Tanya and Deanna


Tanya’s first experience with amateur porno came about after Deanna broke up with her latest boyfriend.

Deanna, who was Tanya’s best friend, was 29 years old with short blonde hair and a cute, pixieish face. She had a slightly frumpy body, meaning her ass was a little bigger than she liked and her tits a little smaller. Still, when she dressed in shorts and a tank-top, she drew men’s stares. And Deanna liked that. She was a slut for sex, and bordered on nymphomania at times…especially right after her period. She would be running around the house humping the doorknobs for 48 hours after her cycle!

Tanya had stopped over at Deanna’s apartment and they were on their third beer. Deanna had just broken up with Kevin, her boyfriend of 6 months. She was used to being

Deanna’s sounding board but she had heard this same scenario a thousand times. Deanna meets guy, falls in love with guy, has sex with guy, they move in together (usually around 6 months into the relationship), Deanna becomes more demanding, guy becomes a jerk, Deanna gets drunk and flirts with other guys in front of him, they fight, yaddda-yadda-yadda.

“Listen, Tanya, I’m gonna get even with the fuckin’ jerk.”

This piqued Tanya’s curiosity. She knew Deanna hated letting a guy go, even though it happened once or twice a year. But her friend had fallen hard for this guy Kevin, and Tanya had liked him as well.


“I’m gonna make a video of me fucking another guy and send it to him. Let him see what he just walked out on.”

Tanya smiled at Deanna across the table that separated them. The idea had instantly aroused her. “Serious?”

“Fucking right! I was talking to Tony last night, and he said we should do it.”

Tony was Deanna’s friend from a previous job, a kind of substitute boyfriend. Whenever she was fighting with her boyfriend or in between guys, she would hang out with Tony. He was a little older than the both of them, but he always let Deanna crash at his place and would spot her cash when she needed it.

“What exactly are you going to do?”

“We’re gonna film us having sex…just wet, raunchy fucking sex. I’m gonna let him do the two things to me that Kevin always wanted to and I never let him, and he can watch me do it on this tape and jerk himself off and cry in his beer at the same time! ” Deanna accentuated the remark with another “mother fucker” as she got up to go get themselves each another cold one.

Now, Tanya’s excitement was really piqued! Although she was six years older than Deanna, they liked to hit the dance clubs and pool halls together. Tanya was married, but her husband usually didn’t join them. Consequently Tanya, who had long, curly brown hair and an appealing build that looked great in jeans and sweaters, often got just as much attention as Deanna when they were out clubbing. She had made out with guys on occasion in the club parking lots while Deanna was busy petting with some guy she had just met, but unlike her friend she had never gone beyond an occasional blowjob or a finger-fuck session with someone outside of her marriage.

“So what are the two things?”

“I’m gonna let him fuck my asshole and cum on my face.”

Tanya was a little surprised. She and Deanna had shared each other’s most intimate details, and Tanya knew that Deanna was a certifiable anal sex freak. Deanna loved anal sex. “You never let Kevin do you in the ass?”

“Nope…I was saving that for when we moved in together…fortunately”, she added as she swigged her beer “we didn’t sign the lease on that apartment yet, so I’m not out any money.”

“So who’s gonna do this with you?”

“Tony…he’s got the camera and we’ll do it at his house. We need you to be the cameraman…or girl, or whatever the fuck.”

Tanya began to feel a stirring inside her belly as she imagined the scenario. She knew Tony was always hot to get into Deanna’s pants. Deanna had rewarded him with sex a couple of times after one of her 3 or 4 day stays at his house, but Tony tried to get Deanna’s pants off every time they got together. She had never even met the guy, but felt a friendship towards him because often he was there for Deanna when Tanya couldn’t be.

“You want me to film it?”

Sure…it’s just gonna be a fuckin’ camcorder, Ton…not like it’s gonna be professional or anything.”

“Okay”, Tanya said matter-of-factly as she finished up her beer, but feeling a stirring inside her womb that made her realize that she was getting really turned on by the idea. “When?”

“The sooner the better…I want this asshole to be puking his guts out while I’m still fresh in his mind! Watching me fuck another guy is gonna rip his fuckin’ heart

out,” Deanna spat out as they both got up from the sofa.

“Tony said Saturday afternoon? You’re off work, right?”

“Oh yeah, baby…” Tanya replied as they walked to the front door.” What time?”

“I’ll call you, but he said about two-ish.”

“Okay…call me tomorrow, Dee…see ‘ya!”

As she left Deanna’s apartment, Tanya gave her friend an unprecedented peck kağıthane escort on the cheek. “This is gonna be awesome! I’m gonna film you making a porno!”

Deanna replied “Fucking right! If that mother-fucker thinks he can dump me than he can just watch me get fucked up the ass and take a wad of Tony’s jizz all over my face!”

No sooner had Deanna closed and locked the door behind Tanya than she rushed over to the couch, peeled off her shorts and began masturbating. She came twice within 15 minutes.

Tanya’s 35-year old imagination was swimming in images of sex as she drove home. She was gonna watch her friend fuck, be right there with a camera filming it. Watching sex, live porno! Her excitement quickly built up, and she was rubbing her cunt through her pants at every red light on the way home. By the time she got through the front door, she was dripping. Her husband wouldn’t be home for awhile, and she needed to satisfy herself now! Tanya had literally ripped off her clothes by the time she reached the top of the stairs, flopped onto her bed, and masturbated like crazy.

She came twice, and when her husband got home and found her on the bed, bare-ass naked and dozing, with her cunt-cream covered fingers still on her damp mound, he licked her drying pussy juices until she rolled him over and they pleasured each other to exploding oral orgasms.


Deanna spent Saturday morning primping herself. She kept her cunt clean-shaven and was always “squeaky clean”, as she liked to say, because “you never know when you’re gonna meet a cute guy and end up letting him eat your pussy.” She had taken a good dump that morning and had given herself a couple of enemas, squirting the warm, soapy water up into her bowels and then sitting down on the toilet to let it flush itself out.

She knew her asshole was nice and clean for the video. One of her favorite parts of anal sex was oral stimulation, and she wanted Tony to have a nice clean asshole to tongue fuck.

She took a long shower with lots of body lotion, paying special attention to her asshole and buttcrack. She repeatedly inserted her left forefinger up into her asshole and withdrew it, looking for signs of any leftover fudge that might fuck up the porn session. She could lick her own fingers clean, so she knew Tony wouldn’t have any surprises.

She didn’t eat anything so as not to get anything going in her soon-to-be invaded bowels, but she afforded herself two beers before heading out to pick up Tanya. They headed over to Tony’s, about a twenty minute drive.

“So is there any kind of, like…plan?” asked Tanya as they drove down the highway, each working on a beer and cigarette.

“No…Tony just said he would have everything ready. Guess we’ll hang out for a few to get relaxed and then do it.” Deanna looked over at her friend. “Are you, like, getting into this, Ton?”

“Shit, yeah…I finally get to meet Tony, and watch you fuck. Works for me.” Tanya drank her beer, then added, “I’m actually a little excited.”

“Excited, like…pussy wet excited?”

“Uh-huh” Tanya answered her friend…nothing was held back between these two.

“Tony told me last night that he was gonna masturbate all morning to have a big load of cum ready for my face.”

Both girls felt their cunts starting to wet themselves, involuntarily. Deanna was excited to just fuck, and Tanya was fantasizing about actually filming porn!

When they got to Tony’s, he greeted them at the front door. Tanya gave Tony a hug as they met for the first time. Damn, she thought, for a 42-year old he’s okay! He had short brown hair, clean shaven, and an average build that had so far held off middle age. But it was his smile and personality that instantly attracted Tanya to him, and her imagination immediately began to stir her cunt juices deep within her belly as she thought about the next few hours, making a porno with this guy and her best friend.

Tony went to the kitchen to get them all a fresh beer while the girls lit up fresh cigarettes. When he sat down, Deanna leaned forward on the sofa she was sharing with Tanya and asked, “So, baby…what’s the plan?”

“Here’s what I figure we should do.” Tony looked at each alternately as he spoke.

“First, we’ll just film you telling Kevin whatever…fuck you, asshole, watch this and weep….whatever you want to say to the asshole.”

Tanya nodded as Deanna said “okay…”

“Then, I think we should just get right to it…I mean, we don’t need a build up or anything, right?”

“Fuck no” chimed in Deanna, “let’s just get right to the point.”

“We should do oral first, Deanna…we’ll 69, and Tanya can get shots of me eating your pussy while you suck me off.”

“Okay”, responded Tanya, as her mind started to picture that carnal scene and her insides began to squirm with the unavoidable anticipation of sexual arousal.

“Here’s the thing,” Tony went on. “Deanna, I’ve been jerking off all morning long, and I have a fucking load of cum that is fucking sarıyer escort going to explode out of me really quick! I mean, I know I can’t stick my dick in you, baby…I’ll fucking explode. So what I think we should do is after a little oral, let me cum on your face.”

Deanna eagerly agreed. “Oh, yeah, baby…Kevin always wanted to cum on my face and I never let him, so I want him to see that. And,” she added “I want it to be fucking messy, not just a little glob or squirt.” Deanna reached over and touched Tony’s arm, rubbing her fingers against his flesh. “Don’t you fucking let me down, baby”…she purred.

Tanya immediately caught Deanna’s calculating gaze as her friend turned to her and said, “Fucking right, Ton, he’s been fantasizing about cumming all over my face forever, haven’t you, baby?”

“Oh shit, yeah, baby,” Tony could barely contain his excitement as the prospect of making porno with this beautiful girl about whom he constantly fantasized and jerked off to was about to happen!

The image of Tony sperming all over Deanna’s cute face raced through Tanya’s mind, and a wave of invisible fingers danced on her clit and made her squirm on the sofa.

“Then” Tony continued, “we might as well get right to the anal. Tanya can film close-ups of your face with sperm all over it while you tell Kevin how I’m fucking your asshole, something he’ll never get to do!”

“It’s fucking okay with me!” said Deanna.

“Sounds like a plan.” added Tanya

By now all three of them were feeling the sexual charge in the air, and they quickly finished their beers and went into the bedroom.

Tanya had used video recorders before, so it only took Tony a few minutes while Deanna was in the bathroom peeing and freshening up to show Tanya how this one worked. They heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open, and Deanna walked into the room naked. She had stripped while in the bathroom.

Now, Tanya had seen Deanna naked before (before she was married, Tanya frequently spent the night at Deanna’s and they had no bashfulness as they each took their morning showers the next day) but in her current state of sexual arousal, she felt a twinge of lust surge through her loins. Deanna stood there, with her pert small titties and puffy areolas exposed, clean-shaven cunt, and she smelled delicious. Deanna walked over to Tony and kissed him on the cheek, taking his hand and rubbing it against her cunt.

“I’m fucking wet for you, baby” she murmured.

Tony could barely contain his excitement as he positioned Deanna on the bed, helped Tanya get into filming position, then said, “go for it, baby…we can edit it later.”

As Deanna began to speak while Tanya filmed, Tony removed his clothes.

“Kevin,” Deanna started, lying naked on the bed with her back against the headboard and her knees drawn up but legs spread slightly to show her pussy, “you fucking hurt me, you asshole. I was so in love with you, and then you just fucking dump me like that? Well, I hope that every time you think of me you’ll think of this tape, ‘cuz I’m about to show you what you could have had if you had stayed with me instead of running away, you miserable little fuck!”

“Good, hold it right there.” Tony broke in. Tanya hit the pause button and looked up, seeing Tony naked. He was already stroking his cock, and the sight of that, coupled with his freshly bathed scent and a waft of the after-bath splash he had used, had Tanya’s pheromones starting to boil within her vagina.

He walked over to her and took the camera. Tanya sniffed the bath splash and cologne that covered his hairy chest, and she could have tackled him and devoured his bare male flesh right then and there. “Let’s just check that for lighting and shit.” Tony rewound the segment and then played it on the TV monitor in the bedroom. It was perfect, they all agreed.

Tanya repositioned herself as Deanna ay back down on the bed. Tanya looked over at Tony. “Now what?”

“Deanna, why don’t you tell Kevin what he’s about to see.”

Tanya focused in on Deanna. “Okay, Dean, anytime you want to start.”

“Kevin, baby” Deanna said innocently, “look at this, baby.” She got up on her hands and knees and spun around so her ass was right in the camera’s view.

“Look at this nice asshole, baby.” Deanna reached back and spread her asscheeks open, revealing her puckered sphincter. She pulled them apart even wider, so her brown asshole was actually gaping open just a bit. “I know I told you I’d let you fuck my asshole one of these days…well now you can watch Tony fuck it, because I’m gonna let him stick his dick right up my fucking tight asshole and fuck it until I make him cum…”

Tanya was enrapt, looking at her friend’s shithole entrance through the viewfinder. She felt herself juicing up inside her own cunt, and feeling knots of lust starting to swirl inside her stomach.

Now Deanna spun around, looking straight into the camera. “And before he does that, Kevin you mother fucker, I’m gonna give him a blowjob sefaköy escort like you used to love, only I’m gonna let him cum all over my fucking face!” With that, she looked up at both Tanya and Tony. “Baby,” she murmured as she crawled on the bed over to the side where Tony was slowly stroking his nearly erect cock. Tanya lowered the camera and watched mesmerized as her slutty friend wrapped her hand around Tony’s stroking hand and said “I’m so fucking horny, Tony…my fucking cunt is dripping, baby…fuck me…”

With that, Deanna pulled Tony down onto the bed, and their naked bodies made contact with each other, bare skin against raw flesh, and even Tanya could feel the heat emanating from the bed. Tanya, at once excited to a sexual arousal she hadn’t felt in weeks, reached down and groped herself between her legs, squeezing her cuntal mound through her pants and sending a shiver of sex-crazed lust rushing from her cunt straight up her spine and right into the pleasure centers of her brain.

Tanya mewled softly, but Tony and Deanna were so enrapt in their groping and kissing, thrusting their tongues down each other’s throats and stroking at their fuck-frenzied crotches, they didn’t even hear her. Finally Tanya blurted out “Hey, fuckers, are we gonna make some porno or not?”

As Tony pulled himself away from the sizzling horny slut who was now rubbing her own cunt in anticipation, he stood up and put his arm around Tanya, leading her to one side of the bed. Tanya could smell the male excitement coming out of Tony’s pores as they touched, and her cunt began to throb uncontrollably as her body started to stiffen with the involuntary tremors of sexual arousal and want.

“Where do you want me?”

“Right here” Tony said as he gently pushed Tanya into position at the head of the bed. “Baby”, Tony said to Deanna, “I’ve been masturbating all fucking day for this! If I try to fuck you without coming, I’m just gonna blow this load all over the place…let me cum on your face, Deanna …please.’

“Okay, baby,” Deanna answered eagerly as she repositioned herself at the headboard in front of Tanya and the camera. Tanya was looking right at Tony’s rock hard dick and noticed that every time he stroked it, more pre-cum would just ooze out of his pisshole.

Tony directed Tanya as he positioned himself over Deanna. He squatted over her chest as she scooted under him, putting her face within inches of his penis. Deanna leaned forward, grabbed his dick, and started to lick Tony’s cock ever so softly even as he was positioning Tanya. “Jesus, baby” Tony cautioned, “go slow! I mean it, I am on the verge of fucking erupting, I am so fucking excited!”

Tanya checked the viewfinder, finding Deanna’s face squarely in the center. Tony advised her “Like I said, I’ve been jerking off for hours, so it’s not gonna be a couple of globs. It’s gonna be a huge fucking squirt, it’ll be everywhere.”

Tanya instantly wet herself, feeling an involuntary contraction deep within her cunt which released a wave of lubricating juice into her cuntal channel in anticipation of a penis later on.

“Get her whole head in the viewfinder, Tanya.” The excitement in Tony’s voice only served to build up the steam inside of Tanya’s cunt as she aimed the camera at Deanna’s cute face in anticipation of the cumshot! Tanya loved the scent and the sensation of messy jism on her bare skin, and almost always begged her husband to finish off all over her own face!

As Tanya filmed her friend licking Tony’s cock while she slowly jerked him off, her free hand mimicked Deanna’s. Just as Deanna started rubbing her bare cunt, stimulating her exposed, throbbing clitoris as she blew Tony, Tanya reached down blindly between her legs and started groping herself in eager need of satisfaction. Her cunt contracted with pleasure as she squeezed herself between her legs, filming Tony and Deanna as they pleasured each other.

“I’m gonna cum, baby” Tanya heard Tony mutter as she filmed him masturbating over Deanna’s face.

“Cum, baby fucking cum all over my face, baby!” Deanna grunted as she jerked off Tony’s cock.

“Uggghh….” Tony grunted…Tanya was so excited that she was literally squeezing her cunt off through her pants as she filmed the amateur porno scene in front of her.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!!!!!”

“Sperm my face, baby!” Deanna yelled, “Cum all over my face, baby!”

Tony heaved and sighed as he replaced Deanna’s jerking hand with his own, and suddenly Tanya was filming a cumshot!

After more than six hours of masturbating, hovering over the beautiful face of this slutty girl about whom he had masturbated and fantasized so often, Tony blew his fucking load!

The first spurt of jizm exploded out of his pisshole and made three messy splatters…one on the pillow behind Deanna’s head, one all over her bare left shoulder, and one all over her face.

Deanna barely had time to mutter “ooohhhh, baby” before the second spurt hit her face.

Tony’s pent-up jism spurted out in another gush. Tanya watched through the viewfinder as Tony’s second splatter of ejaculate literally bathed Deanna’s face in goo, jism covering her cute little face in messy puddles of white baby batter. Tony’s third thrust of erupting pleasure shot right up Deanna’s nose and plugged her left nostril with a million squirming babies swimming in a puddle of gooey white semen searching for an egg to fertilize!

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