The Dare


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Her Story:

How did I let him talk me into this, I wondered? I peered out into the audience, but the stage lights’ glare made it impossible to see past the first few rows. I spotted Phil at a table at center stage. He calmly sipped his drink as I stepped further out into the light. The smoky atmosphere smelled of tobacco, beer, sweat, and lust. Whistles and catcalls met me as I listened for the music to start. I was the last performer for the evening in the contest.

Phil had spotted the banner for the amateur night contest at one of the strip clubs in the seedier parts of the city. We had met after work for a light dinner. I had taken a taxi to the restaurant, knowing he would take me to my home after dinner. I was still dressed in my business attire, conservative dress and blazer, a white silk blouse, and dress shoes. Underneath I had on a bra, panties, and the garter belt and hose he liked so much on me. After dinner, Phil hailed a cab to take us home.

The driver gave me a strange look as I snuggled against Phil, but I put it out of my mind. I wasn’t paying much attention to route the cabby was taking until the end of our trip.

Phil had the taxi to the curb and got out. Opening my door, he beckoned to me.

“Get out, I have an idea,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

I looked around nervously, intrigued but not at ease with the unfamiliar surroundings. I stepped from the car and he took my hand. He led me to the door were a burly man with tattoo covered arms was collecting money from men entering the club.

“You can’t be serious,” I said in disbelief. “I don’t want to watch some bimbos strutting around naked.”

He slipped the man some money and we were motioned inside. The doorman’s lust-filled looks made me blush. Obviously he was used to women who would put up with such crude behavior. I started to say something when Phil pulled me into the bar. I glared at Phil. What was he thinking? This was embarrassing. Before I could say another word, Phil had led us to a desk where several women were signing up for the contest.

“Go ahead Robyn, give the man your name.”

“Phil, this isn’t funny anymore. Let’s go.”

“I dare you.”

It seemed as though all the other noises in the bar faded as he said this. So this was his game. We played a little dare competition from time to time. If the dare was refused, the dare-er could claim a sexual favor from the dare-ee. If the dare was accepted, the dare-ee was the winner and got to pick the reward. Both of us enjoyed the game, each too proud and stubborn to usually refuse. It added spice to our lovemaking, but neither of us had ever considered something so outrageous before. Clearly Phil was hoping that I would ‘chicken out’ and let him win. He smiled at me with a smug smirk on his face. It was the look more than anything else that did it.

“Ok, so that’s how he wants to be.” Turning to the man I gave him my first name. He told me that I was the final contestant, and that I would be dancing last, after the first five girls had performed. The rules were simple; pick out three songs to dance to, each performer could remove as much or as little clothing as she wanted, the audience picked the winner by applause. It was obvious the more nudity and sexuality the dancer presented, the better chance of winning. I nervously signed the entry form and was pointed towards the backstage area.

“Sure you want to do this?” Phil asked. I could tell he was expecting me to quit.

“Of course, but I hope you are ready to pay up after this is over. Cause I plan to make you pay BIG.”

He looked startled by my tone of voice. I don’t think he expected me to take this quite so seriously. I picked up a song list and selected three songs that I thought I could dance to. My stomach was full of butterflies as I handed it to the manager. He told me to go and get ready, as the competition was about to start.

I walked backstage. As I did, I could feel the weight and heat of the men’s stares as they saw another contestant enter the dressing area. The thought of all these strange men seeing me dance filled me with trepidation and a strange feeling of arousal. As I stepped through the stained curtain separating the backstage area from the rest of bar my nipples began to harden and I felt the heat begin to grow between my thighs.

Backstage there were several regular strippers as well as the other amateur contestants. The contestants ranged from stunning to trashy. I was sure I just looked nervous. The professional strippers were giving advice and making suggestions. A table çekmeköy escort set off to the right held various props that could be used during performances. I looked through them as the MC announced the first contestant. I could feel myself sweat as I thought about going out on stage in front of all those strangers. The thought raised such conflicting emotions; fear, arousal, eagerness, and reluctance.

One of the regular strippers came over and asked if I needed any help getting into my costume.

“Costume?” I asked stupidly.

“I see. You were going to wear that?” she asked, an amused smile on her pretty face.

“Yeah, I guess. This is sort of a ‘spur-of- the-moment’ thing for me,” I explained.

“That’s ok. Let’s see what we can find for you.” She picked up a pair of eyeglass frames. “Try these on, we’ll go for the urban professional look.”

I slipped them on as she walked behind me and pulled my hair back and pinned it up. I trembled as her fingertips brushed across the nape of my neck.

“This excites you, doesn’t it?” she whispered in my ear. Her tongue flicked my ear lobe.

“Yesssss,” I hissed as her hand came around to cup my swelling breast.

Her fingers softly pinched my now-hard nipple. I heard her gasp in surprise as she felt my nipple ring there.

“Hmmm, not so innocent under these clothes after all. We can use that.”

I let her unbutton my blouse as she rubbed herself against my back. When she had my shirt open, she spun my around. Looking at my bra, she reached down and picked a black leather push-up half bra.

“Put this on. It will show off your rings better.”

Her words reminded me that soon total strangers would be seeing my intimate jewelry; something only Phil had seen so far. The thought sent a jolt of electricity straight to my swelling clit. I felt my body flush as I replaced my bra with the leather one.

My reaction wasn’t lost on my helper. She just grinned wider and lifted my skirt. She looked approvingly at my black lace panties and stockings. Before I could stop her she had pulled my panties to one side and knelt in front of me.

“A shaved pussy. You know everyone will be able to see your pretty cunny.”

“Yes,” I said, as I blushed scarlet.

I gasped as I felt her fingertips brush my swelling outer lips. A surge of moisture seeped from between my lips as she softly ran her fingers up and down my slit. I could feel the hot breath from her mouth just inches from my sex.

“Why are you doing this?” my new friend asked.

I explained about Phil’s dare, and how it was part of one of our sex games. She continued to stroke me with her fingers; softly and slowly. Before I knew it I was trembling on the edge of an orgasm.

She stood up, her fingertips glistening in the harsh light. I watched, fascinated as she licked her index finger clean. She extended her middle finger, still wet with my pussy cream, and held it up to my lips.

“Clean it, slut,” she commanded.

Obediently I parted my lips and sucked myself off her finger. She ran her finger in and out past my lips. I swirled my tongue all around her digit, pretending it was Phil’s cock as I did. Her other hand was busy tweaking my nipples.

“My name is Dee. I don’t think you will have any trouble performing out there now, will you my uptown slut?”

“Unnnn unnn,” I shook my head as I continued to suck her finger.

“Good girl.”

She removed her finger from my mouth. She selected two additional props for my performance. The first was a slim leather collar that she fastened around my neck. The second was a metal dog leash, which she clipped to the collar. She wound the chain loosely around my neck as well.

“Button up you blouse.”

With trembling fingers I did as she commanded. I was able close the top of the garment over the collar and leash. Dee fiddled with the chain until she was satisfied it wouldn’t be easily spotted until I removed my blouse.

“Now for your first song just let your hair down, hike up your skirt a little, maybe untuck your blouse. Next song you can remove your skirt, unbutton your blouse from the bottom up. Just don’t let them see your collar until the last song. Then I want you to show them what a hot-blooded woman you are, understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.”

With that she leaned forward and kissed my on the lips. I felt her tongue brush against my lips and I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss. Dee had other ideas. She pulled back, leaving me wanting more.

“No, not until I get to see you dance.”

I looked around and was surprised to see that four of the contestants had already performed. The fifth girl was just being called to the stage. I wished her good luck as she strode through the curtain. I could hear the patrons express their delight as another woman performed for them. My fear and nervousness began to reassert themselves as I waited for my turn.

All too soon she finished her third song. The applause she received sounded cevizli escort thunderous. For a moment I panicked. I can’t do this. Letting everyone see me intimately. What if someone has a camera? No, no way.

Then the MC was calling my name. Dee squeezed my ass and pushed me gently through the curtain.

I blinked as the stage lights blinded me briefly. I walked hesitantly to the center of the stage. A few wolf whistles and crude comments came from the crowd. I spotted Phil sitting at a table.

All thoughts of calling this off vanished when he smirked at me, sure of his victory. My fear receded as I thought of what I would make him do after I won. I could my passion build as I grew more confident.

The speakers came to life in an explosion of sound. The first sound I had picked was Joe Cocker’s rendition of “You Can Leave Your Hat On” from the movie “9 1/2 Weeks”. It seemed like a perfect song to strip to. I began by strutting across the stage. I would spin and bend, letting the men see the shape of my body as I swung my hips and chest in time with the music. I reached up and pulled out the hairpins holding my hair up. As I danced I tried to make eye contact with the men in the crowd, everyone but Phil. Flirting with the men turned me on more and made them cheer more. I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and hiked up my skirt, showing off my legs as I danced. Hours of bicycling have toned my legs and I enjoy showing them off. As the first song ended I spun around, pulling my skirt high enough for them to see my panty-covered ass. I flushed with pleasure at the crude comments coming from the audience.

I caught my breath as I waited for the next song to begin. This was turning out to be fun I thought to myself. The next song was “The Look” by Roxette. I spun around and began to unbutton my blouse from the bottom. I would open a button and then hike up my skirt. Slowly I opened my blouse. The men cheered as more and more of my body was revealed. It seemed as though I could feel their lust and desire as I danced. Maybe this is why some women enjoy stripping, I thought. Slowly, I rocked my hips as I pulled down the zipper of my skirt. As I slowly pushed it down, I did a pirouette. With my back to the crowd, I bent at the waist, pushing my ass towards the crowd. The response was immediate. I straightened up and continued to dance, the air cool on my sweaty thighs. As the song wound down, I pulled my blouse back to expose my breasts to the audience. I could hear their cheers and approval as my nipple rings were revealed to everyone. The leather bra made my tits jut out, the rings dangling as I danced, the stage lights making the steel rings sparkle as I moved.

The last song was going to get their attention. I had selected Berlin’s “Sex, I’m A..”. As it began, I pulled open my blouse. The top two buttons popped off and flew out into the crowd somewhere. The crowd roared as my collar and leash were revealed. I unwound the leash and rubbed it over my nipples. I went up to the edge of the stage and shook my tits and ass in the faces of the men in the front of the audience. I sat down and rolled onto my shoulders. With my legs in the air I pulled my soaking panties off and flung them into the crowd. I did an inverted split, letting everyone see my shaved pussy. I could feel my sticky lips pull apart as I did. I blushed as I realized how slutty this pose must look. Rolling onto my hands and knees, I crawled along the edge of the stage. It was so erotic to gaze into the eyes of the patrons, to see the lust smoldering there as I exposed myself for their entertainment.

As I crawled across the stage the leash dangled and dragged between my legs. I reached between them and brought it up between the cheeks of my ass. Grasping the handle of the leash, I pulled it tight and rolled my hips. This slid the chain back and forth between my labia. I shuddered as each link rubbed against my clit. The cool metal was a sharp contrast to the overheated flesh it was contacting.

Rising to a squat I spread my legs wide, allowing everyone to see me pleasuring myself. Reaching down I pulled on my right nipple ring, stretching my breast as I bent down and took the ring between my teeth. I tilted my head back, groaning as a delicious bolt of agony shot through me. While I continued to rub the chain over my clit I slow pushed two fingers into my pussy. I started to frig myself, making wet squishy noises as I drove my hand in and out. Shuddering, I felt myself begin to climb towards a powerful cum. Standing to a raucous barrage of hoots and catcalls, I added a third finger. The trails of honey running down my legs glistened in the bright lights. Knowing that my orgasm was not far away and that my final song was almost over, I decided it was time to involve Phil in this little scene. I walked over until I was directly in front of his table. I handed him the leash and turned away from him. While I continued to finger-fuck myself with one hand, I reached behind myself with my other hand. My fingertips circled my quivering erenköy escort anus. Gathering some lubrication from my cunt, I pushed a finger into my ass. The crowd went wild as I put on an obscene display for a bar full of strangers. Phil added to my excitement by tugging on the leash, stimulating my clit.

With a whimper my orgasm broke over me like a gigantic wave that swept me away. For precious moments the bar faded from my awareness as I rode my climax. When I could once again focus on my surroundings, I felt someone tilt my head back. A pair of soft lips met mine in a deep passionate kiss. Dee’s tongue thrust itself into my mouth as she toyed with my heaving breasts. Taking my hand, she led me over to Phil. I collapsed into his arms as he smiled at me and gave me a deep kiss of his own. Our kiss was broken when Dee pulled on my leash.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend? Com’ on, I DARE you,” she said with a lusty grin.

The Dare

His Story:

“Oh my God…” I said in a choked whisper “…she’s actually going through with it.”

Yep, there she was. My petite little Robyn, her tussled hair down around her shoulders and looking sexy as hell, had just started to strut her stuff on the stage of The Purple Pussy in front of a frenzied mostly male audience. Joe Cocker’s gravely voice was telling her to “stand on that chair..” as she swung seductively before their enraptured eyes. She wasn’t the smoothest of all the dancers but what she lacked in moves she made up for in raw seductive power. Men where reaching passed the stage lights trying to get a quick feel and a few times I thought I saw Robyn intentionally lean in to let a few lucky ones get their wish. Oh FUCK, I thought, did I really want this or had I finally taken our game a little too far?

(Three weeks earlier)

Robyn and I were in bed. She had just given me a fantastic blowjob and was about to finish me off when stopped. I groaned in frustration and gave her a pleading look.

She just smiled and said, “Dare you!”

I was at her mercy and a captive audience and she knew it. “Oh fuck Robyn, not now” I whined.

“Dare!” she said in a steely voice that she reserves for only the most serious situations.

I rolled my eyes and sat up. She still had my throbbing cock clenched tightly in her hand.

“O.K….what’s the dare?” I asked trying to feign interest.

Her smile broadened and suddenly she tore out of the bed and ran into the next room. I could hear her rummaging around in a plastic bag. Finally she returned with something in her hand. It had an odd shape and was covered in thick display plastic. When she brought it closer I finally got to see what was so interesting. Robyn held the package up so that I could get a good look. It was an assortment of dildos. They were all different sizes, shapes and colors. Some were smooth while others were bumpy and one was so realistic it looked like it had been surgically removed just prior to packaging. The thought made me shudder internally.

“Well, what do you think,” she said?

“About what?” I said. “Don’t I have a big enough cock for you anymore?” I mumbled in mock hurt.

She playfully smacked me on the head with the package. “These aren’t for me, silly.”

“Well they sure as hell ain’t for me either girlfriend.”

Was she serious?

Robyn only smiled swinging the plastic package back and forth in front of my eyes like a bad cartoon hypnotist.

“Dare you!” was all she said.

I looked away with a smile of my own.

“Robyn”, I started hesitantly, wanting to choose my words carefully, “I can appreciate that you want to keep our love making ‘exciting’ buuut, well, this isn’t something that I’m at all interested in. I’m sorry but it’s just not…me.”

I could tell that Robyn was disappointed.

“Well I thought I’d give it a try,” she said weakly tossing the package off to one side of the bed.

It hit the carpet with a brittle crack. I flinched at the sound. Being the way our ‘game ‘ is played I waited for Robyn to tell me what to do to her sexually now that I had refused her dare but she didn’t say anything. She just resumed sucking me off. We continued for another hour or so and then, both of us sated, turned off the light and went to sleep. As I lay there waiting for sleep I listened to her steady breathing.

Dildos, I thought. She wanted to stick those things up my ass, well no thank YOU. Then it hit me. A wonderful idea sprang up and formed like an ice crystal, fast, clear and sharp. It grew and grew and minutes later I was fast asleep, a smile of contentment on my face.

The next day at lunch I went to the newsstand around the corner from work. Several months earlier I had noticed a publication called Fast Times. At the time I was curious so I picked it up and took a quick glance through. It was a swingers magazine. It contained information on people who were interested in swapping partners. Now I wasn’t at all interested in seeing Robyn with another guy. I mean I try not to be the jealous type but the idea of her with another man didn’t sit well with me at all. No, there was another reason why I’d picked up the paper. I quickly flipped through to the back an soon spotted what I was looking for. Smiling to myself I paid for the paper and walked back to my office. As soon as I was safely tucked away in the comfort of my work sanctuary with the door closed I made the call.

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