Spit Roasted at Last….

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I’m dressed in my favourite and tightest latex dress, so much so that you can see my already erect nipples piercing through. My black thigh high boots wrap around my thighs so tightly they feel like my skin. I’m slightly covered by a black trench coat which is keeping what modesty I have left as I walk up the dimly lit street and open the door under a neon sign which reads – private.

When I enter the first thing that hits me is the familiar smell of sex. An aroma of lube, talcon powder and rubber surrounds me as I walk through the corridor and see a man who resembles a bouncer quickly get up to greet me. I can hear the club music playing behind the door opposite me he is so diligently guarding. He looks at me up and down and invites me to take my coat off, which I’m happy to oblige. He raises his eyebrow at my perfectly shined ass as I remove my coat and fix myself in the mirror on the wall beside me. He clears his throat to ask: ‘Alone tonight?’ I nod as he gives me a quick smile and opens the door to a very loud dance floor, filled with hundreds of people all dressed similarly to myself, although no one seems to of dared to wear the thigh high boots I’m so very fond of. Must be too obvious to wear on the tube here for some. I personally don’t care what people think. If I did I wouldn’t do what I do most weekends.

I walk through the club, checking out a few who catch my eye. One worth mentioning is a tall blond with beach curls and an ass I would love to play with who was swinging on a pole as she stared at my outfit… I thought to myself I would find her later. But for now I made my way to the back of the dance floor where there was a staircase taking güvenilir bahis you down to the more entertaining part of the establishment shall we say. As I got downstairs I walked by a multitude of orgys, themed role play rooms and couples playing with their new found unicorn. I knew where I was going, I was looking for room 17. I was to meet a couple there with whom I was familiar with from other events. They were both very much my type. He was a tall, dark and roughed man with eyes that could pierce anyone. His arms could flip any girl over within seconds. Which I was hoping to be one. She was a gorgeous brunette with the most gorgeous boobs I could play with all night long…. and her big innocent eyes made her all the more fun to tease, although there was nothing virtuous about her. Not when I was done anyway.

As I saw my door come up as I walked down the hall, I adjusted my dress, checked my makeup in my compact and took a deep breath. I imagined in my head all the things I wanted to do this evening…. I opened the door and there they were. He was dressed in nothing but some tight black boxers and she was on her knees in front of him dressed in a very sexy red cocktail dress I couldn’t wait to tear off. His cock was in her mouth as I entered and his eyes looked towards me and gave me a smile. He allowed her to stop so they both may welcome me. As she got up, she immediately grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. I threw myself on top of her and kissed her as I walked my fingers down towards her pussy and gently started playing with her. She moaned and before I knew it, he was behind me with his toungue in between my ass. We moaned together as we both güvenilir bahis siteleri felt the wave coming but resisted giving in so quickly. She grabbed me by the waist and rolled me over, then sat on my face. I was more than happy to lick her tight pussy and so did she to mine.

He was pleasuring himself whilst watching us and moaning throughout. We knew we wanted this to last as long as possible so we looked at each other with wet cum dropping from our lips and both got on our knees to worship his dick with our mouths. We took turns taking it as deep as possible, making sure to look up so he could see us enjoying every second.Then I decided to go behind him and push my finger up his ass ever so slightly. I knew he liked it. So I shoved my tongue up there next. She was still sucking and licking his cock like a nympho. All of a sudden he grabbed me and threw me on the bed so I was on all fours. She soon joined me after throwing off her dress to reveal a red harness around her tits and started playing with me with her finger as he got into position to fuck me. I awaited it eagerly.

And as it slid into me and hit me I moaned so loudly I thought I came right there and then. I knew he was smiling. He carried on shoving himself into me as forcibly as possible as she kissed him and played with me. I couldn’t of wanted to cum any more but I resisted the urge wanting to wait until the very last moment. On every thrust I wanted him more, and harder. Then he removed himself flipped me over and grabbed my legs over his shoulder and carried on fucking me as I moaned even louder. Then I feel her tongue gently lick me as his dick forces it’s way in and out iddaa siteleri of me and I can’t wait any longer with one more thrust accompanied with her wet tongue on my pussy I let out a scream as I came for what feels like for minutes.

But it doesn’t stop them. As he carried on to fuck me she climbs on top of me and kisses my nipples and then my lips. She goes back and fourth as he begins to gain speed. I can feel a wave coming again but he decides this time to start going in between me and her. He thrust a couple of times in me and then moved on to her. Keeping us both wanting his cock more and more and taking that frustration out on each other as we continue to lick, kiss and nibble at each other more and more passionately

All of a sudden I hear the door open and I’m in such a state of ecstasy I don’t even care if someone wishes to watch. But it wasn’t what I thought.

He smiles at the newcomer and he strips and immediately comes towards me. She moves off of me and he flips me over once more back into doggy style. The new man places his cock in front of me and I could not resist. Not even thinking I shove it into my mouth and suck it like it’s the last dick I’ll ever see. Then I feel once more a cock slide it’s way into me… I realise my fantasy is finally coming true. I always wanted to be spit roasted. My body can’t take it and I cum once more with two dicks in me. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. She knows this and tops it off by licking my pussy once more whilst grabbing my tits. I know he’s going to cum in my mouth. I can feel him getting close. And before I knew it he exploded – at the same time my man behind me slammed into me one last time as I got filled in both ends and my body screamed one last time in ecstasy. We all came and collapsed onto one another.

She licked her lips and said – ´next time, it’s my turn’. I smile gladly, looking forward to doing the same for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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