The Basketball Team’s Bitch Ch. 01

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Isabel, the basketball team’s trainer—though really just a second-year kinesiology student in charge of player injuries and rehab—tells me to strip naked. We’re in the athletics doctor’s office, which belongs to Isabel during the basketball season, and I’m standing in front of her in my street clothes, a school t-shirt and black skinny jeans over white jock briefs and Stance Fusion Basketball socks in school colors—blue and white. Isabel picks up the clothes I’ve dropped to the floor and stashes my t-shirt and jeans by her blue Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team backpack while setting the jock briefs and socks on top of my team-issued Nike Hyperchase sneakers under the exam table.

Isabel’s wearing her school polo shirt and khaki pants along with white Nike Free Trainer sneakers. She checks me out, then tells me to turn around. I’ve shaved my legs, asshole, and around my cock and balls. She says good job and tells me to now lie on my side on the exam table.

I get on the table and lie on my side with my bubble butt facing her. She lifts up my top leg and pushes the lubed-up nozzle of her enema kit into my asshole. I feel the hot soapy water begin filling me up. Isabel’s holding the enema bag near my foot that she raised and she doesn’t drop either down until casino siteleri the bag is empty.

Isabel says I better not make a mess for her by spilling any of that water on the exam table. Receiving a hot enema feels so good that my uncut cock is semi-erect, close to the full 6 inches it gets. Isabel notices and says that’s why I’m the team bitch.

Isabel tells me to pick up my pile of socks, underwear, and sneakers, as she grabs her backpack. She then leads me to the women’s locker room, where Faraluz, the team manager—who graduated high school with me last year and now plays for our community college’s women’s basketball team—is waiting, dressed in the same uniform as Isabel, but with her curly hair left down while Isabel’s hair is straightened and tied up.

Isabel tells me to set my stuff down by a bench, while she pulls out a bottle of lube and a large see-through butt-plug and places them there too. She guides me to the women’s showers as Faraluz follows, bringing a towel and her iPhone. Isabel then tells me to let go of my enema so she can open up my asshole for that butt-plug. I turn on a shower-head then turn around, facing Isabel and Faraluz, and squat down, relaxing my ass’s muscles. Faraluz aims her iPhone at me, recording a video canlı casino as a stream of now-cool water bursts out of my ass, running down my legs only to be washed away by the shower, followed by successively smaller streams until all that enema water is down the drain.

I turn the shower-head off, then Faraluz throws me the towel. After I finish drying myself, Isabel tells me to follow her back to the locker room. Once there, she tells me to lay my towel on a bench and then lie back on it, legs held back by my head. Isabel straddles the bench in front of me with the bottle of lube and large butt-plug in front of the crotch of her pants. Faraluz holds her iPhone over Isabel’s shoulder, recording a video of Isabel spreading lube over my asshole and then immediately jamming 2 of her lubed-up fingers inside, working them in and out, spreading them apart horizontally and then vertically while they’re inside, letting my asshole open up then close then open up again while they’re out, before moving up to 3 fingers, spreading them apart in all directions while they’re inside as my asshole gapes even more after they come out. I’m in pure bliss as Isabel eventually pushes 4 of her lubed-up fingers inside my asshole, squeezing them into 2 rows of 2 and then expanding kaçak casino them as much as possible while they’re inside. I can feel the inner walls of my ass opening up to accommodate her fingers and I’m sure Faraluz’s video is capturing a wide open gape. After what seems like a half hour at least of Isabel finger-fucking my ass, she introduces her whole fist inside me. I implode with pleasure. Isabel just holds her fist wrist-deep inside my ass, flexing her fingers as much as my muscles will allow. I may have gotten hard while her 2 fingers were fucking me, but now my cock is completely flaccid, surrendering.

After Isabel finally pulls her fist out of my ass, slowly but surely, I feel my asshole gape completely open then squeeze shit, back and forth, back and forth, until Isabel slides the large butt-plug in. She tells me to put on my jock briefs, socks, and sneakers and then head over to the men’s locker room, where the rest of the team is changing into their team-issued shorts and jerseys. Faraluz lets me know she’s sending both videos to the whole team as well as Isabel, all of whom are free to share it around the school with their friends.

I can barely stand up at first, but I somehow put on my underwear, socks, and sneakers, then walk down the hall, butt-plug making sure my ass stays stretched out for my post-practice fucking. Luckily, nobody roams these athletics halls before practices; the coaches wait for us in the gym. They won’t get to fuck me later, but all 9 of my teammates will.

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