Sometimes She Cries


Angela was a proud independent woman in her late 30s. She was no beauty queen but she had an air of sexuality to her. Although she was no longer the youngest and certainly not the hottest woman on the block men would still turn their heads as she walked by. Maybe it was in the way she moved, a subtle shift in her hips, her voluptuous butt sliding back and forth. The way Angela walked was almost musical. You could hear the beat in your head as she would saunter by you. Bah bah, (to the right), Bah bah, (to the left), her swaying hips and rotund butt making their sweet music. Angela had been in high finance since she graduated Harvard, sumo cum laude with her 4.0 GPA. Being as busy as she was it never afforded her the time to even think, let alone pursue a family life. She never new the feeling of looking deeply into a man’s eyes with her own dazzling grey hazel eyes knowing the eyes that she looked upon longed for her as she did for him. Angela had seen those looks with some of her friends. She used to comment to Betty, her best friend, how she and her husband Dave would look at each other. It was like they were making love to each other from across a room, their eyes locked on to each other with a passion unspeakable. Angela wanted that. She felt her biological clock ticking and was afraid if she waited too long the sands of the hour glass might drain its final grain.

Angela had what some would call a plain face. Not a classic beauty but she was no dog either. With the right makeup she could look attractive, if not pretty. She was a tall girl, 5’11, and weighed a hefty 200lbs. Although you would never guess her to weigh that much as she carried her weight rather well on her strong frame. Most people usually guess her weight closer to 150lbs. She had long flowing mahogany hair that when worn down would land just to the top of her well rounded ass. She loved her hair; she thought it to be her best asset. Had she asked any hormone infested male they would probably not agree with her. See, Angela also carried a set of 34dd’s and a butt to match. She was all curves and those curves were in all the right places! When she worked she usually wore her hair up and dressed very conservatively. She did not want the other women in the office thinking she was getting ahead by flaunting her sexuality. And ahead she got! She rose up the chain in record time for either man or woman. Her brilliant mind and not her buxom body was responsible for this achievement. But in the end that is what was worrying her now. She got so rapped up in the business side of her life that when she looked at her friends with their families, and their happy lives, she felt empty. Sometimes late at night by herself in her million dollar condo, she would sit down with her favorite glass of wine and weep.

It was a Friday night, and a she was at another business dinner and dance. They were held all the time by her company to schmooze new clients. Angela was wearing a hot number by Versace with a nice pearl necklace and matching dangling pearl earrings. Tom greeted her at the partners’ table. “Angela you look smashing tonight! Maybe I can get the wife to go home early…”

“Come on Tom,” she replied. “You know that would never happen in a million years. Besides I think my time has past me in the game of love.”

Tom could not believe his ears when she talked about her love life. He thought she would have had hundreds of suitors lining up at her door. “Can’t blame a guy for trying. Besides you probably have hundreds of studs just lining up waiting for a chance to get with Zonguldak Escort a successful woman like yourself.”

“Not hardly,” Angela thought to herself, as she felt the emptiness deep in the pit of her stomach. “I think I’ve let this business take me out of the marriage game,” she answered. She just felt like crying as the thought of being single and lonely crossed her mind once again.

The night was just starting to heat up; all the clients were impressed with Angela’s ideas. She knew her partners would be more than pleased with the contacts and promising new revenue she more than likely acquired. As Angela made her rounds she noticed one of the bartenders staring at her. She thought he was ruggedly handsome. He was taller than her and shaved his head clean. He wore a nicely trimmed goatee and had soft gentle eyes that held a mystery behind them. When the bartender looked at her she could feel a spark of warmness course through her body. She was surprised how his stares were making her feel. She thought to herself, “Oh my God Angie get a hold of yourself, he’s a bartender for heaven’s sake.” But the bartender was very attractive and Angela could sense a confidence about him. She shut the business side of her mind off and decided to see where this might go.

Angela strolled up to the bar to order another drink. “I will have a vodka tonic,” she said. She was hoping this fine-looking man had the voice to match his gorgeousness. She was not disappointed.

“Here you go ma’am,” He said in a voice that just melted her insides. He stared deeply into her eyes and Angela finally felt she had found what she had been longing for.

“Well you can drop the ma’am stuff, but thank you anyway kind sir!” Angela ribbed him a bit with the kind sir remark to see if he held playfulness as well.

“You got it….?” He paused just hoping this goddess who was making his head spin would come forth with her name.

“Angela, but my friends call me Angie.” She was more than eager to give this man her name but needed to know his as well. “And you are?” she asked.

My name is Frank. So would you like me to call you Angela or Angie? Both are very beautiful names for a very beautiful woman I might add!” he finished.

Blushing from his nice complement she told him, “Angie would be great, that is if you don’t mind a new friend?”

He winked at her and said, “Angie it is then! So what does Angie do?”

“I am a partner at a high finance company.” She said very shyly, she did not want her success to scare this bartender off. “Sure he was only a bartender and I’m a business mogul, but he seems very nice” she thought to herself.

“Well you sure are the prettiest business lady I’ve ever seen.” Frank said to her, staring deeply into her eyes.

His voice and his eyes actually started to make Angie get a warm feeling between her legs and an aching she never experienced before. It was more than an aching it was a deep need. A need to have this man as her lover and maybe, yes just maybe, more! She was in a daze when his strong voice broke her fantasy.

“Well Angie, what do you do for fun?” Frank asked her.

Now there was a question she didn’t have an answer for. She didn’t even know what the word meant with all her business dealings over the past ten years.

“Fun eh? Well that is a tough one with the business and all,” she said hoping not to sound too pathetic.

Tom sensed something after he asked her the question. This exquisite woman in front of him did not even know what fun was. He was Zonguldak Escort Bayan thinking how much a shame it was to gain all that success making partner but have no celebration in life. “Maybe her husband is a jerk,” he thought. But Frank was sure to notice no ring on her wedding finger. Then again he knew some women didn’t like to wear wedding rings when dealing in big business. He figured he would see how her love life was going.

“Your husband, not been taking you out enough?” he asked.

She held up her wedding ring finger and said, “No such luck here.”

“You must have a boyfriend then? Perhaps a couple of them on the go?” He was feeling the sadness exuding from her. He knew her answer before she even said it.

“Nope, just me the business and my lonely condo, I’m afraid. I don’t even own a cat!” The more she thought about it the sadder her heart felt. She was afraid that she was coming off as dismal to the nice looking bartender.

“Maybe it is because you have so much power in the business world guys are intimidated to ask you out.” Frank said trying to put her at ease.

“You’re sweet, but no I just haven’t found the right guy. In my world most of the guys are married and just looking for something on the side. Or they just stare at my big tits and ass. Which you haven’t done, take no offense but you’re not gay are you?”

“Definitely not,” he replied. “I like to look into a woman’s eyes to find where their soul is. I like to feel a girl on a different level. I can’t explain it. I mean, I love sex, don’t get me wrong but sex without the connection is just that, sex! I want love, I want the whole thing. I want the nights sitting together watching the sun go down and the kids growing up. Call me old fashion, I guess.”

“Oh my, I think I just had an orgasm…” she panicked. Her heart was beating so fast she could feel it thumping in her chest. She didn’t know if that last comment was her internal voice or her external one. She went silent because she didn’t know what to do next.

“Wow, what a complement! I have never made a lady orgasm by just talking before; usually it takes a great massage and lots of oral.” He was hoping he wasn’t being forward.

Angela could feel her face turn four shades of red. “You must think I am a freak saying that. I apologize,” she finished.

“A freak?” he said. “Heck no, just a woman who knows what she likes, and appears to have a want for the same things that I do.” He said hoping she got the come on he was giving her. Frank decided to go for broke. Here before him was a lady who wanted the same things that he did. Was lonely and needed the same things that he needed. “So you want to go for a coffee after this do?” Angie couldn’t believe her ears and eagerly accepted Frank’s invitation.

The two met each other outside the hall after the party’s conclusion and decided to walk to the coffee shop just down the street. They made small talk to each other and joked about different things along the way. Then it happened, so subtly it took Angie by surprise. He took her hand in his and began to hold it like they were too teenagers in love for the first time. His grip felt so right to her, she squeezed back letting him know she appreciated the gesture. They had their coffee and gazed at each other not wanting the night to end. There was no way on earth Angie was going to let this fantastic journey come to end that night. They hadn’t even kissed yet and she felt more passion from this man than any other guy she had ever been with.

“Ummm,” Escort Zonguldak she said. “How would you like to come back to my condo for a nightcap?”

“I would love that,” Frank answered her. The couple left the coffee shop and hailed a cab. When the taxi stopped Frank was pure gentleman, opening the door for her and letting her get in first. Angie might have been a power woman in the business world but she still loved being treated like a lady. When they got in the back of the cab a silent awkward moment held the air. They were both grownups but to each of them it felt like they were seven or eight just before they stole a first kiss with the neighbor. They broke the silent spell and leaned into each other. Breathlessly their lips touched. The fire was lit and both felt explosions of fervor never reached before. The kiss lasted the whole ride to Angie’s condo. Their tongues dancing a tango, each taking their turn to suck the other’s in. It took the cabbie to break their lip lock, when he finally asked for the fair. Frank immediately paid the fair as the couple got out of the taxi and headed up to her penthouse apartment.

As soon as they got into the room they started clawing and tearing at each other’s clothes. They couldn’t get them off fast enough, but in their eagerness it seemed to take them forever. Frank picked up Angie and carried her to her magnificent king-sized bed and proceeded to kiss her body all over. Angie’s breathing became rapid as his mouth traveled over the nape of her neck, stopping, teasing, tasting. He breathed in her smell, tasted her taste and loved every second of the journey. His tongue soon traveled down her neck, stopping every once in awhile to take a playful bite. Nibbling with just the right pressure he went for her right breast. Sucking her nipple deep into his mouth, feeling as it became rock hard between his lips. A moan escaped from Angie’s lips as she felt the inconceivable pleasures ripple through her body. Soon he left her breasts and moved downward, his voyage taking him by her navel, stopping for a brief second to lick the insides of it. Frank steered his head lower and lower, as he could feel the heat building up from her pussy. Then with a start he drove his tongue deeply into her folds, sampling her juices. His tongue darted in and out of her moist cunt sending her into oblivion.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yesssssss!!!!! Thatttt’ssssssss itttttttttt, I am cummmmmmmminnnggg sooooo harddddddddd!” With that her body exploded, sending her spinning over the edge. Her pussy kept spasming on his tongue, flooding it with its excessive fluids. Frank didn’t miss a beat he kept the pressure of his tongue on her clit then introduced his fingers to her hot hole. Sliding two fingers deep inside her pussy faster and faster, he could feel her wetness as it kept coming. He could feel his own hardness and knew soon he wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer. He took his mouth off her cunt and placed it right on hers. Spreading her legs to accommodate him she could feel as his cock started pressing against her soaked honey pot. Then moment he finally entered her it was as if the world stopped for both of them. They knew this is what they both needed. They could feel each give the other what they needed. Not just the fucking but the exchange of their passions, their souls. Harder and faster they bucked into each other, each feeding off the other taking both to new heights.

“Oh ya Frank, just like that. You are fucking me so hard baby! Oh ya right there baby, right there.” Angie was moaning loudly. At the same time Frank answered her back. “Oh Angie, I am almost there, I’m going to shoot so much in your hot pussy. You are the best ever. I never want to leave! Oh God here it cums!!!!!” Just then they both orgasmed at the same time. The orgasm was so intense for Angela she began to cry with joy.

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