Sports Trip Lesbian Surprise

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This story is based on information from my wife after her naughty trip recently, written predominantly in her words, with a little added description where necessary.

Sally, (my wife) admitted her affair and gradually enlightened me to the details of the fling with a school teacher on her trip. Much of this was by email, as I often work away from home. Some was prised from her over the last few months when she became more confident and willing to discuss what happened…

My husband and I were supposed to accompany our school students as parent representatives on a trip to a swim carnival at the coast. I was so looking forward to it, but when he had to travel interstate for work at short notice I was very disappointed.

I was determined, and I told him, that I was going to have a good time, because I had been so looking forward to the trip with him.

We all travelled by coach to the coast, there were 20 students, including my two daughters who were all looking forward to the swimming competition with other schools. The students were all billeted out to stay with other students families. The support people, teachers and parents were booked into a nice hotel near the beach.

We arrived in the evening, the students were all collected by their hosts, and then we were free to go to our accommodation.

As Mal had pulled out at the last minute, another teacher had to accompany the group, to maintain the necessary numbers for support people. Just as I was about to leave for my hotel, Kate the young teacher who had been included in the trip at short notice approached me and asked if we could share a room at the hotel. I hesitated at first, but then thought why not, she was a lovely young lady and I thought we might go out and have a good time in the evening, let alone save the school the cost of an additional hotel room. I agreed, so we joined the shuttle to the hotel.

At the hotel, we had to change our booking to a twin bed room (two beds instead of a double bed). We were advised that this would take 15 minutes and we were invited to have a drink in the bar while we waited.

As we sat in the bar, Kate and I got to know each other, with Kate telling me she was a gym teacher, 26, and currently studying physiology. I was quite taken by her; she was cute, very attractive, intelligent and friendly. I felt very comfortable with her and had no suspicions.

I told Kate how my trip had eventuated, with Mal being called away to work at the last minute which annoyed me considerably, and that I was determined to have a good time in spite of the inconvenience. Kate appeared amused, and said we should go out and have a good time. I agreed.

We were eventually taken to our room, where we squabbled over who would have the double bed. Kate said to settle the argument maybe we should just share the big bed, but this went right over the top.

Kate went for a shower. When she came out, I went for my shower. When I came out, Kate had mixed a round of drinks from the bar fridge, and said lets go out and party. I thought this was great, so tucked in without any suspicion. I did notice Kate looked very nice, in a simple blue dress which fitted her trim figure perfectly.

We wandered down town looking for a Café. Kate güvenilir bahis was so easy going, and together with the drinks, I was becoming quite relaxed. The evening was warm and humid, so we looked for somewhere near the beach. We ate at a lovely outdoor Café. During the meal, Kate quizzed me about my life, family and all sorts of things. I did not realise at the time, but she was learning so much about me.

Kate was quite intrigued by my desire to have a good time because I was so miffed at Mal not coming with me on the trip, and suggested we could go to a disco or a night club.

After dinner, Kate suggested we first go for a walk along the beach. I agreed, so we wandered off into the warm evening air.

Along the path next to the beach I noticed numerous couples kissing, cuddling, and this made me envious, wishing Mal was with me. As we walked, Kate held my arm. I thought this was sweet, but thought nothing more of it.

We stopped and sat on a bench seat near the beach. We chatted a while then Kate asked if I wanted to go to a club or disco. I really did not know, and was hesitant, as I was not familiar with the club scene and was actually a little unsure of what I really wanted to do. After a while, Kate moved next to me, taking my hand, and said “I think you are really nice, and I would like to take you back to the hotel and make love to you”. I was stunned, but then all the little suggestions she had made during the evening, all the questions, all the little touches and sweet comments flashed before me, I realised then Kate must be a Lesbian!

I freaked, momentarily, not because of a fear of lesbians, but because in my haste I had been so stupid not to realise and to give so much of myself away. What could I do? I was quite taken by this gorgeous young lady, and I was so determined to have a good time, I responded almost out of embarrassment of being so stupid by saying yes, yes, I would love to! My heart was pounding.

With my response Kate kissed me, once, twice then a long lingering kiss as she hugged me closely. My mind was spinning, what had I done, what was I in for? Kate then told me she was so fascinated in me, she thought I was lovely and wanted to know more about me. I must have blushed, but being dark it did not matter. Kate must have known I was in a mild state of panic so she took control and soothed me, comforting me, complimenting me.

Gradually I relaxed and after a few more kisses and discrete touches Kate suggested we stroll along the beach back towards the hotel. I thought it was odd, and I was a little embarrassed, me a 42 yr old with a smart sexy 26 yr old that was in total control.

We walked arm in arm, pausing occasionally to kiss each time we passed through areas away from the lights. Kate was all the time soothing me, telling me I was lovely, sexy and that she had noticed me from the start of the trip. This of course just boosted my fragile state, encouraging me to go on with the fling.

Back at the hotel, as we entered our room we paused, unsure for a moment, then Kate suggested we shower to freshen up after the humid evening air. I agreed, but said lets have another drink, I am not scared but I am nervous. Kate mixed drinks from the bar fridge, and we sat on the balcony türkçe bahis in the warm tropical air. Kate came up behind me, massaging my shoulders and neck, whispering into my ear that everything was ok, telling me to relax and we would have a beautiful night. We kissed, and cuddled, until Kate suggested again that we go shower. We both moved into the bathroom, where we started undressing in preparation for the shower. Kate was into the shower first. When I saw her I thought what a stunning body, so trim, muscular and tanned. I undressed and joined her in the large shower cubicle.

Luckily the drinks were kicking in. We giggled a little then started sponging each other. It was so nice, refreshing and sexy. Kate was very trim and fit looking, small breasts, but a beautiful athletic figure. I felt a little embarrassed, but Kate assured me I looked lovely and sexy. Kate used the sponge and worked down my body, back, legs then my chest, tummy and front of my legs. It was truly beautiful. I took the sponge from her and repeated the process on her, delighting in seeing her lovely body close up.

When the washing process was complete, we cuddled and kissed, enjoying the warm water cascading over our bodies. Pressed together, we started to explore. Hands wandering, touching, as we giggled and kissed.

Matching each other’s movements, we caressed each other, breasts, nipples then down to between our legs. Kate showed me the way, running her hand down my tummy to my pussy, sliding her fingers through my patch of curly hair, searching for my slit, and then working up and down eventually finding my clit.

I followed her movements, trying to repeat as close as possible her motions. Kate was so beautiful. I found her little patch of furry hair covering her pussy, cautiously exploring within to find a juicy slit opening up as I explored with my fingers.

As we explored each other, we became more entranced and turned on. I did not want it to end, but Kate suggested we get out of the shower before we fell over.

Towelling each other dry was fun and a truly sexy, experience. I was again mesmerised by Kate’s body, so young, trim and cute.

Wearing the fluffy towelling robes provided by the hotel, we moved out to the main room where hours earlier we had quarrelled about who would have the big bed and who would have the small bed. After a brief cuddle and kiss, Kate told me to lie on the bed; she was going to give me a massage with body lotion. Laying face down, Kate started working on my back, shoulders then lower back, buttocks, legs. It was beautiful, and I could tell by the way she manipulated my muscles she was trained in physiology. I was so relaxed, and then Kate whispered in my ear to turn over. I thought OMG! But I dutifully rolled over. Kate kissed me softly, and then proceeded to rub lotion into my chest, around my neck then around my breasts, gradually progressing down to my tummy then onto my thighs and lower legs.

Returning to my upper body, Kate gently massaged lotion into my breasts, slowly, and gently. It felt beautiful. After a few minutes Kate moved onto the bed beside me. We embraced and started to explore each other. Removing her robe, we lay naked, touching, kissing, and feeling each other.

Kate led the güvenilir bahis siteleri way, moving her hand to my pussy, through my hairy patch, searching for the slippery opening then sliding her fingers up and down, exploring, feeling, searching. Instinctively I opened my legs. I wondered why, just for a second, and then gave in to the surging lust within me.

Opening wide, inviting her exploring fingers, I wanted her more and more. Kate silently acknowledged by exploring more aggressively, pressing, sliding pushing fingers deeper into me. It felt wonderful, I wanted more and more. Working harder and faster, Kate started a rhythmic rubbing of my pussy, with frequent tweaks of my clit as she nibbled and kissed my breasts. I felt it coming, but was surprised when I was overwhelmed by an orgasm that had me seeing stars and gasping for breath! It was a real blockbuster that surged through my body and made me tingle all over. Kate giggled like an exited kid, saying she was so pleased she could make me cum.

When I settled, I told her it was unbelievable. It took a few minutes to settle after such a massive orgasm, all the time Kate was fussing over me like a servant. Eventually I gained composure, sat up and pushed her down, kissing her, holding her so she could not get up. We both started to giggle so much, and then we kissed and hugged. It was truly beautiful.

As we kissed, I explored Kate’s body, gently circling her little breasts, pinching her nipples, stroking her tummy. Moving down to her pussy, I stroked my fingers through her hairs, gradually progressing down. Kate parted her legs, inviting me to explore. Taking the invite I slid my fingers further, feeling her pussy lips and finding a slippery slit where I could slide my fingers up and down. As I slid my fingers gently along her slit, Kate started to urge me along, telling me to rub harder. I realised my incompetence and quickly tried to respond as she requested. Rubbing up and down, trying to repeat the movements she used on me some minutes before. After a few minutes I thought with some momentary excitement that Kate was about to orgasm, but then she took my hand and pulled it away from her pussy. Kate climbed on top of me, straddling my tummy. With one hand she started to rub herself, with the other, she reached behind and started to rub my pussy. I realised she was in control, and wanted to do things her way. I loved the feeling, and was spellbound by seeing her rubbing herself as she sat on my tummy.

Leaning forward occasionally to kiss me, Kate was in a world of her own. After a few minutes Kate moved to sit beside me, but continued to masturbate herself and also to finger me with increasing vigour. Bringing herself to an orgasm, Kate collapsed onto me, but continued to rub my pussy, sensing that I was going to cum again. When I did, Kate continued to rub me slowly, until the orgasm subsided, then lay with me so we could cuddle and kiss.

Cuddling together we drifted off to sleep, waking later to repeat the lovemaking several times through the night.

We slept, waking only when one had to visit the bathroom. Next morning, we talked about the evening, both agreeing that it was a wonderful experience. I did say that I was a little disappointed that I could not make her cum, but Kate said that she was delighted that she was able to make me cum and that it sometimes takes time to learn exactly what someone wants or needs to make them cum. Kate then said in her cheeky way “Hey., there is always tonight!”

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