Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Pt4

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Something Blue

It was the night before Paul and Jane’s wedding and taps were running all over the house and hairdryers blowing a gale as everyone prepared to go out in their gender-determined parties. The men had an evening of revelry planned at the Blue Lion in the village, the women a chinese in the neighbouring town. Stereotypically, the men departed first, the entourage led by Paul the groom. His father Terry, my dad Arthur, Jane’s dad Charlie, grandad Harry, two middle aged cousins Jim and Joe and my goodself made up the numbers looking like something out of the start of Reservoir Dogs. Being a teetotaller and the proud owner of an MPV, Joe elected to drive.

The women’s group, when finally they got ready comprised the beaming bride-to-be Jane, her mum Helen, Paul’s mother Colleen, my mum Sheila, nana Gracie, Jim and Joe’s wives, Ann and Maggie, Lisa and Emily. I’d like to have seen what Emily had chosen to wear but the others were keen to press on to the pub.

We tossed £20 a man in the whip and, whilst Paul headed off to the bar to get the first round in, another £10 was demanded for ‘Paul’s entertainment’. Quickly I typed a text to Lisa, wishing her well and enquiring cheekily if she was out of the bath yet. Feeling emboldened, I delivered another to Emily, asking if she’d send me a picture to satisfy my curiosity.

The subsequent pint of nut brown cask ale went down an absolute treat, warming my innards. Not long into the second, my phone bleeped and I stepped aside to view the text, to the accompaniment of accusations from the older men of being under the thumb. Ironically, the text was from Lisa, causing my eyebrows to elevate: on our way…yay…bit of a squeeze…got emily on my lap 🙂

I growled wantonly beneath my breath, picturing my cousin’s lovely bum wiggling seductively as Lisa held her waist. Lisa was fast becoming a naughty girl, teasing me with such lustful imagery. In the space of a couple of days in the countryside, she’d gone from the crown princess of misery to a teasing little provocateur. The sense of longing was exacerbated by an attachment, a hand held shot of her and Emily’s faces, cheeks pressed together and smiling. I was disappointed not to see tops and skirts revealed but not half as disappointed as knowing they were there and I was here, in the company of the Chelsea Pensioners.

Another pint of real ale arrived, helping to take the edge off my melancholia though I found myself longing for ‘Paul’s entertainment’ to arrive, whilst furtively checking my phone every few minutes for word from the girl’s. Lisa did not disappoint: sitting down eating, a chinese elvis impersonator is singing lol.

The message was accompanied by a waist-up photo of Emily in a smart blue collared shirt. I was kind of relieved she wasn’t flauting herself in something ultra-revealing, my possessiveness for the girl taking on a whole new form. Thankfully, ‘Paul’s entertainment’ was about to arrive, though none of us could foresee the incredible turn of events about to grip the cosy little westcountry pub. “Here we go,” heralded Uncle Charlie who looked as if he hadn’t had sex since 1960.

In contrast, I still had Lisa’s vaginal aroma ingrained in the swirls of my fingertips. At Charlie’s words we all looked up to see a top heavy female police officer enter the pub. “Paul Taylor?” she enquired.

“Oh-aye lads,” Paul joked as she tottered forward, breasts jiggling, a nice fulsome curvature beneath the crisp white blouse. “Trust you lot,” he added with a tut, then addressing the ‘policewoman’: “It’s okay love, I’ll come quietly.”

With that he lurched forward and pulled her towards him, amid muffled squeals and protests. A big lump of a man, he easily overpowered her, the popping of buttons preceding the loosening of the white blouse. An impressive bosom heaved inside a strained bra. “Don’t be shy love,” Paul coaxed.

The pub door opened once more to reveal a second policeman, amale officer, surveying the unruly scene. Paul was mauling the woman and nibbling her neck as she put up a somewhat convincing retaliation. “Paul Taylor, we’ve found your stolen car.”

I spluttered my pint everywhere as somewhere on her way to the venue a stripper dressed in a nurse’s uniform earned the easiest £70 of her career.

I read the text back before sending it to Lisa: paul arrested, dad, terry & uncle charlie down the police station.

The phone rang almost immediately. It was Jane that spoke breathlessly, firing off about a million and one questions in rapid succession. I could hear the other women in the background cackling like hens to find out what the hell was going on. I explained the misunderstanding as best I could, trying not to get Paul in any more trouble than he already was.

Twenty minutes later, a few of the women arrived at the pub, the others having headed off to the station to join their menfolk. Stiff drinks all round, constant phonecalls back and forth trying to establish the state of play, the small pub buzzed with activity like a beehive.

It was then that I discovered Lisa and Emily were nowhere to be seen. I’d seen them arrive and not leave, so they must still be on the premises – somewhere. My instinct took me to the ladies’ loo. Easing the door a little, careful not to make a sound, my hunch was right. Coming from one of the cubicles was heavy breathing and the smacking of lips. Naturally the door was bolted but I had to see. Finding a chair, carefully I moved it alongside, mounting.

Over the top I viewed both girls naked, clothes heaped in a neat pile. Lisa cupped Emily’s right breast and fed the erect nipple into her waiting mouth. Head tossed back and moaning sensually, the younger girl’s arm stretched around to comb her slender fingers through Lisa’s curled brunette locks. Lisa sucked for long moments on the tasty teat as Emily arched gymnastically and moaned wantonly. My cock twitched achingly, but I dared not do anything about it, in case someone came. The family was in enough trouble as it was without my adding indecent exposure to the list of crimes.

Slowly Lisa graduated to the other breast and, from the blissful look on young Emily’s face, it was as if my ex-girlfriend had been sucking nipples her whole life. Which, as far as I was aware, she hadn’t been. Certainly this was a side to her I’d never ever in my wildest dreams imagined possible. And I’d had some pretty wild dreams!

Having worked Emily’s left nipple frenziedly with lips and tongue, Lisa licked all the way up the other girl’s soft neck and over her chin, culminating in a passionate embrace. Emily’s fingers scraped Lisa’s scalp, their lips locked for ages, tongues delving sloppily, before the two eased back, faces a mix of shock and heated desire. Neither could quite believe this was happening and frankly neither could I.

Emily leaned in to stroke Lisa’s hips then bum, before pushing the older girl back aganst the door. Despite her tender years, Emily was clearly in control of the tryst. “What are you going to do to me,” asked Lisa coyly, stroking her stomach tenderly with one hand, the other gripping the coat hook above her head, waiting, anticipating and longing to feel Emily on her and in her. “I’ve never done this before with another, um, woman,” Lisa confessed, confirming what I’d suspected.

“Open your pussy for me,” the younger girl commanded, and Lisa obeyed, fingers reaching down to prise apart the slick pink labia.

Emily crouched, moving in like a stalking lioness within the cramped confines. Tongue fully extended, she pushed her head between Lisa’s legs to slurp the willing cunt from top to bottom. Barely stopping for air, Emily ate that delectable pussy, causing Lisa to squeal, groan, purr and bite her bottom lip, hand tightening in the coat hook. Despite her youth, clearly Emily was no amateur when it came to pleasuring one of fellow sex. Easing back, she giggled and asked: “How was that for you?”

Lisa vibrated her lips in reply.

“Now do the same to me,” Emily ordered.

Easing back on the toilet, legs spread, she willed Lisa to return the favour, parting çeşme escort her plump pussy lips with one hand, the other bringing Lisa’s face urgently to the trimmed blonde strip as she crawled close. Tentative at first, soon the older girl was licking with relish, rolling her tongue back and forth over Emily’s clit and belying her inexperience with women. I guess it helped knowing where her own special areas were located and transferring it, Emily’s evidently in the same vicinity. My sexy young cousin groaned, one hand toying with her nipples, the other reaching over to lightly spank Lisa’s dipping and rising bum.

This went on for precious moments before, out of the blue, Emily pushed a fingertip into Lisa’s tight puckered arsehole. From my vantage point, I gazed in awe though grimacing inwardly at the effect I knew this would have on my ex who was no fan of anything remotely anal. Lisa raised her head in a whimper, before plunging in once more inside the exposed cunt, moaning wantonly before hungrily feasting upon it once more.

In turn, Emily felt the chain of pleasure pass to her own body as she worked the digit in and out of Lisa’s tight arse, burying to the knuckle and stretching the little hole close to its tensile limit. Despite being in the centre of a ladies’ loo, it was becoming ever harder to resist reaching for a rock hard cock that was leaking precum on my boxers.

Then all of a sudden, an illadvised movement on my part gave the game away. Emily glanced up and our eyes met. I appealed with mine for clemency and the finger that had been embedded in Lisa’s arse elevated to my cousin’s lips in a shush motion, an almost evil grin settling upon her sweet young face. Knowing that I was watching as she seduced my ex-girlfriend seemed to arouse the girl no end, ever more fervent moans filling the room as she let Lisa’s tongue rove and squealed for my benefit.

Engrossed as she was in the bout cunnilingus, ears covered by Emily’s thighs, Lisa remained none the wiser as to my presence, Repositioning the digit at Lisa’s tight brown knot, the younger girl worked and worked and worked, twisting and turning, jabbing and stabbing until finally it was buried fully. Lisa whimpered, licking more ardently. Leisurely Emily rotated the constricted finger, causing Lisa to draw back. “Oh God, don’t stop,” she pleaded.

I continued to watch agog as Emily pulled the finger out with a discernible plop, raised it and beckoned to me. Lisa looked up, shock in her eyes. I watched Emily whisper in Lisa’s ear. My ex-girlfriend was so mesmerised by desire that she seemed willing to do absolutely anything for Emily. As the toilet door was opened, dismounting the chair, I ambled through, cock like a flagpole and awaiting orders. “Fuck her in the arse,” Emily instructed.

“Nooooo,” Lisa protested, eyelashes fluttering. “Not there.”

Lisa and I had kissed beneath the Eiffel Tower at dawn, looked down in awe from the glass skywalk of the Grand Canyon and watched the sun set over Ayer’s Rock, but in eight years together that was one place I’d never been.

“YESSSS,” insisted Emily, gritting her teeth. “Do it Gary.”

Without further objection from Lisa, she allowed my cock to poke at her quivering ring, as she in turn continued to slurp up and down at Lisa’s clit. Her butt hole resisted the first prod, a not unfamiliar occurrence. On drunken nights we’d experimented before, always without success. Reaching around, Emily ran her thimb down Lisa’s perineum then rammed it in hard, like she was pushing in a tack.

The motion prompted a shrill scream from Lisa that caused even me to grimace. Her index finger worked beneath the thumb, slowly stretching as Lisa panted. At the same time, with her free hand Emily considerately stroked the length of my cock, keeping it interested. Drawing me closer to her, my naughty young cousin kissed the tip. Tongue working the underside of the swollen purple head, her lips enveloped, dispensing a pool of spittle.

As Emily worked the other hand, Lisa inhaled hard until her anal muscles relented and thumb and forefinger held open the hole. Emily looked over in triumph, signalling at me to assume the position once more. As Emily’s digits exited, I fired my cock in hard before it sealed. Lisa screamed, and God only knows how we weren’t discovered. Her complaining was only muted once more with her face in Emily’s wet cunt.

Emily held here there, grinning lustfully as I moved deeper. So tight was Lisa that it felt like my cock head was being strangled. But I stuck to the arduous task, grinding hard, easing off, then grinding hard once more, until inch by inch the shaft burrowed inside her tight little arse. Lisa groaned as my heavy balls brushed her perineum, knowing that the worst was over.

Gripping her waist I drew back, arsehole hot and fiery. Lisa sucked in a lungful of air air before her face embedded once more in Emily’s pussy like a rock climber to an an oxygen mask. She licked and licked as Emily uttered words of encouragement.

It needed a dozen of my hardest thrusts to open Lisa up and gain some semblance of comfort for my throbbing manhood. Such was the effect it had on Lisa that her vibrating lips pushed Emily to the edge. The younger girl came hard, shrieking and shuddering as she sprayed Lisa’s face in love juice. Upping the ante I began to thrust with a newfound purpose. The domino effect of Emily’s orgasm soon had me spurting hard, shooting a jet of soothing thick ointment into Lisa’s bowels.

I came and came again until my balls were emptied, pressed up against Lisa. She begged me not to eject until my cock had shrunk back to everyday size, and I acceded to her wish. But even then she whimpered like a child with a toothache as her arse was finally liberated. In one final naughty touch, Emily turned Lisa around and licked a little drop of spunk that had worked its way out of Lisa’s ring and rolled down an inner thigh.

As much as I could have remained here all night with these two brazen beauties, we knew our luck couldn’t hold, literally falling from the cubicle as we dressed hurriedly. Thankfully those at the bar hadn’t missed us unduly, caught up in other drama and eagerly awaiting news of Paul who, in fourteen hours, was due to walk down the aisle. Told to go back to the house, I accompanied the pair the mile or two home, the three of us having gone a little reticent as we reflected individually on what we’d seen and done. I doubted sex could ever get dirtier and more fun that that.

Back inside, Emily led us both to the shower. We soaped each other’s curves and genitalia until everything turned once more into a frenzied mass of limbs. Pushing me hard against the tiled wall, Emily was first on my cock, lips and tongue eager to please. Grinning salaciously, Lisa dropped to her knees to join the younger girl, the bloated purple head passing from mouth to mouth as another orgasm ranged in close.

It was Lisa’s mouth I was buried in when I did cum, firing a healthy wad. I’d have expected her to toss me off into the plughole but instead she held her mouth clamped around the thick head, letting the warm seed pump over and over her tongue and deep into her throat. Swallowing hungrily, she issued a look of acknowledgement for another long-awaited first. She’d truly changed.

After the incredible events that preceded it, the wedding itself was something of an anti-climax. Thanks to a benevolent donation to the local contabulary’s charity fund, grandad was able to free Paul without charge by the early hours thus ensuring the ceremony went ahead as planned.

Despite all that had happened, Jane showed up just the right side of fashionably late to take her vows.

We all had to laugh when the wedding band played ‘I Fought The Law And The Law Won’ at the reception in the evening.

It was a shame that we had to leave the idyllic setting to return to London on the Sunday and that I didn’t get to fuck Emily. Though there was a good reason for that.

Lisa and I are looking forward very much to coming back here in a year’s time for the next wedding – our own.

The End

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