Surreptitious Love Ch. 151

Big Tits

Chapter 151 – A salacious Birthday Present

Dear Mister Ben,

I won’t be able to meet you at the old guesthouse this week, but Ms. Nga will be waiting for you there on Thursday at 11:30. By the way, it’s her birthday soon.

Yours, Khang Thi Lan Nguyet

My long-term affair Nguyet had sent me this little message on Monday, which meant that we weren’t going to see each other this week, for pretty much the first time in three months. And my side-kick Charlie, who was my nephew in our role-play, wouldn’t be there either, as he had to go to Da Nang for a preliminary meeting or something at the company where he was going to complete an internship later this fall.

Well, that suited me just fine, as the three of us – Nguyet, Charlie, and myself – had spent quite some time together recently. Nguyet’s real estate company had just acquired an older, charming guesthouse, which was unused at the moment, where she wanted to reunite and reinvigorate our orgy posse in a beguiling role-play, in which we were pretending to set up a brothel.

The only young woman who Nguyet had interviewed so far, however, was said Nga – an ex-colleague of us from the private English school, where Nguyet and I had worked together, until she had left for the real estate company, for which she was still working. Nga – which was pronounced ‚Naa’, with a deep, long ‘a’ like in ‘rather’ – had been pretty dopey back then but, over the last few years, she had matured from a shy, bashful girl into a fairly self-confident, attractive, and witty woman.

Now, Nga wasn’t particularly straightforward when it came to sex or relationships, but since the marriage market in her village had already been emptied, she had decided to enjoy herself and pursue her fantasies in the safe but still adventurous atmosphere of the old guesthouse. Nga thought of herself as rather unalluring, but she knew how much I liked her and would from now on – albeit only on Thursdays, as she had some sort of workshop nearby that day – join us and experiment with her lust.

Two weeks ago, my glans had been in her sphincter for the last minute of our intercourse, and I had exploded back there as well – which had been a very first for her. On the way out – of the building, that was – she had told me how much she had loved the new sensation, though, especially the prickling and tickling all through her attractive midsection. In the dark foyer, she had asked me quietly, though, why I hadn’t pushed my rod all the way in. I only replied that I loved having the groove at the bottom of my glans getting pressed by her tight annular muscle, which seemed to made sense to her.

But there had still been some traces of disappointment in her face when Charlie had been coming down the stairs, which had made us stop our delicate conversation. Outside, sitting on our respective motorcycles, she had smiled at me and held her hands with spread fingers around an imaginary hole, before she had been wiggling her fingers and let her hands travel away from each other. I knew that she had been illustrating the prickling once more; Nguyet had used the word ‘fireworks’ after her first time anal.

So, Nga’s birthday was coming up. Should I buy a small cake, on top of the beer that I was going to bring anyway? Yes, we could nibble on it during our foreplay. But what if she brought one as well? But then, if she didn’t, I would have to leave her there alone to get one, which wouldn’t be conducive to our foreplay. Better two cakes than none, I decided, but eventually only bought two nice, small mango tarts.

Approaching the guesthouse, I could already see her waiting in a long, red traditional dress. Those knee-length ao dai had long slits on both sides that started five inches under the woman’s armpits and were to be worn with loose pants in a solid color, often just white or black. Of course, Nga was also was holding a cake in her hand. When she had spotted me, she smiled and lifted her hand to show me the small package and greet me, which exposed the small triangle of naked skin above the rubber waistband of her pants, under her arm. She had her hair in a loose, large knot in her neck again, and her apple cheeks and relatively pointy nose gave her a sassy, rakish smile.

She lifted her cake again as I was getting off my Honda, pointing at the small package on my handlebar, like I hadn’t noticed it yet, which was a cute and amiable gesture, of course. She rummaged through her purse to find the keys and then unlocked the door. I paid her three compliments as we were walking along the dark foyer – one about her impish face, one for her stunning figure, and another about her dress – which she soaked in with a bashful smile and nod.

Upstairs, we placed our things on the table, and she put the kettle on, presumably to make tea. I poured myself a drink and opened the window, before I lit a ciggy and wondered if Nga might want a beer as well. When she was back from the kitchenette with a plate and spoons, she unpacked her cake, which looked lovely.

“When’s your birthday again?” Beşiktaş escort I asked.

“October 29th… in a few days…”

When we heard the kettle switch itself off, she got up again to pour us the tea, which would go better with the cake than the beer. True. I dropped my cigarette butt into the first empty beer can and opened another, after which she invited me to pitch in. As I was sure she would love the mango tarts, I put one on the plate but then tried her cake, first. After watching me for a few seconds to gauge whether I liked what she had brought, Nga decided to have a go at the mango tartlet and seemed rather pleased.

Since we had known each other for four years, had had our first anal intercourse about two weeks back, and were clear why we had met today, I instantly caressed the naked skin triangle under her arm, which was squeezed now, as she was sitting; that small piece of flesh had already smiled at me for ten minutes. Right away, I was tempted to continue our conversation where we had left off a fortnight ago, but then decided not to be rash. After all, we had just sat down, and I felt that bringing up ‘the whole cock in your rectum’ would be a bit crude. No, I would wait and see where the conversation would go, first.

The front part of her dress had slid completely between her legs, as smooth as the fabric was, and I noticed how massive her chest looked. Her bra must have been two sizes too large, I thought to myself. Actually, Nga was rather flat. But I liked her bangs, which she put back behind her ears from time to time, from where they would fall back forward, though, as the cute bangs weren’t long enough yet. And so, we ate quietly for a minute or two, until I lit another ciggy.

“Well, Mister Ben, are we going to do today what we talked about downstairs, before we said goodbye the last time?” she asked now, straightforward but coy at the same time.

To make sure we were on the same page, I tried to clarify, though: “You mean, you want my whole… penis… back there, inside you…?”

Since I knew how inexperienced she was, I didn’t want to startle her with crude language.

“Yes… the last time, it was really nice… but, like I said before, I didn’t understand why you didn’t push in more…” she confirmed. “I mean, I thought there was still room…”

“Sure, if it doesn’t hurt and you really want it… would you like to take a shower before, though?” I asked to find out if she had already rinsed her rectum.

We could also do that together, too, as Nguyet had bought a bunch of brightly-colored ‘enema balls’ with tubes just for that purpose. They were right across the hall in the shower to that first room on the right – which Nga knew.

“No, I already did that at home, before I came here… it’s all done…” she chuckled.

“I wanna lick you before we do it… but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hold back…” I heard myself say suddenly.

“Well, if that happens, we’ll wait a bit and do it again…” she was optimistic. “Well?!” she looked at me challengingly.

Apparently, we were starting.

“Do you know what would be good, though? If you took a warm bath before…”

She thought about it for a moment, but then decided against it: “That would take too long, perhaps… I have that workshop at 1:30. But do you know what?! Couldn’t I sit on a hot towel, instead? That would soften my… my butt a bit, too, wouldn’t it?!”

I liked the idea, as she would have to take off her pants and panties for that, and then we could sit here for a bit of foreplay. And eat more cake. Sure.

“Certainly. There a lot of towels here…”

Yeah, what she had just proposed seemed clever. And rousing. And it couldn’t hurt. As I was keen on prolonging our foreplay, though, I asked her to keep her dress on for a bit. She made me promise not to soil it, as she would wear it to the workshop later in the afternoon, but then disappeared across the hall to get ready. Yes, naked underneath but covered with her beautiful burgundy dress – that would be it, I thought to myself, while she was gone. I still lit another ciggy and cracked another beer open, before I fully realized what was happening.

I was alone in a lovely but defunct bed-and-breakfast with a somewhat bashful 28-year-old, who had a lovely figure and the nerve to purge her rectum before lunch because she wanted to receive an older former colleague’s cock all the way up her ass. Now if that wasn’t salacious and titillating, I didn’t know what was. Theoretically, the ladies could have set up some ruse, true; Minh could ring the bell downstairs any minute, and we would perhaps double-penetrate her. Or the blind neighbors’ daughter, who was played by our petite masseuse Hanh, could show up. But even though Nguyet had a knack for such surprises, she knew when to leave two people alone.

When Nga was walking the short distance from the room back towards me in the alcove, I could instantly see her naked left leg and hip. And yes, she had also taken off her bra and shoes, which had heels but were easy to slip in Beşiktaş escort bayan and out. The red fabric was too thick to see her nipples, but I would try to find them in a minute with my fingers. She walked past me with a towel in her hand, first, and then I could hear the faint noise of water gurgling. Had she actually boiled more water than necessary for the tea to have some left to wet a towel?

After Nga had sat down again, I got up to take my clothes off, as I found it odd to be sitting here fully dressed next to a, basically, naked woman. She was watching me, but when I asked how it felt sitting on a wet towel with her naked butt, she only chuckled and said:

“It’s nicely warm… it’s ok…”

When I had plopped down my ass again, I caressed her smooth, firm left thigh with my right hand, and my cock began to twitch. Of course. What we had been doing so far wasn’t exactly erotic art, but that wasn’t what we had come here for today. Her body was still covered by her ravishing dress, at least, but I loved how direct and unmitigated our encounter had been so far. Everything reminded me of Emily, when we had been alone for the first time about four months back.

Not to be too rash, I had limited myself to the lower two-thirds of her lovely light thigh, so far, until Nga pulled her dress to the side, like a curtain, to expose her crotch – almost like Nguyet would have done. Her bush was rather large and looked absolutely delicious. Suddenly, I was tempted to ask her if she had been behind the curtain four weeks back, when Nguyet had proudly presented us the new brothel’s glory hole. Something held me back, though, and then she grabbed my hand to place it in her left groin. On my fingers, I could feel her fluffy pubic hair and a bit of sticky nectar, which had been oozing out of her snatch for quite some time already, I presumed.

All of a sudden, she got up, though, and disappeared briefly in the room across the hall, from where she reemerged five seconds later with the bottle of lubricant in her hand.

“You wanna do it right here?” I asked semi-facetiously.

She grinned, while she was greasing her hand and then motioned me to move closer.

“Mister Ben, you’re always so polite… I mean, I like it, but you could be a bit more forceful… sometimes…” she chided me charmingly.

“Oh, Nga, you are even more diffident, aren’t you?!” I laughed. “Two weeks ago, when I asked you to pee on me, you didn’t want to do it…” I reminded her.

“I just didn’t have to go…” she defended herself with an impish grin, although I was sure that was a white lie. “I’ll do it today if I can…” she promised.

“Well, I guess I’m sometimes overly cautious, as that’s better than being reckless… especially, with young and inexperienced women like you…” I added quietly.

“Sure, but we’re alone here… and we know already what’s going to happen…”

In the meantime, she had put a large dollop of lubricant on my glans, and now we were starting properly. She spread the grease some more but then began to languidly stroke my cock up and down, which prompted me to put my hand between her legs to squeeze and milk her pussy. If she wanted to be handled a bit more forcefully, I would notch up my game. Sure. With my thumb on her clit, I managed to feed her some more cake and was reminded of the ribald lunch with Nguyet, Charlie, and Hanh about three weeks ago.

As Nga was sitting at a 45-degree angle towards me, I saw her nicely bent elegant back and conceived the idea of playing with her anus a bit. And so, I asked her to move closer and then swung the rear of her dress over the back of her chair, which prompted her to turn on her wet towel by 90 degrees to expose her ass, and after I had greased my middle finger, I began to explore her rather flat and malleable anus. She nodded and smiled, while she slowly kept stroking my dick with her left hand – just enough to keep it stiff.

Yes, I could now feel the folds inside her anus funnel. Her sphincter seemed half-an-inch open already, and so I just pushed in, which went wonderfully easy. When I looked at her, she took a deep longing breath and sighed, but then she asked in what position we would eventually do it.

“Last time was nice, but I wanna try something new…” she added.

“Well, at my first time anal, the lady was sitting on a chest of drawers…” I laughed. “Which would be good, as your natural lubrication would just keep coming down your perineum…”

“Yeah, ok, but that would still be similar to what we did last time…” she mused.

Two weeks ago, she had lain on her back, and we had fucked in the missionary position, until I had pulled out, gotten on my knees and put a pillow under her ass, and entered her sphincter. Of course, it had been hot to watch and fondle her pumping juicy flower directly in front of me.

“You could also lie down on your belly… or kneel in front of me…” I suggested, while my middle finger was still exploring her fine, sweet anus, which elicited some lovely moans and groans from the other Escort beşiktaş end of her torso.

“Or I remain standing and lean onto the chest of drawers there in the room…” she had another idea.

“Nga, that’s your call… as you like… but remember I want to lick you before…” I insisted.

Oh, sweet Jesus, was it awesome to be sitting here with my finger in her butt and my cock in her hand. But still, we were both ready to move on.

“Well, yeah, let’s go over there,” she nodded towards the open door, as she knew I would probably come in her hand if she kept doing what she was. “We’ll take our time and do it only once?” she then asked rhetorically.

When I pulled my finger out, she let go of my cock. We scurried across the hall, and as soon as we had entered the room, she took off her dress but put her shoes back on. The heels made her at least two inches taller. Ah, clever.

“I can see that you’re well-prepared…” I chuckled.

“Mister Ben, to be honest, I’ve thought about this for at least a week,” she admitted, giggling and smiling.

Next to the bathroom door, there was relatively low chair, which I grabbed, after she had positioned herself in front of the chest of drawers. Then she turned and placed the weight of her upper body onto her forearms, which nicely lifted up her awesome ass. Yes, she was inviting me to lick her precious butt now, as long as I pleased, and now even moved away from the furniture a bit more to be perfectly positioned.

“Is that ok?” she asked.

“Perfect… divine…” I murmured and instantly leaned in.

I pulled her butt cheeks apart to admire her yellowish, light-brown crack. Her sphincter was pumping, and the whole area seemed wonderfully alive and eager. I found it peculiar how little I cared for her pussy, all of a sudden; now that her pulsating bunny snout was presenting itself so enticingly. Even though the lubricant tasted somewhat neutral, I decided against using more for now and just leaned further in. I rimmed her anus funnel with my tongue a few times but then lost myself with closed eyes in the beguiling, mildly savory aromas of her young ass. I profusely kissed her sphincter and perineum and imagined her sitting in her lovely burgundy dress among all those other young women at the workshop in about an hour. Would their young asses have been licked, too, over lunch?

Oh, good salacious Lord! This was the bee’s knees! Judging by the noises that were coming from her mouth and reverberating off the wall behind her, Nga was exceedingly happy to receive such a rousing, loving treatment. She had begun to sway and swing but then asked suddenly if we couldn’t share another beer.

“You could have a whole can for yourself,” I laughed and got up to get two.

But, before I could move any further, she had already taken the initiative and scurried over to the alcove, naked, in her high-heels. Jesus, did she look hot! She had developed nicely over the last three years, and the ratio of her hips to the rest of her body was pretty much perfect. I had seen her blossom before, but today struck me as a whole new level again. When she was back, she put the glass with the ice on the chest of drawers but then asked me to crack the can open, so she wouldn’t break her nails.

“Lets’ share it, though,” she insisted again, before she drank eagerly and then turned to nonchalantly lean on the chest again.

When she noticed that I had put the empty glass back onto the furniture next to her, she let her butt protrude some more, so that I could continue my art of licking her butt crack. She told me how wonderful everything felt but that I ‘could also come in whenever I would be ready.’ As quiet as it was in the room – apart from our occasional smacking and moaning – I licked her a bit more, as it was just too lovely. I pulled her cheeks apart one more time to admire everything, but when her sphincter opened spontaneously, I couldn’t help it and went into the void once more; first, with my nose and then, tongue. Everything tasted wet and heavy, fruity and earthy, heady but also a bit bitter – like Vietnamese coffee.

Well, her birthday was approaching, and so I eventually got up to fulfil her wish of receiving a whole, decent cock in her rectum. Nga wasn’t as short as Nguyet, Thuy, Mira, or Hanh and she knew that her shoes would perfectly position her in front of me. When I reached between her legs, I found copious amounts of nectar, with which I now greased her sphincter. When I saw that her whole butt was kinda pumping – hollering I’m ready! – I aimed my stiff noodle and plugged her anus with my glans. She relaxed, my cock bent, but then my pulsating purple tip snapped in.

Oh, yes, she was well-positioned indeed, but after a few thrusts, I still loaded a bit more lubricant onto my shaft. She pulled her forearms closer together on the chest under hers, but finally, my cock was fully straight again, after it had bent some more. Of course, I remembered what she wanted today, but I still thrusted only with my glans inside her, as I loved the sensation of her tight sphincter holding my purple tip hostage. Eventually, of course, I ventured further up in her fine rectum, where I didn’t encounter any unwanted substances. Everything felt soft and lovely, so that I reached around her torso to fondle her tits, which caused her saliva to seethe and sizzle.

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