Stress Relief


By the time I got home from college I was stressed beyond belief. My eyes were red and sore from crying over failing my English Lit test, and my belly sore from all the butterflies that had been fluttering about in it for so long, worrying and stressing about my entire life.

I raced upstairs to my bedroom without checking the house for occupants, and threw my little skirt and top off.

My mother’s car was in the drive, and there was a good chance she was in her home office downstairs, but that was fine. Dad wouldn’t be home for another two hours, so I still had a couple of hours to relax before the onslaught of a rowdy family dinner and potential arguments.

I needed a shower, a nice warm, relaxing, soothing shower. I ached to feel the hot burning water trickling into the little curves and crevices of my body; to feel to handheld head kneading and massaging hard-pressure water into the sore muscles of my neck and shoulders. Just thinking about it made me shiver as I walked from the bedroom to the bathroom in my red bra and panties.

I opened the door and was rushed by a mouthful of steam. Someone was in there already. I fell into the bathroom, shocked by the presence of someone else. It was my Mum’s boss and business partner! I almost didn’t recognize him in his birthday suit. The room smelled of soap and hot steam. He was bent over with one foot on the bath, his shoulder to me, drying his leg with the towel. My eyes rested on his round, smooth, slightly hairy ass and I made a noise of surprise, “Oh God!” I squealed, “Sorry!”

He hadn’t even seen me until I made a noise, and when he did he turned around, fully naked, shocked and surprised. I grabbed an eyeful of his long, soft cock and his toned, well carved body and blushed. He squinted at me through the steam, asking my name, “Is that you?” His eyes travelled my bra and panties as if he was drinking me in.

I laughed, “Yeah, sorry I didn’t know you guys were home.”

“Your mum went out for takeout,” he said, strangely immodestly, only slowly bothering to cover his low-set balls, curly moist pubic hair, and magnetic penis.

“Cool. Well, you finish up and I’ll –“

“Oh I’m almost finished. Here, you can have the shower,” he smiled.

“Uhh,” I blushed again and stepped into the bathroom without thinking, “Okay.”

I shut the door behind me, then realized what kind of decision I’d made: I was standing in a steamy bathroom with my mother’s single, naked and probably horny boss, wearing nothing more than a bra and a g-string.

It was silent as he dried off. I stood by the door, hugging myself slightly, though it was warm in there. I felt awkward and stupid. My nipples hardened at the sight of his nakedness, and I tried to hide them.

“Nice shower, isn’t it?” I babbled.

“Uhh, yeah. I especially liked the hand-held bit.”

I laughed loudly, “Oh I bet!”

He grinned at me sideways and dried himself down. I shifted from my left foot to my right and smiled.

“You can get in if you like. I wont look.”

“Nah, I think I might leave it.”

“Are you sure?”

I paused for a moment and looked at him again. God, he was spectacular. Barely forty, Gary had short dark brown hair with only a few random hints of grey through it. He wore glasses usually, and I’d only ever seen him in casual sales attire. He had warm, twinkling grey-blue eyes that seemed to just shine when he smiled. He wasn’t overly jocular, but there was always something kind and comfortable about him. He was thickly set, with a curvy waist, and a very nice round ass.

“Look, I’ll get out of your way,” he said, wrapping his towel around his hips finally and moving past me to the door. We were close as he opened it and the cold air rushed in. I considered shutting it again, and locking him in with me where I could ravish his beautifully experienced body with my inexperienced shyness. But they were the thoughts of a sex-starved teenager with a crush on her mother’s boss, and nothing more.

He looked down at my breasts as he slid past me, and walked out. I reluctantly shut the door, without locking it, and sat izmir escort on the bath for a moment to recuperate from the sight and experience.

Recuperation didn’t exactly work. I was so stressed already, and my body was crying out for relief. When I stepped into the hot-running shower, and pressed the stream to my head, I felt a tingling all over my body. The knowledge that he’d been in the shower just before me, washing himself, maybe even jacking off, drove me to begin playing with my breasts and pinching my hard, painful nipples. I moved the handheld stream down to my belly, rolling the handle over my skin, then parting my legs.

Shoots of hard water began pounding up into my tender, swollen pussy, merging with the thicker creamy juices inside me. I gasped at the sudden fury of desire and pleasure that beat me up against the wall. I fell against it and began to pump the head against my pussy, trying to copy what I thought he’d feel like if he was fucking me.

My head began to throb and my vision blurred, so I closed my eyes and breathed deeper, working the water over my clit in circles and heavy, thrusting waves of movement.

“Oh m..yy… god,” I whispered, “Oh yeahh… ohhhh … that feels incredible…”

I pressed my forehead against the cold tile, parting my legs a little more to feel what I pretended was Gary’s cock shoving up deeper into me. I began to grind the handheld into my cunt, fucking myself with it and caught my breath as my body convulsed and pulsed through an intense and delicious orgasm. I almost fell over as my knees gave way, and let myself lean against the side of the bath, holding onto it for dear life.

While my orgasm didn’t relax me 100%, I felt better, and a little tired. I washed my hair, lathered myself with yummy girly-scented soap, washed it off, then dried myself with my sweet-smelling, cleanly washed towel.

Back in my bedroom I changed into a comfortable pair of jeans and casual top. I was still burning and tingling from my fantasy romp in the shower, so when I clomped downstairs to find Gary seated on the couch, I almost came again in my jeans. He was laid-back casually watching the television.

“Hey, Mum home yet?” I asked.

He looked up when I walked in, “Hey? No.”

“What’s taking her so long?” I sat down next to him on the couch.

“Dont know,” he looked down at me, his eyes lingering on my thighs and knees, “What took you so long, hey little one?” He laughed, hugging me to him lightly.

“Good shower, eh.”


“Mmm,” I nodded, looking up into his eyes. They sparkled a dark blue and had me mesmirized.

He glanced at the front door for a moment before he reached down to give me a quick open-mouthed peck. “God you’re gorgeous.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I whispered, and licked his lips, “Kiss me again.”

“Uhh. No. Probably shouldn’t chickie.”

“C’mon,” I breathed, pulling his head down to mine. He resisted for a moment, until he felt my lilting tongue trying to squeeze in between his uncertain lips. He moaned as I stroked his knee and moved closer in to him.

“C’mon,” I whispered again, goading him, pulling him down onto me as I lay back on the couch. He pulled back and sat up.

“Uhh, no, sorry.” He was blushing and looked terrified.

I sat up again, slowly, “I was touching myself in there. I had the handheld pressing on my pussy. Pretending it was you, folding me open with your mouth and your hands, and your…” I touched his crotch.


I moved my leg over him so that I was sitting on his lap with my knees either side of him. I began to ride him slowly. Agonizingly slow, cruising up and down ontop of him. The movements must have driven him insane as I began to feel his cock poking me in between my legs as I moved down. We began to dry hump for a while, until my mother got home. I heard her key in the door, and quickly jumped off of him and ran into the kitchen.

I could smell the beer on his breath. It revolted and worried me. He grabbed me and pushed me back into the fridge, “You know. You can’t fuck with me like that and leave it.”

I smiled, blushing frightened, “Shh mum will hear.”

“Your mummy’s gone to bed.”

I really began to worry, “When?”

“She had too much champagne,” he said, rolling my shirt up and over my head to reveal my black bra, “Would you like too much champagne too?” He growled into my hair.

“Dad will be home soon.”

“He might like to watch his little girl being fucked from behind.”

“Shut up,” I hissed.

He pulled his cock from his trousers. He was hard as a rock. I touched him lightly, and began to rub him, hoping I could make him cum there and he’d leave, happy with the situation. He groaned and pushed into me, pushing me back again – this time against the counter. “Kiss it,” he whispered.

“Gary -”

“C’mon,” he whispered, and looked into my eyes. I melted and knelt down to come face to face with his cock. He was so close to cumming there was already juice dripping from the hole in the tip. He braced himself against the counter and began to rub his cock against my mouth in fucking motions. So I took it in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. He grunted louder, grabbing my hair in fists and massaging it.

With my hand I rubbed his cock, with my lips I folded them around the tip and sucked. I wasn’t experienced at giving head but he didn’t seem to care. He began grinding his hips against my hand, urging me on. I quickened my pace with my hand and began to rub him off. He growled and grunted louder and thicker, in deeper tones and suddenly came in my mouth unexpectedly. He shot his jism into my mouth, and it gurgled down the back of my throat. I tried to swallow and choked. His cock fell from my lips and sprayed over my face and in my hair. HE laughed, showing great delight in the sight, and began to pump his cock harder, trying to spray more onto me.

Then he grabbed my hand roughly, “Come on. Where’s your bedroom?” He asked, and led me up the stairs.

Gary took me into my bedroom and shut the door, locking it with the key I had tied to the door handle. I went to sit on the bed, not sure about what to do. When I looked up at him, I still found him attractive. This was no ogre, no evil man out to hurt me. What did I expect, parading around earlier in the bathroom, letting myself linger so close to him? I smiled shyly. He looked around my bedroom curiously, “Wow. You still have stuffed toys.”


“You’re just a little girl.”

“No I’m not,” I snapped, standing up and walking to my desk drawer. I opened the bottom drawer and pulled out the bedshirt I never wore – the one I only ever kept to hide the last remnants of dope cookie, and my vibrator. I showed him, and chewed the cookie, walking over to him, “touch it.”

He touched the thick black rubber, fingering the clit-massager. He grinned, “Well look at you all big and grown up now.” He lifted it to his nose and inhaled the dew scent on it.

“Want to see it work?”

“What kind of question is that?”

He sat down on the bed and I went to the beanbag, and collapsed into it, spreading my legs up and wide for him. I unpopped the buttons on my jeans slowly, one at a time, watching him as I slid the dildo over my lower abdomen, then playing with the hem of my elastic panties.

He crawled on the floor over to where I was, and he pulled my jeans off for me. I continued to stroke the dildo over my moist panties. Gary’s eyes lingered on the damp stain of my cum on them, and pulled them across for me so the head of the sex toy could touch my wet, bare pussy. I think he got a shock to see that I’d shaved my cunt entirely. I was totally naked and smooth.

“Don’t you like hair down here?” He asked.

“Not really?” I said, innocently as I spread my lips open fully to him with my fingers, and began to work the fake shaft over my cunt. He swallowed hard, and held his hand back from touching me, letting me touch myself. I rubbed the toy over my lips, and around in little circles over my clit. My hips began bucking at the sudden imposition, and I arched back, stretching in a pleasure-filled sensation. He began to massage my breasts on top of my shirt.

“Take it off,” I breathed, and let him pull the shirt up over my head so that I wore only my bra. He then undid it from the front so my tits were open and jiggled for him. He continued to bruise his hands over my breasts, smooshing them and massaging them while I lay on the beanbag, making small whimpering noises. Impatiently he took the dildo from me and lined it up with my saturated hole.

“You don’t just rub with it,” he whispered, pushing it slowly into my cunt, “You put it inside you and move it around…”

I moaned as he began to move the dildo in and out of my hole. My free hands roamed to my wet clit, and I began to rub the little sore, erect nub with my juices.

“That feel good?” He asked, moving the dildo in and out of me like a giant cock, “Mmm?”

I barely nodded, unable to speak with the two sensations of the ribbed rubber-fuck and my soaked clit-rub. He fumbled with the dildo suddenly, leaving it inside me for a moment before he undid his pants and pulled his raging, erect cock from the confines of his boxer shorts. He towered over me, leaning on me so I couldn’t see his hands or the vibrator. He began to move against me as if he was fucking me, and I felt a sudden jerk as he replaced the dildo with his cock! It was a completely different sensation, and difficult to describe. He was hard but pliant, and so much thicker. I gasped and began to cry out.

Gary covered my mouth with his hand as he fucked me on the beanbag. He was shivering from desire, and his voice shaking when he told me to shut up.

“Cum with me little girl, cum on.”

We began to ride against each other, and he entered me over and over again, pulling out almost completely, then ramming back in hard and faster than before; then pulling out again with a plop, then fucking me up with a guttural grunt and a long, sweeping thrust.

I felt the crunch of the beanbag beneath me as he lifted my legs up higher and I wrapped them around his waist. We began the rising falling motions of people about to cum. I cried out under the bondage of his hand, trying to breathe, trying not to make a sound and he nearly pushed me over the edge of the beanbag with his hard, heavy thrusts.

Suddenly he had the dildo again, covered in my cooling juices. He pressed it against my mouth, and I closed my eyes, pretending it was a big, hard, thick cock. He rubbed it against my lips and I opened my mouth to the sensation, sucking it and eating it down into the back of my throat.

He grunted again at the sight, and began to cum, “I’m cumming… oh Im cumming…”

“Wait,” I tried to say, my mouth muffled and stuffed with the huge dildo.

“Your’ Dad’s home,” he moaned, “I have to go.”

I felt the uprising of orgasm as he said it. The idea of him leaving me was too impossible to bear. I began to cry out louder, arching myself up against him as we fucked.

“Oh god, oh god,” I chanted, still throated-up with the dildo. I was filled to capacity as he began to circle motion his dick into me.

I could hear my father’s footsteps on the stairs, and the sound drove me over until I was flashed-up with colours on the inside of my eyelids, and I squeezed my cunt tighter over him as I came. The sensation milked his cock, and he began to tremble. His body convulsed as he came inside me. The juice poured out as he pulled out. I felt a warm gush of cum stream down my thighs and my ass crack.

My father knocked on my bedroom door, seeing my light on, “Baby, you up?”

I didn’t reply, I couldn’t, my body still flooded with light and an intense pleasure. But without warning, and very involuntarily a small moan escaped my throat as Gary pulled the rubber cock out of my mouth slowly. I knew Dad must have heard it. I saw his shadow under the door, pause for a moment, then leave. Gary fell back on the floor, his wet, still hard cock bouncing as he moved.

“Fuck,” he breathed, “Oh man…”

“Mmmm,” I moaned too, with a smile, and lay there, spread legged and exhausted, my cum-filled cunt barely twitching with a heavy pleasure.

He touched my head with his moist palm, as a gentle goodbye, and threw a sheet over me. Then he left, creeping from my bedroom like a devil in the night.

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