.  She turned away from the spray, built a heavy lather in her hands, and began to rub it into her breasts.It was sweet torment watching her lather up her body, even as she watched him slowly stroke his hand over his erection.“I’m guessing Sheila won’t do this for you either?” Jamie asked.“Sort of.  If we’re in the shower together,” he answered, his eyes roving over her.“What else?  Has she ever let you fuck her ass?”He shook his head.  He hadn’t dared bring that up, and after the way she had reacted to his shaving fetish, he knew he never would.“Does she let you raw dog her?” she asked while building up another mound of lather in her hands.He answered with another shake of his head.  Sheila wasn’t on birth control, so he wouldn’t have wanted to do that even if she let him.Jamie turned, letting the water wash the suds off the front of her body while lathering up her ass.  “Come in her mouth?”“Sometimes,” he answered.“Does she swallow?”“Never.”“Come in her face?”He drew in a deep breath, because she’d hit another trigger.  Sheila had let him come on her tits a couple of times, but the one time an errant spurt had hit her chin, she’d gone ballistic.Her questions made him realize he’d been willfully ignoring a lot of warning signs.  Though Sheila enjoyed sex, she was far from adventurous – and more than a little selfish.  In retrospect, it was no real surprise that hinting he wanted to watch her shave had caused such a reaction.He shook his head, in answer to her question.Jamie moaned, still posing and lathering her body.  “I’d have to think about anal, because that cock is big, but I’d at least try it for you.  I’d let you raw dog me, come in my pussy, come in my mouth, and shoot it all over my face.  I’d be your little cum dumpster, however and whenever you wanted it.”Jason groaned as his cock throbbed hard from her dirty talk.  He oozed a drop of pre-cum, and she didn’t miss it.  She beckoned him nearer, and squatted as he approached.  She leaned out of the tub, took his cock in hand, and gathered up the clear droplet on her tongue with a moan.She looked up at him and asked, “Ready to watch me shave?”He nodded emphatically and said, “Yeah.”She pointed to her razor and shaving foam, which were sitting on the sink next to her purse.  He turned to grab them, and found her adjusting the shower head to spray as straight down as it would go, when he looked back.  She then moved to the end of the tub, out of the shower.Jamie smeared shaving foam over her left leg, completely covering it from ankle to thigh in white cream.  She then picked up her razor, gave it a little spin, and held it under the shower for a moment.  Jason found himself holding his breath as she brought the razor to her leg.She was absolutely putting on a show.  He had caught glimpses of Sheila shaving through the gap in the shower curtain before, and knew she was quick and methodical about it.  Jamie was drawing the razor slowly over her skin, glancing at him at the end of every stroke.  Jason’s cock throbbed hard in his hand as he watched his fantasy finally fulfilled in spectacular fashion.It was absolutely fascinating to watch her bend, twist, and lift her leg into all sorts of crazy positions, seeking out every little bit of stubble.  The thick coating of foam vanished in careful stripes, leaving behind irregular bead trails on her gorgeous legs.She stepped back into the shower when she was finished, washing away the remnants of foam.  She continued to perform for him, sliding her hands over her skin, and arching her back.  Once it was clean, she planted her foot on the edge of the tub.“Feel,” she said.He let his hand glide over Escort Bostancı her skin, and a shiver ran through him.  He could feel her trembling as well.“So soft and smooth, isn’t it?”“Yeah,” he answered in a husky voice.  His light touch went all the way up to her inner thigh – making her quiver again – and then back down to her ankle.Jamie dropped her foot back into the tub and bent over, taking hold of the base of his cock.  She gave the tip a kissing suckle, gathering up the pre-cum he’d leaked as he watched.“One down,” she said, and winked at him before standing up straight again.The repeat performance was just as slow and sensual as the first.  Once again, she asked him to feel the results, but tugged his hand upward when he completed the journey back to her ankle.She settled his hand over her mound and asked, “Ready for this?”“So fucking ready.”“Tell me to.”“Shave your pussy for me.”Jamie moaned, shuddered, and then bent over for another taste of pre-cum.  She turned into the shower immediately afterward, wetting the curls on her mound.  After letting him have a good look at the glimmering, dripping hair, she reached for her shaving foam.She smeared the lather in a thick layer over her mound, leaving only little pepper-like specks where her hair poked through.  Then she took up her razor, squatted down, and leaned against the wall of the shower.  Jason stepped up right to the edge of the tub, and then knelt down for an even better view.The razor settled just above the apex of her folds, and slowly glided upward, bisecting the foam between her legs.  A second stroke through the same stripe left behind bare skin.  She moved to the right, repeating the process, and then to the left of the bare stripe in the middle.  When she cleared the last stripe, and the last bit of stubble on her mound, he felt a dribble of pre-cum running down his knuckle.She tugged on her nether lips, holding them aside, and went to work on the crease of her thigh.  Jason had never seen anything so sexy in his life.  Despite barely tugging his foreskin over the hard core, he felt the first tickles of a hot itch in his cock that signaled an approaching orgasm.  He slowed down, only giving in when the demanding ache forced him to.Jamie shaved the crease of her other thigh, and then went into a sort of slow dance.  She twisted, turned, splayed her legs, and manipulated her crinkled folds, stripping away the foam and the hair it covered.  After a careful inspection with her fingers, she braced her hand behind her and stood.He watched her wash her pussy clean, and she didn’t have to ask him to feel the results when she turned back toward him.“Was it everything you imagined,” she asked as he stroked his fingers over her baby-smooth pussy.“More,” he half growled.She pulled him into a brief, hungry kiss while his fingers were still exploring her.  When their lips parted, only a few scant centimeters separated them.  He could feel her warm breath on his lips when she said, “Now I want you to come all over my face.”He let his fingers glide over her mound as she knelt, getting one last feel of her smooth skin.  Her knees had barely settled when she took his cock in hand, and engulfed it in her mouth.Jason growled, feeling the hot itch surge and spread almost immediately.  She sucked him hard, curling her tongue around his shaft, and pumped her hand quickly at the base.  She was far more enthusiastic than her sister, and Sheila had never gone on her knees for him.  She would only suck him when he was prone in bed.  It all combined with the fulfillment of his fantasy to push him to the edge in an embarrassingly short time.“Fuck.  Close,” he warned her in clipped grunts.She let him pop from her lips long enough to say, “Do it.  Come all over my face.  I’m your little cum slut.  Give it to me.”Jason growled loud, long, and low when she sucked him back into her mouth again.  Her wet hair danced from the fast bobbing of her head, slapping against her skin.  She moaned around him, adding yet another dimension to the pleasure.  After only a few sucks, he was on the cusp.“Gonna come,” he growled.Jamie let him slip from her lips and stroked his cock fast, aiming it right at her gorgeous face.  “Do it.  I want that cum all over my face.  Give it to me.  Shoot it all over me.  In my mouth.  On my face.  Come for me.”He let out an explosive grunt as his cum surged up.  Jamie squealed when the first eruption spattered on her upper lip, dripping into her wide-open mouth.  It also decorated her cheek and the tip of her nose.  The next covered her closed left eye, and spattered into her hairline.  Over and over again he pulsed, glazing her face with trails of semen, until he began to dribble into her mouth.

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