The Client


My name is Joe Oaks, I just turned 18, and it’s the end of my junior year of High School. I know how I turned 18 at the end of my junior year, well I got held back in the 1st grade. I don’t remember why but I did get held back. Dad wanted me to go get a summer job so that I would have some spending money and to save some money for college. My mom, Sandy, being mom, got me a job at her company. She is the head manager for the sales department. It wasn’t hard for her to get me a job. Since I had no experience and no college I was more or less just a gofer. You know I go for this and that, whatever someone needed I got the task to go for it.

What I liked about my job was that I was able to mingle with all of the salesmen/women. Most of them enjoyed talking with me and telling stories about their jobs. One guy named Ken Bacon had only one client, but he was the highest rated salesman in the company. I asked my mom about him and she told me that was the way his client wanted it. They wanted him available 24 hours seven days a week in case they needed him. She also told me she has tried to give him more clients or even get him to help out others with their clients. He never told her no but he has to let his client know. They always call Mr. Larry Walker (her boss) and complain that mom was adding work to their salesman. She then would get told that she had to leave him alone.

Now for Tony Bailey he started work at the company right out of college, he’s been with them now for five years. He is still single and for now, no girlfriend. My mom isn’t really fond of him. She thinks he is an arrogant person who is just too cocky for his own good. As I got to know him, I think he is very confident and a very good salesman. He always brings in new clients and always has a story to tell.

Lynn Rice is one sexy woman. She is married with some young kids. It wasn’t hard to get to know her she was very easy to talk to. She always wears a fitting dress or skirt with a tight blouse, which always show off her curves.

I’ve only been working for about two weeks when Ken told mom and her boss, Larry, that he was going to retire. He informed them that he has recommended Tony to the Whit brothers (Ken’s only client) as his replacement and they had agreed. This really pissed mom off. “Ken who do you think you are? I’m in charge of this department and I will decide who will take over the Whit’s account.” She yells out where everyone in the office could hear.

“Sandy hold on. The Whit’s are our best customer and they are very picky as to who they want to work with.” Larry said trying to calm everything down.

“I’m not trying to step on any toes but for me to retire, I have to come up with someone the Whit’s would agree to work with.” Ken added.

“Ken, you tell the Whit’s that I’ll decide.” mom told him. “It doesn’t work that way with them Sandy.” Ken replied.

“I’ll call the Whit’s and talk with them. I think it’s time they met you, Sandy. You take Tony and whoever else you want to take over their account. Give them a choice. Ken, you go also to introduce Sandy and whoever else goes.” Larry said.

‘Ok, Mr. Walker I’m on board.” Ken said.

“Ok Larry, but I’ll pick who I want in addition to Tony.” Mom said. Everything settled down with Ken giving mom a hard look of disbelief.

At dinner that night mom was telling dad about how she was going to meet the Whit’s to inform them that she was in charge of the sales department and she will pick who takes over their account. “It’s time they know who runs the sales department.” She kept repeating herself. Dad just smiled and let her talk.

Mom wanted Lynn to take over the Whit’s account. Just before the group of salespeople were supposed to depart Ken was in a car accident and wasn’t going to be able to go. Larry told mom that they already paid for four people to go she could select another person. She knew that everyone going would make a little on per diem that she asked if I could go with them.

“Joe, come into my office I need to talk with you.” Mom said.

I stop doing what I was doing and walked into her office. “Yes Ma’am.” I said as I enter. She smiled at me, always call her Ma’am at work..

“You will be going with us to talk with the Whit’s about their account. I think it will be good for you to see how things work in sales.” She told me.

“Sounds like fun” I said

“One more thing being in sales has its challenges sometimes and we are asked to do certain extracurricular things to sweeten the deal or to ensure we get the account. I want you to get with Lynn and she will help get you up to speed for what you need to know.” She told me.

“Okay” I replied as I walked out of her office.

A few days later we were on a plane headed to the Whit’s meeting. Mom sat next to Lynn while I was sitting next to Tony. “Hey, you need to read this packet. I know Lynn got with you but this packet contains what I think you might need to know about the Whit’s, in case they ask you questions. Ataşehir Escort You need to look like you’re knowledgeable.” Tony said as he handed me a notebook.

“Thanks.” I said as I took the packet and started reading.

After we got settled into our hotel rooms, we each had out own room. We all met up in mom’s room for a zoom meeting with Mr. Walker. He made sure we knew how important the Whit’s account was. After he talked to all of us as a group, he wanted to talk with my mom privately.

The next day the Whit’s had their chauffeur (Otis Barlow) pick us up from the hotel in a limo. We pulled into a long driveway and up to large home; the chauffeur told us the meeting with the Whit’s would be held here. The home was nice in the dining room was a conference table for meetings. It looked into the living room which had two nice couches and two recliners. We were led into the room with the conference table which had name tags where they wanted us to sit.

A few minutes after our arrival the Whit brothers showed up. We were introduced to Jeff Whit, Sean Whit, Kevin Whit (who is Jeff’s son), and Regis Whit (who is Sean’s son) After the introductions some guy enters the room and gave us a presentation about Whit’s and Association. The company had been around for over 100 years. We learned they enjoy keeping a quiet profile; therefore, we will be requested to sign a non-discloser agreement (NDA). Their lawyer (Thomas Reid) handed out the NDA’s and explained them to us. Before I signed mine, I looked over at mom and she nodded letting me know it was okay to sign it.

After all of the NDA’s were singed, Mr. Jeff Whit got up. He was a very large man and carried himself with a lot of confidence. From the packet which Tony gave me on the plane I knew he was the main boss. He was 60 years old, with short gray hair. He looked very fit for his age damn I couldn’t help notice how big his hands were. A matter of fact all the Whit’s had very large hands.

Mr. Jeff looked around the table and begun the meeting “Since you’re the new team taking over for Ken my main reason is for us to get to know each other.”

“Sir!” my mom interrupted him. “This meeting is for us to decide who will be taking over for Ken. Then we will pick the new team from there.”

Mr. Jeff Whit looked at my mom like she was a kid in school who just gave the wrong answer to a question. “Sandy, I think you need to contact Larry Walker. We had a long talk this morning, he and I seem to be on the same page. You either have not been informed or have chosen to ignore it, but you four will be the new team.”

My mom tried to argue that she was in charge of the sales department but before she could get too far into her argument, He stopped her. “Sandy, I know you’re in charge of your department back home. But here I’m the customer and I’m in charge. If you’re not happy there’s the door. This meeting is over.” As he and the others walked out of the room. Mr. Jeff Whit grabbing his cell phone and started calling someone.

Tony looked at mom in disbelief getting up and headed for the door with Lynn following him. I got up and mom was the last person who got up with a look of disbelief on her face of what had just happen. As we were getting into the limo mom’s phone rang. All we could hear was mom’s side of the conversation every once in a while, she would say “yes sir.” When the called ended she looked at each of us, “Looks like we are the new Whit’s team. Otis, please take us back to the house.”

As we returned back to the house the front door was open. I guess they knew we would be back, so we walked into the house. The Whit’s were already sitting at the conference table waiting for us. We stood next to the table and mom spoke, “Sirs, I would like to apologize for my actions. You were right I was not informed that we would be your new team for your company. Please accept my apologies.”

Mr. Jeff Whit looked at us then he looks mom up and down checking her out. He smiled and said “Apologies accepted. As I was saying earlier, we need to get to know each other better and do some bonding. Tony and Joe please have a seat here with Kevin, Regis, and Thomas.” He and Sean Whit stood up walked over to the ladies and continued, “Ladies please follow us into the living room where we can get to know each other.”

Here was Tony and I sitting and talking with Kevin, Regis, and their lawyer Thomas. Basically, all we did was answer questions about ourselves. I think the three of them were more interested in me then Tony. I saw Otis in the living room turn on some music. A couple minutes later, mom and Lynn were dancing with the Whit’s and whispering with their partners. As I was watching the couples dance, we were still talking and I stop watching them. Then I heard mom say “my son is here.” more loudly than she wanted.

As I turned my head back around to see what was going on Jeff said in an authoritarian voice to my mom, “You can get on board or leave. We’re here to get Kadıköy Escort to know each other. Now Sean and I would like to see what you two ladies have under your dresses.” Lynn looked over at Jeff while Sean whispered something into her ear.

Mom just smiled as Jeff reaches up to her neck and unzipped her dress, then pulling it off her shoulders, and letting it fall to the floor. Sean saw what his older brother had done and he did the same with Lynn’s dress. Mom steps out of her dress as I look at her she was wearing red panties and matching red lace bra. Jeff stepped back from mom and took a good look at her. I look over at Lynn and she had on a lacy pink bra with matching lacy pink panties. Both men were checking out each woman for a few moments then they continued dancing with them.

All of us in the dining room were now watching the dancers. After the song ended Jeff and Sean switch places. Sean made sure to put his hands on mom’s ass rubbing it and giving her a good squeeze once in a while. Jeff was doing the same with Lynn. Again, when the song ended Jeff invited their sons to take a turn dancing with the ladies.

After the two sons each danced with both ladies Tony and I were invited to dance. I danced with Lynn first. I know she is married but she is one hot lady. Or should I say she is just gorgeous with long red hair, about 5’4, I’m not sure how big her rack is but I think are at least a 34 C. She’s in good shape and attractive with her flat stomach and round ass. I love to watch her walk around the office. I was really enjoying dancing with her, I held her tight so that her boobs were against my chest. I know my cock was getting hard.

Then the song ended and Tony and I were told to switch partners. Now I was dancing with my mom. I never really looked at my mom as a sex object before. But seeing her in her bra and panties kept my cock hard. I guess mom is hot, my friends all think she is MILF, and at 43 I guess she still looks very good., I know men still turn their heads as she passes them by them. She has an innocent face, with large dark eyes. She is about 5′ 5 I looked at her bra a few times and noticed it was a 34 D. She is also in very good shape, but she does have a little belly, which she thinks makes her look fat but she isn’t fat at all.

“Lynn and I are going to give you our room keys so you are to pack up our stuff. Give them to Otis so he can bring them back to us, Jeff wants us stay here.” mom whispers to me.

“Ok, do you want me to check you out?”

“No, in case things go south.”

I was holding my mom close like I did with Lynn when she pushed me back, “Joe, I’m your mom and I think we’re dancing a little too close.”

“Yes, mom.” I said as we parted to where her boobs were no longer against my chest.

Jeff heard and saw this and walked over to us, “I think you two need to dance closer.” As he put his large arms around us and move us closer together. Mom tits were now pushed into my chest. Mom had to put her arms around my neck and I held her tight now. After Jeff did this, he said to both of us, “We are bounding, which means we need to be close to each other.” I’m not sure about mom but I sure didn’t mind having her boobs against me. I know she could now feel my hard cock pressing into her belly.

When the song was over, Tony and I went back to the dining room to sit. Mom walked over to Lynn and said something. They both walked over to their purses and got their room keys out. Walking over to me they both handed the keys to me. They both smiled at me and walked back over to the guys. Tony and I watched as Jeff and Kevin sat down with my mom on one couch. Mom was sitting between the two of them. Lynn and the other two men were on the other couch with Lynn in the middle.

I was watching mainly my mom; Jeff had an arm around the back of her with his other hand on her leg rubbing it. Kevin didn’t put his arm around her but he had a hand on her other leg. I notice Jeff had moved his large hand up and was rubbing mom’s pussy thru her panties, while talking to her. He wasn’t talking loudly, so I couldn’t hear what was being said.

Mom said something and Kevin laughed as said something back to her. I notice Jeff now had mom’s panties pulled down a little and was fingering her. Kevin had a hand on her breast and was squeezing it. It looked like she was about to have an orgasm when Jeff stops and smiles at her. I could see the look of disappointment on her face.

Jeff said something to her. She shook her head no. He starts fingering again, but stops before she could cum. I watched as her fingers her over and over, bringing her to the edge again and again, but never letting her cum. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, as I watched my mom become more and more desperate to cum.

He kept this up until she finally broke down and shook her head yes. He then unzipped and undid his pants, pulling them down to his knees. He didn’t have any underwear on and his large fat cock popped Bostancı Escort up, standing at full mast.

I heard my mom suddenly loudly say, “Oh my god.” As she was looking down at Jeff’s large fat cock.

Jeff was smiling, “I get that reaction a lot.” He went back finger fucking her. He seems to like bring her close to an orgasm and stopping not letting her cum.

“Damn it please let me cum!” mom shouted out.

Kevin started laughing, “Dad I don’t think she really wants to cum. Look she still has her bra and panties on.”

“I think your right.” Jeff answered.

Mom looked at both of them and then at me. I noticed her blush as she slowly stood up unfasten her bra, and took it off, and then pulled down her panties. Then she sat back down with her legs spread wide open. She wouldn’t look at me, but I could see her humiliation as she couldn’t stop her hips from pushing against his fingers. A few seconds later, her hands slid up to her tits and she started to pinch her nipples. Mom’s eyes were closed, and I didn’t know if it was because she didn’t want to see me watching her, or is she was just so horny she couldn’t stop herself.

I didn’t get a good look at mom’s nakedness, but see that she had a trimmed pussy and her tits bouncing as she was helping Jeff finger her to an orgasm. Jeff and Kevin were looking at mom and whispered something to her. She nodded then all three of them got up and walked out of the room and down the hallway to one of the bed rooms, I guessed. That’s when I notice that Lynn and the other two Whit’s had already disappeared.

I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. My mother, who was always in charge, had just been stripped naked, fondled by the owners of the company’s biggest account, and had just left to be fucked. Or that is what I assumed would happen. I sat there in the chair, my cock so hard it hurt. I had never seen my mom naked before, nor had I ever had a sexual thought about her. But at that instant, I wished I was going with them to fuck her.

I was both ashamed and totally aroused at what was going through my head. I started to adjust my cock, still confined in my pants when Otis walked over to us, “Are you two ready to go back to your hotel?” I know I blushed as Otis saw my rock-hard cock and me adjusting it. But he just smiled and turned away, heading for the door.

Tony and I took this as our queue to head back. We both stood and walked out to the car. When we got back to the Hotel Otis followed us inside. “Otis why are you following us?” Tony asked.

“Sir, Jeff ask that you pack up the ladies’ bags and give them to me to take back to them.” Otis answered.

Tony looked over at me. “Yeah, mom and Lynn gave me the room keys. They will be staying at the house.” I spoke.

We went to moms’ room first, as I gathered her things together, Tony decides to go thru her under garments. “Wow no matter what I think about your mom she sure does have really sexy bras and panties. But she needs to do more with her sleep wear.” Tony said laughing. Holding up what mom brought to wear at night. Her PJ’s were just a pair of blue shorts and a top. When we were done with mom things, we went to Lynn’s room and pack her things up. Otis took the two suit cases, and headed for the hotel room door.

On the way out he turned and said, “I’ll pick you two up at 7. Mr. Whit expects you to eat breakfast with him tomorrow morning.” and with that he left.

The next day as we arrived at the Whit’s Kevin answered the door. When I walked in the first thing, I noticed was the smell of weed. The second thing I notice was my mom and Lynn were only wearing very short white silk robes. They barely cover their asses. Mom noticed me and rushed over to me putting her arms around my neck. “Glad you’re here, hope you slept well.” Then she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. She did the same with Tony. Next Lynn did the same thing. Damn, mom and Lynn both smell of weed. I would never of thought my mom would smoke weed. It left me a little confuse but I didn’t say anything.

We all sat down to eat with mom sitting next to Jeff and Lynn sitting next to Sean. Tony and I sat across from them. Mom was about half was done eating when Jeff told the women, “Stand up ladies.” Mom and Lynn both stood up. “Stand over here at the end of the table, ladies.” The women moved to the head of the table. Jeff still braking orders, “Okay take off your robes and show Tony and Jeff your sexy bodies.”

Mom looked at me and I don’t think was planning on following Jeff’s order and Lynn was waiting on mom, “Sandy we talked about this. If we’re going to be a team you need to do as told.”

I was looking into my mom’s eyes and I could tell from her facial expression her embarrassment of being totally naked in front of me. At the moment I didn’t care if she was humiliated, I was enjoying this too much to care right now. My cock was already trying to bust its way out of my trousers.

With that mom and Lynn both took off their robes and I was finally getting a good look at my mom completely nude. “Ok Sandy go stand in front of Jeff and let him get a real good look.” Jeff orders. Her tits bounce a little as she moves and stood in front of me. Jeff had Lynn move to stand in front of Tony.

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