Sue The Maid Of Honor Gets Laid


Back in late 1999 my younger sister Kim got married, for the first time. I was a 19 year old college sophomore and my sister was 18 and fresh out of high school.

She had been dating Ken for a couple of years and they felt that they were in love and wanted to get married and settle down. Ken was a few years older than Kim and he and his groomsmen were all over 21.

We took Kim to the Jersey Shore for her party and we all had a very good time. Since Ken was 21 his best man Don took him to a strip club.

We had rehearsal at the church the night before the wedding. The rehearsal went off without a hitch. We went to dinner at a fancy restaurant and Don was ordering alcohol and feeding us drinks.

My experience with alcohol wasn’t all that great, I went to a few parties during my freshman year of college and determined that I couldn’t hold my liquor very well.

“Do ya want another drink?” Don asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied. I’m feeling kinda tipsy.”

We finished dinner and I was actually feeling no pain. Kim and Ken got into his car and I jumped into Don’s Trans Am with Tony another one of the groomsmen.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“The night isn’t done yet,” Don replied. “We have a keg back at my place and I promise you won’t be hung over tomorrow at the wedding.”

We all arrived at Don’s house and I was expecting the rest of the wedding party to follow along, but it was just Don, Tony and I.

“Tony pour us each a mug,” Don commanded and the two of us sat down on the couch.

Tony returned with three frosted mugs of beer and Don was on my right and Tony was on my left.

“Sit back and relax. Let’s see whats on TV,” Don stated as he turned on his television.

The channel was set to a premium movie channel and the first thing I saw was a woman’s breasts. Don had the TV set for Showtime and a late night adult program. She was having sex with a guy in the back seat of a car.

I was feeling pretty buzzed when I felt Tony place his right hand on my knee. I looked over at him and he was staring at the TV acting like he didn’t know what he was doing. Then Don’s left hand went on my knee and slowly made its way up my leg towards my thighs.

“Relax Sue. Just sit back and relax,” Don whispered in my ear.

It was kind of like an out of body experience as both of their hands worked their way up my skirt. Don reached my panties first and he started rubbing my snatch through my panties.

“Oh yes! Don’t stop!” I moaned as Don pulled my panties to the gebze escort side and his fingers rubbed my clit.

Don got up and went between my legs and buried his head in my wet cunt. I was leaning back on the couch whenever Tony stood up and before I knew it he stuffed his erect cock in my mouth.

“Suck it bitch!” he commanded as he fucked my mouth with his cock.

I had my legs wrapped around Don as he ate my snatch and was getting closer to climax when Tony exploded in my mouth filling me with his warm sticky goo. Tony had his hands wrapped around my head so I would swallow all of his cum.

Don’s hands worked their way up to my blouse and he unbuttoned it and pulled my bra up exposing my perky pear shaped 34Bs. He was pinching and pulling on my nipples as he ate my snatch bringing me to yet another monster orgasm.

Tony got off of me and Don stood up and his pants were down to his ankles. He pulled his shorts off and I watched as he spread my legs apart and guided his long thick cock into my waiting cunt.

“Get ready Susie! I’m gonna rock your world.”

He teased me by putting his cock inside me then pulling it out. He did this for a minute or so until I wrapped my legs tightly around him so he couldn’t toy with me anymore.

“Fuck me Don! Fuck me good!” I screamed as he pounded away faster and faster. “Yes! Yes! Fill me with your cum!”

He fucked me missionary style for a couple of minutes when he told me to get up.

I got up and leaned on the couch as he spread my ass cheeks and entered me from behind. His cock was fully inside of me and I was screaming in ecstasy in no time.

“Oh baby! I’m cumming!” I screamed as I climaxed, my vaginal muscles clamping tightly around his cock.

“Oh fuck!” Don screamed and he emptied his load deep inside of my snatch. He stopped held onto me until he finished cumming then he slowly pulled out.

By this time Tony was hard again and he quickly entered me from behind.

“Oh yes. Nice and juicy. I love sloppy seconds!” Tony exclaimed as he fucked me from behind.

Don was much bigger than Tony and my pussy was so full of his cum that I hardly felt Tony inside of me. You could hear a slurping sound with every thrust and I reached between my legs and stroked my clit as Tony did his thing.

“I’m gonna cum!” he cried out and he pulled out and came all over my back.

He fell over on the couch and I reached for my bra and wiped his cum off of my back. The two of them göztepe escort were passed out on the couch as I got dressed. I couldn’t put on my bra since it was filled with Tony’s cum so I finished getting dressed and called my sister.

“Kim can you guys pick me up at Don’s place?”

“Not till later,” Kim replied. “We can pick you up in a couple of hours.”

I sat down on the couch and fell asleep. A few hours later there was a knock on the door and Kim and Ken came inside and picked me up. We drove home and I got a couple of hours sleep before I had to get up and get ready for the wedding.


Kim’s big day finally arrived. She looked stunning in her wedding gown and I thought I looked pretty hot in my maid of honors dress. I was hoping for some more action so I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath my skirt.

The best man Don and the groomsmen arrived and Don and Tony looked a bit hung over.

“How are you guys doing?” I asked.

“Don’t make and loud noises,” Tony replied.

I laughed and figured I’d be the one hung over and not the experienced drinkers.

The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch and after all of the pictures were taken we got on our limo bus to take us to the reception.

The drink was flowing freely and Kim and Ken were making out on the bus when I looked over at Don and pulled my skirt up showing him my naked pussy.

“Fuck me,” I whispered to him.

Don stood up and dropped his pants and I sat down on his lap and we fucked as the bus moved through traffic. The only sounds that were heard on the bus was the slapping of flesh as Kim and Ken fucked, Don and I fucked and Kelly the other bridesmaid and Tony were going at it.

We knew we had about an hour to fuck because the reception was being held at a hotel 40 miles from the church.

Don pulled my blouse up and he was sucking on my erect nipples as we fucked. I looked over and everyone else on the bus was naked. There were six of us on the bus all having sex. If the driver had any idea what was going on in the back he’d probably have wrecked.

Don climaxed after a few minutes and we both got dressed. One by one the other couples finished and then got dressed. We all looked at each other and laughed.

“We’re here,” the driver announced on the intercom.

We waited as he opened the door and the smell of sex overwhelmed him.

“Looks like I missed one hell of a party,” haramidere escort the driver stated as we walked past him.

We took our seats at the head table and don stood up and gave his toast. Then it was my turn to toast the happy couple.

Dinner was amazing and every minute or so you’d hear the sound of clinking glasses causing Kim and Ken to kiss.

After dinner it was time to dance. Don and I danced closely together and I held him tight as we danced.

“Sue you’re amazing,” Don whispered to me.

“You just wanna get inside of my panties again,” I whispered back.

“You’re not wearing any remember. That’s how I know you wanna fuck me again.”

“Hurry up. Lets find a private place,” I replied.

We went into an empty room and i dropped to my knees.

“Come here Donald. I’ve yet to suck your cock.”

He quickly came towards me and he unzipped his pants as he got closer. I pulled his shorts down to his ankles and started kissing the entire length of his hardening cock.

“Oh yes! That feels great,” he moaned as I licked my way from his balls to the purple head of his cock.

I took him all inside of me and his right hand went down the front of my blouse and inside the front of my bra. He was pinching my nipples as I sucked him off. Once I put a finger in his asshole he moaned and shot his load inside of my mouth.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Sue. I should’ve told you I was cumming.”

“That’s okay,” I said wiping excess cum off my lips. “I hope that holds you over until later. I wanna go back to your place after the reception and fuck all night.”

We couldn’t wait for the reception to finally end.

“Mom I’m going to spend the night at Kelly’s,” I said, lying to my own mother.

She watched as I got into Don’s car and drove off. Don and I spent the rest of the evening and all morning until about 4AM fucking and sucking in every room of his house.

I was completely worn out and fucked out. We both got a few hours sleep and then he took me to breakfast. We ate at a local diner then he took me home.

“Will I see you again?” he asked.

“I hope so. I love your cock,” I replied as I gave him a kiss and walked into the house.

“So how was Kelly’s?” my mom asked.

My face turned beet red and she laughed.

“I know you spent the night with Don. I’m not stupid. I heard all about the bus and the night before at his place. Just be careful. You don’t need to get pregnant at 19.”

“Mom! Don’t worry. I’m on the pill and I’m always careful.”

Don and I remained lovers for another few months until he was killed in an auto accident. I was heart broken because not only was he a good lover, but he was a real nice guy.

As for my sister. Her dream marriage lasted less than two years. She’s been married four times and just can’t seem to get it right.

More stories to tell…..

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