Surprise Honey Ch. 03


Arriving in Ketchikan, we tied up to the dock. Jan and Carl went by taxi to the nearest grocery store to stock up on food. May took Anne and went to the harbormasters office to do some paperwork and pay the docking fee.

Julie and I were alone onboard. We were sitting in the dining area. I hadn’t talked to her until now. I knew that we had some ground to cover between us. All those years of my not being there for her. Guilt washed over me as I remembered the last few days.

“Julie, I know I haven’t been in your life. You have reason to hate me I guess, but for the record, your mother took you away and never let me contact you again. I used to send you letters and gifts on holidays and your birthdays. I think she never let you see them.”

“Yeah. I used to watch her rip up your letters to me. I never saw any gifts from you, although I used to get some pretty good ones from her. I know now that they were probably from you. She couldn’t have afforded what she gave me.”

“If I had known I would have tried harder to get custody of you. I thought of you often over the years. I wondered…so much.”

“Well, it wasn’t all bad Bill. Mom was pretty fucked up, but she did love me in her way. When her boyfriend took me that one night…she…well, I think she was mad at me at first. Then she was real mad at him. He made all the promises and she took him back. Every time we were alone he would have me. I had no choice, and I was afraid of what he may have done had I told mom.”

“Oh God…I am so sorry Julie. I never knew.”

“Not your fault Bill. I learned that if mom was going somewhere, I either went along, or split over to a friend’s house. The creep never got me that much.”

“Once was too much Julie. Had I known, I would have fought tooth and nail for you. I did love you. Your mom did a good job of disappearing after the divorce. I tried to find you. The best I could ever do is give letters and gifts to her mom and hope that she would get them to you.”

“I know now that you were not the monster mom made you out to be. I used to read trade magazines from the tech and computer sectors just to read about you. What kind of person you were. Not the same as knowing you in real life, but at least I knew something about you.”

“You read about me in magazines?”

“Yeah. I knew your name and what you did. I knew you got married to that lady when you did. I also knew that you had no other children. I knew you were pretty well off financially. I knew all that I could gather up from articles in those magazines.”

“Then why were you so…angry the other night? Why didn’t you try to contact me before? Why did you do what you did the way you did it? I don’t understand Julie, I would have done anything for you, still will as a matter of fact.”

“Look, as far as I knew you were the big bad wolf. Up until yesterday I thought you were. I had been seeing that my perceptions of you were all off. The little warning bells about what I was doing with you, and to you, were the wrong things to do. I…I…I’m sorry Bill. I was wrong about you.”

Julie had broken down and was crying. Her shoulders shook as her hands covered her face. I sat there not knowing what to do. I reached out to her and held her shoulders. Soon I pulled her into my arms and hugged her.

I said nothing. I just let her cry on my shoulder. I will admit I had a few tears in my eyes too. I had missed so much. Her growing up, birthdays, Christmases, all of those things that fathers are supposed to be there for.

I had guilt for her situation and my not having done more to find her and get her back in my life. We stayed like that for a long time. Soon she stopped crying, sniffles coming less and less often.

With my arms still around her, holding her tightly against me, I felt her arms go around my body. Her face pressed into my neck, her breath hot. I felt wetness from her tears on my shoulder and neck.

“You are a better man than any I have ever met Bill. I am sorry for lying to you about who I was. I was so wrong about you. I wanted to hurt you for not being there for me. I wanted to hate you.”

“I can’t say as I blame you. Your mother sure did her job in making you not like or think very much of me. I understand your feelings toward me…I guess. Why the sex thing though?”

“Firstly I was going to try to get you to fall in love with me. I was going to be the best sexual partner you had ever had. Then, just as you proposed to me I would have said no because fathers can’t marry daughters. I wanted to hurt you in the most hateful way I could.”

Stunned, I just sat there. My own daughter had hated me so much that she would have done that. I was at a loss for words. I broke away from her and walked over to the bar. I needed a drink to calm my nerves.

Julie followed me over and asked for a drink too. Figuring that we had both been pretty wound up I made them doubles. We sat in silence as me nursed our drinks and thoughts.

Finally, after finishing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her drink, Julie stood. Her hands went to her blouse and began to unbutton it. I was dumfounded as she began to strip off her clothes. I could also feel the beginnings of an erection starting too.

“Uh…what are you doing Julie?”


“I can see that. Why are you stripping?”

“I want to be naked. I want to be held. I want to be fucked. I want sex with someone who could love me. I want you to take me.”

“We’ve been over this Julie, I am your father. You can’t…you and I can’t…we can’t…”

“We can and we will Bill. I want you. You want me too, I can see that pretty clearly.”

“It’s not right Julie. We’re related. Fathers and daughters can’t…well, we can’t have sex. It isn’t right.”

“What’s not right about us having sex Bill? I am a woman, you are a man, and we go together. We have had sex already anyway. Just relax and enjoy me.”

Naked she moved towards me. Since I was still sitting I started to move to get up and away. Julie jumped into my lap before I could get up fully, knocking me back down into the chair.

I had no chance to get away at that point. Her arms were around me, breasts pressing into my chest. Her tongue was licking my neck, then my chin. Soon it was swiping along my lips.

I felt one of her hands moving into my crotch. She skillfully undid my pants and worked her hand into my underwear. I gasped as her fingers closed around my hardness. That gasp caused my lips to part and her tongue shot into my mouth.

I was on fire. Her body was hot and soft. Her hand was smooth and firm in its grip of my cock. I felt her move the head of my cock along her pussy lips as she began to grind on my lap.

I was losing control of my emotions. My heart was rapidly going into overdrive as this woman took me to an edge of passion. I felt her pussy lips envelope my hardness as she slid down onto my cock.

“Ohhhh…Mmmmmm. That feels sooo…good Bill. You have a great cock. It fills me perfectly.”

“We shouldn’t do this Julie. You…”

“Doesn’t this feel good Bill? Aren’t you hard because you want to fuck? My pussy is so wet. I want it filled and you are the only man around that I can see. Let go Bill…fuck me.”

“Oh God…Julie we can’t…uhhh…It’s not…ummmm…the…right…uhhhh…thing to…ohhh…God you are so tight and hot.”

“Oh yes baby. I am tight and hot. I am hot, tight, and wet for you Bill. Your cock is so hard, so long…ohhhhh…fuck…fuck me.”

I had given up trying to prevent this from happening. I was lost in lust for this tight wet pussy. Her breasts were in my face so I took in a nipple and sucked on it as I reveled in the feelings coursing through my body.

Her hands were around my head pulling my lips into her breasts. Her hips were rolling and sliding around as she worked herself up and down on my cock. I put my arms around her and held her close to me.

Gathering myself I stood up, with her still impaled on my cock. I walked us into my bedroom and to my bed. Her gasps were timed with each step I took, and I could feel her clit as it ground down on the base of my cock.

I carefully set her on the bed, never pulling out of her pussy, and laid her back. I was on top of her and began to stroke in and out of her. Her arms were still around my head and her legs spread open wide.

I pumped in and out of her in ever increasingly harder strokes. Her legs came up and rested on my shoulders as I pounded into her. I could see her breasts bounce around as I rammed her pussy. Her eyes were closed her mouth open, and a flush was creeping out around her chest.

I could feel the lips of her pussy slipping around me, holding me firmly. On my upstroke they would pull out and seemingly try to suck me back into her. On the down-stroke they would be pushed back into her pussy.

Her moans were getting louder and louder the closer I drove her to orgasm. I felt my orgasm approaching fast too. Soon we both broke over into our separate orgasms. Separate but together we came.

Collapsing beside her I kept an arm around her. Caressing her shoulder as she lay there catching her breath. She rolled over and her head rested on my shoulder. Her breasts were pushed into my body and her leg went over mine.

I could feel the heat from her pussy against my hip. My cock began to stir. She began to softly move her hips against mine. Her hand found it’s way down to my cock and lightly stroked it.

I felt her move down and soon her hot breath was caressing my cock. Her lips encircled the head of my cock as she began to bring me back to life. I laid back and closed my eyes, a hand on her head. Her hair was soft.

She soon had me hard again and kept sucking on my cock. Moving carefully around under her I got my head between her legs. Understanding what I was doing, she spread her knees wide and lowered herself to my waiting güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tongue. I licked her wetness.

She shook a bit then began to lower her pussy even farther down. I soon was tonguing her deeply. Sucking our combined juices, I drank of her offering. I slipped a finger into her anal opening as I tongue-fucked her pussy.

Her mouth opened wider and I felt her lips at the base of my cock. Holding tightly, she pulled up and only stopped when she got to the head. Then her lips would loosen as she took me back to the base again. I could feel her tongue dancing on my shaft as she stroked on my each time.

I had now worked two fingers into her anal ring. My tongue was exploring around and up to where my fingers disappeared into her body. I would then go back to her clit and softly rub in little circles. Soon she began to shake harder and harder. I could sense her orgasm approaching.

She began to roll her hips and push them harder onto my face. My fingers were stroking in and out of her extremely tight anal bud. Each time I would stroke her she would gasp. Soon she had forgotten all about sucking me as her orgasm approached.

I worked in a third finger as my lips enclosed her clit. I sucked lightly on that little spire of tenderness, drawing her into orgasm. As she came I felt her anal muscles tighten around my fingers, and I was soon rewarded with a gush of her juices into my mouth.

After she came, I pulled my fingers out of her asshole slowly. I replace them with my tongue. It slipped easily into her tightness. I heard her softly gasp as I began to lick her there. I would pull my tongue out of her and trace it around that tight opening, then plunge it back into her.

I felt her lips around my cock again and she began to really work on orally pleasing me. Lost in her taste and heat, I knew she would have her work cut out for her now. I licked and sucked on her as she worked my cock over.

After a bit I pulled away. She groaned a bit out of frustration. I moved to get behind her as she stayed on her knees. I slipped my cock up to her pussy and rubbed it across her lips there.

“Ohh…mmmm…stick it in…yeah…fuck me.”

I slipped my cock into her and plunged it to the base in one fast stroke. Her gasp was followed with a moan of joy. I felt her fingers on her clit as I began to stroke in and out of her pussy.

Suddenly she pulled away, grabbing my cock from between her legs. Holding it firmly, she put the head of it at her anal bud.

“Fuck me there Bill. I want your cock in my ass. Fuck me in the ass just like you were fucking me in my pussy.”

With an offer like that, I couldn’t refuse. I carefully began to push against her tight little hole. She surprised me by shoving back onto my cock. She took me half way in before stopping for a minute to get used to my size back there.

After a bit, she pushed back some more, slowly, until I was completely buried in her ass. She was very tight and very hot. I felt her fingers back on her pussy; once in a while they would touch my balls.

After a little wait, I began to pull out. When the head of my cock got to the edge of her hole I pushed it back in. Slowly I began to build speed. Pretty quickly I was fucking her ass just like I had been stroking in and out of her pussy before.

Her tightness soon had me on the edge of cumming. I felt her begin to tense up and as she came I let loose also. My hot cum pouring into her ass sent her over the top. She collapsed beneath me.

My cock shot off, half in and half out of her asshole. I could see my sperm oozing out of her ass as I rolled off of her. Her little hole was still open, and flexing a bit. I couldn’t help myself and I leaned in and licked and cleaned her up. I licked her until her little hole was once again tightly closed.

We fell asleep on my bed. Later, as we heard everyone coming back aboard, we got up showered and dressed. Anne came up to me and kissed me on the lips. She gave me a funny look and then kissed me again.

“She’s pretty good in the sack isn’t she Bill?”

“I don’t know what you mean Anne.”

“You know exactly what I mean Bill. I can see you and Julie had some mind rocking sex while we were gone. It is just glowing around both of you. Not that it is a bad thing. I think it’s kinda cute. I just want some of you myself.”

May came in just at that point.

“Oh no you don’t. Bill is mine next. He promised me that I got to have some good one on one sex with him next. You will have to wait until I am through with him before you try him out again.”

Not wanting a fight to start, I stepped up to May and put my arm around her. I put my other arm out towards Anne, who came under it. Holding them both I kissed each one lightly on the cheek.

“Now, I did promise May that she would have me to herself Anne. Don’t worry though…there is enough of me to go around.”

“Well, I guess I have already had you a few times and May hasn’t. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Sorry May. You can have him for a while. I get him after you though.”

May took my hand and pulled me out of the dining area and into my cabin. Closing the door behind her she turned and started to strip. She had a very sensuous way of stripping too. I watched, mesmerized, as she undid each button on her blouse. Soon that blouse was on the deck and her pants were heading there also.

She stood in front of me in her bra and panties looking so beautiful and sexy that I moaned out loud. She smiled and walked, or rather, stalked towards me. May now looked like a tigress going after her prey. I was still standing by the bed when she reached out and grabbed my shirt. Unbuttoning it in a feverish frenzy, she yanked it down over my hips and jerked it to the floor.

Her hands next went to my belt buckle and in a matter of seconds; my pants were on the floor, underwear included. Her breath was hot on my cock as she began to lick and caress me. I reached down to undo her bra and she slapped my hand away. Getting the idea I just let her control the situation.

Growling as she began to suck my length into her throat, she pushed me back until I fell onto the bed. This caused her to lose her liplock on my cock. She soon had it back in her mouth and was giving me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. She used her hands on my balls and whatever part of my cock was exposed. Her lips were tightly held around my shaft as she bobbed up and down on me.

I could feel her tongue working around me as she pulled off of the head, just before taking me back into her mouth and going to the base of my cock again. I realized that at some point she had started to work a finger into my ass and soon that finger matched her oral strokes. It made me feel like she was going clear through me on each down stroke. In no time at all May had me ready to shoot. Sensing this she backed off and began to tongue around my balls, then down further to where her finger was inserted into my ass.

Soon she sat up and undid her bra. Her breast swayed with their newfound freedom. Her nipples stood out, begging to be sucked and nibbled on. I leaned forward and she let me lick them. I took one into my mouth and sucked a bit on it then rolled it between my lips while tugging out. When it finally popped out of my mouth, I would go for the other one. I soon heard her moan, softly begging for more.

I started to work her panties down. I could feel the heat she gave off. I got her panties to her knees and then place a finger near her clit. I ran it down and back around to her brown bud, fingering it a bit, teasingly. Then I slipped it into her cleft as I slid it back up to her clit. Her juices were running down her legs already. I added a finger, and then hesitated in my next run to her butt to dip into her pussy.

I could feel her lips trying to work my fingers into her. I let her have about half of them before pulling out and continuing to her even tighter rear hole. I worked one finger into her rear hole about to the second knuckle. I slipped my other hand down and began to run it through her wetness, teasing her clit and then sticking into her pussy.

May still had a grip on my cock and soon she was trying to pull me up and into her. I laid back and let her straddle my body. My cock was standing straight up as she held me. Her tongue was licking her lips as the head of my cock entered her pussy. Her head went up and back, her throat showing fully to me as she sank down on my hard shaft.

I sat up a bit and started to tongue her nipples as she rocked up and down on my cock. I took both of her breasts in my hands and pushing them together, I was able to get both nipples in my mouth at the same time. I sucked and licked on them both as she flew into orgasm. Her hands went around my head and pulled me tightly into her chest as she rocked into my pelvis bone. Grinding down so that her clit was rubbing on me. I started to cum at that point and as she shuddered and shook from her orgasm, I shot my hot sperm deeply into her.

She shuddered again as she felt that hot cum blasting off in the confines of her tight pussy. Falling back, I took her with me and she collapsed on top of me, her breasts crushed against my chest. I put my arms around her and held her until she caught her breath. May sat up on top of me and with my cock still in her pussy, she started to rock and slide over it again. My cock had been getting soft, but her talented movement soon had me back on the road to hardness again.

Not a word had been said since we started. Just animalistic growls and grunts. She smiled down at me as she ground down on my cock. She then bent over and began to tongue my ear. As she tongued me she whispered,

“Think you can get it up hard again Bill? I have a different hole for you to fuck. Think you can get hard enough to fuck my ass?”

I felt a shock run through my body at her words. To hear May say ‘fuck’ like she did made my cock go to full hardness. Sensing that I was rock hard again she pulled away and turned around on me. I felt her hands on my cock as she positioned it against her tight little bud. May worked it in a little bit at a time and pretty soon had half of me in her ass.

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