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I stood nervously on the sidewalk trying to work up the courage to go inside the adult store. Having just turned eighteen I was excited to take a look inside and see what the fuss was about. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and I couldn’t deny any longer that I needed to cum and I thought the easiest way to do it would be to buy my very first toy. I looked at the door again nervously and then boldly pushed my way inside. Trying to play it cool I looked at the clothing first, I didn’t have the courage yet to make my way over to the vibrators. I touched the lace fabrics and the smooth silks, my pussy was starting to get wet with the anticipation of all the interesting things I could find.

The woman working at the store caught my eye and walked my way. I tried not to watch her but she was beautiful. Her long blonde hair was tied loosely to the side showing off her smooth tan neck. I followed the silver chain around her neck down to her cleavage and tried not to notice that her nipples were hard and inviting. I shook my head a moment. I had never been with a woman before and had never even thought much about it, but this woman made my pussy twitch.

“Hello, I’m Andrea. Is there anything I can help you find?” her smile was beautiful.

“Oh I’m not sure I was really just looking.” My voice was small and a little shaky.

Andrea turned to look at the lingerie that I had been eyeing. She took the red and black teddy off the hanger and held it in front of me, nodding in approval. “I think this would look great on you! Your boyfriend would love it I’m sure.”

“Actually I am single right now, so it’s not something I really need.” I said frowning at the teddy.

Andrea laid the teddy over her arm and looked at me for a moment. She moved my hair to one side looking at my cleavage. I could feel myself blush at the gesture. Mentally I began talking myself down, it’s only her job, she needs to help sell things, she is not really porno checking me out. I was starting to become very aware of my panties wet and clinging to my pussy.

“I think you have amazing tits if you don’t mind my saying and this is the sort of thing that will show them off.” Andrea reached over and unzipped my jacket. “Also it would look great with your flat tummy, and sexy hips.”

I smiled biting my lower lip. “I just don’t really need it. There isn’t much point in having something like that for just myself.”

Andrea made a pouting face pushing out her full lower lip. “Well, would you try it on for me?”

I looked around the otherwise empty store. “Really?” was all I could manage to squeak out.

“Of course!” Andrea said running to lock the doors to the store. “Let’s add a little spice to the day! If you try it on and don’t fall in love with the way it looks I will buy you something from the store myself, whatever you want.”

I gulped and took the teddy from her and walked towards the dressing room. I striped down to my panties and slipped the teddy on. I gazed at myself in the mirror. Andrea was right this did make my tits look amazing. The Teddy could barely contain my DDs, and I didn’t think my long legs had ever looked better. I laughed a little to myself, and thought damn this girl really knows how to make a sale.

Andrea tapped on the door. “Come on you have to let me see that was part of the deal!”

I slowly opened the dressing room door and peeked out. I crossed my arms over my chest and awkwardly walked out. Andrea looked at me for a minute before grabbing my arms and uncrossing them. “Don’t hide what you have that way, those might be the best tits I have ever seen you should show them off.” It was like she was scolding me. I could feel my pussy getting even wetter.

Andrea looked for another minute. “Your little white panties are cute, they make you seem innocent. But honey they really anime porno don’t go well with this outfit.”

Before I could answer Andrea leaned down in front of me and was pulling down my panties. She pulled them all the way down and then insisted that I step out of them. I did what she said knowing there was no way I could hide how turned on I was. My pussy was practically dripping down my thighs.

Andrea stood and took a step back. “Now that looks amazing. Your tits are perfect, and so is your little shaved pussy. You’re all wet and ready for anything aren’t you?”

I nodded slightly as Andrea walked behind me. “Ok sexy thing bend over and let me see that ass.” I immediately bent over pushing my ass in her direction, I couldn’t resist even a little bit. I could feel the air hitting my wet pussy and making it throb. I knew that anything this girl wanted from me she could have.

I gasped as I she slid a finger into my wet pussy and moaned just a little when she brushed her thumb across my clit. “Oh you like that don’t you? You like the way I play with your little pink pussy? Tell me how much you like it.”

I moaned and gasped for air as she started to move her fingers faster and faster. “It feels so good.” Was all I could manage to croak out.

“Very good.” Andrea purred. She stopped fingering me and took a step away. “Now my pretty little slut, I want you to sit down in the dressing room and spread your legs. I want to hear you beg me eat your pussy.”

I immediately sat on the bench in the dressing room and spread my legs. I had never wanted anything more, but I was uncertain of how to ask for it, I didn’t know how to beg someone to eat my pussy. Andrea watched me waiting patiently for me to comply with her demands. She held her hand to her face and started to lick my juices off her fingers. I watched her; my clit throbbing and twitching with every flick of her tongue.

“Please arap porno Andrea, will you eat my pussy? I need to cum so bad and I want to feel your tongue on my clit.” My voice didn’t sound like my own; it was dripping with lust and desperation. I didn’t just want her to lick my pussy I needed to cum on her face. I needed it more than I had ever needed anything and nothing else mattered.

“That is a good little pussy.” Andrea smiled. She dropped down before me and began to eat my pussy like it was the last meal on earth. I could feel her sucking on my clit and licking all around it. I looked down to watch her at work because I had never felt something so amazing. I looked down in time to see that Andrea had slipped a hand under her skirt and was quickly fingering herself.

I tried to hold on and let the feeling of that goddess’ tongue linger but when I felt her shudder and begin to moan from her own impending orgasm I couldn’t hold on any longer. I wrapped her hair around my fingers and pulled her face closer to my pussy and she latched her lips around my clit and sucked it hard. I began to scream in pleasure, my whole body shook on the bench and I almost fell off.

Andrea looked up at me and pulled her fingers from her pussy and pushed them to my lips. I quickly took them in my mouth and licked them clean. She tasted so sweet. I looked down at her my eyes still filled with lust. I wanted badly to lick her clit and make her scream like she had made me scream. Andrea stood and straightened herself.

I slid off the bench onto the floor in front of Andrea and slid my hands up her thighs to her pussy slowly sliding one finger inside her. My tongue found her hard little clit easily. As I licked faster Andrea leaned back against the wall pulling my hair hard. She was moaning and writhing pressing her wet pussy all over my face.

“Oh that’s right you little slut, eat that pussy. Oh yes that’s my dirty little whore, mmm suck that clit.” Andrea was screaming now. I felt her whole body shake as she began to cum and I happily licked up the flood of juices that poured out over my face.

Andrea looked down at me and smiled. “Like I said the teddy is definitely for you.”

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