Teasing , Pleasing


You know, being tied to a chair, with my wrists behind my back might’ve seemed like a bad way to start my evening. Well, it might have if it had been anyone else who had done the tying.

Let me tell you a bit about Milissa. First off, she’s sexy as hell. She’s well built and toned, from athletics and the gym as well as the time spent working on her car. Her smile is radiant, and no matter how often I see it, I always want to see it again. Her body is off the charts, with large firm breasts and round protruding nipples, as well as a curvaceous and tantalizing frame that is enough to make any man hard.

And this is the woman that stood over me, tying the last of the knots that would hold me in place until she was ready to release me. Her loose sweatshirt proclaimed her sorority, and hung low enough that it afforded me a great view of her tits, barely contained by the bra that held them.

“Nice view,” I commented, expecting her to lean back and playfully slap me or something to that effect, but I was surprised.

“You like what you see?” She whispered coyly into my ear. “I hope so…”

Unused to this side of her personality, I was more than willing to play along. I struggled as she finished the last of the knots to hold me still and then I was left to my own devices for a moment as she sauntered about the room, settling a few things in order before she began what she had referred to as her “plan” for the evening.

A few candles were lit, and the music in the background was turned up, and Milissa started the slow sexy progression towards me. She’d already taken off my shirt before tying me down, but her emphasis now did not seem to be in getting clothes off of me, but teasing me instead.

Milissa straddled my lap, placing her weight firmly against the rapidly growing bulge in my pants.

“Ooohhhhh….” She cooed, “is that for me…?”

Without waiting for an answer she began grinding herself against me, and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. I reached out to grab her and pull her closer only to remember that my hands were very firmly tied to the chair behind me. I was reduced to moaning and struggling against my bindings as she ground herself into me, slowly and seductively.

With another seductive smile she pushed away from me and strode across the room, flipping through songs until she found one that suited her mood, and that was when things began to get interesting.

Try though I might, I hadn’t been able to convince Milissa to strip for me before, but that looked like it was exactly what she had in mind. She smiled at me and leaned in close as the song began to play. “I hope you like being teased, Corey… This is revenge for all those times you teased me and left me with only a vibrator and my hands.” And then she began to dance for me.

She swayed her hips in time with the music and began spinning slowly as she peeled off the sweatshirt. I watched it slide up the pale skin of her stomach and could feel my cock growing even harder than it already had. The sight of her body always did this to me, but now, as she teased me with the sight of her body, now, when I was helpless to do anything at all about it… I couldn’t help but get even more excited than usual.

She wore a deep purple bra that did little to hold back the twin mounds of flesh that tried to burst forth from beneath its grip. She swayed along with them, spinning a little more and sent the sweatshirt cascading across the room to land on her bed. I tilted my head ever so slightly and admired her body as she smoothly reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

Milissa paused for a second, mid-swirl, and cupped her breasts in her hands while strutting forward to invade my space again, at which point she leaned forward, with her breasts in my face and let the bra slide slowly from her shoulders into my lap. I could barely contain myself at this point, as there was little I enjoyed more than sucking on the nipples that she held so teasingly in front of my lips. I wanted to fuck her more than anything right now, but she wasn’t done with her revenge just yet.

She stood there for a moment before she straddled me again, wrapping her arms around my neck and beginning that slow, slow grind against my cock again. She tossed her hair back over her shoulder and bared her tits for me to see as she fucked me through our clothes.

I moaned against her and leaned forward for a kiss but was denied as she instead bent her head and bit savagely into the muscles of my shoulder. I cried out, not in pain, but pleasure, for this is one of the things that I loved about her was the way she bit. Her teeth sank into the muscles and I couldn’t do anything but arch harder and higher into the slow grind that she work working on the length of my cock.

“Mmmmm….that was nice,” she whispered, “but I’ve got much more planned for you.”

She slid down the length of my body…or maybe slithered would be a better word, and went to work undoing my jeans. It took only a few seconds to undo the button and unzip yenibosna escort them and then my cock sprang forward, eliciting a moan of relief from me as some of the pressure was finally relieved.

She tugged the jeans down and tossed them aside before reaching up and caressing the enormous tent that my cock had created. Ever so deftly she slipped her hand in the front and fished my cock out, exposing it to her view, just as an enormous drop of precum slid from the tip.

Bending forward she slid her tongue around the head of prick and caught the drop before it was wasted, flicking her tongue around me for only the briefest of moments before standing and moving away again, swaying in time with the newest song that had come on.

I watched her ass as she moved across the room, loving the sight of her jeans hugging each and every curve of her bottom. She stopped, and turned her upper body to face me, placing her breasts in a quarter profile, so I could take in every inch of her as she unzipped her own jeans.

The tease wasn’t over just yet though. Instead of slipping her jeans off, like she or I would normally have done, she bent over slowly…ever so slowly, and peeled her jeans off, displaying her shapely ass held by a deep purple thong that matched the bra she’d only so recently removed.

Lower and lower she pulled the jeans, all the while looking at me over her shoulder, smiling as she watched my cock jump and twitch at the sight of her body. Finally though, it was over, and she slid the jeans across the floor and strode towards me, wearing nothing but that deep purple thong, and a look that begged me to come and fuck her until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Again she straddled him, this time pressing the soaking wet fabric of her thong against my hard cock, and with her arms around my neck began to rock back and forth against me. She was so wet, I thought she might have cum once already, but I doubted it as she began to whisper in my ear.

“I hope you know I’m going to tease you so bad it hurts. I’m going to fuck your cock and not let you inside me. I’m going to watch as you moan and beg me to fuck you. But I won’t. . . First… I’m going to make myself cum, and let you watch…and then I’m going to tease you some more…make you get so close to cumming that you think you’ll never pull back. But if you don’t…I swear to you, I’ll get dressed and you won’t see this pussy for at least a month.” She grabbed my chin in her hand and lifted it up for a hard kiss. “Then…I’m going to let you go…and I want you to fuck me…harder than ever before. I’m going to make you so horny that you’ll forget all about being gentle, and soft, and you’ll just have to fuck me the way I want.”

I nearly lost it…I loved hearing her talk dirty and to hear her lay it out like that was almost more than I could stand. But apparently she wasn’t content with that, she had to have everything.

She stood again, this time as a new song came on. I don’t know the song, but the first chorus of it struck my attention as I heard the words. “Darling come here, fuck me up the…” and then a heavy bass beat and electric guitar took over as I watched Milissa fold herself in half and pull the thong seductively over the curve of her ass.

I watched, fascinated by the movements of her body and I was only vaguely aware of the soft bobbing motions that I was making as I swung back and forth, admiring each and every inch of her now naked flesh. Even her tan lines, few though the were this late in the year, did nothing but excite me further as they drew my attention to the soft pink lips of her pussy and the triangles of pale flesh over her breasts.

Once more she settled herself against me, this time her naked flesh sat right atop mine, and I was almost worried I’d be burned by the heat from her pussy. She spread her cunt lips apart and settled herself against the shaft of my cock, not letting me near the entrance to her hot pussy, but instead teasing me further, as she began grinding her wet pussy along the length of my cock.

Back and forth, ever so slowly, she rocked herself. Her hips gyrated and her arms held my head in place as she entwined them behind me and pulled me in for a deep passionate kiss. I arched against her, pressing the shaft of my cock hard against her, hoping to tease her into fucking me, but she wouldn’t have it.

“Ah ah ah…” She admonished as she ground extra long against me. “You be good…”

And so it continued, as I sat in the chair, wrists bound behind me with one of the world’s sexiest women riding the length of my cock without allowing me the pleasure of pumping it inside her. It was a tease unlike anything you could imagine.

Over and over she rocked herself the length of my cock, and then her hands started to move. First they glided over her breasts, tweaking her nipples as she rolled her head back and moaned, over dramatizing the effect of my cock on her pussy just enough to make it a further tease, and zeytinburnu escort then lower…

I watched her hand pass by the flat of her stomach and over the hairless skin of her pussy before her finger slid between my cock and her, and began to very sexily start fingering herself, all the while riding my cock. God I wanted to fuck her. Over and over she glided back and forth on the length of my cock, letting it stroke the outside of her pussy, letting it excite her as she played with herself.

Her body convulsed ever so slightly when her finger danced over her clit and her eyes rolled up as she closed them and began to buck against me, grinding down on my throbbing prick as she came violently, thrashing about and pressing down as her cum flowed from her pussy and out onto my cock…

It took her a few more moments of riding me before she came down from the high she’d been on, and she took the opportunity to slither down my body, onto the floor. She knelt between my legs and I knew what was coming next. I braced myself for it, but I knew I couldn’t really do anything. Her cock sucking would drive me crazy, there was no two ways about it. And she would do just what she’d said she would, she’d tease me til I popped.

It was apparently her design to torture me for the evening, since she did nothing more than hover there, her tongue flicking out of her mouth to slurp up the drops of precum as they formed. She looked up at me, eyes locking on to mine and then softly rubbed her cheek against the shaft of my cock, whispering so softly that I almost didn’t hear her.

“Wouldn’t you like me to suck your cock, Corey….?” She paused for effect as she dragged her tongue from the base of my cock, just behind the balls, all the way up to the tip, and moved as if to take me into her mouth, but paused. “Don’t you want me to go down on you….lick you…and tease you?”

I moaned and arched my hips as best I could with my arms behind my back, but she backed away, letting my cock do nothing more than touch her lips. It was pure torture, but I knew she wouldn’t give in. “Please…” I managed to gasp out in between moans, “Mi, … please..?”

“Please what?” She quipped, an innocent smile on her face. It looked misplaced on her sexy form, curled on her knees between my legs. Especially since she was gradually stroking my cock, waiting for the answer that she wanted.

“Please…Mi…suck me off, please…” I was begging now, but I didn’t care, she was a master at the art of teasing and I would’ve given anything at that point for even the smallest flick of her tongue, and she knew it.

One stroke…another stroke…as she paused to consider it. And then she smiled wantonly at me and dove lips first onto my cock, licking and sucking with abandon. God she was good at that. I cried out and reached for her head, stopped again by the bonds that held me and was forced to endure the most exquisite torture a man can endure.

Up and down, she bobbed her head and hand, stroking me into her mouth just as she devoured more of me. I couldn’t stand it anymore I had to cum. I cried out and begged for her to let me cum, but she just kept going at a slow and steady pace, building me up further and further as I struggled against the ropes that held me.

She wasn’t about to stop though. She sucked at me for a good 25 minutes, teasing me with her tongue, flicking it out over my balls… but each time I’d get close she’d back out and just massage my balls in her hands. It was enough to keep me hard but not enough to push me over the edge.

Finally though it seemed that my torture was at an end. Milissa glided to her feet and flexed her legs out a bit before turning to walk away from me. Or so I thought.

Mi took about one step forward and bent herself double again, reaching back between her legs to spread her pussy lips nice and wide, and then she slowly… ever so slowly started to lower her soaking wet pussy towards my waiting cock. Inch by painful inch I watched as her hot, pink, gleaming pussy lowered itself towards me.

She stopped about a half an inch above my cock and looked back at me, smiling evilly before dropping herself down on my rod, impaling herself on it. She screamed out in pleasure and leaned back against me, but didn’t move. She didn’t fuck me, she didn’t grind against me, she didn’t move, save to lean back and pull me in for a nice deep kiss.

Bound as I was, I couldn’t move in this position. Here I was, trapped, in the most pleasurable prison. My cock encased in Milissa pussy, my body encased in her chair, and my lips encased in hers. The kiss was ecstasy, it was heaven and more. Her lips were soft and supple, and the feel of her tongue against me was more erotic and arousing than any sight I’d seen previously. I’d had enough, I had to have her now.

I pulled back from the kiss and latched onto her ear as best I could. I sucked and nibbled for precisely three seconds before giving it up in favor of my own voice. “Let acıbadem escort me up…I’ll give you what you want.”

She leaned forward and looked back at me over her shoulder, squeezing the tight muscles of her cunt in emphasis. “Everything I want?”

I only nodded my head, a new fire beginning to burn in my eyes.

Milissa didn’t hesitate in getting up and letting my arms loose; seeing the fire in my eyes now, she knew she’d succeeded. I was so horny, and so ready for her that she’d never know what was coming.

I leapt up from the chair and took a few seconds to stretch my arms before I grabbed hold of her and pushed her back up against the wall. I ground the head of my cock against her pussy for a moment before plunging into her and then immediately pulling back out.

“You’ve always liked the way you taste on me…” I said, pushing her down to her knees. “Now…finish what you started.”

She looked up at me eyes wide with desire as she sucked my cock back into her mouth. There was nothing slow and teasing about this. Now she had something to do and she knew it. I wrapped my fist in her hair and pulled her against me, fucking her mouth nice and hard, pushing in and out as she sucked at the long length of my cock.

The scene didn’t last for very long, as I was not a long way from cumming, but I had a special something in mind for her.

I stepped away from her, but kept my fist wrapped in her hair. “Jerk me off.” I ordered, my voice soft, and yet still commanding.

She complied without question, wrapping her slender fingers around the base of my cock and jerking me fast and hard towards her face. I could feel myself getting closer, I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I was aching for release, I needed to cum, and I needed it badly.

I pulled tight the fist in her hair and took my cock in my other hand and began guiding my fist up and down its length, slow and sure, letting her eyes follow each and every movement of my hand. I jerked myself off slow and steady for a moment before I realized that I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I’m gonna cum, Mi…” I whispered between the grunts and groans of my own ministrations.

I yanked back on her hair and tilted her face up towards me. She closed her eyes and waited for it, but I wanted her to watch, to see…precisely what effect she’d had on me.

“Open your eyes, and look at me.”

She did, just as I started cumming. The first jet crossed the distance between us and soaked her face and hair with my thick, creamy cum, but that was only the beginning of it. It was as if a floodgate had been opened and I couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything to stop it.

Milissa gasped at the hotness of the sticky liquid as it coated her body.

Spurt after spurt of cum flew threw the air, covering her face, neck and chest with the fruit of my desires. The majority of it landed on her tits, so firm and round, they provided the perfect target. Soon the white liquid dripped down and coated her nipples as well, but I wasn’t done.

Somewhere in the deepest sections of my mind I remembered something that made her hotter than fuck, and went for it. I bent down and run my tongue the length of her neck and face, collecting huge amounts of cum in my own mouth before roughly pinning her against the wall and kissing her, mixing the tastes in our mouths as our tongues danced back and forth.

She cleaned the cum from my mouth, but the kiss was as unfinished as the rest of it. Milissa grabbed the back of my head as she broke the kiss and pulled me down, biting into my shoulder, causing me to cry out in pleasure as I lifted her from the floor and deposited her on the bed.

There was no romance or seduction in this. It was lust and fucking for the sake of raw animal pleasure. Without any announcement at all I flipped her over, grabbed her hips and rammed my cock deep inside her.

It wasn’t a cry of pain or even one of pleasure. It was a scream, a deep and primal scream of pleasure that is the result of purest ecstasy. I wasted absolutely no time in pulling back on her hips over and over again, fucking her pussy with as much force and power as I could muster.

As her cries got louder and louder, she managed to look back at me, throwing me a smoky and sexy glance. “Come on, Corey. FUCK ME!” She screamed, as I buried another deep thrust into her cunt. “Grab my hair, my tits, something! Fuck me harder!”

I couldn’t resist the temptations she offered, but I wanted something different. I grabbed her by the hair and fucked her pussy as hard as I could. Using one hand on her hips for leverage, and pulling back on the one in her hair I fucked her harder and harder until she finally collapsed from the force and decided to roll me over and try something new.

Shoving me onto my back, Milissa straddled me and plunged my cock deep into her waiting cunt. She was so hot, and still so tight, despite the abuse that her pussy had taken in the last thirty minutes that I couldn’t help but cry out as she began to ride me.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” She asked slyly. “I remember you saying it once. You said you wanted to fuck me, then have me ride you while your cum was still hanging off my tits, wasn’t that it?” She gestured towards the strands of my cum that swung to and fro from her nipples. “Do you like it…?” She ground hard against me, emphasizing the words with her body.

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