The Chauffeur (#22) Tampa and Dallas

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The Chauffeur (

2) Tampa and Dallas


Copyright 2019


As we got on the plane, I couldn’t help but think about John and Diane. Is Jill, right? Can I trust Diane? What do Tina and Dakota think about Diane? Too many questions roaming around in my brain.

I sat down and buckled myself in before take-off. Dakota sat next to me. Jill sat on one of the couches with Tina next to her.

As we propel down the runway, I ask Dakota her thoughts about John.

“He’s trying really hard to live up to your expectations. He wants to be a good dad. He wants to be someone that you can count on. He sees himself as a younger you,” she says to me.

“What are your thoughts about Diane?” I ask.

“Oh boy, did she fuck up! I think that she’s probably learned her lesson, but there’s lots of your playgroup that doesn’t really trust her right now, including Tina,” she says looking me directly in the eyes.

“And what about you? Do you trust her?” I ask.

“Don’t need to. I won’t let her hurt you. I won’t let anyone hurt you and thus I don’t really trust anyone other than Jill and Tina. That includes the three new subs. Oh, they’re fun to play with, but that doesn’t mean I have to trust them,” she explains.

I think about what she has just said. It made sense.

“Daddy, Roger has me scheduled for firearm training next week. I thought you should know that I’ll be unavailable for three hours on Tuesday,” she says.

That revelation sort of took me by surprise. I know that she volunteered, but now to hear that my darling Dakota will be carrying a firearm kind of unsettles me…. a bit.

“Want to know another secret, Daddy?” She says seductively to me.

“Certainly, my dear,” I say to her.

“I have the contact information of the people we met at the porn shop,” She says to me causing me to think ‘yeah, that’s what I need a fourth sub’.

However, the idea of playing with their daughter and teaching the Dad and his sexy wife is kind of erotic.

The first officer announced that the video feed has been fixed and that each seat can watch whatever movie they want to watch. Both Tina and Dakota pulled out a set of earbuds from their purses and plugged them in. Jill and I sat there looking at each other not knowing there was a need for us to have earbuds. Jill said that hers was still on the nightstand by the bed.

I curled my index finger summoning Jill to come over to me. She got up and took a couple of steps and straddled my lap.

“Yes, Daddy, you summoned?” She said with a big beautiful smile on her face.

She leaned down putting her lips on mine, kissing me passionately. Our mouths parted a bit to allow our tongues to entangle once again.

My hands were caressing her back causing some cooing from her. Well, it could have been purring, but did that really matter I thought to myself.

As I was caressing her back, she was flexing her thighs on my lap and grinding her crotch into my own with a bit of force. My cock was in an awkward position and was becoming uncomfortable growing in this weird position.

I tried shifting my weight from one side to the other, but it was to no avail. Jill finally figured out why I was shifting. She reached down and unsnapped my pants and unzipped me, freeing my manhood from its confines.

Dakota glanced over, licked her lips and went back to watching her movie.

I guess Tina was feeling lonely and moved over to the other side of me, putting on the TV and plugging in her earbuds there. She selected the same movie and hit fast forward making it advance to where she had left off in the other seat. She too licked her lips and went back to her TV.

I reached my arms underneath her thighs and lifted her up. I carried her over to the other couch where I set her on her back and began to remove her pants.

My own pants fell to the floor of the cabin. I stepped out of them noting how difficult it is to step out of pants with your shoes still on your feet.

Once I had Jill’s pants and panties off, I gently put my hard cock into my gorgeous wife. Thrusting in and out gently, Jill began to moan. I could feel her wetness growing exponentially with each thrust.

In and out repeatedly, we merged together. Jill was moaning. I was breathing hard. Our union was blissful as we never broke eye contact.

“Kiss me you fool,” Jill directed.

I kissed her long and hard, never once taking my eyes off her.

We both came in just a few minutes before Jill laid her head on my chest to gather herself before getting dressed.

Once we were both dressed, she took her original seat on the opposite couch with Tina moving back over next to her.

As the Captain was announcing our descent into Dallas, Dakota’s movie finished. She turned off the TV and put her earbuds away.

I was pretty sure that Tina’s movie had not finished, but she just turned it off as well and put her earbuds away.

When the wheels touched down a rush ran through me. I always enjoyed the take-off and the landing of a plane.

When the plane came to a stop and the door was opened, we all realized that no one had ordered a car. Both Tina and Dakota were dialing trying to get us a limo asap.

Tina was the first one to be successful. She called Big Star Cars. They promised to have a limo to us in less than a half hour. We grabbed our luggage and decided to walk towards a building that appeared to be a terminal of some sort.

After about a 15-minute walk, Tina began complaining about her feet hurting. In my head, I was thinking ‘everyone’s feet are hurting’. When we got inside, Jill had Tina call the limo company back and let them know where we were.

I sat myself down in the first seat and pulled Jill into the seat next to me. Dakota and Tina followed suit. Although they were late, the limo car did show up by the door we came in by. We each dragged our luggage out to the car as the driver sat in the seat and chatted with someone on the phone.

I knocked on the glass. He rolled it down and ask, “Yeah?”

“Can you pop the trunk?”

“Oh, you have luggage?” he asked.

“No, I just need somewhere to store the dead body,” I said straight-faced.


“Nevermind, just pop the trunk,” I said knowing that this guy is too stupid to get my joke.

I loaded all the luggage into the trunk as the driver went back to his phone conversation. The ladies opened the back door and found the back to be rather warm.

Jill rapped on the privacy screen. The driver slid the privacy screen down about two inches say, “Yeah?”

“Is the air not working? It’s awfully hot back here,” she said with sweat already forming on her face.

“Just turn it on. We keep it off until we have a customer,” he said as if it was a badge of honor.

Jill looked for the on-switch. Dakota found it and turned it on high. It took a couple of minutes, but finally, cool air was coming out of the vents…. cool air, not cold air.

I asked the driver to take us to the Pinetree. He offered to take us anywhere else saying that the Pinetree is one of the worst in Dallas.

“Doesn’t matter, please take me there anyway,” I said to him.

He shrugged his shoulders and began to drive.

I noticed that he kept driving in a circle. I used a tall building as a landmark and saw all four sides of it. Clearly, one of two things happened. Either he doesn’t know where he is going or he’s trying to drag out the ride to add extra time on to the trip.

We finally arrived at the Pinetree. He pressed a button and the trunk popped open. I got our luggage out and the ladies went inside.

I went over to the driver’s window to sign the receipt. At the line for tip, I put $10.00 and totaled it. He looked at me and said, “Hey, you’re required to put a 20% tip,”

“NO, you’re mistaken. A tip is the choice of the customer not the direction of the employee or didn’t they teach you that in Chauffeur school?” I asked as I walked away with my receipt.

I saw him scribble furiously on the receipt. I just knew in my head that this lazy driver was changing the tip. I thought his most likely method was to move the decimal one spot to the right making the tip $100 and not $10.

I had Dakota call the credit card for me and handed her the receipt to let them know that we suspect that the driver was changing the tip amount.

Jill was at the front desk. She asked for two rooms. One with a King bed and the other with two twin beds. The front desk person was apologizing and making excuses saying that the system is running incredibly slow due to some changes going on that the new CEO was demanding.

Jill smiled. I smiled. Dakota smiled. Tina smiled. The front desk person had no idea why we were smiling.

Finally, he said he was able to find up two rooms, however, they were on different floors. I asked if we wanted the best rooms that they had what would the price be and are they available.

He said that yes, they are available, but they are a bit pricey at $450 a night. Without blinking I told him that I’ll take both rooms. He was surprised at my willingness to take the two best rooms.

He got 4 plastic keycards ready and handed them to us. He directed us to the elevators and told us that they would take us to the 12th floor where our rooms were located.

I noticed several things. No luggage carts, no bellman, no concierge, no valet, and both restaurants were closed. The sign on the restaurants said that they close daily at 6:30pm. I thought to myself, 6:30 really? In the middle of dinnertime?

I shrugged my shoulders and headed to the elevator. I did notice that there were 15 floors to this elevator. We stopped on the 12th floor and headed to our rooms. Once inside, again we noticed that the rooms were warm, not quite as warm as the limo, but warm none the less. I took Jill by the hand and headed back to the elevators. We pushed the button for the 15th floor. When the elevators opened, the hallway was cool, well lit, with one of the room doors open. Jill and I walked in looking around. Nice, very nice.

We looked at each other wondering why we were given two rooms on the 12th floor when at least one of the rooms on the 15th floor was available.

I walked over to the other doors and all three of the other doors opened. Each of the rooms was identical and they were all beautiful.

Jill and I just looked at each other. We decided to head down to see the front desk guy and inquire.


When we arrived at the front desk, I went directly to the same guy.

“Hey, I noticed that there are 15 floors to this hotel. Are there any rooms on the 15 floor?” I asked.

“Um……. well, yes. But, they’re not available to you. We save them for important guests,” he responds.

“Really? How do you determine ‘important’ guests?” I asked with a hint of venom.

“Well, sir, you really have to be someone to be able to afford them. They go for $750 per night and clearly that is above your ability,” he says to me.

I see Jill getting really annoyed.

“Darling, will you summon Dakota for me?” I ask of her. She knew what I was thinking, but she went a different route.

“Sir, do you have a manager on duty that I could speak to?” Jill asked.

“Ma’am, I AM the manager. My name is Austin Barns,” he says smiling.

Jill reached into her pocket and pulled out one of her business cards.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jill,” she said to him sliding her business card across the counter.

The manager looked at the card and swallowed hard. I really thought I saw the blood leave his face.

“Um, Miss Jill. How may I help you?” He cautiously asks.

“Mr. Barns, whom do you report to?” She asked.

“Um, Randy Johnson. Our district manager,” he says hesitantly.

“And whom does Mr. Johnson report to?” She asks.

“Tracy Coggins, our Regional Area Manager,” he says even more hesitantly.

“And whom does Mr. Coggins report to?” She asked once again.

“Um, Ma’am, Coggins is a she, not a he,” he says.

“OK then, whom does MISS Coggins report to?” She asks.

“I don’t know. That’s too far up the chain of command,” he says to Jill.

“Please get one of them on the phone for me. I would like to speak to one of them right now,” Jill says with a whole lot of venom in her voice.

I decided that Jill had enough anger in her right now that I would just go sit down in the lobby and wait until she summoned me.

It took Mr. Barns about 15 minutes to reach someone. He was able to reach Tracy Coggins.

“Hello, this is Tracy, Austin tells me that you would like to speak to me,” She says to Jill.

“Yeah, I certainly would like to speak with you. Are you close by to this hotel because I would like to speak to you face to face rather than over the phone,” Jill tells her.

“Well, I’m about 20 minutes away, can this wait until tomorrow?” She asks Jill.

“Um, no not really. Please come here. I’ll expect to see you in about a half an hour,” she said before hanging up.

“Thank you, Mr. Barns. She’ll be here shortly,” Jill said.

She came over and sat down with me in the lobby. I texted Dakota to bring me a couple of my business cards down to me. She texted back that she was on the way.

Dakota showed up in about 4 minutes. She handed me three cards. I asked her if she would like to see a ferocious Jill? Dakota’s eyes grew big and said, “Hell Yeah!” Dakota texted Tina to come to the lobby to watch a great show.

About 5 or 6 minutes later Tina appeared. Dakota was seated in a straight back chair, Tina took the other one. Jill and I sat on one of the three couches that they had.

About 45 minutes from the time Jill hung up, a short stubby woman with absolutely no fashion sense walked in and went straight to Mr. Barns, who pointed at us in the lobby.

“Hello, I’m Tracy Coggins. I understand your Jill something or other,” she says very nonchalantly.

“Ms. Coggins, I’m not Jill something or other. I’m Jill Greene, COO of Jaxson Inc.” she says.

“It’s MISS Coggins,” she says completely missing the point of Jill’s statement.

“MISS Coggins, would you like to speak here in the lobby or somewhere more private?” Jill asked.

“Here is fine. What is it that I may I do for you since you ‘summoned’ me,” she said.

“Resign,” Jill said.

“What, you can’t ask me to do that. Who do you think you are?” Miss Coggins retorted.

“Actually, I can. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Jaxson Inc. You know, the company that owns The Pinetree. The president of this company reports to me. I’m about 10 levels over your head,” Jill said now being really annoyed.

Miss Coggins put her hands on her hips taking a defensive posture telling Jill, “It really doesn’t matter who you think you are. Anyone can say they are somebody important. What proof do you have? You show up here with your boyfriend and your two kids, hell, anyone can do that,” She says clearly ticked off.

“No, you’re right. David, give MISS Coggins your business card,” Jill says to me.

I hand her my card. She looks at it and rolls her eyes.

Dakota is furiously looking up the President of the Pinetree’s phone number. She dials it on my phone and hands the phone back to me.

“Hello, this is Roy Miller. Whom is calling?” He says.

“Hello, Mr. Miller. This is David Greene, I’m the CEO of Jaxson Inc. Do you have a minute to talk?” I ask.

“For you, certainly,” he says. Clearly, he has no idea about what’s coming.

“Mr. Miller, my wife and I, you know my wife the COO of Jaxson Inc. are sitting here in one of the Pinetree hotels in Dallas and we don’t feel that things are up to par here,” I say.

“How far away are you from Dallas?” I ask.

“Not far at all. I live in Houston. Why do you ask?” He inquires.

“I would like to meet you for breakfast tomorrow morning, say 10am. Can you find time for us to meet here at this particular Pinetree?” I ask.

“Certainly Sir. Is 10 OK with you or would you prefer earlier?” He asks.

“NO, 10 is just fine. I have a MISS Tracy Coggins here. I’m just guessing that you would like to speak to her and inquire why I’m calling you at home at this hour. Thank you for your time and we will see you at 10am,” I say to Mr. Miller before handing my phone to Miss Coggins.

Dakota and Tina are smiling from ear to ear. Jill, on the other hand, is just fuming. She really wants to get into it with Miss Coggins.

I lean over and kiss her saying in her ear, “Gawd, you look so beautiful when you are pissed off,” kissing her again before she playfully pushes me back.

I tell Dakota to let the plane crew know that there has been another change of plans. We will be staying at least one more day and for them to either use a Pinetree to stay the night or pick a hotel of their choosing and we will reimburse them, also to rent a car and spend some time tomorrow sightseeing as we won’t be leaving until at least 6pm at the earliest.

She makes the call and gives them the information. They send along their thanks.

Miss Coggins had walked away from us while speaking with Mr. Miller. She returned and handed the phone back to me thanking me for using my phone. She said that she would see us in the morning with Mr. Miller.

She turned around and headed outside to her car.

The bursa escort four of us headed back upstairs to our rooms on the 12th floor. Jill was still seething about being told that we’re not enough somebodies to take the rooms on the 15th floor. She even suggested just going up to the rooms, since they were unlocked, but I walked her back from the ledge of bad choices.

With Jill in front of me, I felt a hand squeeze my ass. I glanced at Tina first, but both of her hands were in her pockets.

Tina was smiling when I looked at her. The elevator bell dinged. I asked if everyone was tired. Tina said she was and wanted to take a hot shower and head to bed.

Dakota, on the other hand, was ready to go. She clearly was horny. Jill was not in the mood still being ticked off about the whole thing with Barns first then Coggins.

Jill told me to go play with Dakota as she would take Dakota’s bed and get some sleep while I could stay up and play with our little Dakota. Dakota smiled from ear to ear, her beautiful smile.


Jill grabbed her rolling suitcase and headed down to Tina’s room. Dakota was naked before Jill left the room.

I am always amazed by how nonchalant Jill is when it comes to Dakota. She never seems to roll her eyes, have a cross word to say, or even question Dakota’s actions.

She just lets it happen and goes on about her way. Someday, I’ll figure her out, just not today.

Dakota scurries over to me and begins to unbuckle my pants. She’s got them off me lightning quick. She leans down and takes my entire cock into her wet, wanton mouth. Her tongue licks the underside from top to bottom. She swirls her tongue around the head of my cock causing me pleasure. I feel her entire mouth wrap around the shaft of my manhood.

I feel her soft gentle hands playing with my balls as she sucks on my hard cock. She gently squeezes one, then the other. I feel her other hand gently caressing my thigh, up and down her hand goes.

I put my hands on each of her ears and begin to fuck her mouth. I push a bit deeper hearing her gag as my cock reaches the back of her throat. She lets a moan escape her while I am thrusting in and out of her mouth.

For whatever reason, that sound makes me feel even hornier if that is even possible.

I continue to fuck her mouth.

She gently squeezes my balls a bit tighter, causing me to realize that my impending orgasm isn’t all that far off.

“Darling, if you keep doing that Daddy is going to cum for you,” I say to her.

“MMMMMMM,” is all I hear from her.

I feel that all-important twinge from my body as an orgasm is fast approaching.

“Baby, I’m about to cum,” I say to her.

She doesn’t respond except to suck even harder.

I explode into her mouth. I feel rope after rope shoot into her throat. She swallows every drop of my man juice. She is moaning the entire time that I’m cumming.

As I finish, I slowly withdraw my deflating cock from her mouth.

I kiss her. She is so willing, so accepting, so beautiful.

After I stand her up, I begin to walk her over to the bed. I lift her up and deposit her on top of the covers. I climb into the bed with her. I whisper in her ear, “You know that Daddy loves you.” She just smiles and kisses me.

“Daddy, will you just hold me?” She says to me with her heart in her eyes.

“Darling, for you, I’ll do almost anything you want,” I say quietly to her.

She pushes her backside into me and takes my right arm and puts it around her body snuggling into me as tightly as she can get.

Oddly enough, I hear deep breathing only moments later as I realize that she is sound asleep in my arms.

As I lay there with Dakota soundly sleeping in my arms, my mind goes to tomorrow’s scheduled events.

At some point, I fall asleep.

Thankfully, in the morning, Jill gently wakes me as the alarm was never set. I look at the clock and it reads 8:01am.

Jill shakes Dakota awake. Dakota had not moved all night.

Dakota got up and kissed me, then kissed Jill before heading off to the bathroom to shower.

Jill climbed into bed with me, even though she was fully clothed and put her arms around me, pulling me tight into her. She kissed me. I noted that her breath was minty fresh, making me acutely aware of my own ‘morning breath’. She kissed me anyways.

We just laid in each other’s arms until we heard the shower turn off. It was only a couple of minutes before a naked Dakota emerged from the bathroom.

Jill unwrapped herself from around me and pushed me to get up and get showered as we have a 10am meeting and she would like to sample their breakfast before the meeting.

I got up and headed into the shower. Of course, once again, not having someone in the shower with me allowed me to quickly shower, shampoo, and generally clean myself.

Once I was done, I quickly dried myself and headed out to the bedroom. Jill was alone with Dakota nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Dakota?” I asked.

She put her clothes from last night back on and headed down to her room to get fresh new clothes.

I kissed Jill telling her how much I love her. She said the same thing back to me.

After dressing, we gathered our stuff and headed down to the girl’s room.

Jill knocked and Tina opened the door. We could see Dakota in the background putting on some makeup.

“You two about ready to go?” Jill asked.

“All ready,” Tina replied picking up her purse.

Dakota scrambled over to the door picking up her purse as well.

The four of us went to the elevator. My mind was a mile away thinking about that limo ride and how horrible it was yesterday.

I ran through the checklist of issues in my head: driver lazy, check; no help with luggage, check; drove in a circle, check; wasn’t happy with tip, check; no AC on, check.

I looked at my phone and realized that I had missed a call from AMEX. The elevator reached the bottom floor and we all headed to get breakfast. However, neither restaurant was open, even though the sign clearly said that they opened at 5am. Jill was not pissed off once again.

Dakota was looking up breakfast places within walking distance. She came across a Hardee’s about a block away. We all headed out the front door and down towards Hardee’s. The walk was short, maybe about 3 or 4 minutes as the restaurant was next door.

We all went inside and ordered. We had a delightful meal, the first thing that had gone right since we landed. We ate, we laughed, we enjoyed each other’s company which we needed.

When we finished, we gathered our trash and put it in the garbage can before heading out to go back to the hotel.

Jill pointed out that it was a bit past 9:30. As we were walking back, a black Towncar pulled into the hotel. A man in a black tuxedo got out and held the door for a short stout man who was dressed in a fine suit.

I said to Jill, “I bet that’s our guy,” smiling at her. She agreed and smiled back.

Dakota reached into her purse and handed me a couple more of my business cards. She asked if she should head back up to the room and get her assistant’s notebook. I thought that it would be prudent and directed her to do so.

When we all entered the hotel, Tina and Dakota headed to the elevators and Jill and I approached the front desk.

“Good Morning Sir, may I help you?” The college-aged guy behind the counter asked.

“Good Morning, I’m here to see a Mr. Roy Miller, is he here yet?” I ask.

As I had anticipated, the stout man with the nice suit stepped forward and introduced himself. We shook hands and I asked if there was somewhere to go to have a private conversation. He invited Jill and me behind the counter to their office.

I told the front desk guy that our two assistants would be down here shortly and to direct them to where we were going to be.

Mr. Miller took us to a back office.

“Mr. Greene, Ms. Coggins will be here shortly,” He started with.

“Um, as she put it to us in no uncertain terms, she wants to be called MISS,” I started.

He seemed puzzled.

“Mr. Miller, what have you been told about the events that occurred here yesterday?” I asked.

“Well, I was told that you and your girlfriend and your two daughters all came down yelling and screaming about how you were being overcharged and wanted the money back.” He told us.

“Um, well about the only thing that you have right so far was that we were here and we did speak to someone at your front desk. Other than that, you don’t have a single thing correct.” I replied.

Just then, Dakota and Tina were led to this office.

“Mr. Miller, this gorgeous lady is not my girlfriend, she’s my wife. She also happens to be the COO of Jaxson Inc. The two daughters you referred to are these two ladies, our assistants. Yesterday, we were told by your ‘manager’ that we were not enough somebodies to rent two rooms on the top floor. That they were only reserved for people who are ‘somebodies’ and that we certainly didn’t qualify.” I began telling him.

“Our manager said that all you did was yell and scream at him and demanded that he call Miss Coggins,” he went on to say.

“Mr. Miller, the entire front desk is under camera and microphone is it not?” I asked knowing the answer before I even asked the question.

“Well, of course, it is,” he said.

“Then let’s pull up the tape and take a look,” I suggested.

Mr. Miller moved over to a computer and began typing. He scratched his head saying, “That’s odd,” before typing again.

All four of us began to suspect something was afoul in the system.

“Huh, that is really odd,” he says again.

“What’s the matter?” I ask.

“Well, the camera and microphone seem to be working and then it just stops about an hour before you say you arrived. There’s nothing from the point of it stopping to well….now,” Miller tells us.

Dakota has our IT guru Rob Smith already dialing on her phone.

“Hello, this is Rob,” he answers.

“Hi Rob, this is David Greene. I need to ask a favor. Can you please log into the Pinetree? I’m at location 69301.” I ask.

“Sure, Sir. Give me a minute,” he says.

I hear keyboard clicking.

“OK, I’m in. what are you looking for?” he asks.

“Their security camera seems to be not working properly. It seems to have shut off sometime yesterday,” I say to him.

“Um, ok I see the issue. Someone went back and erased what was recorded and turned the whole system off,” he tells us as I have him on speaker phone so Mr. Miller can hear the conversation.

Mr. Miller asks, “Does it tell you who accessed the system?”

“Of course, a T. Coggins last night about 10:15pm. However, she apparently doesn’t know that every 15 minutes our system is designed to dump into the master server here in New York. If you can hold on for a couple of minutes, I can restore the missing video and turn the system back on,” Rob says to us.

“Absolutely, take your time Rob,” I say to him.

I hear computer keys furiously typing and in just a couple of minutes the video is restored, and the system is turned back on.

“Rob, is there a way to eliminate anyone under the level of Senior Vice President from ever turning the security off?” I ask.

“Definitely. Is that what you would like me to do?” he asks.

“Yes, Rob. Please make sure that everyone in every hotel is safe. I don’t want anyone to turn the security system off even by mistake,” I tell him.

He tells us that it will take a couple of hours, but he’ll get right on it and it will be done before midnight tonight.

I thank him for his hard work and end the call.

“Mr. Miller let’s watch the video and listen to the conversation,” I say to him, with a bit of a smile.

We all watch the video and listen to the conversation.

Mr. Miller is shocked. He gets up and excuses himself from the office. We all know what’s about to happen.

People are going to get fired.

It was nearly 45 minutes before Mr. Miller came back to the office. We had all been chatting and talking while he was away.

In that time, Tina looked up the number to Big Star Cars for me to call next.

Mr. Miller apologizes for the bad way that we’ve been treated. Jill had spent some time this morning looking up this Pinetree’s financials. They were bad and now we knew why.

“Mr. Miller, can we take a walk around and discuss some things that I have noted?” I ask.

“Certainly, Sir,” he replies.

“Let me start by saying that you never asked for any sort of ID before you took us behind your counter. That concerns me.” I tell him.

I hand him my business card and Jill does the same with her card. He looks them over and puts them inside his jacket pocket.

“Let’s take a walk, shall we?”

We all get up and head back out to the front desk.

Once there, I inquire why there is no restaurant open. He doesn’t have an answer. I point to the operating hour sign telling us that they should indeed be open. He pulls out a note pad and begins scribbling down things.

I point out that they shouldn’t be holding any room ‘just in case’. It’s a first come, first serve basis and that only a reservation would supersede a walk-in. I suggest to him that no one should ever judge anyone’s appearance because the richest people we know wear some of the crappiest clothes. Just because they have money doesn’t mean that they will always wear designer fashions.

In addition, I ask why are there no luggage carts nor any bellmen nor a concierge. Where did they all go?

I flipped the certification for a wall mounted fire extinguisher over to show it was 2 years out of date.

Mr. Miller never said a word, he just kept scribbling into his notepad.

I suggested to him that he and his senior managers need to spend more time arriving at various Pinetree locations and less time in the boardroom. I told him that if he was to make a reservation, everything would be perfect. However, if he just starts showing up unannounced, he would get what our customers would be seeing.

Mr. Miller promised to start following much closer and will instruct his senior managers to do the same.

I asked him if he preferred staying in Houston or moving to New Orleans. He looked puzzled and asked why.

I let him know that we are beginning to consolidate all our district offices to multiple single locations with all of our brands under one single roof. I let him know that we are looking at a building in New Orleans, one in Waco, and one in Houston, but we haven’t made any decisions.

He replied that he will go wherever I direct. I assured him that I really would like some feedback. He said that if I were to go down to Houston, he would be happy to show me around and why it would be a great choice. I told him we’ll take him up on the offer another time.

Offering him a piece of advice from my own restaurant days, I suggested that he develop a checklist for his managers to look for when they go to a Pinetree location. I also asked that I get copied their evaluations for the next 6 months. He agreed.

I shook his hand and we left him.

Now it was time to head to the district office for the Dallas group of the restaurant group.

We decided to leave our stuff in the room and just take a taxi to the district office of the restaurant group.


Since we didn’t want to call Big Star Cars again, we took a taxi. The ride cost us about $75, I gave him $100 and told him to keep it.

We walked into the district office of our restaurant group. The place was buzzing, yet no one greeted us. We could have easily just walked through the office gaining access to proprietary information and yet no one seemed to know, or care.

Finally, a young lady approached us asking if we were the new interns.

Tina and Jill laughed out loud. The young lady seemed unsure what was funny.

Dakota reached into her assistant’s book and handed the young lady my business card. The young lady looked at it and asked, “I’m sorry, should I know you?”

“Um, yes. Who is the highest-ranking person here, right now?” I asked.

“Um, Mr. Kendall. But he’s on the phone,” she says.

“When he’s done on the phone, could I please have a word with him?” I ask.

The young lady walks away over to a desk that has an older man with a white beard and white hair clearly on the phone. When she hands him my card, he says something into the phone and hangs up and scurries towards us.

“Mr. Greene, I apologize for your delay. I understand from Marci that you wanted to see me?”

“Mr. Kendall, out of curiosity, what is your position here?” I ask.

“I’m one of the district managers. I wasn’t aware you were coming; did I miss an email?” he asks.

“No, no email. I just decided to drop in on my way to Tampa. I needed to address some things with our Pinetree group here in Dallas and thought I might address some of the issues that our Dallas team seems to be having in our restaurant division as well,” I tell him.

“Yes, sir. What can I do for you?”

“Well, to start with, don’t you have a receptionist?” I ask.

“Um, no. We lost Mindy last week and we haven’t had time to replace her,” he tells me.

“Did anyone post an ad either through or with the local job board?”

“I don’t bursa escort bayan really know,” he says.

“Well, could you please take that on or have one of the other managers here do that. You really need a receptionist. I could have walked to the back of this office and had access to proprietary information. We need some security here to protect everyone. I’m going to have our Director of Security, Roger Johnson get in-touch with you in the next day or two. He’ll be helping you establish a way to help ensure everyone’s safety,” I say to him.

Mr. Kendall turns around and grabs a piece of copy paper and begins taking notes.

“Let’s get down to business,” I say to him.

“Yes, sir,” he replies.

“How many district managers are here right now?” I ask.


“That is here, in this building right now?” I ask.

“Yes, sir,” he says.

“Can we get an office and I would like to speak to all the district managers,” I tell him.

“Um, sure. Let me see if any of the conference rooms are available,” he says back to me.

I turn and look at Jill. She shrugs her shoulders.

Mr. Kendall walks off checking several rooms choosing one. He then goes to several people, presumably the district managers each of whom head towards that conference room that he had selected.

Finally, he came back to get the four of us, escorting us to the conference room.

We go in and see everyone sitting with one chair still needed for all of us to sit down. Mr. Kendall steps out to the main office and gets a chair.

“Hello everyone, I’m David Greene, CEO of Jaxson Inc. This is my wife, Jill and she’s the COO of Jaxson Inc. These two lovely ladies are our assistants,” I say introducing ourselves to everyone.

I explain why I’m here asking for reasoning why the entire Dallas market has made a dramatic drop in virtually every measurement we have.

Almost in unison, they reply ‘roadwork’. One of the more youthful district managers gave me a lengthy explanation about how the City of Dallas and the State of Texas were undergoing this massive multi-billion-dollar infrastructure renovation and the whole project seems to begin and hinge on roadwork.

While his explanation seemed heartfelt and truthful, no one had any answers for my follow-up question.

“Then please tell me why Chili’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and even Longhorn’s steakhouse are all showing double-digit growth, while we show flat to negative growth,” I put on the table.

The room was silent.

“Don’t you ever look at your competition? Hell, I live in Los Angeles and knew this while you live right here in Dallas and none of you seem to know. We all have the same access to data on the internet. We all have access to our own financials, albeit I have a bit more access than you, but none the less, all of you can see that this market is way underperforming versus other markets in the country. Every market……let me say that again……every market has their own set of challenges that they must overcome. However, from my vantage point, everyone in this room has decided that it is easier to come up with a rationalization on why things can’t be done, rather than finding out what your competition is doing and why their sales are going up and ours are not,” I tell them.

Still, the room was silent.

“Can anyone tell me their plan of fixing this issue?” I ask being straightforward, hoping that one or all of them would commit to a plan of action.

The young man who gave me the excuse about roadwork begins.

“Mr. Greene, you are absolutely correct. I should have been more diligent in looking at our national counterparts, such as the ones you just mentioned. I apologize for not keeping up what was expected of me. If I may, I would like to keep you posted weekly how my district is doing. I suspect that you will be keeping an eye on us for a while, and I want to assure you that I am aware of this and would like to keep my job by doing it better,” he says to me.

“Look, everyone, please don’t think that I’m here to let anyone go. Instead, I wanted to make you aware that I see issues with this market and am asking for your commitment to correcting the issues,” I say trying to drive home my point, but not have the decide separately or together to just quit.

I see nods of acceptance around the room except for just one guy.

He begins, “Sure, all you corporate guys always blame the hardworking guys. You have no idea about how to run a restaurant, hell, you probably go golfing and play tennis with your rich buddies and then figure you’ll stop in and kick us around a bit before you head to your yacht,” he says in an angry voice.

“Dakota, do I even own a tennis racket, a set of golf clubs, or a boat of any kind?” I ask her in front of everyone.

“No sir, you don’t,” she says meekly.

“Jill, before I took over as CEO of Jaxson Inc. what was my profession for nearly 20 years?” Asking again in front of everyone.

“Managing restaurants,” she replied.

The room was silent once again. The guy who challenged me, now sat looking down at his hands on the table.

“Fuck this, I quit,” he says taking his restaurant keys off of a key ring and tossing them onto the table and storming out.

I direct Mr. Kendall to ensure that he goes straight out the door and does not stop to chat with anyone. If he puts up a fuss, dial 911 and have the Police escort him out.

Still, no one is talking. However, seeing their eyes get larger when I spoke about the Dallas Police handling the situation made everyone self-aware of their situation.

Mr. Kendall left the room. Tina watched him through the pane of glass on the door.

I ask the room, “Who would be a good candidate to replace that gentleman?”

Everyone looks around at one another before a middle-aged guy says, “Donna Burger,” very hesitantly.

“Is she here, now?”

“Yes sir, she is. Would you like me to go get her?” he asks.


I whisper into Tina’s ear asking what is happening. She says that Kendall is doing what was asked of him.

It takes a couple of minutes, but both Mr. Kendall and the other district manager return along with Donna Burger.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you. You’re Donna Burger?” I ask.

“Yes sir, I am. How may I help you?” She says very hesitantly.

“Accept a promotion,” I say smiling.

She doesn’t know if I’m for real or just pulling her leg.

All the other district managers assure her that this is legitimate.

“Ms. Burger, I would like to promote you to the position of district manager. You will take over the district of? Well, I don’t know his name, but he just quit,” I say.

“What? Don McKenzie just quit?” she says as if she didn’t just watch him walk out the door with Mr. Kendall locking it behind him.

“The room seems to think that you are ready to take responsibility for the job as a district manager. What do you think?” I ask.

“HELL YEAH!” she exclaims.

“Now that’s a Texas gal,” I say which gets the room laughing and congratulating her.

Mr. Kendall picks up the keys off the table and hands them to her.

Jill walks around me and gives Ms. Burger a congratulatory hug. I see Jill handing her card to Ms. Burger telling her to send her updates weekly on her district. She agrees.

I thank everyone for their time and turn to leave. However, before I do, I ask Mr. Kendal about the other conference rooms. Why didn’t we use one of them? He responded that they were all filled with file boxes stacked floor to the ceiling since they didn’t have any storage space.

I offered, “Then why don’t we scan all those files into our system, upload them to the main server in New York and then destroy the massive amount of paperwork that we have?”

Everyone seems stunned.

“Didn’t you know that was an available option?” I ask even though I knew if they were aware of it, most likely it would have been put into play already. But, then again, maybe not.

“Aren’t you expecting some new interns? Sounds like a perfect job for new interns, what does everyone think?” I ask the room.

Everyone nods their head in agreement.

I thank everyone for their time and turn to leave, but not before getting a hug from Ms. Burger.

The four of us head out. Mr. Kendall walks with us.

“Mr. Kendall, is there a good limo company here in Dallas?” I ask.

“Well, Big Star Cars is considered to be the best,” He says causing me to chuckle.

“Will you call them for us? We need to go back to the Pinetree pack and then to the airport,” I say to him.

He stops at a desk and looks at his cell phone and dials a number on the phone on that desk.

When he hangs up, he tells me that they will be here in 15 minutes. Jill laughs, Dakota laughs, Tina laughs. Clearly, Mr. Kendall doesn’t get the joke.


When the limo arrives, a nicely dressed college-aged woman gets out, holds the door open for us. We all are impressed with the 100% difference between this chauffeur and our last one.

The car is cool. The car is spotless. The lady confirms that we want to head back to the Pinetree, confirming the address of which Pinetree we are staying at. Then confirming that we wish to head to the DFW airport.

I ask her how long she has been a chauffeur.

“About a year now,” she replies.

“Do you like the job?” I ask.

“Yeah, it’s fun. Every day is different. You get to meet new people. You get to use your knowledge of the area to avoid large traffic tie-ups as no one wants to sit in traffic,” she says to us.

Jill, Dakota, and Tina are all smiling. They suspect my questioning will lead to something.

“What happened to the young man we had the other day? I think his name was Darryl, but I may be mistaken” I ask.

“Oh, you’re not mistaken. He was the manager’s nephew. He was let go for costing the company an entire fare for changing the tip on someone’s slip and when he turned it in American Express kicked the chargeback and thus voiding the entire transaction. This gave the owner no recourse but to fire him and the manager,” she explained.

Jill was already dialing Bob Jaxson to tell him to investigate buying Big Star Cars in Dallas as a potential acquisition.

I asked for her name.

“It’s Dalilah. Why do you ask, sir?”

“Just curious. Tell me, what’s the best tip you’ve ever received?” I ask seeing Dakota smiling.

“Well, once I got a whole $100 tip. That made my day as I was worried about how to pay the rent with my boyfriend breaking up and moving out on me earlier that day,” she tells us. Now, Dakota is almost laughing at how people just seem to tell me more than I asked for.

“How long ago was that?” I ask.

“Two weeks ago,” she says.

“Let me get this right, you’ve been working here for nearly a year and the best tip you ever received in that year happened two weeks ago?” I ask completely shocked. By now, Jill is off the phone and raises an eyebrow to her situation.

“Yes, sir. Here we are at the Pinetree. Do you want me to wait or come back when you’re ready to go to DFW?” she asks.

“If you don’t mind, just park the car here and wait. We shouldn’t be too long. There is a Hardee’s that’s next door if you’re hungry, they are pretty good, we ate there this morning,” I tell her.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t bring any money with me. I was running late and didn’t want to put any stress on anyone for not showing up when I was supposed to. I just forgot and left my money on my dresser,” she says to us.

I reach into my pocket pulling out a couple of hundreds but then think about her trying to order $5 worth of food and paying with a $100. It would create more issue than there needs to be.

I decide to go inside and get change.

Dalilah holds a door open for all of us to exit the limo. As we head into the Pinetree, Mr. Miller is still chatting with the front desk staff.

I approach the front desk.

“Can I get 5 twenties for this $100?” I ask.

The young lady looks back at Mr. Miller, he nods, and she takes the bill from me and returns with 5 $20 bills.

I thank her and head back out to the parking lot scanning for the limo. When I see it, I walk over to the car. Dalilah gets out and asks if there is anything wrong.

“No, nothing is wrong. I just forgot to give you a tip, for that I’m sorry,” I say to her.

I have money all folded up. I take her soft hand and put the money in her palm.

Her eyes grow big. She takes the money and counts it.

“Um, sir, you gave me way too much money,” she says.

“How much did I give you?” I ask knowing full well how much I gave her.

She counts through it again. “There is 4 $100 bills and 5 $20 bills…. Oh, my gawd, there’s FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS HERE! She squeals with excitement.

“Oh, you’re right I didn’t leave the right amount,” her face drops thinking that I’m going to take some of it back.

I reach into my pants pocket and pull out two more $100 bills and put them in her hand.

“There, now it is correct,” I say spinning on my heels and walking away.

She is speechless.

I stop and turn to her saying, “Go have a bite to eat at Hardee’s. We’ll be about 45 minutes, so, go…eat!”

She hits the lock button on the key fob and runs over to me giving me a huge hug.

I smile, thank her for a job well done and head back inside the hotel.

All the ladies are upstairs packing. I head up as well. When I open the door to the room, Jill is packing frantically.

“How does it all fit when we arrive, but when it’s time to leave the darn suitcase doesn’t want to close,” she says in a frustrated tone.

I shrug my shoulders. I don’t remember doing it, but my suitcases are already packed. I look to Jill with a curious expression. “Dakota took care of you, I wish she would have had Tina do the same for me,” Jill says sounding more frustrated.

I offer to help, but she declines.

I head over to the girl’s room. I put my key in the lock and hear the door click unlock. I just walk in to find Tina face down into Dakota’s sweet pussy.

“May I join in or is this a private party?” I ask rhetorically.

Dakota summons me over to the bed with just her index finger.

Without even realizing it, Jill had followed me into the room.

“Do you mind if I take Tina? I can use her assistance,” Jill says to no one in particular.

Tina gets up, wipes her face and follows Jill out of the room leaving Dakota and me to our own debauchery.

It only takes me a moment to shed my clothes. I put my face right where Tina’s was moments ago.

I kiss and nibble on her clit, figuring that Tina had already warmed her up. Dakota was moaning almost instantly. I just kept nibbling. When I put my lips around her little protruding nub and sucked hard, she let out a yelp, playfully slapping the top of my head, giggling as she did that.

I went back to licking and sucking her womanhood. I lick her folds. I thrust my tongue into her wetness. She is moaning crazy loud.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” She exclaims.

I move up so that my midsection is even with hers. She reaches down between us grasping my hard cock and putting it inside her. I begin to thrust slowly and gently.

“Daddy, this is nice, but I want you to FUCK me,” she emphasizes the word Fuck.

I begin to increase my pace on thrusts quickly. My little lithe lover is moaning loudly as I feel her sex spraying my thighs with her woman juice.

Over and over I thrust, my speed is approaching Sasha-mode.

Dakota climaxes, “OH GAWD DADDY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. SO, SO MUCH!” she says with her eyes glazing over

I keep thrusting into her. She holds her legs pulling her knees up to her face. I begin to really thrust hard into her, not just fast, but hard as well. I wince a little when one of my balls gets squished on her pelvic bone on a thrust into her.

I keep pounding her little sweet pussy with all the force I have, making her reach another orgasm.

“OH DADDY, I LOVE YOU. YOU TAKE SUCH GOOD CARE OF YOUR LITTLE GIRL!” she tells me as her second huge orgasm rolls through her young body.

I feel that familiar twinge telling me that I’m about to explode into her.

“Daddy’s going to cum for you now,” I say to her.

With that, I explode into her. I shoot rope after rope into her already wet wanton pussy. She is moaning loudly as I declare my love for her once again.

I hear the door unlock, Tina walks in and begins giggling.

“You know, you two can be heard down the hall all the way to your room,” Tina announces.

Something about giggling when you’re in the middle of sex, it’s a bit distracting.

As I begin to return to normalcy, Dakota is staring into my eyes.

“Thank you, Daddy. You always take such good care of me,” she says in a heartfelt manner. I kiss her passionately. I stroke her hair which causes her to purr a bit.

Tina comes to the bed and playfully slaps my ass cheek. She giggles and walks away.

The phone on the nightstand rings. Dakota answers it. Jill is wondering when I’ll be done so we can head to the airport. Dakota tells her that I’m dressing right now and will be down to her in just a couple of minutes.

I hop out of bed and dress as fast as I can, kissing both Dakota and Tina before heading down to Jill.

I escort bursa powerwalk down to Jill, who is sitting patiently waiting for me. She just smiles, kisses me and grabs her luggage. I do a quick walk thru and ensure we haven’t forgotten anything.

I text the girls that we are heading to the elevators.

They meet us at the elevators, and we all ride down together, not the same ride that I just got from Dakota, but a ride none the less.

Jill goes to check out and discovers that Mr. Miller has taken care of our bill. She tells the person behind the counter to thank him for us.

We step outside and just moments later Dalilah pulls the limo up for us. She pops the trunk taking our suitcases and opens the back door for us to get in. I think to myself that this is what was supposed to happen yesterday.

I see the clock on my cell phone says 5:59pm. I figure that the plane will be ready for takeoff.

Dakota tells Dalilah that we have a private plane and that we are not flying commercial. She thanks Dakota for giving her that information and heads down the road towards the private part of the airport.

“Dalilah, tell me, what did you do before you became a chauffeur?” I ask.

“I was a middle school teacher. English and composition. I left because the hours were getting longer, the students were getting meaner, no parent ever believed that their child could have made a mistake, and well, they were discussing increased class sizes. I already had 40 students, how many more do they think one teacher could handle?” She says sounding defeated.

“Have you ever thought about being a teacher to different students?” I ask.

“You mean like high schoolers or elementary school?”

“No, I mean in the private sector. Like a facilitator for a corporation. Many of the large companies are always looking for qualified instructors to help train new people, to roll out new programs, to help facilitate open dialog amongst different departments, things like that,” I say to her.

“WOW, I had never even considered that,” she says to me.

Dakota already knowing where I was heading with this conversation, reached through the hole where the privacy window would reside if it were up. She tapped Dalilah on the shoulder handing her my card.

I told her to email me her resume. Who knows, we might have a position for her in our company. Jill is smiling and just shaking her head.

When we arrive at the airfield, Dakota points out our plane. Dalilah puts the limo next to the stairs of the plane. We all get out. Everyone takes their luggage and heads up the stairs. I hand Dalilah another three $100 bills thanking her for her hard work and reminded her that I would be looking for her resume.

I reach into the trunk, grab my luggage and head up the stairs to board the plane.

When I sit down, I look out the window and see her still standing holding the money. She closes the trunk, the back door and gets in and leaves.

All three of my ladies are smiling at me. Dakota says, “You want to do her don’t you Daddy?”

I just smile and go back to looking out the window.

The flight was uneventful. We landed in Tampa and taxied to where the private planes park. This time, we are met by a limo company who has the trunk open and the back door open.

As we deplane, the co-pilot carries the luggage to the bottom of the stairs. The limo driver picks it up and puts it carefully into the trunk.

Dakota gives the chauffeur an address of a restaurant in mid-town. He takes us there. When we arrive, it appears to be run-down, decrepit even. We park the limo and head inside.

We are greeted warmly by a Hispanic woman. She asks if we want a table or a booth. Jill asks for a booth. The nice hostess takes us to an obviously repaired booth that has a piece of duct tape covering an obvious tear in the seat.

Another Hispanic woman appears at our table asking for a drink order. I ask what is good here, telling her that we had never been here before.

She recommends the Cuban sandwich. It comes with black beans and yellow rice. However, she also told us that their pork mojito is delightful as well. In addition, they offer the usual fare of steak, ham, and chicken. The manager of this restaurant certainly put a personal spin on the concept.

I ordered the Cuban sandwich. Jill decided to try the pork mojito. Dakota chose the pork mojito and Tina the Cuban sandwich as well. We all had the idea that we could have the usual fare anytime, this certainly was a treat.

When the food arrived, we all were delighted with the appearance of the food, the taste of the food, and the portion size. This got me to thinking about on certain circumstances maybe we should expand the menu to allow for local favorites, such as this manager did by adding Cuban food, which was the core of Tampa during the cigar rolling history of Tampa. I didn’t know it until Jill looked it up for me, but Tampa has a huge Cuban/Latin population. Taking this chance by adding Cuban food to an already set menu was truly a risk that paid off, even though it could have cost him his job.

When the waitress checks on us, I ask if the General Manager was available. She told us that he came in to help the kitchen out as three people called in sick with the flu. She said that the rush is beginning to die down and she will let him know that I want to speak to him when he gets a chance.

It wasn’t but 15 minutes before a good-looking gentleman with a black apron on approached our table. He introduced himself as Luis Garcia, the General Manager.

I stood up and put out my hand and introduced myself to him, commenting about what a delightful place he runs. I handed him both my business card and my wife’s. I asked if he had a few minutes to chat, which he said he did now that the rush was over.

I started with letting him know that he took quite a risk adding to an already set menu, but that it clearly paid off. He thanked me yet told me that he has been approached by several other restaurants wanting him to come work for them.

We discussed moving this restaurant, noting how much the building needs work, both structurally and cosmetically. I asked about the Seminole Heights area he mentioned in his email. He said he has his eye on a couple of low-cost sites. One on the corner of Florida Avenue and Sligh Avenue. He said that staying on the west side of I-275 was the smart thing to do as choosing a property on the east side of the interstate say on Nebraska Avenue only would bring undesirables and not families as he is targeting for customers. He also mentioned that Sligh Avenue led to a local zoo only a couple of blocks to the west, Lowery Park Zoo. While not as flashy as Busch Gardens, it is a true zoo not a theme park with roller coasters and thrill rides. Nothing wrong with any of that, but Lowery Park was a true working zoo that brought in thousands of children every year.

I was clearly impressed with his knowledge of the area and more importantly his dedication to making his restaurant his, even though it had a corporate name, he put his own twist on it to make it even more successful.

Mr. Garcia offered to pick up the tab for our meal, but I wouldn’t allow it. We clearly have the money to pay and he should save his generosity for someone not as fortunate.

I did ask where his district manager was. He said that he hasn’t seen him in several weeks and wasn’t even sure if this district had a DM. I smiled and thanked him for his time.

Jill took our bill to the register and paid for our meal, leaving the waitress a $40 tip on an $80 tab. The cashier asked if she was sure that she wanted to leave that much, just to make sure that Jill didn’t make a mistake. Jill thanked her for the concern, signed the receipt and we all left.

Our limo driver was outside waiting. We asked to head back to the airport.

I figured that we had seen enough and with Mr. Garcia telling me that he hasn’t seen the district manager in several weeks spoke volumes to me.

Dakota and Tina were both surprised that we were going to head home without staying in Tampa. I assured them that we would be back so they could wear their bikini’s and sun themselves on Tampa Bay’s warm beaches. They both smiled, even Jill smiled. Which got me to thinking that I have never seen Jill in a bikini. We either just swim naked or are in shorts and tee shirts.

While we were driving to the airport, I phoned Jennifer.

“Hello, my darling. What can I do for you…or to you?” Jennifer asked.

“Jen. I need you to call Luis Garcia here in Tampa. We need to move his restaurant. He has a couple of locations picked out and sound business reasons why those locations as well as why not other locations. Please call him either today or tomorrow. You’ll probably have to make a trip to Tampa,” I explain.

“Can I make it a working vacation. I hear the beaches in Tampa Bay are delightful,” she inquires.

“Absolutely! Call him and maybe travel to Tampa on Friday, stay the weekend and come home on Monday,” I say to her.

“That sounds delightful!” She squeals before hanging up.

We arrive at the airport. Our chauffeur opens the door, takes out luggage out of the trunk. I hand him two $100 bills, Jill signs the receipt adding another $100 tip, takes her copy and heads to the plane.

The co-pilot comes over to the backend of the limo and begins carrying luggage up the stairs to the cabin of the plane.

I grab my own suitcases and one of Jill’s. As we all get our luggage stowed and we all take our seat, I notice that Jill sits next to me with Dakota and Tina on the other couch with their earbuds already out and being used.


As the plane accelerates down the runway, Jill begins to grab my thigh and squeeze. Clearly, she doesn’t like the take off as much as I do.

I just grimace a bit as her nails dig into me as she continually squeezes harder and harder until the plane levels out. At that point, she releases her grip on me.

She notices that I have a hard-on. “Is that from me?” She asks with a devilish grin.

“Well, it’s for you. And, I guess because of you,” I say sarcastically.

“MMMMM, delightful,” she answers.

She begins to unzip me and fishes out my cock, stroking the shaft from just under the head to where it escapes from my trousers.

Jill notices a little droplet at the tip. She leans down and licks the droplet off and begins to swirl her tongue around my throbbing member. I unbuckle my belt and unsnap my pants allowing her total access to my manhood.

She reaches with both hands to me. One hand begins playing with my balls, gently squeezing them. The other hand begins stroking the shaft of my rigid cock. All the while her tongue keeps swirling around the bulbous head.

Dakota, rarely missing an opportunity to play with Jill and I takes her earbuds out and moves over in front of Jill. She bunches up the bottom half of Jill’s dress and slides her light blue panties down to her feet. She pushes Jill’s knees apart and lowers her head to Jill’s delicious pussy.

As Dakota has made this become a Jill sandwich, Tina now removes her earbuds and does the same to Dakota as Dakota has done to Jill. Oh, what a daisy chain we have become.

Jill now engulfs my entire cock with her mouth, still swirling her tongue around. I can feel her sucking hard on my rigid manhood. She continues to gently massage my balls occasionally scraping a single fingernail on the underside of my balls close to my anus.

I watch as my beautiful little blond goddess licks and sucks on Jill with fervor. Her tongue is rapidly licking Jill from asshole to clit, taking careful aim at teasing her female nub repeatedly.

I move my sight down to Tina, who has also begun nibbling on Dakota’s clit and inserting a thumb inside of her and putting her index finger into her rectum. Her thrusts in and out were causing Dakota to moan into Jill’s pussy.

The vibrations were causing Jill to moan onto my cock, causing me to inch closer to exploding into Jill’s waiting mouth.

Gently, I grabbed a handful of Jill’s hair lifting her face upwards to me so that our lips may touch for an erotic kiss. We kissed for a while, our tongues intertwining and darting in and out of each other’s mouth.

After several minutes of kissing, I got up off the couch and walked over behind Tina. I put three fingers into her sweet pussy. She moaned loudly into Dakota. I thrust my fingers into her all the way to the knuckle. I repeatedly thrust in and out of her. She began orgasms almost immediately. My hand grew wetter with each thrust. Her hips began a slow rhythmic rock to them.

Several minutes of thrusting made me want to fuck my little Tina. I moved myself up between her legs and gently inserted just the head of my cock into her. I paused for a moment or two to allow her body to adjust. I slowly pushed myself deeper into her womanhood. I kept pausing after every couple of inches or so allowing her body to adjust. Finally, I was fully inside of Tina. I began to thrust in and out of her wet pussy. She continually moaned into Dakota’s delicious pussy, still trying to stay on task of bringing Dakota to orgasm.

I could feel Tina’s pussy contract and spasm around my cock. Her wonderful pussy grew wetter by the minute. I thrust into her harder and harder until happened. It had been quite a while since it occurred. Tina went totally limp.

Jill giggled, my eyes grew big as I had forgotten that she is the only three-time holder of the Fucked Unconscious Club as well as it’s founding member. Dakota stopped what she was doing for Jill, sat up and slapped Tina across the face causing her to gulp a huge amount of air.

Dakota giggled and said to Tina, “Welcome back slut,” to which Tina just smiled in a dreamy smile.

Dakota went back to her task of making Jill feel wonderful. I pulled out of Tina and rolled her body out of the way. She gave me no resistance, heck I wasn’t completely sure she even realized what I was doing. I walked on my knees up to Dakota. She eagerly parted her legs, fingering her own pussy waiting for me to put my still hard cock into her.

I slid my steel-hard cock into her fully as she was so wet already that I slid in easily. Without hesitation, I began thrusting into her with vigor. She was moaning into Jill’s pussy repetitively. I could feel her pussy spasm over and over on my manhood. To me, based upon other times that Dakota and I have played, she was fast approaching a huge orgasm.

Without any real warning, her whole body tensed up and my entire pelvic area, as well as my thighs, were sprayed with her woman juice.

She stiffened up, mumbling something into Jill’s pussy that sounded more like gibberish. I did understand two words, “OH GAWD,” after that everything else was not understood as it was into Jill’s pussy.

I was able to see from my vantage point Dakota’s eyes roll back into her head. She stopped working on Jill as her big orgasm kept rolling through her body. I thought to myself, she may be small in stature, but she is big in sexual drive.

Funny, how odd thoughts pop into one’s head during good sex. I thought about how Amy and Dakota are so sexually alike. Both seem to have an unlimited supply of sexual drive. In my demented brain, I thought about having them be the centerpiece of a play night. I decided to think on that later and keep going with my task at hand.

As she kept her body spasming, I pulled out of her and rolled her off Jill.

Again, I walked on my knees up to a smiling Jill. I reached under her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the couch.

Unfortunately, the couch was a bit higher than my cock was. This forced me to get up and lower my cock into Jill from above her. She moaned loudly as my manhood entered her extremely wet pussy. Knowing that my Jill prefers slow and sensual over fast and hard, I gently began thrusting into her until my pelvis met her clit.

I held myself there, before slowly pulling out. I kept doing this for quite a while. I heard moaning behind me. Jill leaned to me whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry, Dakota is taking care of my Tina, once again!”

I lifted Jill’s legs putting them over my shoulders to gain deeper access to her delicious womanhood. I thrust into her as deep as I could get. We kept our copulation going for a long while. I began sweating, Jill was sweating.

Finally, as we began our descent into LAX, Jill finally came with a thunderous orgasm. “OH GAWD DAVID. GIVE ME THAT BABY. FUCK ME SO GOOD.”

Hearing that, caused me to have an orgasm of my own, “DARLING, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.” And with that, I shot what felt like a massive amount of baby making juice into my Jill. She just moaned accepting all my seed into her wanton pussy.

Just as we uncoupled, we felt the tires of the plane hit the runway. I was thankful that I wasn’t still deep into Jill wondering how the impact of landing during sex would hurt or would a woman’s pussy soften the blow.

We all dressed quickly as the plane was taxiing to its final resting spot among other private planes. I looked out the plane window to see Fred with the limo door open and the trunk popped waiting for us.

I thought how lucky I am having several beautiful women wanting me, playing with me, wanting me to give them a baby, and of course loving me. Certainly, taking that job as a Chauffeur that day produced the most positive of results.

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