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Grant and I had been married for about 8 years. We had a great marriage and an adventurous sex life. Nothing too wild, but always fun and exciting. We had some good friends – Kim and Carlton – with whom we often socialized, who recommended a club they’d heard about 6 months ago, and had been going to for a while. Grant and I were always interested in new places and novel experiences, so we eagerly agreed to join them.

We decided to meet up at the club around 10 pm, since….as Kim said….”That’s when things get started”. Grant and I were pumped for the evening out, and around 8 pm we started to shower and get dressed for the night’s activities. As usually happens, Grant followed me into the shower and began lathering up my big, 34E boobs as I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. While Grant massaged and soaped my tits, I reached down and found his beautiful, thick, 8” cock and began sliding my hand up and down the shaft. He was rock hard in only a few minutes, and he turned me to face the shower wall, lined up the tip of his cock with my pussy lips, and – with a big shove – rammed his prick balls deep into my vagina. With my tits slapping against the shower wall, Grant plowed his dick into and out of my cunt, using his hands on my hips for leverage. This was my favorite position, and after several strokes, with my boobs still bouncing off the shower wall with every thrust, I felt a warm, tingly orgasm spread through my body from tit to toe.

As my climax washed over me, I laid my head against the shower wall while Grant continued pounding away behind me. He reached in front of me and slipped his hands between my swinging tits and the shower wall, so that my boobs were smashing into his hands every time he slammed into my pussy. After only a few more strokes, Grant let out a grunt and exploded, shooting streams of cum deep inside my cunt. He leaned his head against my back and kept his hands on both tits, as he continued sliding his thick dick in and out of me, while he enjoyed the throes of his ebbing orgasm.

After a brief respite, we finished showering, washing each other’s body parts as we went, then got out to dry off. I grabbed a towel and patted Grant dry – front and back – finishing by holding his balls in the towel with one hand, while I rubbed the length of his shaft with the towel using my other hand. He always liked this special touch after we showered, and I was always happy to do it. He returned the favor by drying gaziantep travesti me, front and back, then patting my pussy lips dry, and ending it all with a tender toweling of my tits and nipples. Even after having orgasmed in the shower only a few minutes ago, this always made my nipples hard and my pussy wet….and I loved it.

For the evening I dressed in a tight fitting red mini-dress with spaghetti straps, made of a thick stretchy fabric that held my sizeable breasts in place – for the most part – but did nothing to diminish the nipple bump visible through the tight material. I couldn’t wear a bra with this dress (which was the point), and it made me feel sexy and ‘on display’, which gave me a sense of excitement throughout the evening whenever I went out dressed like this. Grant was in a dressy casual outfit, wearing loose kahki’s and a button down closet shirt opened two buttons at the neck. I thought he looked really good as I watched him slip on his shoes to complete the outfit.

We jumped in the car and headed to the club, using Carlton’s directions to get us to the right place. Grant liked me to play with his cock while he drove whenever we were in the car together, and I was always happy to oblige. I loved the ‘naughtiness’ of having his dick in my hand, stroking and fondling it, while we drove anywhere in public.

From the outside the club looked fairly normal, but didn’t appear to be anything special. We went inside, paid our cover fee, and looked for a booth for four, where we could get a feel for the place while we waited for our friends to arrive. It was an interesting place….the dance floor was the obvious centerpiece for the room, with mostly 4-top tables and booths placed around the room. Straight ahead was a raised section just off the dance floor with more tables and booths, and to the right there was a bar with about ten rotating stools in front of it. The place was generally dim, overall, but the room obviously got darker the farther away from the dance floor you moved.

We worked our way through the room, took the five steps leading up to the raised sitting area, and found a booth for four where we could wait for Kim and Carlton and watch the dance floor from the table. Grant and I decided to dance while we waited, so made our way to the dance floor, where we got our first surprise.

As we danced, I noticed that almost everyone else was doing a version of “dirty dancing”, where hips were locked together, grinding in rhythm to the constant techno-dance beat blasting through the speakers. Hands were all over the place, grabbing, squeezing, feeling, groping. And as I looked closer, I noticed that I could see tits – and even cocks – swinging freely as they sprang free from outfits that were obviously designed to allow access and visibility, as opposed to coverage or restraint.

I pointed some of this out to Grant as we danced, and we positioned ourselves so that my back was to him – my ass cheeks grinding against his crotch, and his hands reaching around to squeeze my tits – so that we could both observe the ‘floor show’ around us. One woman’s dress was an extremely low-cut, loose top that draped over her nice sized boobs, with a bottom part that had multiple slits from the bottom all the way to her waist. As she danced it was obvious that she was not wearing bra or panties, as her boobs kept bouncing and swinging out from behind her top, and the slits in her dress flapped open so that her shaved pussy and tight ass were constantly visible. Her partner was grabbing and squeezing all of her moving parts as the two of them gyrated to the music.

Another couple was dancing with the woman’s back to her partner, and he had reached around and freed her tits from the top of her dress, caressing them with his hands as they danced. It was also obvious that her short dress had been pulled up in back, and that he had pulled his cock out from his slacks and was grinding his hips into her ass cheeks as he slid his stiff shaft into and out of her pussy.

As Grant and I watched the dancers around us, I kept grinding my ass into his growing cock, and he continued fondling my bouncing tits as we danced, but so far our clothes remained in place. Then a woman and man, dancing in the same position as Grant and I (her in front, him in back) moved over to where we were dancing. They moved right up to us and she began moving her hips to the music directly in front of me. She looked into my eyes and smiled, so I smiled back. Then she took Grant’s hands off my boobs and placed them on hers, encouraging him to rub and squeeze them. Grant and I were both surprised, but went with it. So, from his position behind me, he reached past me and began massaging her breasts through her dress. She then pulled the top of her dress down so that her D-cup tits spilled out, and Grant was able to massage them in the flesh, occasionally pinching her erect nipples as he did.

The surprises continued when she then reached out and pulled the top of my dress down, causing my big tits to spring free and into her hands. She started caressing and fondling them, tweaking my already erect nipples, then leaned in and sucked one into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet, and her nipple-sucking sent shock waves through my body, causing my pussy to become drenched, and just about buckling my knees. She moved back and forth between each nipple, sucking and nibbling, then – almost as quickly as it started – she pulled the nipple she was sucking out of her mouth with a “pop”, and put my tits back into my dress. She leaned away from Grant’s hands, pulled her own dress up over her boobs, then she and her partner spun off to do the same thing with another dancing couple.

Grant and I exchanged glances, then left the dance floor and made our way up to our booth in the raised section. Our friends still hadn’t arrived yet, so I told Grant I needed to use the restroom. All I really needed to do was to take my panties off, because they were soaked, and starting to annoy me. I made my way down the dark hall to the rest room and saw a couple in front of me just outside of the wash room. The guy was clearly fucking the woman up against the wall….her legs were spread and her blouse was open, her tits bouncing wildly as he slammed his cock into her pussy over and over. I maneuvered around them, and as I passed them I heard her say to him, “Hurry up, my husband thinks I’m in the ladies’ room.” I chuckled to myself and thought, “If your husband really thinks you’re in the ladies’ room, then he’s definitely in the wrong club.” I stepped into the rest room, and as the door swung shut behind me, I heard a grunt from the guy, followed by a low moan, as he shot a load of cum into the woman’s cunt.

I got my panties off, tossed them in my purse, did a quick check in the mirror, then headed back out into the hallway. The couple was still there, but she was now on her knees cleaning off his spent cock, as she tucked her boobs back inside her blouse and buttoned up. As I slipped past them, she shoved his shaft back into his pants and zipped him up. Then the two of them followed me back out to the main room….she went left, to the table here her husband sat, and he took his seat on one of the bar stools to my right.

This was turning into a crazy night, and alcohol sounded really good right about now, so I headed over to the bar to get my husband and me something to drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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