Surreptitious Love Ch. 47


Chapter 47 — Naked Lunch

I hadn’t seen Nguyet all summer, as she had met some guy who was serious, while I had spent a lot of time with Tina, Linh, and Tuyet, as they were college students on their summer break. Now, Nguyet’s suitor had asked her to marry him, so we needed to see each other, Nguyet insisted. As much as she wanted a husband and a father for her son, she felt she needed to talk the whole thing over, as she wasn’t sure what to do. So, we were going to meet at the dainty coffee shop where we had spent titillating hours during the first year of our affair and where I had taken the photos with the college girls just a month earlier.

In the meantime, Nguyet’s mother had asked me to be Facebook friends. Of course, I had agreed but, naturally, I asked myself what could be behind that seemingly innocuous request. For a few days, she was going through all my photos, ‘liked’ every one, and also ‘waved’ at me in private messages. As I didn’t want to trifle away the good standing I was in with her, I played along. Nguyet didn’t use Facebook a lot, so I didn’t tell her about her mother and me, as it all had been harmless anyway so far.

Just two days before our coffee-house date, though, Nguyet’s mother started to actually write to me. In Vietnamese, of course, which she knew I hadn’t mastered yet, but then every little conversation would help me to eventually get better. We passed mundane lines back and forth at first, but then she told me that she liked me ‘as a man’. She found me attractive and asked if she could watch Nguyet and me the next time we were having sex.

That was strong stuff and initially I thought it was a bit much, as I couldn’t imagine that Nguyet would agree to it. On the other hand, we owed her mother for providing the opportunity for countless hours of intense gratification. One scene that immediately passed in front of my mind’s eye was when we had gotten back from Trinh’s wedding and Nguyet was reluctant and intractable, her mom basically sent her upstairs with me and so, indirectly, made her spread her legs. In many ways, Nguyets mom was like a quiet catalyst, without whom we might never have been able to pull it all off.

And, to be honest, right before that moment when her mother had sent us upstairs, Nguyet and I had been kneeling on a small mattress in their living room, looking at her son, and I desperately wanted to lift up her skirt and just mount her from behind, I remembered. The only reason why I didn’t do it had been her mother, who’d been standing right next to us. If I had known, we could have killed two proverbial birds with one stone. I started to like the idea already.

I asked Nguyet’s mother if her daughter was privy to her project of watching us during sex, which she declined. But she emphasized that all she wanted was to peek a little through the door. We could just leave it ajar, couldn’t we? And as soon as Nguyet and I finished, she would quietly retreat, she said. Nguyet ‘wouldn’t even know and so no harm would be done’, she argued.

Well, I still felt uneasy about hiding her mother’s plans from Nguyet. Sure, we did owe her mom that she let us do what we were doing once a month. I harbored the suspicion, however, that Nguyet’s mother’s voyeurism was just a stepping stone to further, more direct involvement in sensual, lewd play. Did her mother want me to bang her, in the end? I could have asked her directly, but either way, it would have been embarrassing: If she denied it, then I would make a fool of myself, but if she insisted, I might get into trouble with Nguyet, who I loved, and so didn’t want to do anything that she disagreed with.

Nguyet was relatively free now that her son was at a nursery during the day. We could go to a hotel after the café, she had already said. I was still eager to watch her pee or even piss on me for the first time, which we couldn’t really do at her house, as both bathrooms there were tiny. I didn’t want to make a mess at her home either. And we hadn’t been to a hotel for two years, as she had been pregnant and then had her child. Our last time at a hotel had been in Hue, the day Nguyet and Tuyet had met. Later, Nguyet had shared an apartment, and our forays into the hotel scene in town had stopped. We had done it at her flat maybe five times, and then at her house again, with her mother’s approval.

We probably shouldn’t go to Nguyet’s house for a while, as her mother wanted to watch us and then even might get hornier and hornier and just lose control. I didn’t want to risk an éclat. And I didn’t know how to get the whole thing with her mother started: would I bang Nguyet first and then her mom? What if I didn’t get it up again? I was in my early fifties and had to think about my recovery period. Well, perhaps Nguyet could conceive an idea how we could satisfy her mother’s whims in a dignified, charming way, but that could wait.

Nguyet came to the cafe straight from work, so she was wearing a blue business suit with a knee-length skirt and light, flesh-colored pantyhose. She looked hot and beautiful, partially since she put on a few Şerifali Escort pounds again. The last time we had seen each other, at Trinh’s wedding, she had been on the verge of looking haggard. Now, back at her normal weight, she was perfect again. Her breasts were reduced to their normal size, too, as she had stopped breastfeeding. I could see a white lacy bra under her white blouse, and her black high-heels were the icing on the cake. She radiated sensuality and was in exceedingly good spirits.

It was a warm, overcast October day. We walked through the large, dainty café, where Nguyet had discovered and then lived out her exhibitionism in a splendid fashion a couple of times. Across the street, there was still the lovely small hotel, which had large bathrooms. I didn’t know how important the peeing was for Nguyet, but when I had brought it up once, she hadn’t seemed opposed to the idea at all. When the waitress had put the glasses down, I immediately asked about her lover, though.

“Well, ‘suitor’ might be better. We aren’t having a passionate affair, and I don’t think I’m in love either. He’s divorced, looking for a wife who will run his parents’ household,” Nguyet stated matter-of-factly. “I believe his parents are putting even more pressure on him than mine on me,” she added.

“Which shows when you’re spending time together, huh?”

“You bet. He’s pushy, always talking about our life together. But he’s pretty nervous, I can tell. But, Ben, there are several things I don’t like about the deal.”

“As there are?” I asked.

“Well, he doesn’t have any siblings, so he’s spoilt rotten. He’s already said that he expects his wife to do all the housework. And he’s living with his parents, so I’d have to do their housework, too.”

“Well, I can’t imagine that you’re yearning to do that.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not averse to housework or cooking. But I have a son and my parents aren’t getting any younger either.”

“They are about my generation, mid-fifties. I wouldn’t worry about them yet,” I countered.

“Of course, I gotta think long-term, Ben,” she reminded me. “Cuong is lazy and, unlike my mother, his doesn’t know how to cook. So I’d have to do that too. The family’s from Hanoi so they all are spoilt and kinda hoity-toity. They seem pretty unhappy here in our small town. Their house is large, too …”

“Well, that all doesn’t sound like a good deal. I also know you like your job at the real estate office as well as the fact that you make enough money to take care of everything.”

“Ben, I don’t think I’ll marry him. He’s balding, too,” she now giggled. “And his penis small,” she added with a mischievous smile. “Hey, enough: Now you tell me about your summer!” she requested.

“Hey, do you know what happened in June? Do you remember Nga from our school?”

“There were two: the one who called herself ‘Rose’ and the other who walked like a puppet.”

“The latter,” I laughed. “Also known as ‘dopey girl’.”

“We always called her ‚marionette’, as she walked like a wooden doll,” Nguyet admitted.

„Exactly. Her, yes. Nga sells fashion in town now, but she has developed into a beautiful young woman since the last time you saw her. One day in June, I was at her place, and we ended up doing it on the flokati.”

“Goodness gracious! She was still a virgin; I suppose?” Nguyet wanted to know immediately.

“Sure. But it was moving. Well, of course it was. No, seriously. It was beautiful. I don’t think we’ll do it again, though. Perhaps she was embarrassed the next day. She probably wants a husband at her age, not a fling.”

“Sometimes, it’s better to just fuck without all the romantic glorifications, worries, and considerations … honestly, right now I can totally do without that,” Nguyet assured me.

“True. We’ll see. Tuyet and I had two or three bashes, during one of which her younger sister watched us secretly from the hall but then joined us. She’s 18 and super cute. And then Tuyet was at my house twice to cram math,” I added.

“Yeah, she told me she failed an exam,” Nguyet interjected.

“Well, as you can imagine, the whole thing got out of hand in the end. Not the first but the second time. The first, my wife had been there, and Tuyet acted pretty chaste and innocent. The second time, though, we measured her pubic mound and calculated the area. Which had been her idea, by the way …”

Nguyet burst out laughing: “Why did you do that?”

“As strange as it sounds: we were doing spherical geometry … triangles and cosine functions … and Tuyet got the idea after a mutual friend had shown us her massive bush in a video call. That girl did a striptease and everything escalated from there …”

Nguyet couldn’t stop laughing: “So that’s how you spend your mornings, huh? Great. Do you want to measure my triangle today?”

“Sure, but I didn’t bring a ruler,” I laughed. “But we could guess.”

“How big is Tuyet’s, actually? Do you remember?” Nguyet asked seriously, as it seemed to turn her on. “I know it’s pretty small,” she added.

“Not even 60 square centimeters. Üsküdar Escort About nine square inches. Four inches wide and four-and-a-half long,” I showed her with my fingers.

Nguyet looked down on herself and looked at her hand, but then down again, as if she wanted to calculate the area of her gorgeous black, curly triangle right here at the café through the skirt, pantyhose, and underwear.

“Well, mine is probably six inches wide, and about the same height. Sometimes, there’s some hair peeking through my underwear on the sides, as you know,” she giggled.

“Your bush is awesome,” I assured her one more time. “And you have a lot of hair on your outer labia too, which is kinda hot. And even down on your perineum. All in all, if we count that too, you have like nine or ten inches of hair from the line below your belly. That’s like three or four times Tuyet’s,” I laughed impressed.

“And there’s some more hair in my butt,” Nguyet admitted, giggling.

“And you know how much that turns me on,” I said with a silly deep voice.

“Don’t forget my legs,” Nguyet reminded me. “Until I started wearing skirts at the school, I never shaved them, I gotta admit. Do you remember?”

“Yeah, of course. But there’s nothing to admit. You mustn’t feel bad about your hairy legs. But, yes, everyone at the school who knew how much I liked you asked me what I thought of your hairy legs. Everyone seemed shocked.”

“And?” Nguyet asked with a quizzical look on her face.

“Nguyet, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I can’t stop loving you just because I found out you have hairy shins.”

She saw that I was looking at her legs, like I was checking if she had shaved lately. So she commented that she did it once a week now, as it ‘wasn’t a big deal.’

Now, she was asking about the latest gossip at the school and, eventually, Tina.

“What’s so special about your new ‘love’ Tina, that you don’t have much time for me and Tuyet anymore?” she was teasing me.

“Well, Tina is intelligent, super polite, and really conscientious. And she has the perfect figure. But since she was raised rather strict—with a huge emphasis on cleanliness and tidiness—she’s really keen on ‘dirty’ stuff. She loves to piss in my presence. She likes to pee on me and also being peed on. Once, she even had an orgasm when I was pissing on her.”

Nguyet nodded but didn’t say anything, so I continued:

“Tuyet had told her that she had peed in my mouth once, just a little bit, and so Tina knew I’d be fine with it. Or even liked it. Ever since, we pee on each other pretty much every time we are together.”

Nguyet crossed her legs, and my dick made its presence felt. Nguyet could have peed right then and there, if it had been for me. I would have loved it. I was happy that Tina didn’t hold back, as it added another satisfying facet to our sex life. On the other hand, I wasn’t so keen that I wanted every woman to piss on me, especially not if the woman had never mentioned it. Although, now that I was thinking about it: Nga, the dopey girl, could have peed on me. Definitely.

Nguyet did seem to understand intuitively but asked: “But Tuyet doesn’t pee on you nowadays every time you see her? Or did I miss that?”

“No, neither do other women. Just Tina. I think what makes it really hot with her is that we put one over her mother every time we do it, and that there is this intense contrast between her public persona and her private: Everyone knows her as this pretty, bright young woman who’s good at school and everything, but then she spreads her legs and pees on me, her former teacher. It’s one of the hottest things ever.”

Nguyet was listening and, perhaps, getting turned on. As she didn’t seem to want to say anything, I continued again:

“I often think that Tina’s strict upbringing is still fermenting in her; her mother also makes her feel incredibly guilty about premarital sex. But instead of obliging her mother and suppressing her instincts, Tina actually goes the extra miles and adds more debauchery. In her own controlled way, she needs to break taboos to become free or something. To release steam. You know?”

“Well, sometimes, I also feel everything is too much, but I never thought of peeing on you as a release.”

“I don’t think it’s that easy. Was your upbringing as strict as Tina’s? Anyway, we could just try it, and if you like it, we’ll do it again. If not, we won’t. But I’d love to see and feel you piss.”

It sure would have been hotter if Nguyet and I didn’t talk about it so much in advance but she had asked. With Tina, it had just developed in that direction, which was awesome. But Nguyet and I had known each other for so long that I couldn’t just start peeing in her presence. Neither could I secretly agree to having her mother watch us. Now, of course, I was imagining Nguyet and myself peeing, while her mother was watching.

“What I also like about Tina is that she has great ideas for role-plays,” I changed the topic.

Nguyet looked at me curiously with raised eyebrows.

“Well, once I was her 12th-grade Ümraniye Escort teacher. She was wearing her long white dress, and for every mistake she had made in an essay, I had to punish her, which escalated nicely.”

“I’m sure you taught her quite some lessons that day,” Nguyet laughed.

“Oh, yes, In the end, I banged Tina on her mother’s teacher’s desk. Of course, that meant breaking yet another taboo and putting one over her mom again. Another time, I was her proof-reader or editor. At her house, she played this super-inexperienced, naïve young woman, who not only needed help with understanding her text but also her body parts. Those teacher-student role-plays are so hot because, if you did that in real life, you’d be chased out of town. Or end up in jail. The best thing we did was, though, when she played a rookie hooker, who occasionally would pick up tourists. She showed me the town and then we went to a hotel, so she could replenish her student purse.”

“That sounds really hot,” Nguyet replied after some hesitation. She nodded and immediately asked: “Can we do a role-play, too?”

“Oh, hell yeah. But not teacher-student, as you are too clever and mature. I can’t see you playing a completely innocent simpleton in a school uniform. And you’re more than ten years older than Tina. But if you want to pretend being a hooker … of course not today, but next time?”

“Oh, yes. That would be hot. We definitely need to do that,” she nodded vehemently.

Apparently, the idea had taken possession of her.

“What I also really wanna do is to re-enact some of my missed chances with you from like four or five years ago, when you still worked at the school,” I told her.

“Which were?”

“Well, that one afternoon when you came up to the fifth floor to fix the Wi-Fi, for instance. We were completely alone and idiot-me didn’t even pay you a compliment or say anything nice.”

“Back then, I wouldn’t have appreciated it anyway. I didn’t want you to touch me or flirt with me. You read that situation perfectly well,” she assured me. “But yeah, sure, if you want. Next month is Teachers’ Day, so there’s no one at the school. I guess everyone still goes somewhere that day. We’d have the complete school just for us …”

I loved how she was planning everything already. And how much attention she gave to detail. Apparently, she was already at the school in her mind, up on the fifth floor.

“Well, we’ve been talking for more than an hour now. Do you wanna take off?” Nguyet suggested suddenly.

“Your house or the hotel across the street?” I asked, thinking of her mother.

“Frankly, neither. Why don’t we go to my office, I mean the model home at the subdivision, the development where I work?! No one’s there right now. We’ll buy lunch on the way and eat it there. I just changed the sheets on the queen-sized bed in the master bedroom, next to which is a big bathroom,” she laughed.

“Is Thuy going to be there?” I asked facetiously, as we had done two threesomes together, and once I had fucked Thuy at said model home in the new suburb.

“No, she is engaged now. Forget about Thuy!” said Nguyet with mock exasperation.

Well, Nguyet’s mother wouldn’t like that we weren’t coming home, but I simply couldn’t coax Nguyet into going to her house so that her mother could surreptitiously watch us. The idea to fuck in the empty, well-furnished house was of course superior. That was like having a whole hotel just for us. As hot as Nguyet looked, I saw a nice striptease over food or something like that in my mind’s eye. We paid up and got on our motorcycles. On the way, we got some sushi and a few other miscellaneous morsels and I couldn’t wait to touch, kiss, caress and eat Nguyet.

I parked next to the model house, and not in front of it, as two motorcycles outside may have raised suspicion. Nguyet unlocked the door, and we went in. It was warm but not stuffy. Her gait was incredibly hot, though. Her tight skirt pressed her small butt cheeks a little, while her high-heels extended her legs and made her bottom wobble. I briefly thought we could lapse into a role-play right there — I seduce the office lady or the other way ’round — or if I should talk to Nguyet about what her mother had asked me. But then we would lose momentum, perhaps. Or she would be upset.

Nguyet had turned towards me and we kissed profusely. Until then, our morning hadn’t been really been sensual, apart from the incessant talk about peeing, role-playing, and other forms of debauchery. I massaged her butt cheeks through her skirt, before I went upwards and stroked her belly and bosom. She took her hairclip off from the back of her head and shook her hair wildly.

“Hey, let’s go upstairs. I’ve been wanting to pee for half an hour or so already.”

Apparently, the pissing project had made her curious. I didn’t know how important it was to her, but she knew that I was keen on it. She handed me the bag with the food, and we walked up the stairs after she had taken a ruler from her desk. Awesome! She remembered every little detail, just like she had at work. I held her hip going up the stairs. We went into the kitchen and put the food on the table, but then she suggested we go up one more floor to be truly alone. Sometimes, customers also wanted to see this floor here so we shouldn’t touch anything.

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