Stolen Encounter

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I leave the office and walk to your car, where you kiss me chastely (so as not to arouse suspicion – you never know who might be looking) before pulling away from the kerb. As we round the corner, you stop the car once more and we lean together and kiss deeply. You run your hand up my thigh, caressing my growing erection through my jeans, as I massage your delicious breasts under the light covering of your blouse.

Eager to be alone, we break apart and you continue to drive towards my apartment, while I reach over to stroke your legs, lifting the hem of your skirt to caress the naked skin of your thighs. Unable to contain out passion, we once again pull-over at the side of the road somewhere outside town, and recline our seats fully.

You open the front of my jeans and lean across to take my bulbous cockhead into your mouth, licking around the ridge of my glans and sucking delicately, fondling my swollen balls. As I enjoy your ministrations, I open the front of your blouse, spill your delectable breasts over the cups of your bra, and fondle and massage their fullness, rubbing, twisting and gently pinching your large nipples.

We are acutely aware that we must be visible to passing traffic, but continue regardless, the thrill of the danger of discovery adding an extra dimension to our excitement. You raise yourself küçükçekmece escort up on your knees so that I can rub you through the front of your soaked thong, relishing their moistness, before reaching inside to massage your sweet, dripping pussy – my thumb searching out and massaging your erect clitoris, my fingers plunging deep within you. As your orgasm overtakes you I gasp, unable to contain my own excitement, and unleash my salty load into your sweetly pursed lips. You move your head back and swallow, trailing dribbles of hot spunk from my spent erection over your cheek, before moving up and kissing me open mouthed, ejecting the tangy remnants of the flood onto my tongue as we embrace.

Hastily, we re-arrange our clothes and continue our journey to the village, where you park and we hurry on foot to my apartment. Once inside, the door slammed hastily behind us, I take you in my arms and we kiss deeply once more. I run my fingers down your spine to fondle the buttocks of your generous derriere as you squeeze me tightly, then you push me against the wall and strip me hurriedly, almost ripping my boxers away from my bulging manhood, before pushing me onto my back on the floor to lay gazing up at your majestic figure as you strip to your underwear şişli escort before pulling your gusset to one side and lowering yourself onto my once more straining erection.

I gasp as I enter the soft folds of your sweet pussy, and you lean forward onto me, pressing your magnificent globes against the hair of my chest, humping your body against mine, reaching around and beneath me to grasp my buttocks each time you thrust downwards upon me. I reach behind you to unclasp your bra and then pull it to one side, the slightly rough material scraping both our nipples lightly with its passage.

As one, we roll over on the hall carpet so that I am above you, and I raise myself to look down upon your glistening skin before taking your heaving breasts under the palms of my hands, gripping them firmly, and beginning to thrust into you deeply, slowly – each time pulling almost completely out before plunging back in – until you can feel me pressing fully into you, my pubes matted to your small tuft of hair by sweat and the intoxicating juices of our union. Your breathing shallows, and I dismount and take you by the hand, leading you to the bedroom where you lay yourself back on the bed, bending your knees and spreading your thighs before me.

I kneel and take şirinevler escort first your left foot, then the right, in one hand, kissing and nibbling on your toes as my other had massages your thighs, rubbing and squeezing. I trail my tongue up each leg in turn and then lower my mouth over your shaven mount, kissing the opening lightly as I inhale the musky odour and taste the sweetness of your excitement. Then further up, trailing through the moist tuft, to indulge my senses in your fabulous bosom, sucking and nibbling the swollen areolae and nipples, running the roughness of my eager tongue over the soft flesh, squeezing with my hands as I exhale urgently, my hot breath adding to your arousal.

You grab my head and pull me up to kiss you again, and I once more bury myself within you, humping my ass back and forth as I desperately try to lose myself within your burning passion. You buck beneath me and I move one hand from your heaving chest to grip your buttocks and squeeze as your orgasm once again overpowers you.

I slow my strokes, as the waves of pleasure pass over you, and then gradually build-up the pace again as I feel another crest approaching. The tight walls of your hot, smooth pussy grip my pistoning cock as I near my own climax, and I bring my hands back to pinch and twist your nipples as I raise myself above you for the final strokes. You grip my nipples between your own fingers and twist aggressively, sending waves of pleasure through me right at the end, as I empty myself deep within you, the hot juices of my love shooting deep into your womb, before we collapse into each other, breathing deeply, gasping for air as we bask in the afterglow of our passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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