Subject: The Tales of Sol 56 The Tales of Sol 54 By Joe hoo This my second attempt to write so please tell me what you think. This is a fictional story it is not intended to imply that any members of the Backstreet Boys, Nsync or 98 Degrees are gay, or any of the other celebrities mentioned are homosexuals. If you are not old enough to read these stories do yourself a favor don’t get caught. The same goes for those people whose countries have these sites made illegal. And for everyone else enjoy Captain Planet and related characters was created by R.E Turner and copyright by AOL Time Warner Company and Trademark by TBS Productions Babylon 5 and all related characters and props were created by Michael Straczynski and copyright by Warner Bros. Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Transformers and all related characters, and props are trademarked by Hasbro inc. Copyright Rhino Home Videos and AOL Time Warner Entertainment CO He-Man, She-Ra, related characters, and props are trademarked by Filmation 1980’s Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox. Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros. X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. To those who’ve been reading Tales of Sol. I want you to know that while there is sex in this story. That is not is sole purpose and yes I do hope the sex sense makes you all hard and gets you off. Sol is an adaption from my childhood favorite show Captain Planet and the Planeteers, The cartoon showed us that the world can be a better place if we took a few moments to care for it. Tales of Sol is meant to express hope. It is also shows how music can have an impact in our lives. While I don’t know if my favorite bands 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys or Nsync have ever read this. They saw me through some of the hardest moments of my life and offered in their own way hope. To them I say thank you. I dedicate the Tales of Sol to all of my brothers and sisters of the US armed service past, present, and future. I like to thank my friends who I had the privilege showing these chapters with. They helped with editing and inspiration, John Rivera, Albert-Russ Alan Rivera-Odum, Derbe.D. Hunte Yvette Ortiz Samuel Diaz Jr for all their help in Making The Tales of Sol an enjoyable story to write. And I have a few other names starting with the beginner of this universe James the author of Tales of a Real Dark Knight. I still hope to reconnect with you dear friend and all the rest of this series. Blake the author of Tales of a New Phoenix Jeremi author of the Tales of Young Mutants Please remember to Donate to Nifty And now without any further ado I give you the next chapter of Tales of Sol. The Tales of Sol 56 Love Wins I got back to my room after the X-Men and I got Jubilee home. But not before Wolverine and I finished our sword dance the gruff mutant wanted to finish our number. I was just getting into the shower I was a real sweaty mess following my strength tests, sword fight with Wolverine, and rescuing Jubilee from those imbeciles who were chasing her. I was relaxing under the cascading water trying to take stock in all that was happening. I didn’t even hear my lover enter the bathroom nor noticed he had entered the shower with me. But when a pair of arms wrapped around me and Brian rested his chin on my shoulder, “Hello love, didn’t hear you come in,” I greeted as I kissed his arm “I figured when you didn’t join us right away you were in here,” Brain said, nuzzling my cheek and kissing it. “It was an interesting day,” I chuckled “AJ told me about your run in with Jordan McKnight and saving him and Eminem from iron rods from heaven,” Brian summarized while he kept kissing my ear. I purred, “That was just the icing on the cake,” I chuckled as I told him about my experience with the X-Men. Brian just listened as he grabbed the body washe and began to rub it all over my body. “Have I told you this morning how much I love you?” he whispered into my ear. “Yes you did but I will never tire hearing you telling me,” I purred as I turned my head to look into Brian’s beautiful eyes and we moved in to kiss each other. “I love you Guardian,” Brian said after we broke our kiss. “I love you Sweatheart,” I kissed my lover, grabbing the body washe and returning the gesture. I cleaned his torso and down the rest of his body. While down there I grabbed his penis in my lips and gave him love, “Don’t babe,” Brian sighed in pleasure. “Just expressing my love for you,” I grinned “I know love but I want to wait,” Brian bursa escort bayan shuddered under my administration. With great reluctance I stopped and got off my knees. Brian gave me an exseterbate look “What?” I giggled “I wanted you to stop but now I wish you hadn’t,” Brian gave me an evil look “I love you too,” I winked as we finished up our shower when re-entered my room I sort of fell on my bed . Brian was by my side. “Are you alright Mike?” “I am sorry love I am still trying to process all of this,” I tried to explain “What do you mean?” Brian encouraged “I still don’t get what the hell brought me here,” I sighed “We brought you here,” Brian tried to answer. “I don’t mean here in New York, Brian,” I shook my head then continued, “I mean in some weird twists of fate, events has saw fit to make me some cut-rate crime fighter with someone else’s soul in my body, I had to come New York to learn how to use those powers I am sitting naked in a hotel room with a person who I’ve had a crush on since I was in high school, who I have to protect from unknown assailant,” I could feel my uncertainty pushing through despite it all I still can’t understand it all. The time Brian just held me while I voiced my uncertainty again. “We will never understand, why God puts us in certain places and for what reason, his plans and his reasons always make sense to God alone,” Brian held on to me. “However I know this if you weren’t here. We’ve would have been killed by the Shadow, Rob Thomas would been killed by Erica, Jordan and Marshal would have been killed by those iron beams and quite possibly Jubilee would have been killed by those bigots,” Brian spoke softly but with conviction “You are not some cut-rate crime fighter you have risen to the challenge I can’t speak for God or this planet of yours, but the Guardian has made a name for himself, all over New York and Philadelphia for that matter we have scenes of your image from stopping runaway trains to fire rescues people are talking about you,” Brian informed me “I didn’t know I was making that kind of impact,” I was shocked to hear. “All over the city Nick, Howie, Kevin and I ran into or heard people talking about your alter ego, I will say this God, the Earth or even Fate has put you in the right place at the right time,” Brian informed me. Giving me a gentle kiss “And as much as I love to sit here in the buff with you Nick is itching to play his new video game with you,” my lover giggled “I guess we should get dress,” I snickered “By the way what with all those other bags?” Brian asked “We broke them, we bought them,” I answered “We?” Brian questioned “McKnight and I,” I clarified “I thought it was Jordan, who went into those displays,” Brian inquisitively smirked. I took ownership of my actions. “And I sent him through them,” I countered “But only after that dummy tried to put his hands on someone who has martial arts training,” Brian rebutted “It was a matter of honor, love and it served another purpose,” I finally said I could see Brian thinking it over looking at me, then those shopping bags, and as if a light went off inside his sexy head, “Before you bought those things Jordan thought you were with us just to use us didn’t he?” Brian figured out “Among other reasons yes he needed to see that I was AJ friend and I was in no way trying to exploit him for my own means,” I answered “AJ told me you both tried tell McKnight you were a good man, but he needed to see your selflessness before he got,” Brian softly said then he sighed “And even then it didn’t sink in until you pushed him and Eminem out of harm’s way,” that made Brian growl in disgust thinking what it took for me to prove my merits to a celebrity. “Mike I am so sorry,” Brian sounded wounded At this point in our conversation we both had at least gotten almost completely dressed. I asked, “For what?” “I had no idea how I and others celebrities can be so suspicious of a person’s motives,” Brian gripped At this point we finally began to exit our room “Brian you have to be on guard for anyone who would indeed use you because of your celebrity status,” I reminded him I opened the door to see a Nick Carter standing there, with the most regrettable expression on his face, when he saw us, Nick wrapped me in a hug “Mike I want you to know I am no longer one of those celebrities who thinks of you that way,” “I never said you were,” I waved off the apology “Maybe not but it shouldn’t have taken you saving my ass twice for me to see you aren’t after any kind of fame,” Nick growled “Where did this all come from besides you listening on Brian and I?” I pondered “Well maybe,” Nick giggled as he turned a touch red. Then his expression görükle escort harden “I had asked AJ about all these extra bags, AJ told us about your run in with Jordan McKnight, about how nothing either of you said got through his thick skull,” “Hell even Eminem tried and he is the last person I ever expect to come to your aid,” Howie stepped into the conversation. “I just want to say that you have long since earned my trust Mike,” Nick pulled me into another hug “Does this mean you will go easy on me playing your game?” I pondered “Oh hell no all is fair play in love, war and video games,” Nick cackled as he pulled me into the room and towards the tv and powered up his new console. For the last three hours Nick kicked my ass at nearly every game he bought. The two of us were laughing our heads off. This was the most fun I have had in a long time. Seeing the absolute joy in Nick’s tearful eyes “Mike you suck!” He gleefully laughed “You did ask if there were things I couldn’t do,” I laughed “I asked if you could sing, not get slaughtered in video games,” Nick cackled While Nick kept Mike distracted Brian and Kevin were busy with a special project of their own. AJ and Howie made sure that Nick kept Mike distracted. Brian had spent the day with Kevin who had given Dave a call who helped them make tonight special. Nick and I were well into our game when I received a Ping in my mind’s eye I saw a woman playing fetch with her dog two flights up. The two were having the time of their life just as she threw the tennis ball and the dog went running out to the patio “Oh shit!” I screamed as I dropped my controller and bolted out to the patio. “Mike! What the hell? We are in the middle of a game?” I heard Nick complain but I was already off the floor. “Mike!” I heard my name being called from inside, while I looked up just in time to see an object, quickly falling my way. I heard the cries of the dog as it fell my way, Not wasting time I jumped over the side. “Mike!” I heard five voices cry out as I intercepted a flailing, whining dog. I took hold of the poor boy and brought the frightened pooch against my body as we both descended to the streets below. Seeing a flagpole quickly coming our way a sudden inspiration came to me faster than the streets below. “Hang on Rex, we are about to go in reverse,” I said. With my free hand out I grabbed hold of the flagpole and bent a bit. “Up we go,” I said like a spring, the flag pole shot Rex and I back up. I turned my attention skyward and I saw Brian and the rest of the Backstreet Boys still looking over the railing, as man and dog flew back their way. “Okay Rex this is our floor,” I reached out for the railing and just as Brian pushed everyone clear. I took hold and swung back over, both the dog and I were back on solid ground. I even held my hand out just in time to catch the ball. The dog was flailing again but this time with joy as Rex lapped my face repeatedly yelping as he thanked me for saving his life. A frantic pounding on our door came a few seconds later Howie ran to open the door. Brian sat with me “Mike you could have told me you were on a rescue mission,” “I didn’t have time to explain,” I wheezed holding up the dog “He definitely didn’t have time to wait,” “I am not arguing that,” Brian conceded “That still scared the shit out of me seeing you taking that leap,” “Didn’t mean to scare you,” I said sheepishly, helping me back to my feet Brian and I followed by Rex went back in to join Kevin and the rest who were talking to the dog’s owner. “That is the last time I play fetch with Rex fifteen stories up,” the girl bashed herself Rex ran to her nipping playfully at her heels “We had no idea why our buddy here decided he wanted to jump,” AJ grabbed me in a hug “Don’t you ever do that again,” AJ waved his finger at me “I can’t make that promise AJ because the next time could be anyone,” I reminded him “That is very true but damn that was scary,” AJ conceded “You mean your friend has done this before?” the girl asked “Without a second thought,” Nick smiled with pride “Why would you risk your life for a dog?” the girl gasped “That is easy because your furry friend is life,” Kevin answered “That is not just a dog, his name is Rex, his previous owner was abusive, you changed his world,” I said without thinking. “How did you know that?” the girl gasped “Mike knows,” Howie smiled warmly. After giving Rex his ball back the girl thanked me one more time and they left. “Now that you are done saving lives I need to get back to creaming your ass,” Nick goaded “Isn’t that Brian’s job?” AJ quipped This made Nick turn so red “That is not what I meant,” we were all on the floor laughing. bursa escort bayan That is until Brian got off the floor held his hand down to mine, “All games are done,” Brian smiled warmly and yet there was some cunning behind that smile. Nick went from indignant to knowing and he simply went back to playing his game “Hey Nick lets play,” AJ joined in Brian guided me out of the room and three rooms down “Why are we getting away from the rest of the band?” I asked “Hush now this night is ours,” Brian guided me in. The room was done up in candles and rose petals I was stunned “Brian you didn’t,” my voice was but a whispered “You have shown me what truly matters, love, you literally save all walks of life,” Brian began to gently kiss me. “Not all,” I said regrettably “That was not your doing you fought for that poor cat with same ferocity and dedication you did when you saved us from that studio fire,” Brian said with conviction “I wasn’t seeking any kind of reward,” I waved off Brian guided me to a table “My point is love is I love you,” he lifted the lid and a couple of steaks and potatoes still steaming “Tonight is for us love and I am going to show you love,” Brian charmed me “You don’t have to show me love,” I smiled grabbing the back of his hand and kissing “I know you love me,” We had dinner. We talked about our day as we ate Brian told me how he and Kevin spent the time shopping for our date tonight. I was humbled by all he had done and just for me “I don’t deserve you Brian,” I mumbled “Wrong I don’t deserve you Mike you have the most selfless heart I have ever seen,” Brian countered “Enough talk time for some love,” Brian stated as we finished dinner and he guided me to a hot tub with what looked like a bottle of champagne. “Ah Brian,” I started to say. “Don’t worry I made sure to get a nonalcoholic champagne,” Brian said knowingly How sweet is that I thought as he undressed me and I undressed him guiding me to the hot tub we got in and he took me into his arms “I love you Michael Pennock,” I fell into his arms “I love you Brian Littrell,” I turned around and embraced him We kissed feeling each other up, running our hands all over each other’s body. Breaking contact so we could enjoy some champagne and then returned to love making. “I think I am cooked,” I snickered, Brian laughed as he took me out of the hot tub and guided me to the rose petal covered bed and proceeded to lay me down. I pulled him over me and felt the full weight of his warm body pressing against mine. Brian came down and continued what he had started in the hot tub. Making love to my whole body every inch was open to Brian and he took it. The passion of the moment was magical as two people from two different walks of life showed complete trust and love for one another. “I love you Michael Pennock,” Brian repeated as he shuddered softly as he thrusted into me. “I love you Brian Littrell,” I groaned in pleasure. Our bodies were covered in sweat in one final thrust Brian filled me with his special essence. His actions caused me to be released all over us. As my love fell on top of me, his breathing was shallow and his heart rate was rapid. “Are you okay, love?” I asked “That was incredible Mike I love you,” Brian responded before he rolled off of me and fell asleep. “I love you very much Brian,” I kissed his temple and with a wave of my hand I sent a small gust of wind to put out all the candles as the room descended into darkness I grabbed hold of Brian and fell asleep. At some point We woke back up and continued our love making even in the darkness of the night we found each other. It was my turn to show my love to Brian staring into his beautiful eyes, I whispered “I love you Brian Littrell,” I kissed him with each thrust. We were breathing very heavy as we made love our bodies were coated with sweat. Breaking the kiss I heard Brian softly reply, “I love you Micheal Pennock,” with those words I released into my lover and he released all over the both of us. I fell off of Brian trying to get my breathing under control, “I love you so much,” I turned to see Brian’s dark outline. Placing a hand on my face and coming in Brian kissed me “I love you,” We fell back asleep embraced in each others arms. Please remember to Donate to Nifty Please tell me what you think hoo All comments are welcome on a side note all of this takes places after the events of 9/11 just so you all have a sense of chronological order and understanding. I began writing Sol after reading Tales of a Real Dark Knight while I was still in the Navy and have been working on it for the last 13 or so years. I also recommend the following stories it was because of them I got into writing in the first place. “Tales of a Real Dark Knight” by authorjames “Marvel Knights” also by authorjames “Tales of the New Phoenix” by Blake “Tales of a Superhero Band” by Leo “Tales of a Young Mutant” by Jeremi “Tales of a Thunder God” by Tony Justiss

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