Squeeze Inn Ch. 1

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She was 5’5, had long brown hair and the prettiest green eyes you have ever seen. She rode up to the Squeeze Inn on her motorcycle, dressed in leathers, as usual. She took her helmet off, tossing her head back and forth to fluff her hair. She took her jacket off as she entered the crowded bar. All eyes were on her as she exposed her huge breasts which were barely contained beneath a skimpy cotton crop top. One could see her long nipples from clear across the room!

She slithered up to the bar among all the hi’s and how are yas? from the group of people she had come to know. They were always glad to see her smiling face. Of course, most would agree that they also liked to see other parts of her too! And she never minded flaunting them. She wore skin tight jeans that accented her full, rounded butt. She always had a skimpy top on, one that made you think any minute one or both of her full, humongus breasts were going to topple out of. At least you hoped for such a moment and prayed you were there if it happened!

She ordered a Bud Light and handed a five to the bartender. He waved it off, nodding in the direction of a gentleman across the room. He got it…Fred said. Roni, as we’d come to know our sexiest friend, turned, walked over to the generous man and kissed his cheek. We could already tell this was a night we were going to be glad we frequented the Squeeze Inn. Roni had nights where she came in, talked, laughed, and then kicked that old Triumph over and sped away, leaving us all longing. But…other nights, she drank, danced, rubbed her big tits on any man near and took off with one of them on the back of her bike! Any one of us men longed to be the one. Well, I’m not sure that some of the women weren’t longing for it and hadn’t been whisked away a few times too.

Anyway, this night was going to be the answer to some man’s prayer, I could tell. I looked over and saw Roni, beer in one hand, cigarette in the other, dancing about as close to someone as was physically possible in a vertical position. Her leg was between his, her pussy rubbing his leg. He had his hands under her tiny crop top, just rubbing the shit out of her tits. Her head was back, her eyes closed. Shit, I and about every other man in the bar had hard ons just watching her.

She spent much of the evening that way. You might call her a tease except for the fact that you knew she was going to do somebody that night. Much to our dismay though, around midnight a bunch of her biker friends came in. There was about 10 of them, all dressed in colors, all looking dirty and all more than half drunk. When Roni saw them, she ran over (which is a sight you’d never want to miss) and kissed every one of them. Insane Wayne, the biggest (and baddest, I’ve heard), pulled her on to his lap. He sat on the stool, she was facing him and he simply lifted her shirt and kissed her pendulous tit for all to see. Every man in the bar leaned, trying to get a better look, wishing it was their lips touching that breast! Roni laughed but didn’t try to hinder him in any way. She loved it.

Fred, the bartender, was a cocky little shit. You could tell by looking at him that he wanted to stop the tit show. Yet, knowing Insane sex izle Wayne as he did, he never moved a muscle. Thinking back, I believe the last man that tried to stop Wayne from doing something ended up in the hospital donning multiple casts. He was a well respected man as long as you didn’t piss him off.

Roni got off Wayne’s lap, danced her way to the bar, slithered between two men sitting there, smiled at the one on her left, and crawled on the lap of the man to her right. Without a word spoken, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up. She ordered another beer and again tried to give Fred her five. Again, Fred shrugged her off as the man who’s lap she was on paid for her drink. Roni laughed, knowing she never had to buy a beer at the Squeeze Inn.

Roni sipped her beer, while wiggling her butt on a man’s lap that no one knew if she was ever acquainted with. His name was Bob. He was ordinarily a pretty quiet guy, always minded his own business. Tonight, he was King of the Hill as far as the rest of us were concerned. He had Roni on his lap. Roni reached backwards, put her arm arond Bob’s neck and pulled his face to hers. She kissed his cheek, thanked him for the beer and crawled down. Want to go for a ride?…she asked him. Stammering, stuttering…Yyy-yyes… was all he managed to get out. But…Roni replied…you have to hold on tight, I go fast. Every dick in the place sprang to attention at those words.

Roni had Bob by the hand leading him toward the door. On the way, she stopped and kissed every one of her biker friends. Some copped a feel, others just stopped long enough to take one last look. Once outside, Roni asked Bob’s name, handed him a helmet and put hers on. She flipped the kick start to the left, threw her leg over the bike, jumped on it once and sat down, waiting for Bob to hop on. He stretched his long leg over the sissy bar and sat behind her. I mean it…she said…hold on tight. He wrapped his big hands around her waist as she pulled back on the throttle and sped away.

They went through town like a blur. Roni was talking and laughing but Bob could hardly hear her. He was just so fucking excited being with her that he didn’t care. She headed out of town and finally pulled in front of a little bungalow. It ain’t much…she said…but it’s home. Again, she took Bob by the hand, leading him inside. She stopped on the porch long enough to give him a lingering wet kiss. I want you…she whispered in his ear. Shit, that’s all he needed to hear. He groped at her like a school kid. He grabbed a hand full of her great big tit like there was no tomorrow. His cock was so hard it almost hurt.

She broke away, opened the door and threw her jacket down. She turned to him, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it down his arms. She held it tightly behind him binding his arms. She kissed his lips, licking and sucking. God, he was so hard. He hungrily kissed her back, straining, yet loving the entrapment. Her head lowered as she began kissing his chest. His nipples were erect. She teasingly nibbled each one.

Just when he thought he couldn’t stand it anymore, she let go of his arms and pulled his shirt completely off. Without thinking, fransız porno without hesitating, he grabbed her top and yanked it over her head. Her heavy breasts fell free, swinging, begging for his touch. He eagerly complied. Leaning down, he grabbed one with his hand as his lips met the other dark brown protruding bud. He sucked it deeply into his mouth. It was succulent, so sweet. The more he sucked, the bigger it seemed to get. That feels so good…Roni half moaned…I’m so fucking hot. I want you so bad. To Bob, it seemed like she meant it, just for him. At least at that moment.

Bob half wondered just how far this was going to go in her living room. He knew nothing about her situation. Did she live with others? Did she have kids? Apparently neither were a problem because Roni was suddenly kneeling in front of his bulging jeans, working mightily to unleash his throbbing member. Oh fuck, yes. She unzipped his pants, pulled at them, at least far enough to let his hard dick spring free. Oh Bob…she gleamed…I want to suck your cock. Those were the last words she spoke as she wantingly licked, lapped, and caressed his shaft. He could barely stand. Her hot, wet lips and tongue were driving him crazy. He had to put his hands on her shoulders just to steady himself. She made him feel like he his was the only cock she ever wanted. Soft moans and groans escaped from her lips, past his hard cock. He thought he was going to shoot his load right then. Sensing this, Roni stopped, just let his dick fall from her mouth. Fuck, that’s not what Bob wanted. His cock felt so good right where it was at!

Roni stood, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth, and slowly, tantalizingly unsnapped her chaps and threw them aside. She unfastened her jeans and slowly slid them down her full hips. Her pussy was encased in soft black hair. It was actually pretty. Bob wanted nothing more in this world than to have his head buried there, his tongue deep inside of her wet pussy. He had no idea what she had in mind so he waited, his pants around his ankles, his hard, pulsating cock standing at attention. Completely naked and as beautiful as possible, Roni finished undressing Bob. Her butt in the air as she leaned over to take his shoes off, then his pants, Bob could only think of one thing…driving his pole right up her tight little ass.

Roni moved away, laid down on the carpeted floor on her back and started squeezing her voluptuous tits together. She became so occupied you might think she had forgotten about poor old Bob. Bob didn’t think so as he watched while slowly stroking his hard member. Roni squeezed her long hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Squeezing, pulling, and finally lifting them to her mouth. Her tongue darted out between her full lips, first licking one nipple then the other. What a fucking sight to behold, Bob thought. He was suddenly stroking faster.

Roni let go of one tit, reaching down to her hairy mound. She split her pussy lips apart exposing the wettest, pink pussy. Bob was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Lick my pussy Bob…Roni begged…make me cum. I want you to taste my cunt juice, drink it. Bob got teen porno on his knees between her legs. He could smell her before he even got near her. He wanted to feast on her juices. He didn’t even care if it was his last supper. He would die a happy man!

Roni used both hands now to open her lips, inviting Bob to begin. Her butt wiggled in anticipation. Bob composed himself, looked at the situation and then dived in! He lapped at her pussy like a thirsty dog. Licked beside each lip, up and down. Tasting Roni’s fingers, smelling her wet cunt. To him, there was nothing else in the world. It was just him and this little piece of heaven. He wanted to savor it as much as he could, wanted to plant it firmly in his memory. Even he knew this was one chance in a lifetime.

Roni’s body tensed, her legs began to quiver, she moaned thru pursed lips. I’m going to cum…she whispered hoarsely…lick my clit, suck on it. Her body writhed, her breathing became heavy, she screamed. Bob’s tongue applied even more pressure as the orgasm enveloped her. Her legs clamped around his head, holding him, encouraging him to continue. He felt her juices begin to flow, past his lips, down his chin. He sucked them into his mouth. Honey, salty, he passionately drank the wetness.

Not wasting any time, Roni pushed Bob’s head away, jumped to her knees and offered herself to him. Come on Baby, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock deep inside my pussy. Oh fuck, I need you…she said adamantly. Bob placed himself behind her lovely ass, grabbed his cock and aimed it at her wet spot. She backed up. She wanted him. He pressed his cock against her tight hole, adjusting his position slightly. It was almost awkward as he was so much taller than she. She automatically lifted her butt higher.

All of this helped, his cock slid easily between her legs, her pussy sucking him in. She was so wet, so fucking warm. Made for him. His animalistic instincts took over. He began pumping his long hard cock into her. He grabbed her hips, pulled her back as he thrust forward. He forgot where he was, forgot to breath. He was just fucking, fucking this beautiful woman that he didn’t even know.

His balls tightened, his cock became even harder. He felt his asshole tighten as he began to shoot his load deep inside of her. Aarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, jesus, fucking shit. It felt as if his insides were trying to come out of his cock. Roni was screaming, panting, bucking, joining him. Ohhhhh fuck, yessssssssssssssss…she yelled…So fucking goooooodddddddddddd. Oooohhh Baby…you fuck me so well, just the way I like it. Don’t stop…I’m still cummingggggggggggggggg.

Damn, it was so quick, over so fast, Bob thought. The best piece of ass he was ever going to have and he came long before he wanted to. Roni squeezed his limp cock out of her pussy, turned and kissed Bob. She looked into his eyes and told him thank you. Thank me…Bob replied with a start…Oh no, thank you.

Want a beer?…Roni asked, jumping up. Uh, no, thanks…Bob uttered. Now what was he supposed to do? He hadn’t driven so he couldn’t leave. Leave, that was the last thing he wanted to do. Stay, he didn’t even know if that was an option. Roni answered his unspoken thoughts though. She matter-of-factly told him to get dressed and she’d drop him back at the bar. They made small talk as Bob watched her pull her clothes back on. She kissed him, caressed him lovingly and said…Let’s go!

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