Southern Comforts (Pt. 10)



The Boat

The trio left the Oyster Bar and started back towards the beach again. Both of the girls took one of Daddy’s hands in theirs as they walked together. Lexi could feel her heart pounding as they went–she hadn’t expecting things to go so far so quickly, and now she wondered what would happen next.

“What kind of work does Vito do?” Daddy asked. They walked slowly under the thick shade palms that lined the path to the ocean.

“He’s semi-retired, Daddy.” When Mia said the word it sounded so natural, but it still made Lexi’s heart race in a wonderful sort of way; she felt his fingers tighten between hers, as if he felt the same thrill. “He was in banking and business management when I was younger.” Mia turned her brown face and wrinkled up her nose. “Not very exciting work…but I watched and learned a lot from him growing up.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting him,” Daddy said.

“Me too, Daddy.” Mia gave a coy smile and pressed up close to him, sliding one arm around his back. That allowed her to grab Lexi and pull her in closer, so that both girls pressed up against him on either side. “Do you both really like the resort?”

“I do,” he said. “I’ve been coming here for years.”

“I like it too,” Lexi said, squeezing Mia’s hand behind Daddy’s back.

“Good.” Mia sounded pleased. “What shall we do now? I’m always up for a lay-out, if you two are, but that’s not very exciting.”

“Do we have to do something exciting?” Daddy said.

“Always go for the exciting option, Daddy, always.” Mia laughed again. “What about snorkeling? I’ll bet there’s a boat available.”

“That could be fun,” Lexi said. “I haven’t been snorkeling in a long time.”

Daddy gave a soft chuckle. “More time in the water with a pair of pretty girls like you two–who could say no to that?”

As they walked together, Mia smiled and greeted almost every resort employee by name, as comfortable in her skin out in the open as Lexi had ever dared to hope she might be, one day. “How often do you come out here, Mia?” she asked.

“All the time, love. Since I was old enough to visit the clothing-optional parts, for sure. I love being outside like this–just the sun and nothing but.”

After a few more minutes of walking they arrived at a long, whitewashed concrete dock jutting out into the water. They took three pairs of masks, snorkels and flippers from a marked bin. Another employee named Marcus was sitting under a shade umbrella; beside him was a rack of keys for the boats that were anchored to the docks.

“Good morning, Marcus!” Mia said.

“Morning, Mistress Mia!” he answered with a deep voice and a welcoming smile. “Will you be taking out a boat today?”

“I think we will, yes. Going for a swim,” she added, shaking her set of mask and fins.

“Very good.” He plucked a pair of keys from a hook and tossed them to Daddy. “Those are for the Pink Princess, biggest boat on the dock. Miss Mia knows the rules: stay between the two rows of buoys and don’t go out into deeper waters.”

“Understood,” Daddy said.

“Say hello to Mister V for me,” Marcus said to Mia.

“I will!” she answered, before leading the way to the last boat on the dock.”Daddy’s nickname,” Mia explained to them. “He knows all the staff that work here.”

Lexi and Daddy shared a look, as the mystery of who their new friend was deepened more and more.

The Pink Princess likely could’ve held a half-dozen passengers, so there was plenty of room. A large seating area almost like an extended couch was behind the driver’s seat, large enough that several people could’ve lied down end for end without touching.

They climbed aboard, Daddy started up the engine, and after the girls untied the boat from the dock, he eased it out into the water. A line of buoys stretched out from the dock, just like Marcus had said–one for closer to the shore as a warning to swimmers straying too far from shore, and the second to mark deeper, more turbulent waters. “Where shall we go?” he called over the wind and rush of the engine.

“There’s a perfect place just past the long row of bungalow huts, Daddy,” Mia said. She stretched out on the couch at the back of the boat. “You’re allowed to go out that far, but most people stay closer to the docks out of habit.”

Daddy nodded, eased more speed out of the engine and headed the way Mia directed. Standing at the wheel, he looked tan and handsome, totally in his element.

“Come lie down with me,” Mia said to Lexi, opening her arms as an invitation. Lexi marveled at the sight of a beautiful nude girl just within reach, not ashamed or covered up at all. Lexi stretched out across the soft bench and curled her arms around her, pillowing her head on Mia’s chest. It felt different to be wrapped up in Mia’s embrace–she was softer than Daddy, smoother, and warm from the tropical sunshine. Lexi felt that familiar ache in her belly and warmth between her legs. Staring out at the deep blue sky, watching them pass Kıbrıs Escort other boats and staring at Daddy’s bare backside, Lexi could feel her heart pounding from Mia’s touch, at how good it felt to be next to her.

“Are you excited?” Mia said.

“I am.” Lexi had to raise her voice over the rumble of the engine. “I’m just sad when I remember that we’ll have to leave it eventually.”

“Oh, fuff,” Mia said, waving a hand. She gave a soft, playful smack to Lexi’s thigh. “No need to think about that yet. May as well enjoy ourselves while we can.” Mia bent her head down; the feel of the girl’s mouth on Lexi’s neck made her shiver in spite of the warm day. Unprompted, she turned and slid an arm behind Mia’s back, while rubbing her other hand up and down the other girl’s leg. It was such an intimate moment, as though the purring engine and whistling breeze didn’t exist. She’d never been held by someone this way before, and Lexi already knew she’d miss it when it was over.

Mia leaned in to speak right into Lexi’s ear. “Was it okay when I kissed you hello? You didn’t mind?”

Lexi shook her head, pulling her long hair back. The breeze in their faces was warm and the sun was hot, but she was squirming in her seat for very different reasons. “It surprised me a little,” she answered back. “But I liked it.”

“And the rest? At the bar?” Mia’s smile was wicked and wide.

Lexi blushed and shivered. “That surprised me a lot. But I liked it, too.”

Mia grinned and slid her tongue across the curve of Lexi’s ear. “Good. We can be completely honest with each other, can’t we? Like we were last night?”

“Honest about what?”

“You’ve never been with another girl before, have you?”

Lexi shook her head, then a thought occurred: “Don’t you mean ‘another woman?'”

Mia laughed again, a sound Lexi was beginning to enjoy the more she heard it. “No, Lex, not for us.” She pulled Lexi closer, rolling her over to slide her hand across Lexi’s bottom, caressing her like they’d known each other all their lives. “We belong to our Daddies, after all–we’ll always be girls to them. Nothing wrong with that, is there?”

“I hadn’t thought of it that way.” Lexi looked up again and, taking Mia’s lead, she cupped one of the other girl’s breasts and left her hand there, feeling the nipple under her palm: it was thick than hers, and tight to the touch. A faint shine in Mia’s eyes said that she approved of Lexi’s boldness. “But no, I was never with another girl before.”

“Mm… Was it good?” Mia asked, an impish grin on her face.

Lexi laughed in surprise. “It was very good. Better than I thought it’d be.”

The boat was slowly passing the clothed portion of the beach. Up ahead, far in the distance, was the line of huts stretching out from the beach, including the one she and Daddy were sharing. When he looked back at them, Lexi smiled up at him, hoping he enjoyed the view–two nude, pretty girls curled up together, his to have for as long as he wanted. On impulse, she blew him a kiss. Mia grinned and did the same.

Daddy smiled and shook his head before turning back to driving again.

“When we got here, I told Daddy ‘no secrets,'” Lexi said, hoping the breeze and engine noises would keep him from overheating. She slid her hand down, using it to cup Mia’s ass, giving a good squeeze like she’d gotten. “Are you and Vito like that?”

Mia gave a small, appreciative-sounding moan, then laughed again. “Oh goodness yes, love. I think certain men like having control that way. I’ve never minded it.” She reached up, sliding her fingers up through Lexi’s hair; their faces were so close the girls could hear each other breathing. “And you don’t need to keep anything secret from me–I’ve certainly told more than my fair share of secrets already.”

Lexi considered that. She rested her cheek to Mia’s chest, watching Daddy drive. Next, she slid her hand down across Mia’s belly and thighs, sliding her fingernails across the top of the mocha girl’s mound. “Why’d you tell me everything? Why not keep some secrets?”

Mia shivered and gently slid her own fingernails up and down Lexi’s back. “When we get back to the beach…take a look at the girls around our age and the men they’re with: a lot of old rich babysitters, mostly, or men their own age–husbands, boyfriends. Girls like us, with men like ours…I’ve spotted a couple, here and there, who might’ve fit the bill. But you–I saw your face, your eyes, the way you stared at me. I saw him with you, heard how you talked to one another, and I just knew.”

Mia’s touching felt good–so much that Lexi just craved more of it. Daddy knew how to drive Lexi crazy, but Mia’s caresses was more pleasurable in their own way. “Mia?”


“Why are you doing this? Coming out here with us today, and all.”

“Because it’s fun!” Mia laughed again. “Because I wanted to. Because I took a chance and found someone like you. Why wouldn’t I?”

Lexi pushed up closer, getting right in Mia’s face; she Lefkoşa Escort slid one leg between both of Mia’s own, straddling the girl’s thigh. They were pressed together, as close as new lovers could be: hip to hip, breast to breast. The touch of the girl’s skin on hers made Lexi’s heart quicken. “I want to do anything and everything I’ve never done before while I’m here. I’ve been afraid of trying new things all my life. I don’t want to be afraid anymore.”

The boat was starting to slow; they were running out of time. “I want someone to watch Daddy fuck me,” Lexi said, speaking low and fast. “I want you to watch him, and I want Daddy to watch us. I want your Daddy to fuck you while mine fucks me. To hold hands while they both fuck us over and over again.” She was wet now, Lexi knew it. As the boat slowed and began to stop, she wrapped her arms around Mia and whispered into her ear. “And if I have to go home and everything has to go back to normal…I want someone else to know it all really happened.”

The confession made Mia’s eyes go wide. She shivered and squeezed Lexi tight, kissing a soft line up her neck. It made Lexi close her eyes and arch her back as every single touch left a secret mark behind, like a lit match branding her forever. “Fucking hell, that’s hot,” Mia said, giving a little sigh.

As the water lapped and beat against the side of the boat, both girls realized how quiet it was. They both turned their heads and saw Daddy standing close by, watching them. “Do you two need a few more minutes alone?” he said.

Before Mia could answer, Lexi spoke up: “Yes, Daddy. Is that alright?”

“It’s totally alright,” he answered. Daddy came over, reaching down first to brush some loose hair away from Mia’s face, which made her smile up at him. He then caressed Lexi’s cheek, and she closed her eyes again, leaning into his touch. “Take your time…but don’t take too long.” Daddy dropping the anchor over the side and grabbed his swimming gear. Sitting on the edge of the boat, he pulled on his mask and then jumped in.

Mia curled her fingers in Lexi’s hair and kissed her again–that time, Lexi was ready for it, but so much raw energy and hunger was in it that Lexi moaned, loud and long. She wasn’t sure what to do with her hands and just held on tight, trying to return the same passion that Mia gave while sweat beaded on her skin and her heart pounded in her chest.

When the kiss broke, Mia laid her head back and panted hard. “God! The way you were talking, and those things you said to me…I think I almost came.” She laughed again, but it was softer, more breathless.


“Fuck, why? Don’t be sorry. I’m certainly not.”

Lexi blushed and climbed off the other girl, taking a seat only because her legs were shaking and she didn’t trust herself to stand yet. “It was true, though. All of it.”

“Oh, I believe you, Lex,” Mia said. “Do you think that’s what will happen, though? You and he will go home and it’ll all just…end?” She frowned. “That’s depressing.”

“I hope not,” Lexi said. “But I know myself, and how I used to be before we got here.” Lexi leaned back, looking up at the clear blue Jamaican sky. “I want it to be real, to last. I want this trip to be something special for us, something to look back on.”

“It will be, darling,” Mia said. She leaned over and pressed a tender kiss to Lexi’s temple. “Now, let’s not keep our dearest Daddy waiting.”

The boat was stopped at the far end of the resort’s beach; on land, there was only thick vegetation and more palm trees. Below them, the water was pure and blue as ever.

As they pulled on their swim gear, Lexi had another thought. “If he’s ‘our Daddy’ right now…what about yours? He won’t have a problem with you being out here, will he?”

“Oh, he’ll be fine, trust me,” Mia promised, sounded determined. “I talked to him about it this morning before I left. Your Daddy’s off-limits until they meet–but I’m not here for him anyway.” She winked at Lexi before pulling her mask over her face. Then Mia jumped in with a splash, swimming away like a brown dart cutting through the water.

Lexi just stared after Mia for a moment, taken aback by the girl’s comment. It was flattering, knowing that someone was pursuing her so openly–Lexi couldn’t ever remember someone wanting her that badly before. But then, she could hardly remember what kind of person she’d been before this vacation, either. At the rate things were going, she might not recognize herself when it was done, but that was alright with her.

The water was cooler than expected when Lexi jumped in, but in seconds she was used to it and comfortable again. After catching her breath at the surface, Lexi spun about until she could see Mia swimming towards Daddy further in the distance, so she headed that way.

There was a beautiful array of rocks and coral all around her. Swaying plants and growths of green and gold crept across the stones. Clouds of fish swam everywhere, showing off a living rainbow Girne Escort of flora and fauna that made Lexi marvel as she took it all in. As she swam, Lexi got to see quite an eyeful of the other girl from behind. She was hardly a stranger to Mia’s anatomy by that time, but watching the girl’s bare legs flex and move as she swam, seeing her ass clench, spying her breasts moving back and forth and unashamedly observing Mia’s cunt–what Lexi could see of it, how it glistened in the reflected sunlight–was an exciting thing. Lexi was so absorbed in it that she almost swam past where Daddy was floating nearby, just next to a thick formation of rock that was so tall it almost reached the surface.

Lexi surfaced, where Daddy and Mia were already talking. “–is a great spot!” he was saying. “Thank you for suggesting it.”

“Isn’t it?” Mia said, pushing her snorkel out of the way. “This is my favorite place to swim. I’m so glad you like it, Daddy.”

Daddy pushed up his mask up and smiled, fixing his eyes on both of them. “Did you two finish what you were doing on the way here?”

The girls looked at one another before turning back. Lexi gave a coy smile and moved up closer to him. “We were just talking, Daddy, that’s all.”

“Yes, Daddy, whatever are you implying?” Mia added as she moved in closer as well.

“Just that I’m looking forward to watching you two talk a bit more when we get back to the boat later.” The look on his face and in his eyes was a hungry one, a look she knew all too well. “It might be best if I wait to talk to Mister Vito first before I get involved, but at the rate you both are going, you don’t really need me right now, do you?”

Lexi felt that welcome tremor in her belly again, and from the looks of it, Mia had was experiencing some tremors of her own. They looked at each other–Lexi was feeling warm all over, and she saw Mia lick her lips with a soft sigh.

“No, Daddy,” the girls said, almost in unison. Their voices were softer, more subservient, even.

“That’s fine.” Daddy seemed content with that response, and even smiled. “There’ll be time for more of that soon. For now, let’s do a little more exploring.” He pulled his mask back on, gave them a wink, and slipped under the surface again.

Mia blew out a breath once he went under. “God, I’m so horny right now that–hey!” She gave a start, and at the same time, Lexi felt a pinch to her bottom that made her gasp and turn around. Then she saw a tan shape swimming away at a rapid pace.

“Oh, let’s get him,” Lexi said.

“Right!” Mia answered.

They fixed their snorkels and masks in place and gave chase. Daddy was a good swimmer with strong legs and brute strength, but Lexi had been swimming for most of her life and Mia was an island native who’d probably been swimming even longer. All the same, Daddy gave a good chase and kept taunting them as he did, looking back and making exaggerated pinching motions with both hands.

While they swam, Lexi still got to see a breathtaking view of the reef and it’s inhabitants, including more schools of brightly-colored fish and several large turtles that paid them no mind at all. Perhaps it was just a small reef, nothing special compared to other places, but Lexi still thought it was beautiful.

Daddy ended the race back at the large rock where they’d started. It was smooth and flat on top, so close to the surface that he could sit atop it while the water lapped below his shoulders. Both girls caught him at the same time, and for a moment Lexi felt like a child again, panting and laughing at the exuberance of the chase.

“Finally caught you!” Mia said, pushing her mask up.

“About time!” Daddy answered with a smirk. “I thought I might die of old age first.”

“Oh, Daddy!” Lexi laughed, giving his shoulder a soft push.

“Now what do we do with him?” Mia said, giving Lexi a grin.

“I’m sure we’ll think of something,” Lexi answered.

“Is that right?” Daddy said. When he looked at Lexi, she thought he seemed to have a sly smile on his face, as though he’d been planning something all along. Then he grabbed her and pulled her in close, kissing her with hard, forceful effort, so much that she gasped into his mouth; his tongue forced itself into hers, not that Lexi fought him very much. What took her breath away was how sudden it was, how hungry and rough he was in that moment. The water rushed and lapped over their shoulders while Lexi suckled on his tongue and sighed with such warm, soothing desire that she felt for him at that moment.

Then the kiss ended, and Lexi gasped again as Daddy turned her around, holding her arms against her sides as he wrapped his own around her. “Come and get her,” he said to Mia, sly smile widening.

Lexi gasped again, not fighting him, but still surprised. “Daddy!”

Mia didn’t let Lexi argue. She leaned in and kissed Lexi again, just as hard as Daddy had, fixing her hands on Lexi’s shoulders and pushing up against her body. Both girls turned their heads together, sucking hungrily at the other’s tongues and salty, wet lips. Kissing Mia was so very different from kissing Daddy: her face was smooth and warm, leaving Lexi’s mouth and cheeks tingling. Mia tasted like salt and softness while the water lapped around them and the waves swept them to and fro.

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