The Bet (Mommy/Daughter Futa) Pt. 01

Big Tits

Cassie’s Pov:

My mom, Kendra, often walked around the house without a top on, letting her massive tits flow freely. It grossed me out. I was her daughter, not some random guy she brought home on a Friday night (not that she brought home guys). She shouldn’t be showing her own daughter her boobs.

Most people think us futas are sex-crazed fiends, willing to fuck even our own mothers and daughters but that isn’t the case. Well, at least, the incest part isn’t. Yea, we definitely had pretty wild sex drives and it resulted in me having to masturbate multiple times a day. I was far too embarrassed about my extra appendage to try finding a girlfriend or something.

My mom, for her part, seemed pretty content living alone. My father had left once he realized that I also had gotten Mom’s dick genes. For some reason it was okay for her to have one but not for me.

I mean, I bet she masturbated in her room a lot but the lack of pussy didn’t seem to be driving her crazy. Oh yea, my mom had told me she was a lesbian after Dad left. She only married him because she felt that she needed to suppress her urges but, once he left, she became open about her desire to be a carpet muncher.

She and I didn’t need to work after the divorce settlement. Like, ever. We were crazy rich because Dad had been crazy rich. So we lived in a nice two story house with two bedrooms, a basement, and a big fenced backyard.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I’m eighteen right now. I have decently sized tits for my age, being around a C-cup but they were totally dwarfed by Mom’s massive DDD-cup boobs. Guys tended to tell me my ass was sexy, also being on the larger side but maybe that was just because my stomach was so skinny, it accentuated my ass. I was also pretty kinky. Specifically, I was a bit of bondage freak. My mom had often found me in very precarious situations, tied up in a variety of ways. She often scolded me, saying it was dangerous to practice bondage alone but, eventually it became a bit of a joke. Hell, she even told me my ties were garbage.

The day everything started, though, was a pretty normal day.


I had just woken up, my blonde hair a total mess. I did my best to straighten it out in the bathroom before clambering down the stairs to fix myself some breakfast. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m quite cranky in the mornings, quick to anger but never upset my mom. She was too chill to really get mad even when I was pretty mean to her. In another life, she might have been a California surfer dude.

I entered the kitchen only to find that my mom was, once again, naked from the waist up. Not that down below was much better since it was a skimpy thong that really made her ass clear and present to any unfortunate daughter that had to look at it.

“Mom, gross. Put some clothes on, you slut.”

She was at the stove, cooking up some eggs or something. She turned and looked at me with a smile. “Why? I gotta let the girls get some air. Anyway, bras make your boobs sag. How do you think I’ve kept mine so perky?”

Ok, one more thing I’ll admit was that she was a total MILF. Her tits really did defy gravity and her cute button nose, long wavy black hair, and fat ass really did make for the complete package. She had a little bit more weight on her belly but, honestly, it only made her look sexy. I’m not talking like a beer belly or anything, just a few extra pounds that made her seem real thick, as the boys would say. Oh, and how could I forget her massive schlong that had pushed part of the thong aside to stick straight out. She was currently at half mast, but when she really got going, I knew she could hit like twelve or even thirteen inches.

My own was a paltry nine at full mast.

“I can see everything, Mom. At least put a shirt on and something to cover that dick of yours.”

“Aww, don’t be like that,” she said, laughing. “You know how I hate clothes.”

“Yeah, I do but I would like you to at least respect my boundaries.”

“Boundaries, schmoundaries.” She waved her hand like it was no big deal and continued cooking her eggs, dick tapping the oven glass as she worked.

I took a seat at the table, starting to get angered by her. “I’m your daughter. Boundaries matter. I don’t want to see your tits every time I walk into a room.”

“Boy, you’re an awfully big complainer today,” she said without looking up from the stove.

“I am not!”

“Woah, and we got a temper too.”

“We have Lefkoşa Escort a temper because we are upset by our mom’s blatant disrespect!”

She turned around at that. “Alright, I’ll tell you what, little miss disrespect. Let’s make a bet. If I lose, then I’ll start wearing clothes around the house. If I win, then you’ll have to do as I say and you can’t make a single complaint about my big tits.”

I eyed her cautiously. This was honestly the closest I had ever gotten her to wearing a shirt. Normally she just teased me until I stormed off. But this… This meant I had a chance to make some changes around here.

“What’s the bet?” I retorted.

“Well, since you like bondage so much, why don’t we play a series of tie up games. If you escape, you get one point. If you can’t escape, then you get nothing. Best of three, whoever has the most points at the end is the winners.” She had her hands on her hips, looking like she was seriously ready to challenge me of all people. I had been tying myself up since the sixth grade. No way in hell she stood a chance.

“Deal,” I said instantly.

“Shake on it.”

We shook on it.

“Alright, eat up, we’ve got a whole day of ties awaiting and you’re gonna need all the strength you can get.”

“Pfft, you’re gonna get smoked, old lady.”

“Dang, thirty nine is old? Well you got another thing coming then.” She set us up some plates, put some eggs and toast on both and we ate in silence. I was already planning what sorts of ties I would do on her, how I would get her to cave. Through all my years of experience, I knew plenty of nasty ones that would really present a challenge.

We finished up pretty quickly and I took the plates away.

“Go get your ropes.”

I nodded and ran upstairs, pulling out my chest of bondage gear. I figured I would bring it all down since I had collected quite a few things over the years.

I descended down the stairs again, this time lumbering around awkwardly with a big chest. I set it down on the living room floor, right in front of my mom who was flicking through her phone on the couch, waiting.

“There you go,” I said.

“Man, when did you get this much stuff?”

“You paid for all of it so I’m surprised you haven’t been keeping track.”

“You think I care that much about my daughter’s kink?”

“Fair enough.”

I opened the box, revealing an assortment of ropes, ballgags, rings for strappado stuff, armbinders, tape, dildos, butt plugs, a vibrator or two, cuffs, some breast pumps, spreader bars, and even a few collars. There was probably more stuff at the bottom that I had forgotten about.

“Alright, how do we start?” I asked.

“Rock, paper, scissors, I guess,” she responded.

I settled down on my knees in front of her and we both put one arm out.

“On shoot,” she said.

I nodded.

“Rock… paper… scissors… shoot!” We both threw down, me putting out rock, her putting out scissors.

“Yes!” I yelled, excited that I got to start.

“Fair’s fair,” she said with a shrug. “Where do you want me?”

“On the floor with me. It’ll be easier if we’re both on the same level and take off your thong. It’s gonna get in the way.”

She slipped down to the rug, seating herself beside me, big tits jiggling as she did so.

She quickly slipped off the thong, tossing it aside.

I pulled out a few coils of rope. I didn’t plan on starting easy.

“Arms behind your back,” I ordered.

She turned so her back was facing me and, somewhat begrudgingly, clasped her arms together behind her back.

I took one smaller coil of rope, unwound it, and then started to wrap it around her wrists. I used a far bit of it, looping it five times before I tied it up. Then I took another coil and wrapped it around her elbows. I didn’t know how flexible she was but I figured I’d soon find out. Surprisingly, she was able to get them to touch, although it did elicit a few “Oh shit”s and “fuck”s in the process.

“This is pretty tight. You think you can go a little easier on your mother?”

“No chance in hell,” I responded.

She grunted as I tightened the final knot on her elbows, also having done five loops there.

I took my third coil of rope and unwound it. Time for the breast tie.

I looped it three times underneath her breasts, making sure to pin her arms to her back. Then, with another coil quickly furnished, I crisscrossed the rope in Girne Escort between her massive boobs, making the perky orbs even perkier than they already were. I did my best to avoid really touching them. It was an odd thing. I didn’t really need to do this elaborate breast bondage on her. Stuff like this was just for show, after all because you only needed a loop or two underneath her breasts to really keep her arms pinned so why was I doing this but avoiding touching her boobs? I couldn’t answer that. Instead, I kept the rope coming.

To top it off, I looped some more rope above her tits, completing the picture. Two ropes, one above and one below, and then a set that scissored in between. I had to admit, she looked pretty damn sexy. No way a horny dyke would be able to resist her like this. Luckily, I was just her daughter and definitely didn’t have sexual feelings for her.

“Man, my tits look great. Maybe you should do this more often!” She said with a laugh.

“Oh hoho, you won’t be laughing soon.”

“Bring it on, this isn’t even that bad.” She stuck her tongue out at me so I grabbed her head a little forcefully and twisted it back so she was staring straight ahead.

“I still have more to do so don’t start wiggling yet.”

I had her stand up on her knees and, before she could react, brought a rope between them, expertly weaving my hands through so I didn’t touch her pussy, ass, or dick.

“Oh no, a crotch rope! The horror!”

“Just you wait.”

I moved to the front of her and, with some expert rope ties, made a little cock ring. That way, I could thread the rope through her pussy without having to awkwardly push her big fat cock out of the way. Instead, I could put the rope-made cock ring on her dick, and then tie it to her hands so if she made any move, it would not only cause the rope to dig into her pussy but to also tighten on her dick, making it doubly uncomfortable. And that’s exactly what I did.

“Wow, this is pretty nifty. Might have to steal that trick for when it’s my turn,” she said, watching me put the rope ring around her dick.

“When you tie yourself up as many times as I have, you learn to work with your dick, not against it.”

Soon enough, I had her hands bound to the crotch rope, noticing her dick was now at full mast.

“Aww, does this turn somebody on?” I asked teasingly as I grabbed more rope for her legs.

“I have a rope rubbing against my clit and my dick. How am I not supposed to be turned on.”

“You old, dirty pervert.” I responded, shaking my head.

I tied her ankles together pretty quickly, having fallen into a nice groove and then did the same with her thighs. Then I helped her stand up and moved her to the couch, where she could sit comfortably as she lost.

“Looks like someone else is a little excited too,” she said.

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a rather large tshirt that looked super cute on me and some pink panties that were mostly covered by the shirt. I usually tucked my dick against the panties waist line so that, in the event it did get hard, it would be pushed up my shirt and effectively hidden.

Of course, having leaned back just a touch, my dick was clearly outlined against my shirt. I was sporting a half chub.

I blushed furiously and quickly twisted away from my mother so she couldn’t see anymore of it.

“Don’t be embarrassed, baby girl,” she said with a voice that oozed sarcasm. “You’re just turned on by your hot mom, that’s all.”

“I am not!” I thought of an explanation quickly. “I just like good rope work, that’s all.” Honestly, that was probably true. Like I said before, I was not attracted to my mom and her big stupid tits. Not even one bit.

“Sure, that’s definitely it.” She responded, voice still thick with sarcasm. Thankfully, she changed the topic. “We should have set rules for how long I would have to escape before you tied me up but since we’re already here, why don’t we say an hour.”

“You couldn’t do it in five,” I taunted.

“Given your terribly poor ropework, all I need is one.” She stuck her tongue out at me again.

“That’s it. You’re getting gagged as well.”

She suddenly got worried and tried to shift away from me but I was too fast. With one hand, I reached into my chest, drew out a big blue ball gag, and, with my other hand, grabbed her by her thick dark black hair.

She yelped, saying “Ow, that hurts” but I didn’t care. As I brought Magosa Escort the gag to her mouth, she shut it. She definitely wasn’t allowed to resist anything I did. The rules operated on the assumption that the tied would follow everything the tier planned without defying them. Therefore, I didn’t feel too bad when I pulled sharply on her hair and she yelped one more time, allowing me to forcefully shove the gag in.

Before she knew it, I had it strapped up behind her head and she was stuck, sitting there expertly tied up and already starting to drool uncontrollably.

“I ate ouu”, she said, doing her best to properly sound out her words behind her gag.

“Now, we can start,” I said with a smile. I pulled a timer out of the chest and set it to one hour.

“Ake ure it’s one our.”

“Yea its one hour, alright.”

I patted her on top of her head and then reclined on the couch, grabbing the remote and flipping on the TV as I did so. She “mmmphed” beside me helplessly, drooling onto those stupid tits of hers. This is totally what she deserved.

Everytime she tried to talk to me, I turned the TV up a little higher, drowning her out. I put on some sappy romance movie that I knew she would hate and settled in. I heard her groan once she realized what she was going to have to listen to while she tried to untie herself.

Out of the corner of my eye, I kept watch. She was currently struggling with the ropes around her wrists and I could see how it was tightening around her cock. It had to be sinking deeper into her pussy, based on the fact that she started groaning and yelling, a mix of pleasure and pain.

Her plump lips were wrapped tightly around the gag. I had put it in pretty deep and made it pretty tight just to make the situation as uncomfortable as possible. Judging by how much drool was coming out and coating her tits, I had done a good job on the front.

After about thirty minutes of leaving her to her own devices, I decided to really check up on her.

“Not looking so tough now,” I said as I scooted over to her.

Her head was covered in sweat and her dick turning red from the tight make-shift cock ring. I wasn’t able to see her pussy but I imagined it was in equally bad shape.

I pushed her head down roughly so I could see the bonds, see if they were holding up. They looked just as I had left them. I had to pat myself on the back for that one. I had made sure to put the knots for her wrists on the side of her pinkies so her thumbs wouldn’t be able to undo them.

“Looks like you’re not getting out anytime soon there.”

“Ure a bith,” she responded.

“Well, you’re a bitch that’s been all tied up by your eighteen year old daughter so maybe you shouldn’t talk shit if you’re not ready to take it.”

She mumbled something through the gag but it was incomprehensible.

“And look at all this drool!” I took one finger and dragged it along her chest, in between her boobs and the ropes. It came back slick with her saliva. “I mean, my finger is soaked!”

All she did was shake her tits at me and continued trying to get her pinkies to untie the knots. It was pretty hot to see her so frustrated, knowing that I was this good at ropes. Imagine what I could do with a girl that wasn’t my mother, how I would fuck them with my big fat cock, driving them wild while they were helpless to stop it.

Instead, I was stuck with my annoying mother. At least I was getting revenge.

I fell back onto the couch and continued watching TV until the timer dinged. She hadn’t been able to escape in time which meant that I had gotten a point. I cheered and pushed her down on the couch so she was lying on her side, just to mess with her.

“Ey! Don’th oo tha!” She yelled back.

“I can do whatever I want because I’m the winner,” I taunted once more.

“Leth ee go.” She demanded.

I complied, taking my time and making sure to leave the wrist tie and crotch rope for last. I took out the ball gag gingerly, setting the saliva-soaked thing on the table and then started taking everything else off.

Once she was free, she collapsed on the couch, looking pretty tired to me.

“See? I told you I was good,” I said proudly.

She nodded, “Yea no kidding. That was a pretty good tie. Dick rope was an especially good touch. I think I could have gotten out if it wasn’t for that but I was afraid it would cut my dick in half before I got out so I had to play it too safe.”

I beamed, lavishing in the praise.

“Alright,” she said, standing up after having recovered some strength. “Let me go wash up because I’m pretty sweaty and then I can do my turn.”

I couldn’t know it at the time but this would be the final round, her having decided to do away with the rules entirely.

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