The Countess Ch. 18

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I was riding home with Sara after a late dinner. We attended the Neighborhood Architectural Control Committee meeting and after a long discussion we were allowed to make the changes to the main entrance of the house. The committee’s vote was three to two. We then went to our favorite restaurant. Now we were going home. Tomorrow Bret and her family would be over to use the pool and Sunday we were to attend the christening of Mary Megan. Sara was buzzed about being asked to be one of the God Mothers.

Sara started to lick my earlobe and rub my thigh. “Just checking, I saw how you were eyeing Mrs. Lanier on the committee. I know she has what I don’t.”

“And what might that be?”

“Boobs, darling large impressive boobs.”

“Countess, I was watching you present and spar with the committee, you were what I was watching. It took me back to the time that I watched you plead before the appeals court in London. Besides Jannie Lanier must have taken out a second mortgage to get that chest.”

Sara laughed at my comment. William pulled into our driveway and let us out before he parked the car. We went into the house.

“Drink, darling?” asked Sara.

Remarkably neither one of us had any booze at dinner. So, I went into the kitchen and started making a pitcher of martinis. I pulled two glasses out of the freezer and poured two drinks. I got an olive out of a jar in the refrigerator an dropped it in the bottom of one glass. Sara picked up her drink and gave it a quick sip.

“Up to your usual standards Mr. Rogers.”

I was looking forward to when the great room would be available to us as drinking in the kitchen did not have the same romance. There would be a new wet bar and seating area when the place was finished.

“The firm is meeting with the FBI on Monday, I though you would like to know. We can tell them what we have found out since Sun Tech was not a client we are not bound by privilege. We found some things that needed to be brought to their attention,” said Sara.

I was beginning to think that the situation would never end. Sara’s foot found my crotch and she started to massage my manhood. I closed my legs trapping her foot,

“Are you wanting something Ms. Solsbery?”

“Beside your cock in my cunt, and my foot back not much.”

“Have you always been like this or just since you and I got together.”

“Mother thought I would never get married as she thought no one would have me; to answer your question I was always direct in my language. It comes from being a lawyer, I told you before that I grovel in the sty like all the other pigs.”

Sara finished her drink and before she could ask for another, I pulled her from her chair and put my arm around her and moved to the elevator. She leaned in and our lips met in a kiss. The car stopped on the second floor and I stepped off.

“You’re not coming with me?”

The door closed before I could answer. I went to my office and pulled off my clothes and draped a robe over my shoulders. I slipped a small box in one of the large pockets. I climbed the stairs and went to our bedroom. I tried the door, but it was locked. I tried the door again, but it was still locked. Then I heard the latch turn and I was able to get in. Sara met me, completely naked. We embraced and kissed. Sara’s hand moved down and started to massage my penis.

“Paul, I am about to throw you out because you are not ready, you left me in the in the elevator and then you come expecting to just kiss your way in here,” said Sara as she started to laugh.

My cock was standing proud of my body I could not be any more aroused if I tried. Sara continued to massage my tool. I really wanted her to take it in her mouth.

“Darling I know that you are hoping that I would give you a blowjob, but I am thinking no. This is punishment for eyeing the woman at the committee meeting and then accusing her of being augmented.”

Sara was enjoying the torture that she was putting me through, Throughout the exchange her hand was working on my cock.

“Darling would you please take me to bed and put that thing where it will do the most good!”

The Countess gets what my wife wants I thought as we moved to the bed. I split her legs and I inserted my cock in her pussy. I pulled her knees up and put them on my shoulders, leaving her in a defenseless position. My hands massaged her breasts, pulling on the nipples until they were stiff as pencil erasers. I drove my cock in and out of her lovely pussy. This was one of the few times that we did not engage in some kind mutual foreplay.

It started at the base of my head and moved to my cock as I blasted a load in her pussy. I continued to move my cock, but I could feel it loose tension. Sara moved her knees off my shoulders and wrapped her legs around me locking me in to position. I leaned down and kissed her and then kissed her again. She relaxed and we both maneuvered on the bed until our mouths met in a long kiss. My hand rubbed one of her butt cheeks, and we kept kissing while Kartal Escort we rested.

“I am not sure that I like this new version of you sir. Maybe I long for the passive Paul that I could boss around,” said Sara.

“Countess, I am the same cautious man you met three years ago. I have to say even though it has been only three months, marrying you was the best decision that I have made. I love you.”

Sara was busy giving me a hand job coaxing my cock back to life. “Sir I want another session like the one we just had. Sex with you is the best, and I need more.”

“Darling I am the man that can give that to you,” I said, but I was really wanting to ask if she wanted children.

“Paul you have that look that means you have other questions; I speculate that the questions you have might mean a curtailment of our sexual activity. A question like do I want kids?” There I said it, now you don’t have to.

“Well?” And don’t say I want them if you want them. I want to hear a positive statement, Yes I want to have children or no, I am happy for Bret, but it is not my goal.”

We were moving into territory that both of us were uncomfortable with. It was like walking up to a cliff and standing at the edge. Sara nudged me to make sure I was awake.

“Paul it is a difficult decision, either way we go will mean changes.”

“Do you have an answer?” I asked.

“I am leaning toward having a child, but I am having fun with you and with my work and that will change with this decision,” said Sara.

“We can revisit this after we have a honeymoon,” I suggested.

“You’re giving us an easy out Mr. Rogers. Kick the can down the road instead of picking it up,” said Sara.

“Look at it this way if you get pregnant before we go on a honeymoon, that trip will not be much fun,” I responded.

“You have an interesting way of analyzing issues Rogers. Enough of this serious discussion, the Countess is wanting your cock in her cunt. Do you think that you can accommodate her?”

I moved down and my tongue found her pussy and I licked my way around her outer lips. My mouth then covered her clit and my tongue massaged the little cock, while my finger probed the clit root. My hand was suddenly wet from her cumming. Before she could do anything, I plunged my cock into her pussy. Her cunt was warm and silky. I restrained myself from going crazy and slid my dick in and out slowly and deliberately. I wanted the session to last and I really wanted Sara to experience an orgasm. I felt her vagina clamp on my prick several times encouraging me to cum. With one thrust I felt my cock release, and I rested. Sara brought our mouths together and we kissed. I continued to fuck her until my cock fell out of her.

Hours later I looked at the clock on my bed table and noted the time was close to 8:00am. I did not smell breakfast so Mrs. Kelly may not have arrived yet. I untangled myself from Sara and used the bathroom. I climbed back in bed as I could use some more sleep. I tweaked Sara’s nipples just to bother her. I began to smell cooking odors meaning Paula was here and would soon be up to announce breakfast. As if on cue there was a knock on the door.

“Sir, Madam, breakfast is ready,” said Paula through the door.

“Paula, we will be down soon,” said Sara.

“Very good Ma’am.”

The hum of the elevator indicated that Paula moved down to the first floor.

“Do you want to do me now or later?” asked Sara.

My cock slipped into her cunt just as the words were coming out of her mouth. Which I kissed.

“You do realize that you should have asked, sir and not make assumptions. But I love it,” said Sara.

I was on top staring into my wife’s eyes as my cock was moving in and out of her pussy. I kissed her again, and felt her stimulate me to cum. With one forceful thrust I felt my release and relaxed.

“I am going to be draining all day darling. I hope that the linen service dropped off some sheets as these are soiled,” said Sara as she got up and went into the bathroom.

I pulled the top and bottom sheet off the bed and left them in a pile on the floor. The pillowcases followed. From a pocket in my robe I pulled a small box and left in on Sara’s dressing table. I draped the robe over my shoulders and took the stairs down to my office showered and dressed.

I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. I asked Paula if we had enough linen to change the bed.

“Yes, sir we got a delivery yesterday. How did the hearing go?”

“We triumphed like I knew we would,” said Sara as she walked into the kitchen and took a seat across from me. “Paul found a new girlfriend.”

“I did not, Sara was envious of one of the women, on the committee, who was a product of plastic surgery,” I replied.

“The woman wouldn’t be Jannie Lanier, I have a friend that works in her house, I will have to tell him that there is speculation in the neighborhood that her husband worked on improving her.”

“I would appreciate it if you kept that Pendik Escort to yourself. She voted for us, and we don’t need any ruffled feathers,” I said.

Mrs. Kelly went upstairs after she served us to change the bed and collect the old linen.

“Paul, are we still meeting with Mr. Darling and, Ms. Bell this morning?”

“Yes, Sara they are still on the schedule, I confirmed it with Ms. Bell last night.”

Sara put her hand in a pocket in her jacket and brought a small box out and put it on the table.

“Where did this come from?” asked Sara.

“Have you opened it?” I asked.

“Of course, I did, but I still want to know why, Paul? And don’t tell me that one of your investments paid off,” said Sara.

“Well I liked the way the pendant looked, and I thought that a new set of diamond earrings would accent the piece. Look I know that I have been giving you shit over your part of the firm’s investigation. I thought you would appreciate a small gift. A peace offering.”

“The small gift as you call it cost at least 19 hundred to two thousand, maybe?”

“It is a gift I am not obligated to tell you the price, darling.”

“Paul, I don’t want you to overspend, they are beautiful, but not needed,” said Sara.

“Will you let me be the judge as whether they are needed or not. I wanted you to stand out at Mary Megan’s christening, because you will be the best Godmother to her.”

Sara opened the box and looked at them again. Each piece had a large central diamond with several strings of micro-diamonds hanging beneath the main stone. Sara held one of the earrings up to her lobe and asked how it looked.

“That looks fabulous Ms. Solsbery” said Paula as she came back from changing our sheets.

Sara put the piece back in the box and leaned over the table and kissed me. There was a knock on the door and Paula went to answer it. Mr. Darling came in and we invited him to sit with us. A few minutes later there was another knock and Ms. Bell came in carrying several large sheets of paper. She spread them out on the table and sat down. We all looked at the rendering of what the main entrance would look like. After a few minutes of discussion, she asked me and Sara to sign the plan indicating that we approved the design.

“Ms. Bell is this the design that the committee approved, because I think that some of the committee members will be watching us like a hawk?” I asked.

“Yes sir, this is the one that they approved.”

After a few more minutes of discussion Mr. Darling and Ms. Bell went to look at the construction leaving us. Paula came up and handed me a slip of paper.

“If you don’t mind Mr. Rogers, I need some more things from the grocery store before Ms. Peterson’s tribe arrives,” asked Paula.

“I will have to tell Bret that her family was described as a tribe,” I said as I took the list and looked it over.

“Darling I am coming with you,” announced Sara.

“Great I would love the company. Do you want to get William?” I replied.

“This is William’s day off so you’re driving,” replied Sara.

After a few more minutes of discussion I walked out to the car. I held the door for Sara as she got in the front passenger seat. I went around to the driver’s side. Sara was putting the earrings on as I got in. When she finished I leaned over and kissed her.

“Sara, they look better than I imagined,” I said.

“Good I want to show all those women you consort with in that store who’s married to whom,” Sara said and then started to laugh.

I pulled into a parking spot and Sara waited until I came around to open and hold the door. “Must keep up appearances, darling,” said Sara as she got out.

The list was not long, but I did keep an eye out for people watching us. I also needed to keep an eye on Sara as she put things in the basket that were not on the list. I looked down and saw several bottles of wine that appeared from nowhere. We were at the checkout stand and the same woman I saw a week ago came up behind us. This was not a coincidence. I looked at Sara and she just smiled back. We all got through the checkout and walked out of the store and stopped

“Paul, I want you to meet Debra Perry, she is an attorney in our office. I believe that you have seen each other before?”

“Nice way to give me the slip Mr. Rogers I guess that I was a little too obvious?”

“Get Sara to invite you to the house sometime, I would enjoy getting to know you better,” I said.

There was a sharp pain in my thigh as Sara was registering her dissatisfaction with my last statement. Ms. Perry left us, and Sara and I went to our car and started to unload the bags. I held the door for Sara and took the cart to the corral and got in and started driving.

“I think it is rich that you tried to make a pass at my colleague while I was standing there,”

“Where does this insecurity come from, Sara. You have a great career and people that love you?”

“I don’t know Paul, I see how easy you interact Göztepe Escort with people, when I get you out of your shell, and I get worried that I am not good enough.”

“Sara Jane Solsbery, I married you not your money or your title. I married you because you are a beautiful, complex woman that I want to be with.”

“Thank you darling. I would kiss you Paul, but I don’t want to get in an accident,” said Sara.

We pulled into the driveway and Paula met us at the car and helped unload the bags.

“There is a lot more here than I expected,” said Paula.

“I don’t think that I will be taking Sara with me again, she is worse than a seven-year-old child,” I replied.

“I don’t think that a child would get this many bottles of wine,” said Paula.

“Good point,”

I noticed that there were no construction crew pickups, in the street, and I remembered that Mr. Darling said that the crew would not be working today. This was great since we were having guests. They were also waiting for the glass door that was to be put in the wine room opening. Paula was to start her wine course week after next. I put the dates on my calendar so Sara and I would know when to plan for eating out on the days that she was at the class.

I went up to my office and changed into a swimsuit and t-shirt so I could get some laps in before Bret and company arrived. Sara was already in the pool when I came down. I slipped into the water and swam next to her.

“Paul, I was wondering why don’t you let Paula get our groceries?”

“Less work for me, or you, and less temptation for Paula. I am thinking about ordering online and having them delivered. But I enjoy getting out at times.” I replied.

Sara thought for a second and then agreed with me. All of a sudden two cannon balls ripped into the pool as Bret’s kids entered the water. Bret was standing on deck screaming at them.

“Chill Bret there fine,” I said.

Bret called John, and Maeve and told them that that was not the way to behave. They swam over and apologized to Sara and me. I moved to the edge of the pool and stood watching the kids play and interact with Sara.

“She has that look in her eye, you just watch it,” said Bret.

I knew exactly what she was talking about. George walked in the yard carrying Mary Megan. I was jealous as she was the only one of us that would swim in the nude.

“Here you go Paul,” said George as he handed the baby to me.

I didn’t know what to do as I waited for George to join me. Bret decided to sit on one of the lounges and watch the action.

“You’re not going to join us I take it?” I asked.

“I carried her for 9+ months you both can play with her for a while,” replied Bret.

George took the baby from me and began to walk in the pool and let her get wet. He sprinkled some water on her face and she started crying on cue. “Well I guess we know what she will do tomorrow,” said George.

Paula made several trips from the kitchen to a table by the pool carrying drinks and snacks for us. Sara was by the edge of the pool and Paula came up and asked Sara a question. Sara replied and Paula walked back to the kitchen.

Sara walked over to where I was; “Paula was asking about dinner, Paul. I told her that she could leave after we finished.”

“I guess we are going out?” I said.

Mary Megan was in the water about twenty minutes and was passed around to me, Sara and George, she seemed to be having a good time. Bret got off the lounge and came over to where George was. She picked up the baby and carried her over to a carrier and covered her. “She doesn’t need much Sun,” said Bret as she slipped in the pool and headed toward her other kids.

Paula came out and sat beside the carrier and kept an eye on Mary Megan.

“Thank you, Mrs. Kelly I need to speak to my other kids.”

Bret moved over to where John and Maeve were playing. From what I could hear she was laying down the law about how they were to get the drinks and snacks. Sara, George and I were huddled in another corner talking. Bret swam over to join us.

“Telling them how to act, I see,” I said.

“They are great, but every once in a while, I need to remind them how to act in public,” said Bret.

We continued our conversation until Mary Megan decided that she needed some attention. Bret got out of the water and walked over to the carrier. Mrs. Kelly and Bret walked back into the kitchen. The two women came out with some kind of carrier and Bret sat on a lounge and picked Mary Megan up and applied one of the bottles to her lips. All three women huddled around the baby. Bret’s other kids were huddled around the snack table.

I got out of the water and walked over to where they were and sampled what Mrs. Kelly had prepared. They went in for another swim. George got out and brought over two towels. He watched them play in the water. John and Maeve continued to play for about a half hour. Through Sign language Bret indicated that they needed to go.

“Finish up John, Maeve, it is time to go,” said George.

I thought about protesting but I knew that he was right.

“You know that you all are always welcome,” I said as George toweled off the two kids. The group assembled and we walked out to their car and watched as they left.

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