Son’s Best Friend Wants Me


I have decided to tell my story on behalf of any women who find themselves in a similar situation.My husband and I had been married for over twenty years and had a comfortable life. My daughter was married and living abroad and my son was still living at home.My suspicions that all was not well were aroused by my husband’s sudden lack of sex drive. He was becoming more remote and there was an increase in late night working at the office. Eventually, it all came out, he was having an affair with a work colleague who was much younger and single. To cut a long story short we divorced, I kept the house and got myself a job. That was about five years ago.This year I hit fifty, still single and living a life consisting of work and home life. My son Jon and his long-standing friend Phil organized a birthday party for me which was great fun and I was very appreciative.I’ve developed a close relationship with a work colleague Karen. Karen is ten years younger than me and completely different. She is also divorced but very attractive and young at heart. Karen has a very active social life and is regularly dating and sleeping with younger guys. Her stories are very interesting.One day I was in the house cleaning with the windows open. Jon and Phil were outside relaxing and talking. I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation.Jon was talking about his forthcoming holiday with his girlfriend and how he was looking forward to regular sex. He was having a go at Phil for his lack of a girlfriend. It seemed that Phil preferred older women but had failed to get a date with an older barmaid at the local pub. Phil was defending himself and saying how sexy some older women could look.He suddenly said how attractive I had looked at the party and he was amazed I didn’t have a man in my life. He said I came from an era when women dressed to look attractive to men, looking sexy and even wearing stockings and suspenders. He went on to say how he would love to sleep with me if the opportunity arose. You can imagine Jon’s scorn.I was shocked to hear this as I had known Phil since junior school and looked upon him almost as a son.The next day Karen came around for coffee and the latest update on her exploits. When she stopped talking, I told her about what I had overheard. Karen’s reaction surprised me.Karen said I should think seriously about how I could make the situation work for me. I said that was ridiculous as Phil was Jon’s best friend and half my age. Karen said the sex story websites were full of stories where older women had sex with their son’s best friends and showed me some. She said I should think seriously about getting Anadolu Yakası Escort a sex life – reminding me it was over five years since I last had sex with my husband.Karen said I could put any conditions I wanted to on a relationship, and it sounded as if Phil would be very keen to comply. I said it was ridiculous to think of such an affair with someone I had known since he was at junior school and then there was STDs to worry about. Karen responded that I could insist on the use of a condom as she did and I should give this situation some thought.That night I lay in bed thinking about the situation, privately feeling a compliment that a younger guy found me attractive but still rejecting an affair as completely ridiculous. I drifted off to sleep but awoke later to find myself thinking about sex and I was very sexually aroused. I had to reach for my vibrator and I soon had the most intense orgasm I could remember.A few days later Karen arrived for coffee again and this time the first thing she wanted to talk about was me getting Phil into the sack. I still needed convincing, but Karen played the great sex card well, stressing that once I had sex with a young guy, I would realize what I had been missing. For my part, I kept thinking back to last night’s orgasm which made me realize what I was missing.Karen reiterated that I had complete control of the situation as Phil wanted to sleep with me and I could put any conditions I wanted on the deal. The point was well made and I decided it was time for some ‘me time’.By this time my son was away on his holiday, so arrangements were made for Karen to pick me up that night and drive me to the pub we knew Phil and friends frequented on a Friday night. I was still feeling some reluctance although by now more than a little intrigued. I dressed conservatively in a patterned blouse, black trousers, and black heeled shoes, hardly likely to catch the eye.At the pub we bought a drink and then Karen walked over to Phil, dragging me behind and started talking to Phil. He was surprised to see me. Karen said I was all on my own as Jon was away on holiday.We all made small talk for a while and then Karen announced that she had a date and had to go. This was unexpected and I protested that she was my lift home. Karen turned to Phil and said she was sure he would ensure I got home safely to which he said he was designated driver and did have a spare seat.With that Karen was gone and I was stood with Phil. I felt a little embarrassed, but he was great. He bought me another large glass of wine and suggested we sit down in a quiet Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan corner. He was really good at making small talk, but we did know each other well. He seemed really pleased to spend time alone with me which fitted in with my hopes and aspirations. I noticed that Phil kept focussing on my cleavage.As the evening drew to a close Phil said that as we were both at a loose end the following night how about if he took me out for a meal? I liked the sound of that but was a little afraid I might bump into a work colleague, so I made an excuse.I could see he was disappointed, so I suggested that it was more appropriate if I cooked a meal for the two of us at my place and that he bring a nice bottle of wine. He liked that idea. I suggested that it would be better if he didn’t mention it to anyone.He drove me home with another couple in the back of the car who appeared to be making out. I could see the guy had his hand up the dress of the woman and she wasn’t objecting. He dropped me at my house and drove off when I was safely inside. I excitedly sent a text to Karen telling her what had been arranged and almost immediately I received a response saying she was taking me shopping for sexy clothes early the next day.That night I thought about my approach to the evening. I wanted Phil to see that I had made a special effort and even dress a little provocatively to give him a come on. I thought about a short sexy dress and leg show but thought back to his comment about me coming from the era of stockings and suspenders and decided that I would wear them for him. My current underwear was functional rather than sexy, so Karen’s input was necessary.Karen was so excited at the prospect and we spent a fun-filled morning shopping. She said I needed some sexy lingerie and she was thrilled at the prospect of stockings and suspenders.I bought a lacy black bra, lacy thong panties in black, skimpy black suspender belt and a pair of fully fashioned point heeled black nylon seamed stockings.  In my experience, any man seeing seams would realize a woman was wearing stockings.I tried on several dresses but eventually decided on a tight low cut grey sparkly top that showed off my breasts and cleavage and a black skirt, black always looks good. It was shorter than I would normally wear and had a six-inch slit up the back. I bought some skimpy heeled open sandals that had much higher heels than I would typically wear. I chose some new makeup and found a stunning red lip gloss.As we ate lunch, Karen passed me a bag which she said was a present. I glanced inside and there Escort Anadolu Yakası was some FCUK perfume (a lucky charm) and a pack of condoms.That evening, I busied myself in the kitchen preparing the meal. Then it was time to shower and dress. I put on a robe while I carefully applied my make up. It was a long time since I had taken such care and I was pleased with the end result. The red lip gloss looked terrific.I stepped out of my robe and stood naked in front of my full-length mirror. I was 5 feet 4 inches with 32 FF breasts. Apart from the sagging breasts, my figure still looked good and I didn’t think Phil would be disappointed when he saw me naked.My new clothes were laid out on the bed. I pulled on the bra and adjusted it. It certainly lifted my breasts, and my nipples were erect, always the case when I was aroused.  I then slipped on the suspender belt and carefully unwrapped those very expensive seamed nylon stockings. I slowly pulled them up my legs ensuring the seams were straight and clipped on the suspenders and adjusted so that they were pulling tight. I had forgotten just how good nylon stockings felt.I had never worn thong panties before, and it struck me how brief they were, barely covering my pussy. They were very comfortable and looking at myself in the mirror I looked great and felt so sexy. I pulled on my top and skirt and then slipped into the heeled sandals. I would need to practice walking in them. Jewelry and perfume completed my outfit. As I stood in front of the mirror I felt and looked so good. My new top and bra certainly showed off my breasts and cleavage and my nipples were already erect and showing through the top.I turned and bent over a little to see my skirt ride up enough to expose a little stocking top through the slit in the rear. Likewise when I sat down and crossed my legs the skirt rode up to expose a little stocking top. I could also see the tell-tale outline of the suspender clips through my skirt. I would make sure Phil knew I was wearing stockings and suspenders. I would need to take the lead tonight.I busied myself with the meal preparation and then heard Phil’s car pull onto the drive. My heart was pounding as he knocked on the door. This was the night I was going to get laid.I opened it with a smile and beckoned him inside. For a moment I could see him look me up and down. I noticed he had flowers and wine and eventually he gave me the flowers and said I looked sensational. I thanked him for the flowers and the compliment with a kiss on each cheek and replied that a girl should always make a special effort for a first date, I could see he liked that.I turned and reached up to take a vase out of a cupboard to put the flowers in as Phil poured himself a beer and me a large glass of wine. I could immediately see his eyes were drawn to my legs, he had spotted the seamed stockings and I could see a bulge appear in the front of his trousers. I suddenly felt in control of things.

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