Teased Too Far

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Jordan was being tortured. It was the day before Valentine’s and Glen was torturing her with her gift. He wasn’t torturing her with intrigue and suspense. On the contrary, she knew exactly what she was getting. She had known for a long time, and he had purchased it a long time ago. It arrived a full two weeks before Valentine’s Day. But rather than give it to her, he taunted her with it. He constantly flaunted it in front of her but wouldn’t let her have it. He took it with him every day to work to make sure she wouldn’t play with it while he was out. In fact, if he ever left the house for any reason he took it with him.

While he was home, he constantly taunted her by telling her what he was going to do with her gift, how he would use it on her, all the pleasure she would get from it. He sat with it next to him in the evenings as they watched TV together, fondling it on the other side of him. Jordan thought about trying to sneak out of the bed at night and go play with it, but Glen kept it right by his side of the bed on the floor. Because they always slept intertwined, snuggled and spooned together, when she got up in the night – which was rare for her – he awoke to reach down to the floor and grab the box, making sure she wasn’t trying anything.

If he had only been teasing her with the gift it would have been ok. After all, teasing and delayed gratification were a regular part of their sexual play. In fact, their relationship was born out of a caldron of delayed gratification: it was over 7 months from the time they first fell in love until the time when they met in person for the first time and consummated their love in a steamy marathon of non-stop fucking. For four days they neither dressed nor went outside. A pile of breads, fruits, nuts, and cheeses sat atop the small chest next to the bed, along with many bottles of water that fed them energy for the epic tryst. They fucked like the world was coming to an end then collapsed into a slumber all curled into each other. They’d wake from their sleep to make love much more tenderly – at first. By the time that was over, they’d head to the shower to wash the sweat, sex, and anal juices off of each other. No shower or bath was complete, however, without both of them using their tongues to check each other’s anus for cleanliness. This of course led to more sex. After that they’d be famished and they’d reach for some food, feeding each other and generally luxuriating in their afterglow. Then they’d start the whole process all over. It was the best reward of delayed gratification that either of them had ever experienced. Glen was hoping to change that.

But what Glen had been doing to her for the past week was beyond delayed gratification, he was completely holding out on her. Instead of their usual romps 2-3 times a day, he was waiting on her hand and foot, bringing her flowers, cooking her dinner, running her bath. He was treating her like a princess and Jordan felt he had never been so cruel in his teasing. It was cruel because it was exactly how she did not want to be treated, and he knew it! This Valentine’s Day season, she wanted to be his dirty wanton slut, his “sweet sexy bitch” as he so affectionately called her when they were alone. She wanted him to do bad things to her, nasty things, and use her body like that of a dirty whore who has no limits to how filthy she can be. She had no problem with tender lovemaking, in fact she loved their tenderness as a way to break up the frantic lust they shared, but she could not live on a diet of tender sex alone. He knew this about her, and she trusted him to take her to that sacred dark place in her soul where she could be free. It was a cornerstone of their relationship – going to that sacred place – and in denying her that experience and treating her like a princess he was oh so cruelly teasing her.

She knew he wanted her. Every night when she curled naked into his arms to go to sleep his instant erection for her was still there, insistently pressing into her abdomen, but he wouldn’t act upon it. She tried to seduce him but instead of fucking her brains out he only made soft, tender love to her which frustrated her even more. It killed her that he could seemingly so easily resist ravishing her body on a daily basis. She felt like a bitch for even being upset about being treated like a princess and showered with his tender love, which made it all the more frustrating. Not to mention the fact that he laughed at her cruelly, acutely sensing her need and irritation. ‘But that’s ok’ Jordan said to herself. She had some tricks of her own up her sleeve and knew exactly how to push his buttons to drive him crazy with need. It was the day before Valentine’s Day, and she did not want to wait another 24 hours. She made a mental plan of just what to do. ‘He’ll be fucking my brains out within the hour,’ she said to herself.

Glen walked into their bedroom that Friday afternoon and was greeted by an arresting sight. Jordan was essentially naked on the bed, bent over illegal bahis on her knees and shoulders with her ass up in the air and facing the door. She wore a pair of thigh-high black stockings whose lacy border at her mid thigh worked to frame the delicious sight right above. A matching black lacey thong hung down around her knees. A fresh waxing meant that he could see both of her holes, each one wet and glistening with anticipation. The sight was intoxicating. His erection was instant as his pulse quickened.

Her right hand was playing in her pussy, alternating between rubbing her clit and running her fingers inside. With her left hand Jordan held her ass open for his eyes to devour the sexual feast she presented for his taking.

“Hey my baby,” Jordan said, sensing his presence. “I know you probably have some work to do again tonight so don’t mind me, I’m just catching up on a little reading,” she said, motioning with her head to the stapled bunch of papers laying next to her on the bed.

“Reading, huh?” Glen said mockingly, knowing there was no way she could be reading from that position. “Well, what ‘cha reading?” he asked, approaching the bed to kneel behind her offered derriere.

“A story my lover wrote for me last year, before we moved in together,” Jordan responded in total seriousness. “There’s this scene where he… ferociously takes me and does such wicked things to me in this historic Cathedral the night before I almost slip up and marry the wrong man – it never fails to get me off,” she said breathlessly.

“I see,” Glen said, feigning detachment from the steamy sight in front of him. “What kind of ‘wicked’ things?”

“He takes me…. right here!” Jordan exclaimed, bringing a wet finger up to her anus and massaging the crinkly tiny folds in slow circles. She knew Glen’s eyes were glued to her even without being able to see him behind her, and she pushed the sticky finger inside her tight chute. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned as her finger slid in deep, “I can’t wait for you to take me here, she’s so hungry for you! She’s gonna swallow your cock greedily and milk you dry, my baby, she’s so ravenously hungry for a good pounding from you.” Jordan began to finger fuck her ass, and Glen could hear the wet digit squishing in and out of her tight hole.

Knowing she had his rapt attention, Jordan continued: “Ooooh, having you here reminds me, let me make sure she’s ready for you…. Ahhh, it feels hot and tight in there, check one,” Jordan said. “In fact, it may be too tight in there since it’s been so long. You may have to force her to submit to you, my baby.”

Glen’s erection was ready to bust out of his jeans watching her finger her own ass. He didn’t say a word as Jordan next pulled her musky wet finger out of her rectum and brought it to her face. She put the finger coated in her ass right under her nose and sniffed it loud enough for him to hear. “Mmmm, smells good, too, my love. Check two.” He watched her sphincter close snugly as the invading finger left her humid dark hole. It took all his strength and willpower to resist burying his whole face in her crack.

“In fact,” Jordan continued, knowing exactly what her lover was thinking, “it smells good enough to eat.” Then she slurped it into her mouth and sucked on it ravenously. “Mmmm, SOOOO good! A new flavor too, my baby. Strawberries and cream, a new body wash I got just for this occasion.”

Glen bent down and placed his face between the open cheeks of her ass. Jordan felt the heat from his skin radiating toward her and knew that she had him. He smelled the length of her crack and the two tight glistening holes exposed in the middle. He sniffed at her strongly, and Jordan felt the cool air rush across her skin making its way into his voracious nostrils, bathing his olfactory senses in her heady musk. A deep low moan escaped from his throat, making a million little bumps erupt across her skin in a wave. His hot breath blew directly across her anus as he exhaled, making her shiver. Jordan loved being exposed and open to his inspecting gaze like this, offering herself up to be taken at his discretion and to his liking. She loved the effect that her waxed-bare pussy and hairless asshole had on him. It was actually in this position of total submissiveness that she had the most power over Glen, hypnotizing him with the sights, smells and tastes that he craved down deep in his soul. Since they had moved in together, not one day had gone by when he hadn’t made a satisfying meal out of her body. Even for the few days a month when she was on her period, he would still lick and suck on her clit, then turn her over and satiate himself devouring her ass ravenously – unabashedly stuffing his tongue deep down in her earthy hole, over and over again, as far in as he could get it, licking along the inner walls of her anal cavity.

Hell, if he was ever deep in his work and she wanted to distract him, all she had to do was stuff a couple of fingers into her pussy and ass and then present illegal bahis siteleri them to his nose and let him smell her. The smell of her sex was his weakness, as if her unique scent was biologically designed to light a fire in his body, get his heart racing, his blood pumping, and give him an unbending erection. Whenever she did that to him, it was never long before he was fucking her silly.

For her part, Jordan gave as good as she got. They definitely had an oral fixation for each other. The nasty things he had made her do for him as of late… There was not an ounce of shame in her for the way she behaved under him. They had a perfect chemistry when it came to raw sex exploring their darkest desires. She had never been more satisfied and neither had he. So she knew that if there was a way to break his resolve to keep teasing her, this was it.

Jordan sighed with satisfaction as Glen placed his hands on her cheeks and spread them wide, bringing his nose and lips closer to her hungry openings. Glen just watched her for a minute, inspecting her holes. She started to drip with anticipation and he almost lost his mind with need as he watched her dripping hungry cunt.

“All ready for me, huh?” he asked.

“Yes, she’s missed you, my baby,” Jordan said, flexing her anus to lewdly blow him a dark kiss. It beckoned him as she wiggled her ass suggestively, inviting him to have his way with her. Then Glen shocked her by letting her cheeks close instead of diving into them. He placed a chaste kiss on the meat of her buttock.

“Sounds good my love but I have things to do at the moment. Maybe I’ll try you a little later if I’m in the mood,” he said. And just as quickly he abruptly got up from behind her and left the room. Jordan was hot with frustrated need and anger! ‘This means war,’ she said to herself.


The following morning on Valentine’s Day Jordan awoke for the first time since they started living together outside of his arms. Just as she began to wonder where he’d gone off to the bedroom door opened and in he came carrying a tray. He treated Jordan to a homemade breakfast of poached blueberry- and strawberry-filled crêpes with warm Nutella spread, sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar and drizzled with honey, then garnished with thinly-sliced drunken Asian pears. He served her in bead with a mug of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with a bit of hazelnut syrup and a hint of Irish Cream liquor.

“Good morning, my love,” he greeted her, kissing her as he served her breakfast. The kiss was intense but brief, filled with promise of the events to come that day… finally. Jordan enjoyed her breakfast savoring his culinary skill as they laughed and relished the relaxed morning hours together.

After they ate Glen put on a CD collection of their favorite love songs and led Jordan to the bathroom. There were lit candles placed all around the tub, along the sink and atop the tank of the commode. Jordan had been both eagerly anticipating and dreading the arrival of this occasion. Her sexual preparations had always been a private affair for her, but she knew Glen had been dying to share this experience with her, adding a new level of intimacy to their relationship. The bathroom heater was on making the air warm and cozy against her nude body. A pillow and pad of soft towels had been placed on the floor next to the tub. With a deep breath and a sigh, Jordan got down on her knees on the towels and rested her head on the pillow, presenting her ass to him.

Glen bent down and placed a tender kiss on the flesh of her ass cheek. “I’m so excited, baby, this is going to be a great day!”

“Well, I’m a little nervous, actually,” Jordan replied.

“Don’t be, you’re in expert hands. Now don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” With that Glen disappeared and returned two minutes later carrying an enema kit: a one liter pitcher with a rubber hose coming out of the bottom. On the other end of the 1 meter hose was an applicator nozzle with a flow control valve on it. The one-liter pitcher was filled with only warm water mixed with two spoonfuls of sea salt to match the body’s natural salinity. He sat the kit down on the back of the toilet tank.

Jordan thought he would start right away but given that the theme for the past two weeks seemed to be delayed gratification she should have known better. Instead she felt his large strong hands grasp each of her ass cheeks and begin rubbing and massaging them, occasionally rubbing a hand down the small of her back and against her spine. The strength of his fingers worked the muscles of her flesh, pushing the tension right out of her. A small moan escaped her lips, signaling to Glen that he could proceed.

He reached for a bottle of lube and used it to coat his middle finger. Then he began to rub the tip of his lubed finger against her anus. Jordan was always tight and her ass always needed plenty of foreplay and coaching to get it open. However today, there was extra canlı bahis siteleri tension from the apprehension of the new act. So Glen continued to rub against her tiny opening only intermittently applying pressure. With his other hand he continued to rub her back.

“Relax for me, my baby, let me in,” he said softly. As if those were the exact words she needed to hear, her rosebud flowered open like first light on a brisk and sunny spring morning. Half of his finger slid in and the walls of her anus closed tightly around the invading digit, holding him in place. Gradually, she relaxed and he began to slowly finger fuck her ass, applying downward pressure as to stimulate her g-spot through her vaginal wall. A slightly louder moan escaped Jordan’s lips. Reluctantly, Glen took that as a sign to remove his finger.

“Aww, I was starting to like that!” Jordan pouted.

“You’ll get much more of that and even better when we get through here, so just be patient and let me do my work!” Glen responded in mock seriousness. It was time. He reached for the nozzle attached to the enema hose and lubed that up as well, then he placed the tip at Jordan’s anus.

“Relax one more time for me, my love,” Glen said. She did as asked and with a slight push, the slender 5-inch nozzle was inside of her.

Glen adjusted the flow valve so that the warm water would fill her up slowly, allowing her bowels to get used to the full feeling and allowing more water to travel further inside of her. He held the nozzle in place while the other hand continued to massage her ass and the small of her back. After about a minute Jordan felt a minor cramp and asked him to stop the flow. He did and within a minute the cramp had passed and they resumed.

“I never tire of the sight of your ass in the air, both of your holes exposed, offering yourself up to me,” he breathed huskily. The deep baritone of his voice sent a shiver through her.

“You’ve been so cruel in making me wait these past couple of weeks…” Jordan said, this time with a genuine pout.

“I know, baby, but I’m going to spend the whole weekend making it up to you, making it all worth it. All this waiting… you’re gonna explode, and it will be the best explosion ever.”

‘It better be,” Jordan said, almost feeling guilty about her plan now for a little revenge. But she was determined. Nothing was going to change her mind at this point.

“All done, baby,” Glen said, interrupting her wicked thoughts.

“Really, already?” Jordan asked. The conversation had taken her mind away and allowed the time to go quickly.

“Yes, don’t you feel full?” he asked, gently removing the nozzle from her anus.

“Well as a matter of fact… you better get out of here, baby,” Jordan warned.

“I’m going, I’m going.” He bent down and placed another tender kiss on her ass cheek. “Just shout when you are ready for round two.” With that, he took the enema kit and stepped out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He returned to the kitchen to refill the pitcher with warm water.

They repeated the process twice more until Jordan was totally clean and the water that came out of her was clear. Then Glen drew her bath. As Jordan got into the sudsy water, Glen excused himself to go to the other bathroom.

“Ok, baby, I’m going to prepare myself then take a shower. I should be out in about 45 minutes. See you soon.” Jordan grabbed him for a kiss before he could leave, a deep probing kiss.

“That was wonderful, Glen. You’ve really touched me by doing this for me.” She kissed him again. “Now go, so you can get the reward for all the tenderness you’ve shown me these past two weeks!” With that, he was off.


Glen emerged from his shower and made his way to their bedroom with only a towel wrapped around him, rock hard with anticipation. Throughout his shower his mind was filled with all the dirty nasty things they were going to spend the afternoon, the evening, and all through the night doing. He was so hungry for her, had shown inhuman restraint for the past two weeks by not ravishing her like he really longed to. Lord knows Jordan had not made it easy for him to hold out. What ultimately gave him the strength to resist her, however, was his love for her. He knew that by making them both wait that their sex this weekend would be capped by orgasmic explosions on a nuclear scale, and he wanted to give her that experience. Now it was finally time. He thought he might just burst, his balls were so full of cum for her.

However, Jordan was no where to be seen. All he saw was a teeny red thong laying across a gift card in a pink envelope there on the bed. He tore open the card and read the note:

Hello My Precious One,

I thought you might want to get some more work done this afternoon so I’ve decided to go out with a few of my girlfriends and just have a ladies night. Maybe while I am out I can get a little more of the attention I’ve been craving from you. I’m wearing your favorite black dress, I hope that will turn some heads. I also tried to put this tiny little thong on but my pussy was much too wet from wanting you and they’d just get ruined so I decided to take them off and go without.

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