The Arrangement Plan B

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I let myself into her room and was about to call out, but before I could utter a sound I was struck by the scene in the adjoining bathroom. She was standing with her back to the open door. Her long blond hair was tied up in pigtails, the tips resting on her shoulders. She wore a cream colored blouse, but except for her white socks, she was naked from the waist down. Her small, but muscular buttocks glistened in the sunlight and she was bent slightly forward, with one foot planted on the closed cover of the toilet.

When I was able to catch my breath, and let out a quiet whistle, an attractive woman, with bright blue eyes, looked over her shoulder, waved and said

“Hi, Bob. Just take off your pants and make yourself comfortable, I’ll be there in just a minute.”

She bent over and stepped into the powder blue cotton panties, lying on the floor. That was when I saw the little wisp of white string hanging from the apex of her long tanned legs. I groaned, maybe a little too loudly. She turned around and made a little pout.

“Oh, I am so sorry Bob, but the stress of finals week must have started my monthlies a little early. We will just have to make due with a hand job.”

It is an arrangement between a nubile and resourceful woman in her late 20’s and a man with a grey beard in his middle 50’s. Kim was a graduate student in microbiology and for several months, we had spent two afternoons a week together in her room while she ” harvested ” my semen in condoms.

She had landed a grant from a large medical laboratory to develop more precise automated methods to help Sperm Banks count live sperm cells in donated semen. I was able to offer her a small but steady supply of semen that is free of any sperm cells, to calibrate her test equipment. And this at least gave me a more interesting means to let off some pressure until I recover from my divorce and try dating again. To my knowledge, Kim wasn’t seeing anyone either, so she reluctantly accepted my offer that she could have what she needed, but only if she collected it herself.

I feigned the look of a hurt puppy dog, although the sudden deflation of the bulge in my pants was real.

I escort mecidiyeköy said ” there are other ways you know.”

Kim tensed up for just a moment and bit her lip. I saw just a hit of a tear in her eye, as if something had triggered a bad memory.

“yes Bob, I know, but that would take a lot of beer, and maybe something else to make that happen. Besides, I have another final exam this evening, so let me help you off with those pants so we can get busy. Or maybe we should just wait a couple more days.”

I sensed that we were headed in a direction where she didn’t want to go, so I quickly lay down on her bed, unbuckled my belt, smiled, and said

” I am ready when you are.”

Kim sat on the edge of the bed next to me and pulled down the zipper on my walking shorts. Then hooking her thumbs into the waistbands of both the shorts and my briefs, she gave them a tug as I lifted my butt off the bed. After pulling them free of my ankles, she made another little pout as she observed my less than enthusiastic penis. Granted, the cool air from the window fan was not helping the situation, but after enjoying the warmth and grip of her vagina for two months, masturbation had lost it’s appeal. Intellectually, it was an acceptable solution, considering the alternative, but sometimes the emotional sides of our bodies are still in charge.

Kim must have sensed that I needed more incentive than just the promise of an ejaculation, and she slowly started to unbutton her blouse. Although I might be having problems getting with the program, I was determined to do my best to make this harvesting an enjoyable experience for both of us. So with compassion in my heart, but growing lust in my groin, I concentrated on her blue eyes and perky little breasts. At the same time, I reached out with just one finger and lightly drew little circles on her panties just below the swell of her pubic bone. When I found the right spot, she took at deep breath and I heard just a little moan.

She was warming up and her sexual flush was starting to grow. As each button was popped and the fabric fell away, I saw the red glow engulf her small but very taut breasts. bayan escort Her bright pink nipples started to harden and stuck out like pencil erasers.

That was enough, and I started to get hard. A smile appeared on her face, highlighting her high cheekbones, and a cute upturned nose. She looked down with obvious approval at my now erect partner in the project, and purred.

” Now that’s more like it, but just to be sure maybe a little extra preparation is in order.”

She gently wrapped her fingers around my erect penis, and pressed her lips to just the very tip. Then as I held my breath, I watched the head disappear into her mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to savor the moment, in what has become routine procedure. From months of experience, I knew what was going to happen next. Just as I was starting to feel a stirring in my groin, her lips were gone, and replaced by the gentle brushing of a sterile wipe.

I must have looked puzzled when Kim opened up a box like package that she balanced on the tip of my penis and pushed down. When she pulled the box off, leaving the head covered in latex, she started to give me an almost clinical description, and once again, an enjoyable afternoon was starting to look like just another milking.

“This is a new condom from Mentor Corporation that has an adhesive to make sure the condom doesn’t fall off when we are done. The package is designed to make sure it goes on correctly.”

Sure, I was thinking, the high point of the event is her excitement over a new condom. I decided to try and heat up the situation ….. more lazy circle over her panties, and a little feather like strokes up and down the damp line that has appeared along with a new sweet odor in the air. Hmmm… I though, the rash is still on her chest, so maybe she is not as cool as she is trying to look.

Kim squeezed about an inch of KY Jelly on to her thumb, rubbed it up against her forefinger, and then circled the base of my now erect penis. As she slowly slid the ring upwards, the rest of her fingers came on board, and soon I felt myself being totally engulfed in her warm and gentle grip. Her hand started to move back down bayrampaşa escort bayan the shaft and fingers fell away. Slowly up and down, almost as if she was milking. But I wanted more, so I did my best to try and ignore the pressure that was starting grow.

I looked her straight in the eye, and while I gently rubbed my finger up and down her cotton covered slit, I said with almost a pleading in my voice

” Sweetheart, this is not working. Please lay down next to me”

I took off the rest of my clothes and soon we were lying on our sides, facing each other, nose to nose. Kim’s head was cradled in my arm, and her eyes were closed. Our lips barely against each other and her hand, lightly wrapped around my penis, gently stroked up and down. I slipped my free hand into her panties. My thumb was rubbing her clit, and one of my fingers was very gently taping on the end of her tampon. Soon we were in sync, breathing together, and urging each other towards a climax.

This was not the urgent thrusting of unbridled lust, but rather a slow rhythmic pulsing, as if one was kneading very soft dough. But Kim was starting to get more excited and her hand grasped my penis and started to pump more vigorously. I really wanted this to last, so I pulled my lips from hers and gently nipped the tip of her upturned nose.

I whispered ” slow down, my dear. We are not racing up a mountain this time. We are walking hand and hand through a beautiful meadow. Enjoy the sounds and smells of our passion.”

Our heads rolled apart. I saw her nostrils flare and we continued to breathe deeply in unison. The smell of lilacs from the open window filled the room and soft chirping of birds mingled with the sounds of our beating hearts.

The sweeping tingling sensation started deep in my groin, and moved upward until I felt that familiar light headed feeling above my eyes. Just as I was turning my head to claim one last kiss, Kim’s body became rigid, and she let out a cry as her pelvis started convulsing under my hand. Soon we were both limp. After one last embrace, she laid her head on my chest. Just before we fell asleep in each other’s arms she whispered ” oh if only you were a woman. “

By the end of the Summer, her project was completed, and I was seeing someone special. It would not be for several more years, when I saw her again at my Dentist’s office, that I would understand what she meant. But that is another story.

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