The Campus Drive Ch. 2


I hurried across campus; I wanted to get to the library as quickly as possible. As he had instructed me to do I had stopped after class in a woman’s rest room and removed my bra and panties. I felt odd yet sexy as I walked across campus in my jeans, sweat shirt and jacket. My breasts rose and fell with each hurried step, a strange but pleasant sensation. I tried to remember the last time I had gone braless but my thoughts pushed ahead to the meeting. My nipples reacted to my thoughts and I was glad that I had thought to wear a jacket. I could feel their bare nubs of my nipples hardening and rubbing against the sweatshirt as I walked.

I hoped that my attire would surprise him even though he had ordered it. I entered the library and climbed the stairs to the second floor where he had told me he would be waiting. My breast giggled against the cloth of my shirt with each stair step causing a sweet friction. Finding him using the computers, I came up behind him gently leaning my breasts into him as I whispered “Hi, Dillon.” He could feel my bare breasts beneath the layers of clothing. He turned his head and smiled his approval at how well I had followed his direction. Turning away, he informed me that he would be finished in a moment and promptly ignored me. I waited patiently as he completed his tasks on the computer and then followed him to the table where he had left his things.

He said, “Come with me,” and I followed him into the bowels of the library. He asked me if I were interested in the ancient history books in that particular section of the library and pointed some out to me. As I examined them in the crowded space, he moved behind me careful to let his hands brush my ass. It excited him to know my bottom was bare beneath the tight jeans I wore. As I examined the rows of books he allowed himself to examine my body and attire. He positioned himself directly behind me to allow me to feel his rising member. Then slid his hands along my thighs and around my waist underneath my jacket and shirt. I leaned into him as he nuzzled my neck with his lips. I tilted my head ever so slightly to allow him better access to my neck enjoying the moment. As I relaxed into him I felt his hardness pushing in the crevice of my bottom, then as I worried about library patrons, his hands traveled up my stomach and firmly grasped the globes of my bare breasts. I stifled a gasp as he manipulated the already hardened nipples. This was not something I had done in the library before and I began to grow comfortable and nervous all at the same time with his hands groping my nakedness beneath my clothes.

He was aware of the reaction his touch had on my body and dropping his hands back to my waist he felt me relax. He breathed lightly against the skin of my neck as he drank in the scent of my perfume. I smelled of musk and sable a totally sensuous and enticing aroma. His lips brushed the curve of my neck then his right hand gently slipped beneath the waistband of my jeans and quickly descended to check the wetness between my thighs. Noticing that my mound was neat and shaved as he had requested, he groped lower feeling for the sweet moisture between the lips of my crest. I gasped again as his fingers brushed the swollen clit. He chuckled softly in my ear… this one was insatiable he thought to himself smiling. He could tell I wanted him to continue pleasuring me yet now I was very much aware that we were in the library and in İstanbul Escort eminent danger of being discovered.

A strange thought crossed my mind, what was the penalty for having an orgasm in the library? He continued to manipulate the folds of my clit with his fingers as my breathing quickened. Having teased me enough, he withdrew his hand and told me to follow him to his car. I agreed and we walked across campus to his car.

He had not told me that he had a surprise for me that evening. After we were safely in the care, he told me he had rented a motel room for the night. On the way there he playfully told me that I would have to abide by the rules if I wanted to stay the night.

“What are the rules.” I asked, modestly. Wondering exactly what I was getting into. “All you have to do is obey me.” He answered. “Deal?” “Deal.” I said with bravado but, inside I was feeling a little unsure.

Once safely in the hotel room, he turned the desk lamps on and the room took on a mellow light. He turned to look at me as I hesitated near the door. He was inwardly excited at the prospect of spending an entire evening with such a delectable item. I made quite a pretty picture with my dark hair, blue eyes and beautiful skin slightly flushed from the library tease. He took me in his arms and kissed me, parting my lips and pressing a firm tongue into the crevices of my mouth. My lips melted into his, offering my soul to him for the taking. Breaking from the kiss, he moved away from me and seated himself in the hotel guest chair. He motioned for me to come to him. Gently, he ordered me to remove my jacket and sweatshirt. As I pulled the later garment over my head the weight of my breasts were lifted and then dropped. The full globes gleamed inviting and bare to his lustful gaze.

He asked me to lean forward with my hands on his knees causing the globes to giggle and dance before his eyes with my movements. He touched them then reveling in their shape, their firmness, and, especially, their reaction to his touch. His touch gentle at first became firm as he grasped and knead the warm mounds of flesh. One in each hand he drew me closer pulling them to him and enveloping the pouting nipples in his hungry mouth. He sucked hard and greedily at first one and then the other pulling and pinching at the puckered nipples. I shivered and murmured at his forceful ministrations. Ignoring my whimpers he tugged with his teeth his hands at my waist until I was sure he would pull the nipple from my body. I issued a silent cry at the exquisite pain. Then toying with me he licked at the swollen globes his fingers hard as he massaged my flesh.

Suddenly, he dropped the wanting mounds and settling back in his chair, he smiled admiring his handiwork as the flushed heavy mounds pouted at him with erect bruised nipples. “Come closer, Beth” He said. I had not noticed the instruments on the bedside table until he reached for the one-inch nipple clip that looked painfully inviting. Staring into my eyes, he reached for the right breast pulling and tugging the erected nipple until I gasp at which point he applied the clip reinforcing the full erection. Then with strong sure hands he repeated the task on my left breast. Giving the clip a final pinch to emit a sharp intake of breath. I had never felt these sensations before and was a bit uncertain, my hesitation showed and he took pleasure in my new experience. With each movement Anadolu Yakası Escort of the breasts the clips caused an abrasive sensation to each nipple which was unfamiliar yet not unpleasant. Knowing this, he asked me to go to the bar and pour him a drink. He watched my every move exciting himself with his handiwork as my breasts giggled and danced.

When I returned with his drink, he took a sip then removing a piece of ice from the glass, he informed me that he must check my wetness. He pulled me closer until I stood between his long strong thighs. Deftly, he unbuttoned my jeans and sliding his long fingers into my crotch. He searched for the heated moistness. He could tell by the moisture between my thighs that I had responded to his advances. The seam of my jeans was wet with clear sweet liquid that had seeped from the lips of my cunt. The ice still intact, he slid his fingers into my canal where my moist heat enveloped him causing an instant reaction in his loins. God, he wanted to fuck me and fuck me! I was here. I was ready and I was his for pleasure. I gasped at the cold sensations as he forced the ice chip up into my vaginal walls. He could not resist a few additional strokes into my waiting hot pussy. I responded, thrusting heatedly into his hand. “Wait, Beth, hold on!” he admonished as he pulled his hand from my heated crotch.

He stood and pulled me close again. Passionately, he drank from my lips. Thrusting his tongue into my mouth to taste my sweetness. I responded, igniting a fire in his gut and he knew he would have to relieve himself soon. His cock bloomed, hardening and pressing against my softness as he plundered the crevices of my mouth. He suddenly felt a wild hot desire to replace his tongue with his cock in my mouth. Sliding his hands to my shoulders he pressed me downward. “Get down on your knees, Beth” he said. “I want you to suck my cock.”

Obediently, I complied, kneeling in front of him. I could see the thick swollen rod through the material of his pants and wondered at its size. Softly, I began to massage him through the cloth. “Take off my pants, Beth.” He ordered. I reached for the button above his fly and deftly released the waistband. Suddenly, he stopped me. “Wait!” he said. Again he reached for an instrument on the table and leaning forward over my back. He captivated both my wrists pulling them behind my back. I softly nudged the bulge at his crotch until I felt the cold steel of handcuffs as they clasped first one wrist then to the other. He tightened them firmly until the metal bit into my wrists. The weight and confinement made me squirm and I murmured a slight protest. He rewarded my protests by sliding is fingers to my breast and applying pressure to the clips. I gasped and he continued his ministrations pulling and probing until he was sure of my arousal and excitement and knew that I was no longer bothered by the confinement. Tugging at me until he was sure that I wanted him, I wanted to feel him in my mouth and that I wanted to suck and lick his hard hot prick.

Quietly he commanded, “Pull down my zipper, Beth!” My raw nipples brushed against the fabric of his pants as I leaned into his crotch causing an abrasion. As I completed the task with my teeth, his pants fell to the floor. His hardened ripe cock was before my face wrapped only in the thin cotton shield of his briefs. The sheer garment did little to hide the length and thickness Üsküdar Escort of his weapon. There was a small wet spot where his pre-cum discharge was dripping and his wanting balls were visible drooping from his brief. Looking down at my dark head, he noted that I was just the right height for him. His crotch was even with my gaze. He was suddenly overcome with desire and wanting to deposit his load into my pouting lips. He ran his hands through my silky hair to the nape of my neck then pulled me to his crotch.

Headless of the confining briefs, he commanded me to lick and suck his drooping balls. Without hesitation, I nudged at his scrotum burying my lips in the hair as I licked and sucked at his jewels. The musky scent of him filled my nostrils. Softly I sucked each ball into the moistness of my mouth. Using a milking technique my head bobbed moistening the filling mounds with my tongue and lips. He watched with pleasure. My hands strained against the confinement of the cuffs. His hand at the back of my head controlled my movements pulling me up and into him as I licked and sucked. His balls hardened and filled with cum and I delighted in the feel of the puckered skin on my tongue. Finally, he could take no more and releasing my head he lowered his briefs to expose his throbbing penis. It danced before my eyes hard and thick, the plum shaped head dripping drops of nectar.

I gazed lustfully at his masterpiece. My tongue darted from my mouth to moisten my lips. He watch my reaction to his prize proud of his hard weapon and knowing there is no better way to see a woman than poised below him ready to feast on his offering. I leaned into his member lightly licking the salty discharge from the tip of his penis. He shivered as pleasure bumps formed on the skin of his thighs… “Ahhggoodd” he groaned as I pulled the tender head into my mouth administering circles of delight to the end. He felt the pressure building in his scrotum and knew he would not be able to withhold his orgasm for long. Looking down, he silently cursed this “witch” for making him cum so quickly for that he vowed I would pay. My pleasure would be long in coming. His hand in my hair and behind my head again, he guided me onto his thick rod . . . “It’s time to suck it, Beth” he said. Steadily he pushed and thrust his cock into my mouth. “Lick it all, bitch, take it all!” he growled. “Open your pretty blue eyes and look at me, Beth!” “I want to see your desire for me as I pump my cum into your mouth.” He said.

I complied hungrily sucking and licking. The pre-cum tasted salty and thick on my tongue. He watched. I ignited his hunger as I pulled and tugged with my mouth on his flesh. My hands confined, I could only pump his piece with my tongue and lips. The sensations of my soft tongue against the underside of his cock caused him to shudder. He gazed down at me pushing and probing deeper into my throat. He felt he would burst inside. His hands again groped for the clips at my breast. Pulling them tightly, I gasped with my mouth wide and he thrust his member deeper into my throat. He rocked and fucked, deep in my throat until his desire was a heat in his veins and the blue veins of his cock were filled and hardened. Still I sucked, wet and hungry.

“I’m cumming, Beth! Take it all, baby! Suck it! Suck it! Ahhhhgggooodd, ahhhh, ahhhhhyyyyeah, baby!” He shuddered and pumped his hot crème into my throat and mouth. Filling me with every ounce of his thick rich cum. His hands were hard pulling at my hair and my mouth opened as he fucked and pumped. His heated gaze watched my face as he rocked with the force of his orgasm. I gulped and swallowed hungrily until he was dry.

continued in Part 2…

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