Subject: Soccer Practice Makes Perfect – Chapter 25 Thank you for the overwhelming positive responses to my previous chapters. I hope you enjoy chapter 25. Please note that I am not a professional author so some errors are to be expected. Please feel free to contact me with your comments at ook Thanks for reading my story. Also, Please consider donating to Nifty so that this platform remains free and continues to be a safe space for us all to enjoy these stories either by writing them or reading them. Please Donate Here: fty/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Please note: This story is of a graphic sexual nature and only meant for adults 18 years and older who wish to read such material. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ — (me) 19 y.o. Billy — 20 years old – DJ’s older brother — Soccer Captain Rafael — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jorge — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jake — 20 years old — Muscular tattooed Soccer Teammate Dean — Lacrosse player from University by the River Aaron — Lacrosse Player from University by the River Stu — Lacrosse Player from University by the River Soccer Practice Makes Perfect: Good Sunrise, Bad Sunrise – Chapter 25 The sun was rising over the horizon of the ocean and into our beach house bedroom through the glass of the french doors facing the beach. Even though I was still half asleep I could see the brightness through my eyelids. I could feel Jake’s muscular arm wrapped around me and his breath on my neck as he slept. On the opposite side I could feel Billy looking at me and stroking my face and my hair as he softly said “I love you’ to me over and over again. Billy traced the outline of my face with his finger and kissed my forehead and then licked my lips with his tongue. He carefully gave me a soft but sensual kiss on the lips and spoke to me again in a whisper. “I am so lucky to have you as my lover DJ, I hope that I make you proud of me every day,” Billy said. I could feel Billy then get up out of our bed and he walked to the other side of the bed and talked to Jake, thinking that I was still fully asleep, even though I was really starting to awaken and could hear what he was saying. “I love you Jake, I am so glad that you are with DJ and me.” “I love you too Billy, very much.” “I am going to let you two alone this morning to have your privacy. I think with all of the group sex we have had so far, I think I can feel that DJ needs you to focus on him alone this morning. I feel he needs you to make him fall in love with you all over again.” “Did he say something to you?” “No, but he’s my brother and I can sense how he feels. He is crazy in love with you Jake, but I think he just needs to be reassured every once on awhile. Make me proud Jake, love DJ like you have never loved anyone before.” “I will Billy, I promise.” Billy kissed Jake on the lips and closed the bedroom door as he left to go downstairs to be with our guests. Jake was still holding onto me and started to rub his hand across my bare chest as he started to kiss my neck. His hand would slide across my chest and eventually tease at my nips with his fingertips. I let out a soft moan as his touch was awakening my senses. His kisses on my neck started to morph into licks as he started to lick up and down the back of my neck. “Ohhhhhh Jake”, I mumbled, “You make me feel so good.” “This is just the beginning baby.” Jake started to lick my ear while using his hand to rub my chest and then my arm. He reached down a little further and started to remove my boxers with one hand. I lifted my waist off of the soft sheets to help as he slid my boxers down to my knees. I could then feel him reach down and remove his own boxers and kick them off. Jake moved down further on the bed as he licked and kissed my shoulders and then my back. He rolled me onto my stomach as he pulled my boxers completely off of me and threw them onto the floor. Jake began to spread my legs as he moved in between them and positioned his face at my ass. He kissed and licked my ass cheeks as I could hear him moaning softly with delight. He spread my ass cheeks as he put his mouth onto my hole and pierced my asshole with his searing hot tongue as I let out a louder moan of pleasure as he entered me. “Oh god that feels amazing. Eat my ass Jake, please get in me deeper.” “Mmmmmmm baby, I love how you taste.” “Ahhhhhhhh, lick me deeper, oh yessssss. Jake rubbed his hands up and down my lower back and ass as he munched on my asshole with so much vigor and enthusiasm. I spread my legs even wider so he could have even more access to stretch my hole open even more. I wanted his tongue inside me as far as it could possibly go, and he knew that and pushed in further and further until he was in as far as possible. I reached back with on hand and held onto his head pushing his mouth harder against my ass “Fuck Jake, you’re tongue is in me so deep, fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhh shiiiiit.” My body was writhing with immense pleasure as Jake made a feast of my ass. I could feel his spit leaking from my asshole and dripping down my balls which was another pleasure that I could enjoy during this most amazing rim session my boyfriend was giving to me. Jake pulled his mouth from my hole which almost sounded like a loss of suction and moved up and laid his full body on mine. He carefully placed his hard 10 � inch cock in my ass crack. He continued to rub my arms as his body completely shadowed mine. He licked the side and back of my neck as I was moaning and grunting while his hips moved his cock slowly in my ass crack. He was driving me wild with lust as I wanted him to to just rape my hole right then and there. The heat of his body felt so good against my skin. I could feel the sweat from his skin transferring to mine. Every time Jake’s naked body is against mine, I feel so secure, so confident, so safe, so in love and so horny. “Oh goddamn Jake I love you, fuck me, please.” “Not this time baby, I want to love you, and make love to you. I want this to be so special.” “Every time with you is special, no matter how we do it.” “This time is going to be a little different. I love you so much baby and I want to show you.” Jake reached own and grabbed his cock and put his cockhead at my tight pucker but did not push into me right away. He moved his mouth next to my ear and spoke softly to me. “Baby, may I enter you? May I make love to you?” “Yes, of course you can.” “I love you and respect you DJ, and you allowing me to be inside of you is the greatest gift you have ever and will ever give me,” Jake said as he slowly started to push into my waiting hole. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck Jake, you feel so good sliding into me, please don’t stop. Ahhhhh fuck.” “Baby, I love how you feel, I love how your hole is accepting my cock entering you. As I go deeper into you baby, I feel like I am becoming a part of you, do you feel it too? “Jake, I love you so much. This just feels so right, I feel like you belong inside me. You fit in me perfectly.” Jake was now in me balls deep and held his full 10 � inches inside of me as he ground his hips into my ass. As he did this he kept kissing and licking my neck. At times I felt like my asshole was on fire with him buried balls deep in my ass, but it was a good feeling and not painful. Jake slowly withdrew his cock from my ass until just the cockhead was still inside me and then slowly slid back in to the hilt. He kept doing this slowly and teasingly without increasing his pace and moaning softly with every slow thrust into the depths of my ass. “Oh fucking hell Jake, this is incredible, you never made love to me like this before. It feels so fucking fantastic.” “Ahhhhhh shiiiiit, baby, going slow like this might even make me cum faster. Holy hell your hole feels so good around my cock, taking it slow like this really lets me enjoy every part of you. You fit me like a glove it is amazing how good you feel.” Jake kept a steady slow pace as our breathing became heavier but also started to happen in unison. His full length of his cock was sliding in and out of me at the same slow pace as he began and he started to wrap his arms around me and reached to my nips. He started to grab my pecs and then pinch my nips as he again kissed my neck as his mouth moaned against my skin. The hairs on my neck stood up and my breathing became more rapid as did his. “Oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum soon. May I please cum inside you? Will you willingly accept my load in your ass? “Oh god yes, Jake, please fill me with your seed.” “Ahhhhh shit this feels good, giving you my load baby will give you a part of me. I want to be with you even when I am not inside you. Breeding you will make you mine all over again. I love you so much.” “Yes please Jake, make me yours. I am only yours and Billy’s and I will be forever.” “Ahhhhh fuuuuuuck, here I cum, oh god, take my load baby……ahhhh shiiiiiit, oh fucking hell, take it, you’re mine now baby, Ahhhhhhhhh,” Jake moaned and grunted as he went balls deep and unloaded deep into my ass. As he did this he grabbed my hands with his and weaved our fingers together as he continued moaning and thrusting into me. “Oh my fucking hell, you’re flooding my ass babe, istanbul travesti fill me, give it all to me please. Jake unloaded every possible drop of his cum into my ass and started to slow fuck me again. His moaning subsided and he whispered to me again. “That was the first time you ever called me babe in return.” “I know, I never had a pet name for you before but I felt so much love for you while you were cumming in me and I didn’t just want to use your name.” “It felt so special to me baby when you called me babe, I felt like I did something right.” “You always do things right Jake. You are perfect and you are perfect for me.” Jake rolled off of me and rolled me over onto my back and moved up to kiss me on the lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth as I entered his. Our tongues danced in our mouths once again and with more heated passion than ever before. As we pulled away from the kiss I spoke up. “That was amazing, fucking hot.” “We’re not done yet baby, I still need to get you off,” Jake said as he climbed on top of me and started to lick my pecs and tongue my nips. “Ohhhhhh fuck, Jake, you are too good to me.” Jake continued licking and biting my nips as I moaned loudly. Jake made a trail with his tongue from my pecs to my armpits and started licking them. The sensation of his mouth and tongue in my armpits made me go wild. First he licked and sucked on my left and then on my right and the lust was returning once again. He then worked his way down my chest and abs while he licked them and moved to my stomach. He reached down with his hands and grabbed my erect uncut cock. He slowly pulled back my foreskin and licked the tender head that was underneath. His tongue swirled around the head of my cock a few times before he pushed the foreskin up over his tongue so he could lick the inside of it. The fucking pleasure he was giving me was about to send me through the roof. He continued to lick the inside of my foreskin and my body was slightly bucking on the bed. Jake then pulled out of my foreskin and took my whole cock into his mouth. His throat went balls deep onto my cock and he held on it for a good amount of time before coming up for air. He then stroked my cock as he went lower and began to lick and suck on my balls. “Holy fuck Jake, you are amazing, your mouth feels so good on me no matter where it is.” “You taste wonderful baby, I love making you so happy.” “Oh god, oh hell…..You always make me happy, ohhhhhh fuuuuuck you make me feel so good.” Jake started to jerk my cock off at a faster pace as he could tell I was getting close. He kept licking my balls and even taking them both into his mouth to suck on. His moaning while having my balls in his mouth was driving me crazy and making me harder by the second. “Holy shiiiiiit, I’m gonna cum oh fuuuuuuck,” Jake quickly got up and took the full length of my cock into his throat as I started to pump my load. I was writhing and bucking on the bed as Jake’s mouth was all the way down on my cock to the balls. He held his head there until I finished pumping my load into his throat. Jake slowly pulled off of my cock and I could tell he kept some of my cum in his mouth. He moved up to my face and slowly snowballed my cum from his mouth into mine as I held my mouth open and my tongue outstretched to receive the cum. Jake then planted his lips on mine as we shared my cum in a long passionate kiss which coated both our tongues with my hot white seed. We both got to swallow a portion of that salty load which is another thing that make me feel like Jake and I are one. Jake then laid next to me as we cuddled and looked out to the sun above the ocean taking in the beauty of the morning as well as the beauty of making love to each other. I looked over to Jake and he had tears in his eyes. “What’s the matter Jake? Why are you crying?” “I’m just happy that you’re my boyfriend, that you chose me.” “Of course I chose you I love you so much Jake, I have never been more in love with you. I never want to be without you, ever.” “You never will be baby, I’m here for the long haul. You are my everything and I will never stop loving you.” * * * The six of us were enjoying the beach, Billy Jake and I on one blanket and Dean, Aaron and Stu on another. Jake asked if Billy and I wanted to go for a walk down the beach and we heartily accepted. Jake offered his surfboard for Dean, Aaron and Stu to use while he was gone. Jake, Billy and I were holding hands again, all three of us, I was in the middle as Jake was on my right and Billy was on my left. Three guys holding hands must be odd to people on the beach, but being gay pride week in Moon Pebble Beach and the fact that we just didn’t give a shit just made it feel normal to us. I love Billy and Jake with all my heart and I want to hold their hands, so if people have a problem with that they can just go fuck themselves. We walked about 10 blocks when I heard someone yell for help up near the row of beach houses. Without even thinking my instincts took over and I ran towards the cry for help. “DJ, where are you going? Wait baby!” Jake yelled after me. “DJ, DJ,” Billy called out. Jake and Billy ran after me and followed me as fast as they could. I ran up in between these two beach houses and I saw two guys beating up and kicking someone curled up on the ground while yelling faggot and cocksucker at their victim. I jumped on one of the guys’ backs and tackled him to the ground as his partner then tried to grab a hold of me. Billy and Jake arrived within seconds and grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Jake held him there and Billy held me subdue the other guy. Billy then pulled out his cellphone and called 9-1-1. “Are you okay?” I asked the kid who was bleeding slightly. “Yes, thank you, where did you come from?” “We were walking on the beach when I heard you yell,” I responded. “What happened?” “Those two saw me on the beach and lured me back here, they said they thought I was cute and wanted to fool around. When we got back here they started attacking me and calling me slurs.” “What’s your name? Where are your friends?” Jake asked “My name is Cory. I’m here by myself, I don’t have any gay friends and I wanted to experience my first gay pride this year.” “We’re here for pride also. I’m Billy and this is my brother DJ and his boyfriend Jake. How old are you Cory,” Billy asked. “Nice to meet you guys, I’m 18. I’m a senior in high school this year.” The police and paramedics arrived withing a few minutes and took our statements, interviewed Cory one cruiser car hauled off the two perps as the remaining police sat with us until the paramedics checked Cory out and gave him an okay to be released without further medical attention. “Where are you staying Cory?” I asked. “I have motel room over at the Sandy Star Motel about 2 blocks from here.” “Why don’t you come to our beach house for dinner tonight, you still look a little shaken,” Billy said with genuine concern. “I’m okay, thanks. You guys have done so much for me already.” “Dude, we really want to make sure you’re okay and that you’ll be okay by yourself,” Jake responded. “Yeah. Please Cory, if you need anything or just want to have friends to hang with, please come by, here’s our address and phone numbers.” I said as I wrote down our information on the back of the papers the police gave to Cory. “Are you sure?” Cory asked. “Yes, stop by at any time no matter what time it is.” I responded. The three of us walked Cory back to his motel. He looked to us with sad eyes and gave each one of us a hug and as he embraced me with a lingering hug of gratitude I talked softly into his ear. “You shouldn’t be by yourself Cory, Pride is about community, about being together. Please come by later so we know you are ok.” “I’ll try. I will at least call you to let you know how everything is, okay?” “Okay, deal.” I said as we said our goodbyes and began walking back. Dean, Aaron and Stu were laying on the blanket in front of the beach house waiting for us to return from our walk down the beach. “You guys were gone quite awhile,dd you guys stop and fuck somewhere or what?” Aaron said jokingly. “No, I wish, we actually stopped a gay bashing,” I said. “Actually, DJ stopped a gay bashing. I’m so proud of him,” Billy said with a big grin. “Really, where was this?” Stu asked. “Down about 10 blocks, and my baby heard someone yell for help and ran to assist without hesitation. He’s a hero, my hero,” Jake gushed as he hugged me. “I just know what it is like to be attacked and to be saved, and I wanted to do the same for someone else in need. You saved me Jake in Marshall and that is all that went through my head when I heard Cory yell for help,” I said through tears that started to form. “What happened in Marshall?” Dean asked. Billy, Jake and I sat down on our blanket and told the three about the events that unfolded in Marshall and what just happened with Cory. After a while we all just laid on the blankets and tried to enjoy our day at the beach. I tried but couldn’t get Cory out of my mind. Jake saw that I was restless and rolled on his side and wrapped his arm around me. “What’s the matter bud?” Billy asked me as he turned to me. “I’m worried about Cory being all alone.” “It’s up to him now baby, we offered, kadıköy travesti we can’t force him to join us,” Jake reassured me. “Jake is right, it is up to Cory. I have a feeling we’ll hear from him again,” Billy said softly. * * * After eating and getting changed Dean and Stu decided they wanted to go up to the boardwalk and check things out again while Billy, Jake and I decided to stay at the beach house since we were all just up there last night. Aaron decided to stay at the house with us instead of going up with Dean and Stu. Jake, Billy and Aaron sat at the dining room table and started playing poker while I was sitting on the sofa playing the Xbox I brought along for the trip. Billy leaned over to Jake and whispered something into his ear and Jake sat up and nodded his approval to whatever was said. Billy then came over to me and sat next to me on the sofa. Billy grabbed my face and planted his lips onto mine and started to kiss me deep and passionately. Billy always knows how to get me hard and horny instantly with a great tongue kiss. He then leaned to my ear and whispered into it. “Babe, we’re going to play strip poker and after a few hands when we get close to being naked I am going to offer your mouth as a prize.” “Ok, bro. I hope you win, I’m really horny for your load,” I whispered back. “If I don’t win, I’ll give you one later anyway,” he said as he smiled and walked back to the game. “Ok guys, we’re playing strip poker now, you good with that?” “Fine with me,” Aaron said. “I’m cool with it,” Jake agreed. “Great, I’ll deal,” Billy said. After a bunch of hands Aaron was just in his socks, Jake was just in his socks and sneakers and Billy was naked. “Ok guys, this hand is for a special prize. Whoever wins this hand gets a blowjob from DJ,” Billy announced. As the round came to a close Billy announced that Jake was the winner. “DJ, get over here under the table and suck a load out of Jake as we play this next hand. This time guys, whoever wins gets to fuck him as the rest of us watch.” I got on the floor under the table and got in place between Jake’s legs. I grabbed his already hard 10 � inch cock and took it fully into my throat. I could hear Jake moan loudly as he felt his cock go balls deep into my throat. Billy dealt the next hand as Jake kept moaning. I pulled off of Jake’s monster cock and licked up and down his shaft teasingly. I ended up down at his balls and licked them tenderly as I was stroking his long shaft. Some precum had leaked from the head of Jake’s cock and dripped down his cock shaft and I quickly licked it up with the tip of my tongue as Jake let out a louder moan. “Sounds like DJ is doing a great job,” Aaron said. “He always does,” Billy replied. “Fuuuuuck, that was fucking hot baby, now take my cock all the way, take it all the way again,” Jake moaned. They were almost all the way though this current hand and Jake started to tremble as his cock was getting more rigid in my throat. I sucked on his cock a little harder and faster as Jake got more restless and moaned even louder. “Shiiiiiiit, I’m gonna cum, oh fuuuuck.” “Fuck, I want to watch this, Aaron said as he bent down and looked under the table as I pulled off of Jake’s cock and took a shot of his cum on my face, and then deepthroated his cock to swallow the rest. “Fuck yes, baby, swallow my cum, swallow it all for me.” “Shit DJ, swallow his load, all of it,” Aaron shouted as he put his hand on the back of my head and held me down on Jake’s cock and watched me finish gulping Jake’s load. The hand finally came to an end and it was announced that Jake won again. “I forfeit my win to Aaron, I want to see Aaron fuck DJ.” “Really man, you want to give me that prize,” Aaron said. “Fuck yeah dude, I wanna watch him take that dick of yours,” Jake said. “DJ, get in the middle of the living room floor,” Billy demanded. As I did as he said Jake and Aaron followed him into the living room. Billy pulled some lube out of his gym bag that was on the floor next to the sofa and handed it to Aaron as Aaron knelt behind me and Jake and Billy sat on the sofa. Aaron started speaking to me as he was lubing up his monster cock. “Do you remember me fucking you DJ?” “Of course, how could I forget your thick 8 � inches that stretched me wide open, it was an awesome fuck.” “Yeah it was, I remember it so well because no one has ever taken me balls deep or as hard as I fucked you. You want it like that again?” “Fuck yeah man, be brutal, slam my hole until you nut in me again.” “What position, DJ?” “Just like last time Aaron, fuck me on my back” I laid on my back as Aaron put my legs onto his shoulders. He laid his thick cock up against my hole and crack and he leaned into kiss me. He held onto the sides of my head as he slipped his tongue between my lips and into my throat. For a few moments I let him probe my mouth on his own and then I pushed my tongue into his throat as we tongued fucked each others mouths. Our kissing became very passionate as I opened my eyes and saw Billy and Jake jerking off as they were watching us. I grabbed the back of Aaron’s head as my passion took over and pulled him in for a deeper kiss. “Fuck yeah, that is so hot,” Jake said. Aaron pulled off from the kiss and spoke to me. “Fuck DJ, you are an amazing kisser. I love your tongue in my mouth.” “So are you Aaron, I love it.” “You ready for my cock inside you?” “Fuck yeah, do it,” I said I reached down and spread my ass cheeks. Aaron started slowly and allowed just the head of his cock to pop inside my anal ring. “Oh fuck DJ, I love how your ass molds around my cockhead” “Ahhhh shit, it is so thick,” I grunted. “I didn’t forget how big you were but my hole did.” “Are you okay baby?” Jake asked. “Yes, I’m fine. Aaron, just ease in the first time, then you can be as rough as you want.” Aaron waited until I gave him a nod and he then started to slide his cock into my hole. He was in 2 inches, then three, then 5 and then 7 inches. “Holy fuck, wait a sec while I catch my breath.” “I’m almost all the way in DJ, just one more inch” “Come on babe, you can take him again,” Billy said as he cheered me on. “Ok Aaron, slam that last in in, now!” Aaron grunted and arched his back as he thrust that last inch deep into my hole. When his balls hit my hole we both let out a loud moan of pleasure as he leaned down to me and rested his chin on my shoulder and talked into my ear as he kissed me on the neck. “Fuck, I’m in you balls deep, it feels fucking great, Fuck!” “Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuck, oh god you’re so deep inside me and stretching my hole. Fuck yes.” “Fuck yeah Aaron, stay in him balls deep make him moan for me. DJ it looks so hot with his thick cock buried deep in you,” Jake moaned. “Fuck me now Aaron, slam it in and out of me, pound me hard.” Aaron lifted himself up again and supported himself with his arms as he started slamming my ass with his cock as he pulled back with his hip and thrust into me again and again. I could start to see the droplets of sweat forming on his forehead. One bead of sweat dropped from his face and fell into my mouth and that began to set the spark of my lust to be fucked like a whore. “Oh shit, take my cock faggot, fucking take my big cock. I’m gonna fucking shred your ass.” “Fuck yes, deeper man, fucking be brutal, rape my hole Aaron.” “Oh goddamn, you fucking love me drilling your hole like this. I’m gonna fucking seed you good faggot.” “Holy hell, yes. Fucking breed me like your whore, ram your load deep into me, please!” Aaron straightened up even further and grabbed my legs to push them even farther towards my head as he was pushing harder deeper thrusts into my ass. His balls were slapping my as so hard that it was almost painful, but in a good way. My grunting was getting louder with every earthshaking slam from his cock. My body shook every time his hips hit my ass and it sent jolts of pain and pleasure throughout my body. I wanted it hard and faster I wanted him in me as far as he could go. My lust truly took over and I wanted him to breed me like an animal. “That’s it Aaron, be a beast on his ass, breed him deep,” Billy yelled as he was stroking his cock at a faster pace. “You want his load baby? Tell me you want his load,” Jake asked. “Fuck yes, I want Aaron’s load. Tell him to cum in me Jake, please.” “Cum deep in him Aaron, breed my boyfriend for me, I want to see your cum leaking from his ass” Jake pleaded. “You want to watch me breed your brother again, Billy? You want to see me breed your boyfriend’s fuckhole Jake? Fuck yes DJ, I’m getting close. I’m going to fucking flood you with my seed, take it fag!” “Oh hell yes Aaron, fill me with your load, cum in me as deep as you can, fuck, do it now” “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuck, take it DJ, fucking take my cum inside you, Ahhhhhhhhhh I’m flooding your hole fag,” Aaron screamed as he held his dick in me balls deep as his cock was pumping his load deep into my ass. “Ahhhhhhh Shiiiiiit, I feel your seed in my ass, it feels so good. Fuck it in deeper Aaron, push your cum farther into me, fuuuuuuck. Billy stood up and was about to cum and knelt down near my head. I turned my face towards his cock and I took it into my mouth just as he exploded and he thrust his cumload into my throat. “Fuck yeah DJ take bakırköy travesti your brother’s cum in your throat, swallow all of his seed,” Aaron moaned while still buried balls deep inside me. Jake then stood up and grabbed Aaron by the head and thrust his cock into Aaron’s throat. Aaron didn’t resist and took as much of Jake’s cock into his mouth as he could and sucked hard. Jake pumped a few times and left out a loud grunt as he shot his load into Aaron’s mouth. I looked up and saw Aaron gulping Jake’s cumload as some escaped through his lips and down his chin. I lifted up my head and licked Jake’s cum off of Aaron’s chin and happily swallowed it. “Ohhhhhhhh shit dude, swallow my load, watching you fuck my boyfriend was so fucking hot, you earned that huge load, swallow it,” Jake demanded. Aaron pulled off of Jake’s cock as more of Jake’s cum spilled out of his mouth, he leaned down to me and kissed me as I eagerly awaited to taste Jake’s cum from his mouth and lips. Billy and Jake kissed as I made out with Aaron and was enjoying the taste of Jake as Aaron was still slow fucking my hole. Aaron released the kiss and slowly pulled his monster cock out of my ass as some of his cum leaked from my hole. Jake quickly took Aaron’s place between my legs and started rimming my ass while taking some of Aaron’s cum into his mouth. Once Jake had a mouthful he moved up to me face to face and passionately kissed me while sharing the cum from his mouth. The four of us sat on the floor to regain control and come down from the lustful high. All four if us went to the shower and cleaned each other up and returned to the living room to watch TV. After about another hour Stu and Dean returned from the boardwalk. “Hey guys, how was the boardwalk?” Aaron asked. “Pretty fun, Dean won a prize at the amusements,” Stu said kind of excited. “How was your night,” Dean asked. “I won a prize too,” Aaron said with a laugh as Stu and Dean looked at each other with curiosity. Just as Billy was about to explain, his cellphone rang. “Hello?” he said. “Really? That’s great. We’re glad that you are okay just enjoy yourself and be safe. If you need us, you know how to get in touch. Ok, I will. Later,” Billy finished the conversation and laid down his phone. “Who was that?” I asked. “It was Cory, he met someone on the boardwalk and they are going to spend the rest of Pride together.” “That is fucking awesome, I’m so glad I was really worried about him.” “I knew you were baby. You have too big of a heart, that’s why I love you so much.” Jake professed. “Oh and bud, Cory said to give you his love and thanks.” When Billy told me that I was beaming and Jake gave me a big hug. Billy came over and gave me a big kiss on the lips and looked at me with sincerity. “You are a hero bro, not just to Cory, but to me as well and you make me so proud to be your brother and your lover. I love you babe,” Billy said with tears in his eyes. * * * It was another beautiful morning at Moon Pebble Beach as Billy, Jake and I were fucking as the sum was beaming over the horizon. I was on my back with my legs on Billy’s shoulders as he was plowing my hole hard and deep with his 8 inch uncut cock. His body was bent down and he and I were sharing Jake’s monster cock. First I would deepthroat it and then Billy would swallow it. Jake enjoyed fucking both of our mouths with his cock. As Billy tried to take it all in I would suck on Jake’s balls, and as I was deepthroating Jake’s cock, Billy would then tease Jake with his tongue. Billy then straightened himself up and started to really fuck my ass hard and deep as Jake then bent forward and was sixty-nining with me. “Oh fuck yes, suck each others cocks, that looks so fucking hot,” Billy moaned as he was deep dicking me with hard thrusts deep into my ass. Jake pulled off of my cock and looked up to Billy. “Oh damn Billy, I love watching your cock slide in and out of your brother’s hot ass, so fucking awesome dude.” “Keep sucking DJ’s cock, Jake, I want to watch you swallow his load.” Jake got back on my cock and started to take me balls deep into his throat. I started to buck and writhe on the bed and Billy knew I was about to feed Jake my seed. Billy put his hand on the back of Jake’s head and held him down on me as I started to pump my load into Jake’s mouth. “Fucking swallow it fag, swallow all of my brother’s seed. Do it for me. Eat it! Ohhhhh fuuuuuck.” Billy took his hand off Jake’s head as he lifted his head up and moved to kiss Billy and share my load with him. Jake planted his lips onto Billy’s mouth and they started to french kiss with my load in between them. I sensed Billy was just about to cum in my ass since his muscles started to tense up and his body was shaking, when all of a sudden there was a loud knock at our bedroom door. “FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT DO YOU WANT??? Billy screamed at the person behind the door. The door swung open and Dean was there with Billy’s phone in hand as Jake and I looked to him. Billy was fuming because he always hates to be interrupted while he is fucking me, and this time was worse because he was just about to cum. “Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuck, goddamn DJ I’m cumming, ahhhhhhh god, take my load, oh fucking hell.” Billy panted as he dropped his head down and then stopped with his cock deep in my ass, lifted his head and glared at Dean. “Couldn’t it fucking wait Dean? Couldn’t you hear I was busy breeding DJ?” “Sorry Billy, but your phone was ringing nonstop about 10 times. I looked at the caller ID and it was your dad calling, I think it is something urgent,” Dean said kind of alarmed. “Sorry Dean, I didn’t mean to yell at you, thank you bro,” Billy said apologetically. “No problem Billy, I understand. DJ is such a good piece of ass I wouldn’t want to be interrupted either, Dean replied as we all laughed. Dean gave the phone to Billy as he pulled his cock out of my ass and started to put his boxers on while looking at his phone. Dean left us alone as we looked at each other with a lot of concern. “Holy shit, dad called 12 times within the last 20 minutes, I better call him back.” “I wonder what’s happening,” I asked. “There’s only one way to find out,” Billy replied as he called my dad back. Jake and I both got up and put our boxers on and sat on the bed as Billy was calling my dad while he put the phone on speakerphone so we could all listen in. “Hey dad, it’s Bill, what’s going on?” “Is DJ there with you?” dad asked. “Yes he’s right here, what’s the matter dad?” “It’s your mom, she’s in the hospital, she….” “Why what happened to her? Is she all right?” Billy questioned. “She’s been diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer, you guys better cut your vacation short and come home.” “What are they doing for her dad?” “I’ll tell you more when you get here. Just come home Bill.” “Ok, dad, we’ll be there in a few hours.” Billy disconnected the call and walked out to the deck and stared out to the ocean without saying a word. Jake walked up to Billy and gave him a hug as Billy cried. I was so distraught at the news I didn’t know what to do or what to think and I never saw billy cry like that before. I picked up my shorts off of the floor and started to leave the bedroom as Jake saw me. “Baby, where are you going?” “I need to be by myself, sorry.” “DJ, please,” Jake begged. Billy held onto Jake as he tried to follow me. “Jake, let him go, he needs to process this by himself. He’ll be back, I know he will.” Jake went downstairs and explained the situation to Dean, Aaron and Stu and they all helped get everything packed and into Billy’s truck. Billy got all of clothes and everything from upstairs packed and into the duffle bag. We were just about ready to close the beach house and Billy looked out onto the beach and saw me sitting alone on the beach. “DJ is outside on the beach, I need to go talk to him alone, I’ll be right back Jake.” Billy approached me and sat down next to me as he put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head to his chest and started to cry. Billy leaned his head down and kissed the top of my head. “This is going to be bad, isn’t it bro”? I asked Billy. “I think so, bud.” “Oh my god Billy, what are we going to do?” “We need to be strong for mom and dad, okay? We need to get our crying done now before we go see her, okay babe?” “Oh fuck Billy….” Is all I said as I started to sob uncontrollably. Billy pulled me into his chest in a tighter embrace as he started to cry with me. We never shared this kind of fear or pain before, but knowing that my brother and I were now intimate it felt right that we were now there for each other in every way possible. I knew he would always protect me but this is something Billy can’t protect me from, but he can and will be there for me every step of the way. “We’ll get through this babe, I promise. It won’t be easy but we will,” Billy said through his tears. “We need to get going DJ, dad is expecting us. Let’s say goodbye to Dean, Aaron and Stu and be on our way.” Billy and I walked back to beach house holding hands and greeted everyone and wished then a safe trip, We all hugged and kissed each other and promised to keep in touch, visit each other and even come to each others games. Aaron, Dean and Stu wished our mother well and asked for us to keep them updated on the situation. As they drove off Billy, Jake I and got into his truck with me in the middle. We all held hands as we drove away in silence and I laid my head on Jake’s shoulder thinking about what we were about to find out and deal with when we got home.

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