Summers day by the pool

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This story continua’s from my other story ‘the weekend we stayed alone’. Please enjoy this one.

As we had spoken about it earlier and because it was literarily the most perfect beautiful summers day, me and James had decided to go down to the school pool where we would be all along to enjoy a long day of sun, swimming and lots of fun.

It was about 11 o’clock when we decided to go down to the pool. We gathered out things in our hands from the dorm and left for the 2 minute walk to the pool. As soon as we got there we entered the pool changing room where we both proceeded to strip down until we were in our boxers. I then pulled down mine making sure that James got a full view of my cock and he did the same. We changed into our small tight Speedo’s.
James’s Speedo was extremely tight because it was at least 2 years old but I wasn’t complaining at all because I cud see the outline of his packaged constantly.

We stepped out of the change room and lay our towels next to the pool. The radiant sun beat down on us but we didn’t mind because we love the sun. We then decided to get a little tanning before we went for a swim in the crystal clear pool water which was bound to refresh us later.

Even though we were both very tanned, we thought it would be a good idea to apply sun block to each other just in case so that we didn’t get burnt. I went first and took a fat blob of sun block in each hand and started rubbing it into his legs, starting at the bottom slowly working my way up until I was basically massaging sakarya escort his balls. He seemed to enjoy it a lot because I noticed a pre cum stain on the outside of his Speedo. I took another blob and rubbed it into his chest working all the way down until, by mistake, my hand slipped down his Speedo and into his pubic hair and most of the shaft of his cock, he didn’t seem to mind what I was doing as he stayed lying down on the ground and didn’t even say a word. I continued to massage his penis and balls with my sun block lubricated hand until I decided I would save his cum for later.

He did the same for me except the going into my Speedo part but by that time it didn’t matter because we were both so hot we decided to swim. We swam for about an hour before I became horny again and got a hard on right there in the pool. I thought that this was the right time to start playing physical games in the pool.

I swam over to him and started wrestling him in the water, making sure he could feel my hard cock pressing against the back of his Speedo. I brushed my hand down the front of his Speedo to also find his raging cock. We were both so horny by now because all of this physical contact I had to do something to release my cum. I was a lot stronger than him so I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him to the steps, it was too risky to do it in the pool, and pulled him into the change room and he knew straight away what was going to happen.

I couldn’t wait to get to his cock. I sat him down on the bench in the change room sakarya escort bayan and slowly peeled down his Speedo until it was around his ankles revealing his 5 inch boner. I could see the precum at the bit where his foreskin was peeled back because his dick was so hard. I wanted it and wasn’t going to wait any longer.
I got onto my knees and dove straight into it, pushing his cock all the way into my throat and using my tongue to gather all of his juicy, salty precum. My head bobbed up and down over his cock as I tried to pleasure him best I could and I think it was working because when I looked up his head was back with his mouth open.

It was at this point that he started to groan and his knee’s started to shudder a little bit. He shot his 3 strings of cum straight down the back of my throat and I had no trouble taking it.

He was done but now it was my turn. I pushed him over on the bench so that he was lying on his back and then I rolled him over so that his ass was in the air. I took a moment to admire his ass and the things I was going to do to it. I took sun block and lubricated between his firm tight cheeks.

I pulled down my Speedo and with my cock pointing straight at his ass, leaned into it slowly. My dick slid in much more easily now and I could tell that he wasn’t in any pain at all but actually in bliss. He started letting out cries and grunts of pleasure as I began to pound him from behind faster and faster.

After doing this for a while, I sat down on the bench myself with my cock escort sakarya pointing straight up and because he was quite small and I was quite strong, I easily lifted him off the bench and put him on my lap, sliding my cock back inside his tight ass. I placed my hand on his thighs and slowly started lifting him, with the help of him of course, up and down over my dick.

This was a whole new thing for us and brought new pleasure. After a while I started letting out groans myself uncontrollably and started to increase the speed at which he was riding me because I knew it was about time for me to cum.

Then it burst. The most I had ever cum in my life had just gone into his butt, at least 6 shots at the least of my white sticky cum and I know he felt every single one of them inside him. I fell back and so did he with my dick still inside. We were both panting from the workout.

Moments later when I managed the strength to pick him up of him, I looked at his ass to see some of my cum leaking out around the edges. What a glorious sight.

We both slid back into our Speedo’s and back into the pool to cool off and clean ourselves off. After this we went back to our towels and lay drying off in the sun but I wasn’t finished with his perfectly straight hairless dick, I wanted more but didn’t want anybody to see us so I had to settle for having my hand down his Speedo massaging his cock and balls for the rest of the afternoon while starring at his perfect small body and muscle just imaging myself blowing my load over him again and again and again.

After we decided to leave, round about 3 o’clock, he told me that we could pick this up later. Just the thought of it kept me going the rest of the day…

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