The Curse of 100 Bottoms Ch. 04

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Note: This story contains themes of mind control, magic, fantasy, and body modification. All characters in it are 18+.


Willem slept off his gangbang like a bad hangover. When he woke up in the morning, however, he was surprised to find that his ass wasn’t sore at all. He stuck his finger inside his hole, ostensibly just to check to see if he was sore. After a few seconds, however, he started to moan, rubbing his morning wood up against the bed. He didn’t even really feel the buzzing yet; playing with himself just felt so good.

He thought about bending over for his bio teacher, the feeling of Mr. Schrat’s thick cock pummeling him against the desk. He fingered himself deeper as he remembered the moment he felt Dan’s cock slip in alongside Josh’s, how full he felt. His mind flashed to his night with Jake. He could still remember vividly the taste of Josh’s tongue in his mouth, the feeling of relief he felt when he first felt another man cum inside him…

Willem was crouched on his bed about three fingers deep when he heard a knock at the door.

“Willem? Rise and shine!”

He quickly threw the covers over himself as his mother opened the door.

“Sweetheart, it’s almost 10 am. I know it’s the weekend, but that’s no reason to just lounge in bed all day. Now get up! Your father and I have plans for you today.”

She shut the door, leaving him alone in his room. He groaned, the throbbing in his hole calling out for release. How was he supposed to get fucked by 95 more guys with his parents hanging around?

He got dressed and stumbled downstairs to find his parents at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

“How late were you out last night, son?” asked his father disapprovingly.

“I was just hanging out at Josh’s,” Willem said sourly as he grabbed a piece of toast.

“Smoking ganja, no doubt. I can smell you from here,” said his father, shaking his head.

“Oh, leave him alone,” said Willem’s mother, filling his plate with eggs. “Willem’s a good boy. A little grass every now and then isn’t gonna kill him.”

“If you think that’s going to fly at UCLA, you’ve got another thing coming,” said Willem’s father. “You may have skated by your last year of high school, but they’ll put you on academic probation if you don’t shape up.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” grumbled Willem. “So, is whatever you had planned gonna take too long? I wanted to go surfing while there’s still a swell.”

“You can go surfing any day. Your mother and I were going to take you clothes shopping. We figured you needed new clothes for when you go off to college.” His father cleared his throat awkwardly. “Also, we noticed you seem to have, uh, filled out a little bit in your lower half. Thought you might need some new pants.”

“I’m sure it’s just water weight, honey,” said Willem’s mother.

Willem shielded his face in embarrassment. Could things get any worse?

As it turned out, that is always a dumb question to ask, because things most decidedly can get worse in literally any situation. Willem’s parents took him to the shopping center at the Grove, where they made him try on an assortment of different pants and shirts for the new year. Willem was certain he could have gone clothes shopping on his own, but his mother insisted on making him try on everything and show it to her to make sure it fit before buying it. It was bad enough having to buy new pants on his own to cover up his absurdly large bubble butt, let alone having to do it with his mother hovering around.

After several hours of shopping, Willem finally managed to convince his parents to break for lunch. They went to a sit-down Italian restaurant in the Grove, the kind of place where all of the dishes are made to share. Willem sat down at the table across from his parents and started perusing the menu.

“Welcome to Buca Di Beppo! My name is Emilio, I’ll be taking care of you today.”

Willem looked up to see their waiter smiling at him, a handsome Latino man in his early 20s. Willem stared at his thick black mustache, his first thought being to wonder what it might feel like on his hole.

As Emilio began listing off the specials of the day, Willem watched the familiar pink glow begin to materialize around him.

“Oh thank God,” Willem thought.

He blinked. Thank God? What kind of a reaction was that? He should be mortified at the thought of fucking another guy.

“Can I get you started off with something to drink?”

Emilio was smiling at Willem again, this time with a hungrier look in his eyes as they traveled down Willem’s chest. Willem blushed as he realized he had clearly caught Willem checking him out.

“Uh, soda water, please,” said Willem.

Emilio winked at him. “You got it.”

Willem looked after him as he walked away, salivating over the tight little ass that stood out in his work pants. The buzzing began to hum throughout his body as if egging him on.

“Willem. Willem!”

Willem looked up to see his parents staring Etiler Escort at him.

“Jesus, son. Are you high?” asked his father.

“No, I’m not high!” Willem said. “I’ve been with you all morning, when would I have gotten high?”

“All right, easy everyone,” said his mother. “I was just asking you, Willem, if you and your friends wanted to do anything this summer before you all go off to college?”

“I don’t know,” said Willem. “I mean, I guess just the usual. Surfing, hanging out at Josh’s.”

The truth was, Willem wasn’t quite sure where he stood with his friends. He hadn’t heard from any of them since the night before. Their group text, which was usually full of dumb memes by this time of day, had been eerily silent.

“I never liked that kid,” said Willem’s father. “I don’t trust a man who spends that much time in the gym. It seems fruity to me. He ever try anything with you?”

“No, dad. Gross,” said Willem, thinking about the way it felt when Josh came inside him.

“Have we decided on what we want?” asked Emilio as he set their drinks down on the table.

While his parents placed their orders, Willem instinctively looked over at Emilio’s crotch, which was inches away from his face. The buzzing was starting to cloud his mind again. If he could have reached out and buried his face in it right then and there he would have. But no curse in the world would make him fuck a guy with his parents right there at the table.

“Um, I’ll have the Spicy Chicken Rigatoni,” said Willem.

“Are you sure? It’s quite spicy,” said Emilio. “A lot of guys can’t handle the heat.”

Willem’s hole throbbed. He stifled a moan. “I like it spicy,” he said quietly.

Emilio grinned at him. “I’ll make sure it’s extra hot for you.”

He turned and walked away, leaving both of Willem’s parents staring at him in shock.

“Okay, what the hell was that?” asked his father.

“I think he was hitting on you, Willem!” said his mother.

Willem scoffed, awkwardly trying to hide the erection growing in his pants. “What are you talking about? He was just being friendly.”

“Friendly my ass,” said his dad. “I thought this was supposed to be a family restaurant. I should go complain to the manager.”

“Oh, let’s not make trouble,” said his mom.

“This is why I hate coming to West Hollywood. It’s like a breeding ground for these people.”

“I gotta go to the bathroom,” said Willem as he stood up from the table, his hands clasped over his bulge. He turned and booked it down the hallway, following the signs toward the restroom.

He stood outside the men’s room, taking a deep breath as he rubbed his face with his hands. He was unbearably hard at this point. There was no way he was going to make it through the rest of lunch without cumming in his pants.

“Needed some air?”

Willem turned to see Emilio standing a few feet away, his arms folded as he leaned against the wall.

“Yeah, my parents are just a lot sometimes,” said Willem.

Emilio smirked. “I bet. You look like you could use some relief.”

Willem raised an eyebrow. “Yeah? What did you have in mind?”

“I can think of a couple of things.” Emilio leaned in and kissed Willem, his mustache tickling Willem’s face. Willem opened his mouth to receive Emilio’s tongue, moaning as it wrestled with his own. Willem had been expecting him to go for his ass, but the kiss was a welcome surprise.

“Come on,” said Emilio, grabbing his hand. “We gotta be quick.”

He opened the door to the men’s room and pulled Willem inside, then locked the door behind them. Willem grabbed his face, kissing him deeply as they ground their bodies against each other. The buzzing in his body seemed to heighten the sensations he was experiencing, making his skin more sensitive to Emilio’s touch. Unlike the first few times, where the buzzing had made him feel like he was being dragged behind a speeding train, this time it felt almost like he was surfing a wave. He felt calm and in control as he gave into the pleasure.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” moaned Emilio into Willem’s mouth.

“You too…” Willem found himself saying as he reached down and grabbed Emilio’s cock.

“You top or bottom?” asked Emilio.

Willem was instinctively about to say bottom when he stopped. Was that the case? If he had to be gay, why couldn’t he be the one doing the fucking? At least that way he might be able to save himself some dignity.

“I’m a top,” he said, not too convincingly.

Emilio shrugged. “Works for me either way. I’m vers.” He reached down and grabbed Willem’s ass through his pants. “Though with an ass like this you could bottom for any guy you wanted.”

Willem had to stifle a moan at the feeling of Emilio’s hand on his ass. His hole was throbbing at this point, the itch inside screaming out to be scratched. But he refused to give in.

“Bend over,” said Willem.

Emilio unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants, leaning over against the wall. “Make sure you use Escort Bayan plenty of spit,” he said.

Willem got down on his knees, prying apart Emilio’s cheeks as he looked at his hole. He’d never seen a guy’s asshole up close before. It looked so fucking yummy. Before he could stop himself, he stuck his tongue out and started licking Emilio’s hole.

“Oh, fuck,” moaned Emilio. “I meant on your dick, but that works too.”

Willem closed his eyes, lovingly tonguing Emilio’s hole. He found the taste just as delicious as precum, making him wildly horny and sending his mind to that delightful cloudy place. He buried his nose in Emilio’s hole, wiggling it around as his tongue licked Emilio’s ballsack.

“Okay, as good as that feels you have to hurry up and fuck me before my manager starts looking for me,” said Emilio.

Willem stood up and spit on his hand, rubbing it on his dick. His heart was racing as he realized he was about to fuck another guy for the first time. Well, TOP another guy. He wasn’t even sure what he should expect. It would be just like fucking a woman, right? Maybe he could even close his eyes and pretend, like Josh and the twins had.

Something inside him gave him the sense that he wasn’t being any too smart, but he dismissed it and lined up his dick to Emilio’s hole.

“Jesus Christ,” moaned Emilio as Willem sank his cock inside him.

Willem’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. He could get used to this. Emilio’s ass was tighter than any woman he’d ever fucked, that was for sure. He was surprised at how similar it was to the sex he was used to having, yet how foreign it felt at the same time.

He began to thrust in and out of Emilio’s hole, fucking the young man against the wall. Emilio’s moaning spurred Willem on. He grabbed Emilio’s shoulders and slammed his dick inside of him again and again, enjoying the grunts and moans coming from Emilio.

As he fucked Emilio, Willem noticed the throbbing in his asshole growing stronger. It was almost like it was begging to be filled, annoyed at the inconvenience of being empty. He tried to brush off the thought and focus on the sensations coming from his cock, but the throbbing got so bad that it was starting to distract him.

“Impostor,” said a voice inside his head. “What do you think you’re doing? It should be you up against that wall getting fucked. This is nothing but roleplay, the hungry little bottom pretending he’s a big bad top.”

Willem fucked Emilio even harder, trying to ignore the impostor syndrome that was quickly taking over. If he could just cum, he could prove he was more than just a bottom. He was a real man.

“Oh, fuck I’m gonna cum,” moaned Emilio as he stroked his cock. His asshole clamped down around Willem’s cock as he shot his load, spraying the wall in front of him with cum. The sudden tightness around Willem’s cock was enough to send him over the edge as well. He buried his cock deep within Emilio’s ass as he fired off shot after shot. So THIS is what it felt like to top. Willem felt like a fucking god as he filled this hot Latino waiter with his seed.

Willem held onto Emilio tightly, resting against the man’s back as the last of his cum dribbled out of him.

“That was fucking hot,” said Emilio, breathing heavily. “But I gotta get back now.”

Willem let go, allowing Emilio to pull up his pants and button them. He turned around and kissed Willem on the lips. Willem responded to the kiss, not wanting it to end.

“Thank you for coming in,” Emilio said, winking. He walked over to the door and unlocked it. “Just wait a minute before you go out. My manager can’t catch me doing this again.”

Willem watched as he disappeared back out into the hallway, then walked over and locked the door behind him. He looked at himself in the mirror, pulling his pants back up as he smirked.

“Take that, Ophelia,” he said smugly. “Curse of 100 Bottoms… I’ll show you who’s a fucking bottom.”

All of a sudden he was hit with a searing pain in his abdomen. He doubled over, grabbing his stomach as he felt a surge of energy run through him. Something was wrong, something was terribly wrong. Willem tried to reach for his phone in his pocket, tried to call for help, but he was completely unable to move.

Then, just as quickly as it started, the pain ended. Willem lay panting on the floor, covered in sweat. He got slowly to his feet, his knees wobbly. He looked at himself in the mirror. Everything looked fine. A little pale, but no worse for wear. His hands went straight for his ass. Still as bubbly as ever.

He went to zip up his pants when all of a sudden he froze. No…

He pulled down his pants to find that his cock had shrunk to about half of its original size. Normally Willem was a little under seven inches, but the little nub he had now was barely over three inches long. He stared down at his shrunken cock in horror.

“FUUUUCK!” he yelled, not caring who heard him. “FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK!”

He wanted to break istanbul Escort something, but there wasn’t really anything within reach, so he grabbed the paper towels sitting on the counter and threw them at the mirror.

“You fucking bitch! Give me my cock back!”

Willem stared at himself in the mirror, breathing heavily as he forced himself to calm down. His face crumpled.

“I’m trying, for Christ’s sake! You wanted me to fuck a guy, I fucked a guy. What more do you want from me?”

Willem felt so angry he could cry. But he knew his parents were still out there waiting for him and that his dad would probably come looking for him if he didn’t go back soon. He pulled his pants back up and turned on the faucet, cupping water in his hands and splashing it on his face.

By the time he rejoined his parents at the table, their food had already arrived. Willem dodged questions about what the fuck took him so long, mumbling something about getting a phone call. He picked at his pasta, his appetite having disappeared along with approximately 3.5 inches of his penis.

“How did everything taste?” Emilio asked as he cleared their plates. “Was it spicy enough for you?”

Willem could barely bring himself to look at the waiter. But as he looked up, he was surprised to find Emilio still enveloped in the faint pink glow.

“Everything was delicious, thank you,” said Willem’s mother. “We’ll take the check now.”

Emilio nodded at her and walked away, shooting Willem a flirty smile back as he did.

Luckily Willem was able to convince his parents that they’d done enough clothes shopping for the day, so he was spared another few hours of hell. The second they got home from the Grove, Willem took off in his car, giving his parents some excuse about meeting his friends. He headed straight for Hamburger Mary’s, determined to track down Bussy or Ophelia or whatever the hell her name was immediately and get her to give him his dick back.

Using force if necessary.

He walked into Hamburger Mary’s in the middle of the lunch rush. A drag queen dressed in a striped pink and white bustier greeted him at the door.

“Welcome to Hamburger Mary’s! Are you dining indoors or out?”

“I’m looking for Bussy,” Willem said gruffly.

“Aren’t we all?”

“No, she works here. Bussy Scarlett. Or Ophelia Balzac, I think.”

The drag queen pursed her lips. “That tired old queen. Haven’t seen her since she skipped out on her shift yesterday.”

Willem groaned. “Do you know when she’s supposed to be back?”

The drag queen shrugged. “But if you see her, tell her she’s fired. No–tell her she’s incinerated. We value personal responsibility here and that bitch is as flaky as her Costco wig.”

She adjusted her copious bust and walked away. Willem turned and walked out, his heart beating rapidly as he started to panic. He got into his car and leaned his head against the steering wheel, shaking as the tears began to spill out. His asshole started to throb, almost as if in response to the tears.

“Oh, fuck you!” he shouted to no one in particular.

He stared at himself in the rearview mirror. How did he get here, to this place? The worst part about all of this wasn’t even that he was completely out of control of his own body and his own sex drive. It was that there was no one in the world that he could possibly talk to about what was going on.

Who would understand a sudden compulsive need for anal sex, a magically enhanced ass, and a shrunken penis?


“Come on, I know you’re in there!” said Willem as he banged on Jake’s front door. “I can see your car out front. Open the door, bitch!”

Willem took a step back when the door opened to reveal a disgruntled-looking middle-aged man.

“Who the fuck are you?” he asked, looking at Willem in disgust.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I… is Jake home?”

The man squinted distrustfully at Willem. “What do you want with Jake?”

“I’m his friend from school.”

The man folded his arms, frowning at Willem. “What kind of a friend?”

Willem had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. “We’re bio partners. What does it matter? I need to talk to him, is he here?”

“Nice try, son. But school’s finished for the summer. Jake doesn’t need some faggy bio partner hanging around.”

Willem’s jaw dropped open in shock as the man slammed the door in his face. What the fuck was his problem? Willem turned to walk back to his car, then stopped and looked back towards the house. He NEEDED Jake’s help. There was no way he was going to find the drag queen without him.

Willem walked around Jake’s house towards his bedroom window. He picked up a piece of mulch from the flowerbed in the garden and threw it up at Jake’s window. He waited a few seconds until Jake’s face appeared in the window. He waved at Jake to come down. Jake frowned at him, shaking his head.

Willem’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Fucking help me, you son of a bitch!” he hissed.

Jake rolled his eyes, then disappeared from the window. Willem paced back and forth in Jake’s backyard as he waited for him to come down, his arms folded petulantly.

“What are you doing here?” asked Jake as he rounded the corner.

“I need your help, dickhead,” said Willem.

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