Ted and Alice Pt. 01


Our sexual awakening had led us to try many things. We had pleasured each other in so many ways that it was beginning to get difficult finding new variations. Our relationship had grown so deep and intuitive that we both knew what the other wanted and were than willing to indulge in the more bizarre aspects of our sexuality. While never stepping outside of our marriage for satisfaction, we were always looking for ideas and stimulation.

We spent hours in the afterglow of lovemaking talking about finding something new. We finally decided that we would cross the last border into the world of swinging — with limitations and conditions. We knew that we wanted to meet another couple who, like us, was very secure in their relationship and only looking to expand their sexual horizons. Being new at the process we were willing to spend a great deal of time getting to know each other before the actual act. They would also have to agree that while anything would go, it must always be as a group and agreed upon by all of us. The four of us would have to like each other as people before we could ever try a group thing.

Our search started slowly as we would contact prospective couples on the internet and trying to decide if we wanted to proceed farther. We dismissed most couples as true swingers that were only looking for new meat. It took several weeks before we found anyone that we thought was worth meeting in person. We exchanged e-mails for a couple of weeks before we traded pictures. We were pleased to find their pictures matched their descriptions of themselves and decided to meet over diner. We found a restaurant about the same distance from both of us and set an early dinner so we could either visit long or get home early depending on how things went.

When the night finally arrived, we were both excited. Lots of extra time went into getting ready so we could make a good impression. We thought we would arrive a little early so we could have a drink before, and it must have been a clever idea because we walked up to the restaurant the same time as Ted and Alice. We greeted each other with hugs and handshakes like we had known each other for years. We traded life stories over drinks while we waited for our table. Ted was the same age as Kay and Alice was a year younger than me. He worked for the state and was almost able to retire but liked his job and thought he might stay on for a bit. Alice worked as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. Ted was my height but had about twenty pounds on me and less hair. Alice was a little shorter than Kay, they were the same weight but sure had it arranged different. Kay carried hers more in the hips and thighs, but Alice put hers right up front where everyone could see it, but dang she looked good.

The nervousness quickly left as we ate and found out about each other. Dinner was great and we were all wonderfully comfortable by the time we finished. Ted and I had lot of common interests and even knew some of the same people from work and Kay and Alice had a lot of raising kid notes to share. Ted suggested a little club that live music and dancing that was nearby. It sounded good to us, so off we went after leaving a nice tip for the poor server that had put up with us for the last 3 hours.

The club was just down the block, so we walked. Inside was a nice sized danced floor with a small band set up on one end. There were tables and booths at the other end that were far enough away that you could talk over the music without yelling. There was a small crowd, and we were able to find a table in the back. The server took our order just as the band decided to take a break.

In the relative quietness of the club, we could talk about what we had met for. Ted and Alice told us that this was their first time venturing into swinging, but they had been talking about it for a long time. Once the kids had left the house it became increasingly often a topic of conversation for them. They had started, like us, looking on the internet and had found us. Our story the same as theirs. It was obvious that they loved each other, and it really felt that they were ready to do this because they knew the time was right. As the conversation began to trail off the band returned, and I thought it might be time for spouse alone time. I asked Kay to dance. It was funny because as I turned to ask Kay, Ted asked Alice.

We discussed our new friends as we danced and decided that, even if we did not “cross that line” with them, we liked them ever much and would like to continue a friendship, but “crossing the line” had definite possibilities. When we returned to the table, they had already ordered another round of drinks. Ted asked if we were busy in two weeks because they wanted us to visit for the weekend. Their town had an annual craft and antique show and they thought we might enjoy. We made plans to see them in two weeks. We finished the evening with a few more drinks and some dancing. Kay danced tandoğan escort with Ted, and I danced with Alice. I noticed that Teds’ hands kept sliding down over her ass. I did not mind because Alice was making sure that I was getting a good rubbing of her ample chest. We ended the night late with Kay and Alice making plans for the upcoming weekend together. Ted told me that he knew that women and craft fairs always went well together.

The next two weeks flew by and crawled at the same time. Kay and Alice had spoken on the phone several times and seemed to have the entire weekend planned. We arrived Friday evening and Ted and Alice were waiting in their garage. We greeted with handshakes and hugs but this time the girls through in a few kisses. Kay and Alice headed into the house while Ted showed me his workshop. He did a lots craft building that he sold at a local craft mall and that is why he never minded going to craft shows — to get new ideas. Shortly, Alice called out that everything was ready, so we headed out to the deck.

Their grill was loaded with steaks and baking potatoes, the side table loaded with all the fixings and the bar was ready to serve. It was a beautiful evening, and we enjoyed a great meal and enjoyable conversation. As it started getting dark, we carried everything into the house and just managed to miss all the bugs that come out at night. Ted and I were trying to help put stuff away, but Alice finally shooed us from her kitchen and told us to go watch TV or something. We left the women to do the cleanup and Ted showed me the rest of the house. Our bags had only made it as far as the garage, so we brought those in, and he showed me to our room. I had a feeling that we were not going to be spending very much time in there, but it was a nice room with its own bath and a king-sized bed. When the tour finally got to the master suite I was amazed at the size of the bed. He told me it was custom made because he and Alice always needed a lot of room in bed and even a king sized was not big enough. I really wanted to ask why but he smiled at me and told me that he thought I might find out why later. We headed into the den and turned on the ball game.

Ted took the end of the big leather couch and I settled into a big, overstuffed leather chair. Kay and Alice emerged from the kitchen with fresh drinks and joined us in the den. Alice perched herself on the arm of my chair while Kay sat on the couch with Ted. Kay settled into the couch and gave me that little smile that told me that everything from here on out was okay with her. I asked Alice if everything was done in the kitchen and she said, looking directly at Ted, that it was taken care of, and everything was okay. I looked at Ted, who had gotten the message, and we nodded slightly to each other. With that Alice slide from the arm of the chair into my lap and turning my face to her gave me a very enthusiastic kiss. I naturally returned the kiss with equal passion and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close.

Alice deftly began unbuttoning my shirt and started stroking her hands over my chest. I buried my face into the hollow of her neck and began gently kissing a licking her neck while my hand glide up under the back of her blouse and caressed the back of her neck and stroking her hair. My other hand found its way around her and tucked into the hollow of her ribs just under her breast where I could feel the warmth and weight of it without fully caressing it. I looked over to see Kay and Ted in a similar position hesitantly exploring each other’s bodies. I felt myself begin to grow hard as I watched Kay and Ted and felt Alice toying with my nipple while gently pressing my head from her neck around to her cleavage. My hand under her breast had found its way under her blouse and my fingers began teasing at the lace of her bra. I found her hardening nipples and began stroking my fingers across them as my other hand searched for the hooks on her bra. I kept looking over at Kay and Ted until Alice finally whispered in my ear to look in the doorway. I looked back behind us to see two video cameras set up filming us. She told me that I could watch it all later, just enjoy for now. Obviously, these two had been doing some planning so I was just going to enjoy the job at hand in my lap.

Alice turned to face me in the chair, straddling me, and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. I had managed to get her bra unhooked so as the last button was free, I slide my hands in to grasp those wonderful fleshy mounds. My thumbs quickly found her nipples and I was surprised at how long and hard they got. Alice joined me in massaging her breasts and would in turn lift one and then the other to my mouth. I quickly lost myself in her gorgeous tits and long hard nipples.

After Kay and Ted had given their okay to us, they got a little busy themselves. Kay began stroking the inside of Teds’ tunalı escort leg and Ted worked his arm around her shoulders. When Alice had dropped into my lap, Kay turned to Ted and offered her own passionate kiss. Ted only hesitated long enough to see Alice and I locked in a kiss before he took Kay’s face in his hand and covered her mouth with his. Kay turned to meet his kiss and took his hand pressing it to her breast. Kay kneels over him pulling her blouse over her head. He fills his hands with her tits and pulls them out of her bra. Ted rubs her nipples between his finger until they are hard and swollen. Kay begins rubbing his crotch as Teds’ mouth meets her aching nipple.

Alice leans back from me just enough to remove her blouse and bra tossing them to the floor. She begins working here breasts with her hands letting me admire their size and firmness. She showed no signs of sag as she worked her nipples between her fingers making them even longer and harder. She lifted each to her mouth sucking on them until were rock hard. She leaned up and whispered in my ear that she could not wait to fuck Kay with her nipples. I said that it was all right with me if I got to lick them off afterwards. She just giggled and pulled my shirt off me and buried those hard nipples against my chest. My mouth found the soft pulse in her neck and began tracing my tongue over the softness of her throat. My hand began undoing her pants and working them down over her hips.

I stole a quick glance over at Kay and Ted to see that they also were naked from the waist up and quickly trying to get more of their clothes off. Kay stood to remove her pants but left her lacy panties on. Looking past her great ass, I could see that Teds cock was out of his pants but not yet hard. Kay stepped out of her pants and reached down to help Ted out of his. Ted lifted his butt so she could pull them off, but he never stopped touching her tits while she was within reach.

I pulled Alice up and took her tits in my hands and feed from both nipples at once. She held them for me as I made her nipples long and hard again. I told her that I wanted to slide my dick between her gorgeous tits and cover them with cum. She just said that was the way she liked them covered. I asked her to let me see her. She stopped and just smiled at me before standing in front me. She finished working her pants over her hips and let them fall to the floor. She now stood before me in just her pink lace panties the barely covered her. Stepping out of her pants she slowly turned so I could see her cute ass separated by a thin strip of cloth. She bent over slightly and slipped her finger in the waist band of her thong and ever so slowly slid it down her hips. That thin strip tried to stay in place, but she jiggled her ass so slightly and it dropped to her knees then followed her panties to the floor. Alice then completed the turn and stopped to make sure that I noticed her completely shaved pussy.

I sat up to the edge of the chair and took Alice by the hips and pulled her to me. I pressed my mouth against the mound of her pussy and let my tongue slide down to her sweet lips. Her sweet scent was intoxicating as my mouth worked its way down to her pussy. Alice knelt on the arms of the chair, and I scooted down until my mouth lined up with her delicious pussy. I worked my mouth against her pussy and ran my tongue across her thick lips. Her juices started flowing and I was more than happy to lap them up. She was soon pressing herself hard against my face and groaning loudly. She grabbed my head and pulled me against her. I could feel her climax building as her pussy throbbed against my tongue. I worked it deep into her pussy and then took my thumb and using her own juices pressed it into her ass. As soon as my thumb slipped into her, she screamed and climaxed all over my face. I drank as much of her sweet juices as I could and kept lapping at her hot love box until she collapsed into the chair with me.

While Alice lay on my lap gasping for breath, I got to watch Kay sucking Teds cock. I was surprised at his size and that she was taking most of his eight-inch cock into her mouth. I could also tell that he had at least three fingers working in her pussy. I saw Kay’s hips start bucking up and down and knew that she was about to cover his fingers with cum. Alice, and I watched as Kay grabbed Teds hand and helped him bring her off by shoving his hand into her gaping cunt then collapsed into his lap as her body rode out her climax.

Alice, having recovered from her orgasm, stood, and took my hand to help me out of the chair. Once on my feet she knelt before me and unfastened my pants. Pulling them down over my hips and off my legs her eyes never left my cock. Taking my hardness in her hand, she led me over to the couch to join Kay and Ted. Kay stood as we got to the couch and Alice sat me down next to Ted. Kay and Alice embraced türbanlı escort and began caressing each other as Ted and I watch. After a few moments of intense fondling, they stopped to look and Ted and me. We both just grinned at them, and they told us more of that later. Kay came to me and telling me that she loved me began cleaning Alice’s cunt juices from my face. Alice took Teds hand in hers and began licking it clean of Kay’s cum.

Alice’s hand soon found Kay and they again changed partners. They both knelt on the floor in front of us and on cue buried their faces in our laps. Alice’s mouth covered my cock, and her hands began caressing my balls. I am not near the size of Ted, so she had no trouble taking all of me in her mouth and working her tongue over my balls. I just laid back and let her take me. She raised herself up and wrapped those big soft mounds of flesh around me and began rubbing them up and down over me. Her mouth covered the head of my cock every time it cleared the warm soft tunnel of her tits. I could feel cum begin churning deep in my balls and pushed forward to help clear it path into her hot inviting mouth. Alice fucked my cock with her tits until I was about ready to explode. As I jerked and bucked into her tits and mouth, she took more of me into her mouth until I was fucking deep into her throat. I felt her suck me hard and work her throat muscles around me until I was suddenly pouring hot cum into her eager mouth.

Meanwhile, Kay had been doing similar things to Ted. His groaning and moaning had been matching mine and I had been entirely too busy to watch what they had been doing. When I did manage to look over at them, Kay was just finishing licking his softening cock clean. Alice moved over to Kay, and they shared a very wet kiss sharing cum between them. Breaking the kiss, they settled onto the couch between Ted and me. Kay, I, Alice, and Ted cuddled for a little while before Alice suggested some wine and a good soak in the hot tub before continuing in bed later. Not being able to think of any good reason not to, we all agreed.

The wine was exceptionally good, and the hot tub was relaxing and invigorating at the same time. After about 15 minutes I was ready to go again and all the touching and rubbing going on in the tub only helped get things going again. Alice asked each of us what our favorite sexual activity was and what some of our fantasies were. Of course, the more questions she asked, the hornier we all got. Ted finally suggested that we all head for bed with some more wine. That sounded good to us, so off we went to the bedroom.

Alice and Kay sat Ted and me on the bed and began hugging and kissing in front of us. As Alice and Kay got more familiar with each other Ted and I settled back on the bed to watch. Kay was getting a good taste of Alice’s nice big tits while Alice was working fingers between Kay’s legs as they danced to a song only, they could hear. I noticed that Ted was beginning to really enjoy the show and I could not resist taking hold of his cock and see just how big it really was. I started by slowly stroking and slightly squeezing it. Teds cock grew in my hand until I could barely get my hand around it. I do not know how Kay had managed to get most of it in her mouth, but she did. Ted was enjoying my stroking and I was enjoying watching his cock get so rigid and big. Finally, we noticed that the girls had stopped what they were doing and were watching us.

Since I started it, I figured that I should keep on going and lowered my head into Ted’s lap. I licked gentle at the head of his cock, swirling my tongue slowly around it. I caressed his freshly shaved balls. I let my tongue slide down his hard shaft and began to gently suck on them. While I worked Ted’s cock and balls, Kay and Alice joined us on the bed. Kay took Ted’s shoulders and turned him to lay on the bed. I was finally able to start working his big cock with my mouth, enjoying his rigid firmness with my tongue. Kay straddled his head facing me and soon had a pussy full of his tongue. I moved down and knelt on the floor so Alice could straddle his hips facing Kay. I continued to work on his cock and balls.

Kay and Alice kept busy kissing and nuzzling each other while Ted fed on Kays warm pussy juice. I had Teds cock rigid and ready to go again and slip it into Alice’s is hot tunnel while I began eating her ass. I felt her ass loosening up from my tonguing and knew she was ready for what was coming next. I stood behind her, lined myself up with her juicy asshole, and slowly slid my dick into her tight ass. Alice held tightly onto Kay as I stopped and let her relax before shoving it the rest of the way in. With Ted filling her pussy and me filling her ass Alice started cumming repeatedly and hard. We both fucked her hard and until she collapsed over onto the bed freeing herself from the onslaught of our hard cocks. Kay, not one to miss a chance, dropped down and began licking and sucking both of our cocks together. Somehow, she was able to get both of us to cum at the same time filling her mouth with our loads.

We all collapsed together on the bed, completely spent, and worn out. Only after several minutes were we able to move enough to arrange ourselves on the bed for the night, all of us covered with sweat and cum.

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