The Crack in the Door

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It all started innocently, the way these things always do.

I was trying to get to sleep; difficult given that my parents insisted that, although I was 18, school nights meant bed by 11pm. It was made all the more difficult because I was still pretty pissed off because my sister had talked my parents into swapping our rooms. The old room I had shared with our elder brother was bigger but since he had got a place of his own I had had to take the smaller of the two, so she could have more space for clothes and the like. I had bitched like mad but to no avail and so I had shifted my gear and made the best of it.

My new room was an L shape and so to use all the space I had stuck the bed behind the door, a decision that I would soon find had a lot of advantages.

As I lay on my back staring at the ceiling a thin shaft of light suddenly lit up across my face. I looked at the clock, 11:30pm; it had to be my sister. She had been out with a friend drinking & by the sound of the crashing & mumbled curses the evening had been a success. Our house was quite old & the building had shifted over time so that even though my door was half closed there was a good three quarter inch gap running down the side.

Out of nowhere a thought popped into my head. My sister & I shared the only rooms on the top landing & our doors were adjacent to one another. Very slowly I pushed back the covers, turned over & slid my body forward. By keeping my head parallel with the headboard I should be able to see across the hall. My heart was beating like mad & the blood was pounding so loudly in my ears I thought my head would burst.

I looked down & realised that without thinking I had started rubbing my cock through my shorts. Like all 18-year-old boys I was no stranger to the pleasures of masturbation, to the point where my sister was convinced the extra time I spent in the bathroom must be some kind of obsession with washing. I had shot my load just a half hour earlier but the thought of catching a glimpse of something illicit soon had my hard-on back with a vengeance.

My eyes started to adjust to the light & I realised she hadn’t pushed her door completely closed. At first all I could see was a section of wall & the long vanity mirror that my sister had put by the door, I could still hear her moving about and realised that she must be at the dressing table that was against the far wall. Suddenly her reflection appeared in the mirror.

Before she had started to take off her make-up she must have slipped out of her dress & hung it in the wardrobe, now here she was in just her underwear & boy this was no ordinary underwear. She was wearing a black, lacy, half cut bra which made her tits look much bigger than I had thought & matching high cut panties that seemed to make her legs go on & on. The stay ups she had on were the kind with the lace tops & the whole outfit looked like something straight out of the back of one of my magazines.

My sister is only a year older than I am but at that moment the difference seemed a lot more. I had never really taken much notice before, you know what siblings are like, when we weren’t yelling at each other we weren’t speaking. Here though was someone I had never met before.

My bossy grown-up sister, I had just realised, was gorgeous. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall with long brown hair & a little button nose that makes her look cute. I knew that she had had a few boyfriends in the past but I had mainly ignored her & them, apart from the usual annoying things that a little brother has to do, and anyway, my Dad was quite strict about that sort of thing so she wasn’t in to anything too serious.

My erection was starting to hurt so I quickly freed it from shorts & started to stroke it.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed & I could see by her movements that she was a little drunk. Slowly she sat back & lifted her leg in the air pointing her toes straight out. Very carefully she started to slide the stocking along her thigh & as more of that beautiful long leg came into view I started to wish that I were the one undressing her. She dropped the stocking by the side of the bed & repeated the same thing with the other leg. By this time my stroking had reached a steady rhythm & when I looked down I could see the shine of pre-cum glistening across my glans.

When I looked back I gasped, this was too good to be true, my sister was standing up again & was reaching behind her back. I started to stroke my cock faster while at the same time willing her to take off her bra. She brought her hands back to the front & leant forward letting the lacy underwear fall to the floor. I was in heaven. Her tits were magnificent, at least a 38D, with long pink nipples that seemed to stand a good half inch from the rose-coloured areola. I was pumping my fist for all it was worth now & I could feel my balls starting to tighten with the onset of my orgasm. She seemed to have a dreamy look on her face & I realised that she watching herself in the mirror. Her hands came back up to her breasts & she began to run her fingertips kızılay escort across them, circling the nipples, slowly arousing herself.

She leant her head back & closed her eyes & I could hear a soft moan escape through her just parted lips. When she finally reached her nipples she gently squeezed them between her thumb & index finger & the sensation caused her to arch her back, seeming to thrust her tits towards me. I had reached the point of no return & my cock swelled as I felt the familiar tingle of my orgasm building. I slowed my strokes, hoping to make the feeling last a bit longer but with the faint cries of my sister in the background I started to shoot string after string of white spunk across my sheets & onto the headboard. I slumped down on the bed my chest heaving like I’d just run a marathon. My eyes were closed & visions of my beautiful sister touching herself danced across my mind.

I looked back through the crack in the door but the light was off and the room was now completely dark. I quickly tried to clean up the mess but my spunk was everywhere, I couldn’t remember ever having cum as much or with as much force. I crawled onto a dry part of the sheet my head still whirling from what I had seen, my sisters hot body etched onto my retinas, my cock sticky with my semen.


The next morning was a bit weird. My sister goes to college later than I have to be at school so I was up, showered and finishing my toast before she came down to the kitchen for breakfast. I said good morning but she just mumbled something about a hangover took some OJ and headed back to her room. As she left the kitchen I sneaked a peak at her ass as she passed by but she was wearing a long bed shirt that came down to her knees, the cotton hanging from her shoulders hiding the curves underneath. It was hard to believe that this shapeless, monosyllabic grouch was the sexy creature that I had seen the night before

I went to school but the whole day was a right off, I couldn’t concentrate & seemed to have an almost constant erection. My mind was fixed on the coming evening & the chance to get another look at my hot sister.

When I got home she was slouched in the chair watching TV. My mum & dad were still at work so I quickly changed out of my uniform & raced back downstairs hoping to get a chance to check out her lovely tits in a tight little t-shirt. She ignored me as I sat down & I made a point of staring at the screen, resting my head on my hand. From around the side of my fingers, I had my eyes glued to my sister. I couldn’t tell you what we were watching on the TV. So intent was I on catching a glimpse of something that her question caught me completely off guard.

“Don’t you have some homework or something squirt?” I hated it when she called me that & she knew it. Just for once though the insult went right over my head. If she was talking to me I had a good excuse to look straight at her.

“What’s it got to do with you”, I said turning my head. I missed her biting reply as I was crushed with disappointment; rather than the nipple hugging boob tube I had hoped to see, there was her favourite sweatshirt, the ass hugging satin trousers that I had been dreaming about all through geography were instead her baggy Levi’s.

“What are you staring at?” she said her eyes narrowing. “Your not still crying about your old room are you?”

“No!” I said angrily, ” and anyway I wasn’t staring”. The anger was real all right, I felt cheated & deflated by the anti-climax. I had assumed that living under the same roof as this little sex kitten meant getting a free view of her body every day. I stormed upstairs, the sound of her laughter following me, consoling myself with the thought of later.

That night I went to bed early causing my father to raise his eyebrows & my mum to ask if everything was OK. I explained that I wanted to watch a different show & before they could ask which one I had said goodnight. I put my TV on with the sound turned low & put out the bedside lamp. The only light in the room was the flickering image on the TV but I was concentrating on the view from the door. I had closed it as much as I could to hide what I was doing while at the same time leaving enough of a crack to get a good look.

I waited about an hour before I heard my sister saying goodnight and as I heard her climbing the stairs I pulled out my cock, stroking it to full hardness in anticipation. I saw her pass by my room & go into hers, closing the door as she went. I almost wailed out loud at the injustice. I had stumbled onto something fantastic but now it looked as though last night would be the one & only performance.

As I looked on in despair a wicked smile crept slowly across my face. The door was reopening; the crooked old frame causing it to swing back, not fully open but enough for me to see the mirror & therefore my sisters bed. I started to squeeze my cock again, gently pulling back the foreskin, the feel of the cool night air on the sensitive tip like a lovers breath. My imagination kızılay escort bayan was doing overtime as I dreamed up raunchier & raunchier costumes that would soon be appearing in that magic looking glass.

As she moved to face the mirror I realised with glee that this would be her regular spot for getting undressed. She had put her dirty washing basket next to the mirror & hung her bed shirt on a hook behind the door. As long as she didn’t change her routine I would never need to buy another dirty mag again. Here was my own, completely free peep show. Roll up! Roll up! See the lovely lady in all her glory.

As she pulled her sweatshirt off I was a little disappointed to see just a plain white cotton bra & when she slipped off her jeans, the panties she was wearing were definitely built for comfort not speed. Still, as she slipped off these last bits, I again drank in the glorious vision that was her nubile young body.

She admired herself in the mirror looking down over her shoulder to cast a critical eye across her pert little arse. The peachy buns of her cheeks looked firm & I wanted to run out & shove my dick between them. This thought sent shivers down my spine & as I watched she put her hands under the cheeks, lifting them higher screwing up her face as she considered this new look. To me it was as though she was inviting me to cover them with cum & I increased the pumping of my hand. A wad of creamy spunk flew onto the old towel I had put in front of me, closely followed by two more, the copious amounts of sperm again surprising me. Obviously the sight of my sis was what it took to really empty my balls. She turned and reached sideways & I saw her arm as it passed the open door to retrieve her T-shirt. Then the light went out

Quietly I stuffed the towel under the bed I knew it seemed wrong but she was so hot & the whole peeping thing so forbidden & therefore more arousing, that I couldn’t stop. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.


Over the next few weeks I realised why I had never noticed my sister before. Around the house her clothes were always loose & baggy, hiding the treasure beneath it & on the evenings when she went out with friends she always had on a coat or jacket. Probably hiding any risky outfits from my dad.

At night though, I got to see the real her. I discovered quite quickly that she liked to look at her own body; not in a vain way but more as a critic might, standing on tiptoe to see how it changed the shape of her legs, holding her hair up to see how it would look shorter, but most of all she seemed fascinated by her tits. Now I could understand this, I thought they were the greatest things ever, but she seemed unsure. Sometimes she would hold them down, looking from the side to check out her flatter profile but as soon as she let go they would spring back up, bouncing in a way that made my dick throb. Although she seemed unsure about their size I could tell she loved to touch them. As she held them & pinched the nipples, watching them harden, her eyes would close & small whimpers would drift across the hall.

My first glimpse though of another side to my sister’s character, a previously only hinted at side, came when my parents went out with some friends. My mum told me to be good & they left promising to be home around 1:30 – 2 o clock. I went to my room after dinner, noticing that sis polished off the best part of a bottle of wine & while she stayed downstairs watching TV I surfed the net for an hour or so in my room. When I realised the TV was no longer on I turned off the light & got myself ready for my nightly ritual.

I heard her coming along the passage but then she stopped outside my door, listening. She said my name a couple of times asking if I was awake & I lay as still as I could, hardly breathing. After about a minute she carried on & the familiar shaft of light split the darkness. I don’t know why but I decided not to look straight away & I thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t as I heard her come back to my door for another listen. Seemingly satisfied at last, she went back to her room.

I waited five long minutes before I slowly crept forward. Bingo! I had hit the jackpot. There was sis wearing some things I had never seen before. Really sexy stuff; a tiny red thong that barely covered her dark thatch, the string that she was adjusting slipping deep into her crack, the matching push up bra making my eyes pop. She had about 4 different outfits; all of them very revealing & very raunchy but the final thing she tried on was a silk camisole. I heard her sigh as it whispered down her body & she pulled it taught across her tits, the nipples standing out like bullets. She ran her hands slowly down her front & over her breasts, luxuriating in the feel of the silk on her skin, brushing against the sensitive tips.

She slipped the top back off & pinched her nipples, then, slowly, she ran her hands down to her pussy. Up until this point, in the time I had been spying on her, she had only ever caressed her breasts but escort kızlay now, as I looked on in wonder she cupped her hand over her mound & while she watched herself in the mirror, slowly rubbed herself through the sheer material of her panties. The combination of wine & an almost empty house had made her horny & so she had decided to try on some sexy stuff & then masturbate.

I found that my hand was shaking as I reached for my manhood, marvelling at the size it had grown to, the picture I was looking at turning me on like never before. I felt my dick jerk, the first touch of my hand almost making me come. I wanted to draw this moment out but I couldn’t help myself, pumping my fist like a madman, I laid back on my bed with my eyes closed & shot & shot & shot.


“Enjoying the view”

It wasn’t said loudly but the sound of her voice made me jump & I spun around to see my sister standing by my bed, the light from her room enough for us to see each other clearly. She had a look of cold fury on her face & I thought for sure I was going to catch hell.

“I heard something & thought maybe you were having a bad dream” she said, “You were making enough noise to wake the whole street”.

She was standing with her arms across her chest, hands resting on opposite shoulders and although it covered most of her front, there was a large amount of creamy flesh being squeezed out from either side.

“I..I..agh just agh I mean”, I stammered weakly, but with my shorts around my ankles and a line of spunk hanging from my still semi-hard prick it was obvious that she knew exactly what I had been doing.

“You can’t just walk in here you know!”

I was trying to sound indignant but it was difficult as my eyes were being drawn down across her smooth, flat stomach and on towards her crotch. Up close I could see that her knickers were very sheer & the flimsy material seemed to hug the mound of her sex, a small damp spot forming on the front.

“Enjoying the view”, she said again but this time a small smile was playing across her lips. She was more than a little drunk & definitely still horny. Our eyes met & the look sent a jolt of electricity straight down my spine & into my balls. To my absolute horror my prick began to twitch & I felt the first stirrings of another erection. I’m no John Holmes but my cock is a good 9 inches long and quite thick & as it started to thicken & stand out from my pubic hair my foreskin peeled back to reveal my swollen glans.

“Wow, I mean…err” now it was her turn to stutter, I could see the blood rising across her collar bone up in to her neck & her breathing deepened. “I’m really sorry Sis” I mumbled, my head hanging down & my face burning with shame.

“I, I don’t mind. Not really. What I mean is, do you like my body? Does it turn you on?” The question was said in a neutral tone of voice, as though she was asking me about something as normal as a new sweater, but I knew enough about her now to realise that the answer was important.

“Are you kidding? You’re gorgeous!” “Really?” she smiled, “Your not just saying that? I always think my boobs are too big” “No way!” I exclaimed, “They’re perfect. Just the way I like them”. “I can see that” she grinned, staring openly at my fully erect cock, “it looks like you need some extra relief or you’re gonna bust something down there”.

I grinned back & thought how weird this had become. Here I was kneeling on my bed with a raging boner while my half-naked sister stood & looked me over. We stayed like that for about 5 seconds, the silence weighing heavy in the air.

“Well? What are you going to do with that thing?” the question was said as a challenge & I knew that we had reached a turning point, things could either stop here or move on to another level. “Why?” I said, not daring to look at her directly. “Well, can I watch? I mean, its only fair, you watched me. But, only if you wanted me to that is. I mean if it was OK?”

I didn’t trust myself to speak so instead I just nodded & started to slowly stroke my cock, waiting to see what she would do. At first she just stared back into my eyes, but after a few seconds I saw her eyes drop to my cock & she watched me masturbate, staring as my hand pulled my foreskin right back and my purple helmet reached out towards her. Her eyes had dilated and I could see goose bumps were rising up all across her arms and stomach. This was unbelievable! Here I was wanking for my older sister & she was getting turned on!

“Put your arms down” My voice trembled a little as I said it but immediately my sister lowered her arms to her side. Her tits were perfect & seemed to swell even more as her arousal filled them with blood, the nipples standing out proudly like pink sticks of chalk. I was still stroking at a steady pace, my dick now rock hard.

“Can I touch it” the voice was a whisper & at first I wasn’t sure that I had heard correctly but as I removed my hand I saw hers come up from her side & brush her fingertips lightly down my length, teasing me just as she had been teasing herself earlier. Little sparks of energy seemed to spark along my manhood each time she touched me, causing my prick to jump with involuntary spasms. Very slowly she wrapped her fingers around my length & squeezed, gently at first, but with increasing pressure. I gasped & she gave me an inquiring look.

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