The Boss’ New Toy


God, was I nervous! I had been shaking since I got the news of my promotion and transfer. I had only been with the firm for a few weeks. Sure, I felt that I was doing a fine job but I had no idea that the CEO even knew who I was, much less in a position to assess my abilities. So there I was, all dressed up, and attending the CEO’s private party in the Executive Conference Center.

Looking around, I was even more amazed at my being there. All around me were all senior executives, all dressed in Armani suites. They were a lot older than I was and with a lot more experience. They were all chatting and giving that “corporate chortle” at the boss’ little jokes. And there was the big boss, right in the middle of it all, surrounded by lackeys and wannabes. Hey, I’m not criticizing. I just couldn’t figure out why I was there!

The hours wore on and I hadn’t had more than two conversations the whole evening. I just wandered around, trying to fit in, and taking advantage of the lobster canapés, caviar, and expensive champagne. By the time the group started to thin out, I was feeling pretty loopy. Around the time when there were only about five of us left, I figured that I would make my unnoticed departure. Just as I reached for the handle on the finely carved mahogany doors, they swung open away from be and in walked the CEO.

“Where are you going, ma boy. Stick around. I have to talk to you later.”

The boss just swept right on by. Wow! The head gonzimocker actually spoke to me. ME! What could the CEO and Chairman of the Board want with ME?

I sat in the plush chair against the wall next to the door, staring into my umteenth glass of champagne, wondering why I was to remain. It wasn’t long before the last of the Italian suits walked past and out the doors. He patted me on the shoulders as he left and said, “Hang in there kid.”

“Come with me son”, the boss beckoned.

We walked through another set of doors into the CEO’s private office. Like the conference room, it was decorated in exquisite deeply engraved wood. Expensive artwork illuminated with custom lighting spotted the walls. There was a private bar, a great desk, and a small meeting table with chairs. Two large leather chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table were also in the room. Huge tapestry rugs covered dark hardwood floor. One wall was all glass that gave a spectacular view of the New York skyline.

“Well, what do you think? Nice little office, eh? Relax. Sit down. Take off your jacket. I’m not going to bite you.”

There was something comforting and yet foreboding in her voice. Yes, that’s right, the boss is a beylikdüzü escort “her”. The CEO that ruled this company with an iron fist was a woman. She had a well earned reputation for sternness. She took no shit from anyone, either from inside or outside of the company.

I sat on the couch and gulped the last of my champagne. She reached up behind her head and let her hair down. It was a soft light brown that just came to her shoulders. She was wearing a gray business suit that in spite of its smart tailored look, it also preserved her femininity quite well. The jacket was open over white silk blouse with a deep neckline. (Funny thing about well tailored clothes. They look as though they will reveal more than the wearer wants but they never do.) The skirt was to mid-thigh. Her very long and slender legs were sheathed in dark stockings. This executive was a real knockout but no one was going to tell it to her face.

“Ok, Jack”, she began. “Here is the story. You are a good accountant and you have a bright future here with the company. But frankly, I can get a boxcar full of good accountants if I need them. What makes you particularly useful to me is that you are one gorgeous fellow. Definitely model material.”

She talked while she walked around the room, kicked off her shoes, and eventually sat next to me on the sofa.

“Now lets understand each other here. You can call me Nancy while we are alone but at all other times it is business as usual. And don’t think this will advance your career any. Forget it. You’ll go through the ranks like you should. You’ll succeed or fail here on you own merits. This is about what I need, not you. Got it?”

I nodded but had no idea what the hell she was talking about. I was pretty cloudy from the champagne.

“Are you following me here Jack? If you’re up for it, so to speak, we’ll have a few laughs, a roll in the hay once in awhile, a general good time. What do you say?”

Slowly is started to sink in. Women had come on to me before but never like this!

“Oh, fer Christ sake”, she muttered. “Have another glass of Champagne.

It was hard to tell if it was accidental or not but about half of the poured Champagne ended up in my lap instead of the glass. The cold tingly bubbles soaked right through my slacks. For the first time, I noticed that I was sporting an erection. The new sensations accelerated the process.

“Woops”, she said. She reached back over, placed her glass on the table and picked up a cocktail napkin.

“Here. Let’s wipe that up.”

She beyoğlu escort had no intentions of wiping anything. Her hand with the napkin went right down and firmly took hold of my crotch. She leaned forward and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her face smelled of expensive perfume and was delightfully soft. Her moist tongue parted my lips and played with my own. Her rubbing and tugging between my legs put the finishing touches on a complete erection.

I threw all caution to the wind. With her smothering my face, I made a awkward attempt to put my glass down on the table but I heard it crash to the floor. I leaned into her and wrapped my arms around my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss as tightly as I could. I gave her a bone crushing kiss.

She stood up and with smeared lipstick she said, “You catch on quick kid. Good for you.”

We couldn’t strip fast enough. No preliminaries for us. In seconds, we were buck naked. We were a tangle of hot passionate flesh. She would just not let go of my cock. She was all over it. She pulled and stroked me and massaged my balls like no other and she never broke contact with me. It wasn’t long before her hand was all slippery from my precum.

My own hands were pretty busy too. While we kissed ferociously, my hands rubbed her beautiful firm breasts and tugged at her nipples until they were a deep red and rock hard. I slipped one, then two, then three fingers deep into her pussy resulting in that great wet sound. She was very wet and ready.

I just had to taste the pussy of the CEO of a major corporation. I smeared the sweet feminine nectar all over her breasts and plunged my face between them. Oh, she tasted so sweet! I licked and nibbled her slickened nipples causing her to moan deeply.

For the first time since we attacked each other, she took her hand from my cock. She grabbed the sides of my face and said, “Do you like the way I taste Jack. Good. I want you to have more. Eat my pussy, NOW!”

She pushed my head down to her lap but there was just no way to get to her delicious pussy given our positions on the sofa. We fell to the floor with a thud. I ended up on top of her. I took just a moment to look between her spread legs. Her pussy was completely shaved and only a thin line of fine hair covered her mound. Her swollen pink lips were wet and parted, exposing her entrance that was glistening and seeping juices onto the fine rug.

There was no stopping me now. I had no clue if this would get me fired but I was going to fuck this woman! I threw my face between her legs and plunged my bizimkent escort tongue as deep into her as I could. Her juices instantly covered my face. I felt her tight muscles grab and twitch around my tongue. I started thrusting my tongue in and out of her as fast as I could. Whenever I wanted to lick at her ever-hardening clitoris, I replaced my tongue with several fingers. She was heaving and moaning all the time. Her juices were everywhere. She looked, tasted, and smelled wonderfully!

My fearless leader wasn’t a passive participant in all of this. While I was feverishly working to “close the deal”, she was working things from her own angle. She had grabbed my cock and had slipped it deep into her mouth. She was licking, sucking and slobbering all over my shaft and crown. The noises she made were extremely erotic. All the time she was sucking me, her fingers, with those wonderfully long and sensuous nails, tickled and scratched at my balls.

We were both going for all we were worth. Her sucking of my cock got erratic, as did her breathing. Her hips were swaying and bucking as if to rid them of me but I knew that it would be a career-limiting move for me to stop. Her orgasm had begun. She moaned and coughed with my cock still in her mouth as her orgasm shook through her. My tongue was grabbed by the flashing contractions of her pussy. Her cum sputtered from her pussy, coated my tongue and lips and literally dripped from my face.

That did it for me. With her orgasm just beginning to subside, my own began. I felt my groin tighten and the base of my cock swell. I could feel knot after knot fly through my cock, still wetly surrounded by Nancy’s mouth. I could feel my thick warm ejaculate leave me and surround my shaft in a warm wet mass. Spurt after spurt entered her. I was sure that she could not hold all of me but I never felt her swallow.

I couldn’t remain above her any longer. I rolled to one side, my oozing cock slipping from her warm mouth and sliding along her face. She reversed herself and rolled me on top of her again. We were face to face now. What a sight we were to each other! White cum surrounded the edges of her mouth and dribbled away and down along her cheeks. Her lips were covered in a film of my semen as was the inside of her mouth.

“Jack!” she ordered. “You better fuck me now, and good!”

I don’t need orders like that twice. I immediately got back on top of her and pressed my cock in deep causing her to throw her head back and gasp.

“Oh God YES, Jack. FUCK ME!”

And fuck her I did! I thrust in and out of her as if my job depended on it as it just may have. She kept screaming about how good it felt and that she was going to come again. It wasn’t long before we both shook and shuddered with another orgasm.

We separated and lay there silently on the floor, naked, dripping, staring at the carved ceiling.

After several moments I said, “I really enjoyed the party. Thanks for inviting me.”

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