The Bunkhouse #17 Part 1

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It was the beginning of a boring summer day at Boy Scout camp. I was 14 at the time I was 5’11” and 170 lbs. It was going to be boring as usual just hiking, swimming, and more hiking. The only thing not boring about this camp was these two 13 year olds named Dominick and Anthony. They had very jacked quarterback bodies both weighing about 150-160 lbs. I thought they were the sexiest kids I had ever scene. I walked over to the camp board and found out who I would be bunking with. I read the names to myself: Matt, Dominick, Anthony, Kyle, Kirk, Chris, and Me. I was so happy that I would be bunking with the kids I had a crush on.

I walked about a quarter mile down the road to Bunkhouse

7. The bunkhouse was huge. It had 2 bathrooms, big deck, 2 bedrooms, and a ginormous flat screen TV. We picked our Rooms. I chose to bunk of course w/ Dominick and Anthony. I had no idea if they were gay or straight but I was going to find out before the end of camp. There were two beds in each room 1 queen bed and 1 twin. Anthony got the twin and me and Dominick got the big bed. When we were done packing we got our suits on and ran down to the beach. We swam and sun bathed for an hour then ran back to the bunkhouse.

We plugged in the Xbox 360 and began playing many games. At around five we left to go get dinner. After dinner we had to report to the bonfire area for a special presentation of Iron Man. We picked our seats and the movie started. 20 minutes into the movie. I began to inch my hand closer to Dominic’s thighs. My hand reached his thigh and he didn’t move. So I inched my hand up and down his thighs until I saw a small bulge in his general crotch area. Dominick was gay. Thank god. After the movie we walked back to our bunkhouse and got stuff to sleep in. While changing I felt Dominick smack my briefed ass. Then he said hey altyazılı porno nice ass. I removed my briefs and put on a pair of blue boxer briefs that were very tight so that my ass and package would show proudly. I grabbed shorts and a t-shirt then walked back down stairs. We all had some coke then at around 10:30 the 10-11 years olds went to bed. So it was just Dominick, Anthony and I in the living room. We played Call of duty then an hour later went to bed.
I took of my shirt then jumped in bed. A few seconds later I saw Dom change into a pair of black briefs then he joined me. I grabbed him and pulled him close to me. My pecker touched his nice butt crack and began to get hard. He had the nicest ass I had ever seen. I turned him over and kissed him in the lips. He said what the hell man. I said sorry. But out of the blue I feel his hand grab the back of my head and he pulled me to his mouth. We began to passionately make out. While our lips and tongue were having fun I began to rub and grab his package making his dick grow.

I broke the kiss and began licking his nipples. I moved my tongue all around them making him moan a little. Then I kissed down his stomach until I reached his crotch. I kissed his cock that was visible through his briefs. Then I grabbed the waistband with my teeth and pulled them down to his ankles. I moved my head to his now 4.5 inch dick and put it in my mouth. I licked the head then began to bob up and down. I began deep throating him using my throat muscles to pleasure him. He began to moan as I moved up and down his shaft. I gagged a couple of times. Then he grabbed my head and began forcing me down on his cock. I quickened my pace. He began to say oh suck my cock oh fuck yaeh suck it like a lollipop. The he “ dude I’m going to cum” I pulled out and stroked his cock until he climaxed all over zenci porno his chest and face. Then it was my turn to be pleasured he slowly removed my boxers then he spread my legs he spit on his hands then rubbed my hole and his dick. Then He slowly penetrated my ass with his dick. He got all 4.5” in then pulled out, pushed in pulled out. He quickened his pace and I began to lightly moan. I began to Say “Oh Dominick fuck my ass I’m your bitch oh fuck yeah oh fuck fuck me” Then I grabbed my dick and stroked it at the same pace as Dom moving in and out of my ass.

I moaned and moaned then climaxed all over my self. Then Dom said that he was going to cum. I said go ahead. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders the moved really fast then he shot his load into my ass. Moaning while he did it. After 5 minutes we put each other’s underwear on. Then went to sleep.
We awoke the next morning with my hand down dom’s underwear while snuggled. We got up got dressed and walked down the path to get breakfast. When we were done we walked back the bunkhouse and everyone was still asleep so we decided to take a shower together. We walked to the bathroom and got undressed. We stepped into the shower then turned it on.

My cock accidentally rubbed up against his ass and he jumped. He said hey want to fuck me like I did to u. I said fuck yeah. I got out and grabbed the Vaseline. I put oit all over my dick then shoved it into his ass. I moved, in out in out. Then I began to moan. His ass was so tight that I could come at any minute. I moved faster and faster. Then he began to say oh ryan of fuck my ass of fuck it bitch I now you want to oh fuck yeah”. Then I pushed in and pulled out quickly and shot my load into his ass while moaning. We washed up and put towels on. We walked to the dresser and Both put on Cute pairs aldatma porno of boxers, Then Got dressed and went for a hike.
At around 5 we went to the mess hall to eat. Then we walked back to the bunkhouse and changed into new clothes. I walked to the dresser and grabbed a pair of briefs and put them on. Then I turned around and saw both Anthony and Dominick standing in their black and Red briefs. I grabbed both of them and threw them on the queen bed. I made out with Anthony while Dom kissed my nipples. Dom moved down to my underwear and slowly pulled them off revealing my semi-erect dick. He took my dick into his mouth and gagged a little bit. Then I moved down anthony’s body until I reached his tight ass red briefs that made his package look huge. I pulled them down and took his dick into my mouth Then I felt Dominick spit out my dick, he lubed up his dick and shoved his pecker into my very loose hole from the night before. He pushed in out in and then out while I sucked off A nthony, after 15 minutes of being fucked in the ass. I felt Dom quicken his pace and them moaned and shot his load into my ass. Oh how it felt good it was so hot that I could feel it moving in my rectum. Then I heard Anthony moan and moan then he shot his load deep into my throat. He actually produced so much that some dripped out of my mouth and onto his chest, Then suddenly the little ones come bursting through the door.

They saw us naked and were shocked “You guys are Gay” “yeah so” “cool” were gay too. You want to join us. Yea sure. 3 seconds later each of them dropped their shorts revealing their tighty whiteys to us. Then we each grabbed one of them and removed their underwear. We lubed up our dicks and then penetrated their little 11 year old asses. They were so tight that I could have came at any time, But they just loosend up and began to moan making us moan. After 10 minutes of pumping in and out of these little kids asses. We all shot hot creamy loads. Then it was about 10pm. We grabbed our underwear and fell asleep in a clump on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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