Taking Him Home

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(We’ve been talking for almost a year now, we met online and we’ve gotten really close.., but to my friends were just friends nothing else… To us we are lovers, best friends, we’re kind of a couple but without the commitments in a way. We’re in love and were so sweet to each other. But they know nothing about the crazy nights we have..We Skype and sext for hours depending on how horny we both are. Describing what we’d do to each other. How we would make each other feel incredible. I’m a virgin though so despite all of the intense sexual desires we both have, we know the first time can’t be too crazy, I do have to get used to your huge dick after all.. )


I’m driving to the airport in my little car, so intensely nervous to see you in person for the first time. I just cleaned it out and washed it the day before, trying to make it look as nice as possible. I pull into the parking garage, and start walking towards the airport. While I’m walking I’m trying to pep talk myself,I guess that’s what you could call it, just saying how I’ll be okay, that I look fine and to calm down. Thinking that you’d probably love what I’m wearing, a black low cut tank top, purple cardigan left unbuttoned, and a flowy black skirt that clings to my hips when I walk.

I finally make it to the main doors, walk through and start to look for your flight number on the board. I see that you’ve just landed, you’d probably be about ten minutes max, so I walk down to get a coffee and find somewhere to sit. About eight minutes later I turn around, for no particular reason but just to look around, and I see you. I see you and smile. All my nervousness and fears melting away as soon as I see your smiling face.

You’re walking down through the airport looking for me and you look alittle lost. I stand up and just look at you, just a subtle smile spreading across my face. You see me and quicken your pace. I take a few steps towards you but you’re already right in front of me. For real. I smile up at you and say hi, you smile and say hello. I didn’t want anything to be awkward so I just hugged you. The first time I was able to actually touch you. I hugged you and felt perfectly etiler escort amazing in your arms for the span of a minute before I forced myself to let go and look at you again. I turn around bend over to pick up my coffee, my skirt clinging to my ass tightly. standing back up., I grab your hand, locking my fingers in place between yours as I lead you back to the parking garage and to my car.

Now it’s probably a good seven to ten minute walk from the main doors of the airport to the floor of the garage I parked on. We talked that entire time. Once we got talking we couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop smiling though, it all just seemed unreal. Having you here with me. Walking with me, holding my hand and talking with me, as casual as ever. It was just perfect.

When we finally got to my car I let go of your hand and unlocked the trunk, lifting it open giving you enough room to put your suitcase in there. Once you put it in I close the hatch and made my way to my door. You catch my arm first, smile at me and pull me into a kiss. I melt right then, in your arms, pressed against you perfectly like that. I just wish I could taste your lips forever. I love that in the middle of our kiss you slowly lowering your hands from my waist to grab my ass and squeeze. Then when you finally let go, you awkwardly apologize, saying you just couldn’t resist. I just smile and kiss you on the cheek, wink at you and walk to my door.

Once I pull out of the parking garage and the airport complex I have you set up my GPS to take us back to the house. I look over at you and see you turning up the radio then reaching over for my thigh. I smile and keep my eyes on the road. I feel your warm hand on my lower thigh, You slowly slide your hand further up my leg, now more towards the middle of my thigh but slightly closer to my throbbing pussy. I let out a sigh and keep looking at the road and paying attention to the signs. You notice that I’m trying to ignore you, but you know I obviously can’t. You slide you hand further up, disappearing now underneath the little black skirt. I let out a small gasp as I feel your fingers brush against the bright red, lace thong halkalı escort I’m wearing. I know you can feel just how wet you’ve been making me. I search frantically for any sign of a rest stop or an exit I can take to get off of the god damn highway.

Finally I see a rest stop sign and quickly pull over into the farthest lane to get off. Once we’re parked I open my legs, giving you better access and moan alittle. I look over at you and see you laugh. Now I can clearly see the bulge in your pants is bothering you but all you do is laugh at me moaning against your slightest touch.

You pull your hand away. I push my seat back as far as it’ll go then reach down between your legs and move your seat back as well,tilting it as far back as possible. I turn off the car and climb over the shifter, sitting square on your lap facing you. I lean down kissing you as you slowly pull off my cardigan. Kissing you so intensely that you press one hand on my back holding me close to you and the other on my ass, squeezing like you just cant get enough. I lean back and take my tank top off, leaving me straddling your bulge in a bra and a skirt. I wanted to make sure I was sexy as fuck if we did anything when I picked you up, so I wore my red bra and panties set. The bra with the lower cut to it, better for showing off cleavage. I could feel you harden alittle more under my butt as I reached behind my back to unclip my bra for you. You stop me, pull me in for a kiss and wrap your hands around me, unclipping the bra with ease as our mouths are pressed together desperately.

Breaking apart from out kiss I sit back off of your crotch for just a second while I unbutton and unzip your jeans. I reach back to your hips, slowly pulling your jeans down across your knees. Then I slowly take your plain grey t-shirt off of you. And all this time, you’re touching my boobs, not licking or sucking them, just touching and squeezing them, as if admiring them.

I run my hands down your chest and to your hips, grabbing onto your underwear. I pull them down off of you and stare. I don’t know why, but for a second all I can do is stare at you, at the huge solid dick innovia escort I just released. I pull my skirt up past my hips, and pull it off entirely. I’m left sitting on your lap in nothing but my tiny red thong. I look at you and smile as I lean back and slowly begin to pull my thong down my legs, alittle bit of my wetness still stuck to the panties as I toss them aside. I smile at you, blushing so intensely. Your hands on my hips my wetness beginning to drop off of me and down into your legs. You smile and call me sexy and beautiful, telling me you love me.

I take your dick in my hand as I slowly move up your body, until my tight virgin pussy is right above your thick throbbing dick. I slowly lower myself onto you. I can feel the head pressing eagerly against my tight entrance, I look up at you, saying that I need your help.. You smile and kiss me, placing your hands firmly on my hips and helping me onto your dick.

Gasping into your lips I cry out as you fill up my insides, one tear falling down my cheek. I kiss you again. Your hands on my ass. You’re moaning into my lips. Into our kiss. Telling my just how tight I am and how good I feel.

I start to move alittle. Just rocking my hips back and forth grinding on you. Making both of us moan quite loudly. You firmly grab ahold of my hips and tell me to lay against you. I do as you say and wrap my arms around you, digging my short nails into your back, as you slowly move your hips against mine. Pushing your huge dick further inside of my tight pussy. Going so slowly for me I still cry out, starting to feel less pain now and more of the pleasure. I moan more, my breathing closer to the rhythm of yours. I can hear my heartbeat and I can feel yours. I sit up, your dick completely filling me, I grind my hips against you.

I can feel you throbbing inside me. I throw my head back, moaning, as I lift off of you alittle bit then drop back down onto your lap. Hearing the slap of my ass against your lap. Feeling incredible I do it again, then twice more, about to cum from the intensity of your thick member filling me. I lay against you, my arms around your shoulders as I cry out and moan your name as I cum, I can feel you cum inside me at the same time. Filling my tight pussy with your cum. I breathe heavily and attempt to catch my breath. We just lay like that, in the passenger seat of my little car, naked, your dick inside of me still. I look into your eyes, to find you already staring at me. I smile at you and kiss you. Telling you I love you and just how incredible you are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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