The 4 Next Days Ch. 02

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I was naked, kneeling on the floor, my face buried between Tom’s legs, his hands securely holding my long hair, moving my head up and down his dick. I was totally lost in the wonderful sensation of giving him pleasure and, at the same time, being possessed and controlled by him. I realized that I wouldn’t be able to escape his tight grip if I wanted to (which I didn’t) and this turned me on immensely. I’ve never been into masochism or bonding or anything extreme like that, but for some reason, Tom’s hands vigorously guiding my head while I gave him a deep blow job were driving me crazy with desire.

He was grunting and moaning all along, and I knew he was enjoying the twirls of my tongue on the underside of his dick while my lips traveled tightly over the length of his shaft. I really wanted this to be the best blow job of his life, so even though my jaw was starting to hurt, I picked up the pace and drove him even further into my mouth a few more times, then sloppily licked his head like the tastiest lollipop, only to suck him deep into my mouth again. I alternated between these two techniques for a couple of minutes and I could feel him growing harder and stiffer, his moaning louder, and the grip on my hair tighter.

He pulled my head up and warned me that if I kept that up, he would come in my mouth. I smiled lustily and licked my lips, and went back to work on his dick, hungry for the hot streams of pearly cum that I could already taste on my tongue. He let go of my hair and lied back down, closing his eyes and letting himself get lost in the sensation of his dick being devoured. A few minutes later, my hard work was rewarded with a mouthful of sugary cream, erupting from his pulsating dick, güvenilir bahis along with a deep moan that stirred my insides, making my pussy contract and throb, close to orgasm.

I was dizzy from the sensations, and I knew this was only the beginning. I still couldn’t believe that the hunk of a man who was causing my body to react that way was the same sweet, blushing guy I had known for more than four years. I guess it’s true that shy guys make the best lovers…

After licking his dick clean, I got up and went to the bathroom. There was cum all over my chin and some on my breasts, so I decided to jump in the shower, which was still running. I was just starting to get my hair wet for shampooing it, when Tom opened the curtain and got in the shower with me. I was amazed to see that even though he had cum hard not 2 minutes ago, his large dick was ready to keep going. He placed his lips on mine and started kissing me slowly, gradually probing my mouth with his tongue, tasting his cum from my mouth. The intensity of the kiss grew higher and higher, and soon I felt his hard dick moving between our naked bodies, begging for attention. I was about to go down on him again, but he stopped me, and taking my hand, he guided me out of the shower. He stood behind me, both of us facing the mirror, our bodies glistening wet from the shower. He leaned over and kissed my neck, while his hands playfully squeezed my boobs, tweaking my nipples and making them as hard as pebbles. It was extremely arousing to stare at our reflection in the mirror, seeing one of his hands go down my stomach, and softly stroke my pussy lips. I parted my legs a bit to give him better access, and he skillfully caressed my clitoris, making türkçe bahis me gasp and moan out loud. My knees started to buckle under me, and I had to hold to the sink while his fingers explored the wet folds of my pussy. He then stop kissing my neck and looked up, locking his eyes with the reflection of mine in the mirror. The intensity of his fiery look triggered my first orgasm, and I came hard on his hand. He smiled wickedly while I shivered and moaned, without ever breaking the eye contact.

I was still high from my orgasm when he bent me over the sink and started rubbing his big dick on my dripping hole, making the head slick with my juices. Without hesitating, he rammed it up my pussy, leaving me gasping for air. Now that he was inside me, I felt full and complete, and I couldn’t imagine a better sensation than this. Then he started to slowly move out of me, only to rapidly drive his cock deep inside me again. He kept this up for a while, and I felt a new orgasm building up quickly. He reached around my waist and tickled my clit with his fingertips, without breaking his rhythm or losing a stroke, and I thought I would pass out from the intense pleasure he was giving me. My pussy was dripping all over his shaft, his balls, and the insides of my thighs. Tom was effortlessly making the end of one orgasm blend with the beginning of another, and I could not stop myself from moaning louder and louder.

I’d never known that I could be multiorgasmic, and I would have never in a million years guessed that Tom would be the guy to bring that out in me. He was keeping his pace of slow long strokes, while rapidly rubbing my clit with one hand, and squeezing my ass with the other. He took his sweet time, güvenilir bahis siteleri thoroughly fucking me, enjoying my shuddering body bent over the bathroom sink, my dripping hot pussy contracting around his dick, the look of my round ass in his hand and my massive breasts shaking and jiggling with each stroke of his dick.

I thought I had reached the realms of utter ecstasy, and then I felt his hand move from my ass cheek to my tight asshole, gently massaging it with his fingertips in a circling motion, relaxing it while still ramming his dick hard in my pussy and softly caressing my hard clit with his other hand. At this point I totally lost it, and as my back hole gave in to his increasingly insistent fingers, I felt I had no more control over my body. I reached an unknown level of pleasure while my body was being sweetly but powerfully ravaged by Tom. I couldn’t even think straight, and I blurted out in my native tongue: Papito, me estas matando de placer… This seemed to have an immediate effect on Tom, who grew even harder and thicker in my pussy, and sped up his thrusting. He grabbed the sides of my round ass with both of his hands, and started pumping into me with all his might, until he finally orgasmed with a loud grunt, pushing his cock deep in my pussy and collapsing on top of me.

We stayed like that for a few moments, just breathing and letting our brains process what had just happened. Slowly, we came back down to the real world, and realized that we were late for the opening reception at the hotel restaurant. We took turns to quickly shower, without saying a word to each other, still savoring the lingering sensation of sheer pleasure coursing through our bodies. We dressed in a rush and went down to the restaurant, where people were already drinking and socializing. I ordered a glass of red wine and sat down to look around me, searching for familiar faces, and wondering what the next 4 days would bring.

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