The Descending of Jessica Ch. 08

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Hey, it’s me again, welcome back to my memoir. I may someday go back to write more about the time Brent and I spent together that summer before college, but that will probably be another set of stories, another time. There were some interesting things happen then, but I want to move along now. I love getting comments, so if you have criticism, good or bad, feel free to send it my way. I got a couple complaints about the chapter on anal sex, but I tried to be honest about it and show both the good and bad. Sorry if I offended anyone, that wasn’t my intent. If you truly will “never read my writing again”, then you probably aren’t seeing this right now anyway. I also have gotten some notes about grammatical errors, and I will try to do better in that regard, thanks! I would point out, as you will learn in the next chapter(spoiler alert!) that I majored in history, not English. Anyway if you want to skip to the nasty parts, Ha! You’re on your own! At the end of Chapter 7 my story skipped ahead to the end of summer and that is where this chapter starts.

Just a reminder, ALL names have been changed and any similarity to anyone living, dead, or in the case of zombie uprising, undead, is purely coincidental.

I should also warn you that this story is more about our romance than our sex life, although I’ve put that in too. If you have no sense of romance then your soul is dead, and you should probably just read the last few paragraphs and wait for the next chapter. Totally up to you!


I had promised Brent when we first started dating, two and a half months ago now, that we would sit down and discuss our future, where we were and where we were going, and what we ultimately were to each other. The time for that conversation was quickly approaching, but I wasn’t stressing. We were so very much in love, and I knew Brent was the man for me now. I knew I always wanted him in my life, to the exclusion of all others. Even though we had dated for such a short time, Brent had always said he fell in love with me two years earlier when I first moved into the home of Dr and Allison Anderson as their foster child, and in retrospect I had come to realize that what I had interpreted as friendliness or the familial bond between siblings had actually been Brent trying to tell me how he felt. He gave up and dated others, but never really had a serious girlfriend. Likewise, although he constantly had invaded my thoughts, especially those I had after dark in my room as my moistened fingertips probed my flesh, I had always seen him as a brother. I dated other guys, but rarely more than once as I never had sex with them, and rarely even kissed them good night even. I had the reputation of being a prude, and I was okay with that. My focus was on my education and not repeating the mistakes of my biological mother.

This had all changed after my disaster at the prom, when I finally let a guy touch me sexually and I returned the favor with giving my first blowjob, only to find that while I was lost in the throes of passion he had made two short videos with his smart phone and by the time I got home the whole school knew the senior classes’ reigning queen of prudishness had fallen at last. I was 18 by then, as was Brent, and before Brent had a chance to get in all kinds of trouble for beating the living shit out of the perpetrator of this deceit, I got suspended for beating his ass myself. I’m sort of white trash that way, no matter how much civility and manners Allison, my foster mother, has tried to instill in me.

Despite my reputation for being a prude that kicks the shit out of anyone who makes her otherwise, I rarely ran short of admirers. I’m tall at 5’11”, but am told I’m nicely figured at 36C–34-38, with boobs that were quite perky on their own, thick auburn hair that falls to between my shoulder blades, a butt that Brent claims could be the basis for a religious cult, and green eyes which would become windows to a jaded soul in the near future. Over the summer my fair skin had gotten a nice tan and I felt pretty and confident showing off my long legs in flirty mid thigh sun dresses or shorts whenever Brent and I went out for the evening, either with the Andersons or alone. Rarely did we go with the Andersons however as when they went out during the summer it meant we had the house to ourselves to bring each other to ecstasy as we shared and confessed our growing love.

I wasn’t stressing the upcoming sit down with Brent as now I had plans. His university, an excellent state engineering college, was just over an hour from mine. As he had his Honda, and I had the pickup that Dr Anderson had bought for me at my request the year before when he had taught me to drive, I told you I was sort of white trash, there was no reason we couldn’t see each other a couple nights a week. He could come see me on Tuesdays, and I go see him on Thursdays. We also would be together on weekends, either at our schools Ümraniye Escort or at home, and sometimes even in the state capital, which was a bit closer to me, but had a lot to do and was somewhat centrally located. That gave us four out of every seven days together through the fall, and then in the spring, if I had gotten my grades up enough, I would transfer to his school and we could be together every day. My plan was perfect, and clearly Brent should agree to abide by it. It only made sense. Of course, there was always the chance that by now Brent was sick of putting up with me and my weirdness, but he didn’t act like it. Our love burned bright, and I was ready to commit to being his girl for the foreseeable future. I even planned that at Christmas we would sit down again and discuss where we were going, and that at that time I might, if all was well, consent to a change in our relationship status to being fiances instead of just dating. I still didn’t think getting married at our age made any sense, but that hadn’t been discussed anyway. But if all went well, at Christmas we could be engaged to get engaged at some later time, probably after he finished school. Sure I often felt like we were married, and not always during sex. Sometimes just doing chores together around the house or riding to and from work at the club it felt like we were two people that had always been together and always would be, and while it seemed we could read each others’ thoughts and talk about anything, we had agreed to not speak about this. I knew it would come up at our sit down, and was ready to address it in a positive manner, although I was only ready to commit to committing at a later date if all went well.

Who could possibly argue with the logic of my plan? I knew it was right, I was in love but that had not clouded my judgment. Surely Brent wouldn’t be so stupid as to argue about it. I only worried that when it came to romance Brent had in fact shown a propensity to be dumb. My plan though just made sense. The only sticking point was when we would tell the Andersons about us as they had been so good to both of us, and we had hidden our relationship from the world so as to save them from the scandalous nature of it. I thought they should know immediately and thought that we should have a sit down with them right after we talked. I didn’t really know how Brent would feel about this, but it was a negotiable point on my part.

But as a Prussian General once said, “No plan survives contact with the enemy”, or in my case, contact with Brent’s own thoughts on the subject of our relationship.

The week before our trip we both stopped work, having previously put in our notices. The jobs were to give us spending money for school. Both of us were paying for college with scholarships, and the extra money we had saved would come in handy. Ron and Allison had assured us that they would cover whatever the scholarships didn’t, but I felt bad about taking money from them needlessly. Both had been so good in opening their home and hearts to both Brent and I, and I needed to stand on my own feet as much as I could. As we would be headed off to school the week after our return, Allison grabbed me Monday and Tuesday to go shopping. She bought, in spite of my protests, a stunning wardrobe for the fall which would cover my every need, from dozens of casual tops and jeans to pretty party dresses, sweaters, and shoes by the zillion! I was like a kid in a candy store and every time I caught my breath and remembered it was her money I was spending, she would just dismiss it with a smile and say “I can’t take it with me and I’m not leaving it to you!” or, more often, “There’s no excuse for the most beautiful girl on campus to not be ready for any occasion.” Allison had always made me feel so beautiful and special, and after years of essentially being neglected had made me into the confident woman I had become.

The real bitch was that after keeping me out Monday and Tuesday, she kept Brent out Wednesday and Thursday doing the same thing so we spent hardly any time together that week, even though this gave Ron, as Dr Anderson now had me call him, and I an opportunity to go through the guidebooks he had bought and plan our our week in Orlando. We were the nerds of the family, and we planned the trip, which was fast becoming my trip, in great detail. I had never been, but the Andersons, including Brent, had gone the summer before I joined the family when Brent was 15. As it was new to me, a lot of leeway was given to what I wanted to do and when. The only exception was that we would spend our first day at the Magic Kingdom at Ron’s insistence. I know it is the centerpiece of the Orlando area, but it seemed a bit juvenile for a family who’s youngest members were now almost 19. Still there was Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, While we planned the rest of the week in detail, we sort of left this one open for everyone to do as they wanted. I İstanbul Escort got Ron to promise to ride Space Mountain with me if Brent wimped out, and he agreed, although he claimed this wouldn’t be a problem. Friday we packed, sadly for school and happily for Orlando, and before dawn Saturday morning we were off on our adventure. I sat beside Brent on the plane and it was the first time for me flying. Ron and Allison sat in front of us, so Brent could hold my hand while assuring me so any fears of flying were overcome. I had no such fear, but it was sweet of him just the same. I had the travel guides, and tried to show him our plan for the week, but his mind seemed elsewhere. After a few minutes I looked out the window, decided it was boring to look at the ground slowly moving by 30,000 feet below us, and laid my head on his shoulder and went to sleep.

You may be wanting to say now “Jessie! This is an erotic site! Get to the part where you and Brent sneak off to the rest room for sex and get caught by the bi curious flight attendant and the co-pilot with the gigantic porn sized cock!” Sorry, it didn’t happen that way, so its not going here. Although inadvertently I let my hand rest on Brent’s lap and he joined the Mile High Rub.

No, that’s not a typo.

We arrived in Orlando and took the tram to the main concourse to pick up our luggage while Ron went to get the rental car. It was only about 8 in the morning and we would be checked into our three bed, two bath suite that was owned by the park and thus accessible to everywhere by monorail by nine. The heat was already stifling, but not as bad as I had expected. It was in the nineties by mid morning, but there was a constant breeze outside, so with a good dose of sunscreen, and my summer uniform of a flirty mid thigh sundress and tennis shoes, we set off for the Magic Kingdom. Ron and I demanded that Brent and Allison hurry with us to Space Mountain so we could get a pass, like an appointment, to come back at a certain time and not have to wait in line. Already the time was pushed back to 12:30, so we had a couple of hours to explore the park before and Ron suggested that we roam about by ourselves and meet back there, making excuses that Brent and I would walk faster. All I could think was “Me? And Brent? Alone in a park with big crowds and lots of hiding places for kissing? Yes! I’m totally down with that!”

As we started away on foot, Allison asked, with a worried tone, “Jessie, are you scared of the crowds or getting lost or something?”

“No, why?” I smiled.

“Well, I just noticed you holding Brent’s hand, I thought you might be scared of the crowds. If you get lost, just call us on your cell and we’ll meet somewhere. I know it is kind of overwhelming here, but its very safe, okay?”

“Oh shit” I thought, “Busted!” I meekly said “Oh, I didn’t even realize it”, as I let go, and I hadn’t as it just came naturally. “No, I’m not scared, just a bit excited.” I smiled and hope she bought it, even thought I felt even more bad about hiding our relationship.

“Well I can understand that” she smiled, “its a big day, one you’ll always remember, enjoy yourself!”

“Sure will! Thanks!” I replied, a fake grin hiding my fear and embarrassment, not at being with Brent, but at getting caught.

I didn’t retrieve Brent’s hand into mine until we were on the other side of the park, near Pirates of the Caribbean, then pulled him into a secluded spot beside a cafe and kissed him passionately.

“I’m sorry, I forgot who we were with back there” I said.

“No problem, I think she was just teasing you. It’s not like I don’t hold your hand back home all the time when we’re out, she probably just hasn’t seen us do it this year since we haven’t hung out with them as much this summer.” Brent said, and this made sense to me.

“We need to tell them. I feel horrible about hiding from them. The rest of the world I don’t care about, but they’ve been so good to us.”

“I know,” Brent said, “But it will all work out.”

That was about like him, I plan everything and prepare in meticulous detail, and he just figures it will all work out.

I was in love with a moron.

We wandered around the south side of the park all morning. Even though there are few ride attractions for grown ups without children in the Magic Kingdom, there is so much to see and do that is fascinating that you never get bored. Giant puppets in an area made to look like an island town in the gulf, a main street full of shops selling everything from clothing to ice cream, park actors breaking out into song and dance at any moment, you just never run out of things to do.

Brent got me an ice cream cone that was delicious and cooling and we walked down the street to the centerpiece of the park, Cinderella’s Castle, to get a better look. Where ever you are in the park it dominates the view and is the reference point to find your way. I loved it from a distance, but Brent Anadolu Yakası Escort insisted that we see it close up as it was “really neat and made of fiberglass.” As it was almost noon, I wanted to get back to Space Mountain, but he swore it was worth looking at, and added that the ride pass was good for a half hour after the appointed time. I figured we could do both if we hurried, so I agreed, but I began to suspect that Brent was going to wimp out of Space Mountain by making sure we would be too late getting back with his silly diversion to the castle.

We got there and found it had a giant passage way so you could walk through rather than around it and we stepped into the cool shade. People milled about the shops there, and I was just glad to be out of the sun for a second before we hurried to the ride. The castle itself was gigantic, but only the arced passage way had anything for the public.

Brent stopped and turned to face me in the dead middle of the beautiful hall.

“Jessie, earlier this summer we agreed before we left for school we would talk about our future.”

“Now?” I whined, “we’re supposed to meet Ron and Allison in a half hour!”

“Yes. Now.” he insisted.

“Okay,” As I thought as this was what I expected to be a happy conversation I decided it was better to get it over with if idiot boy was so insistent on talking now. “Here’s what I’m thinking. First, yes, I want to be your girlfriend this fall, and indefinitely beyond that and I want us to be exclusive. I figure we can get together a couple nights a week just by driving to each others’ schools, then every weekend. So it will cost some gas bu”

“Jessie” he interrupted.

“What?” I said, annoyed that he interrupted and clearly couldn’t see how much sense I made or thought I put into it.

“Let me talk for two minutes. I’m not good at this and I need to say what I came to say. Then you can tell me your plan, and the”

“Okay, talk then” I said, interrupting him with as he had me, and smiling.

He looked at me with that stupid puppy dog eyed look he has that I can’t resist and began.

“Two years ago, right about now, I was laying on my bed, the first real bed I had ever had, reading a Sports Illustrated article about the Cardinals, when Ron and Allison knocked and came in with this tall skinny girl wearing a red tee shirt and blue jeans that had holes in the knees and ragged out sneakers” he said, as I remembered those cloths and the day we met, but was mildly surprised he remembered my outfit as he continued.

“She had the most beautiful eyes, and hair, and I fell in love with her right then, and I’ve loved her ever since. Every night I went to bed and dreamed of her, and every morning I woke up to find I loved her more than I did the day before. I did all I could to show her how I felt, but she thought I was just being a big brother or something, and this summer I finally got the courage to just tell her. Ever since then my life has been like a dream, and I can’t stand the thought of one more day that she isn’t mine, I love her heart and soul and will until I die. I wouldn’t change a single thing about her, except one.”

My heart fluttered at his sweet words, he must have really rehearsed this speech I thought as he said them, but if the silly man had just asked I would have told him I already had it planned out and I wanted to keep being his girlfriend. Geez guys can be so dense! All that effort and emotion into such a simple decision that was obvious to make. And if he had been listening he would have already heard me say I was going to be his girlfriend moving forward and could stop acting so dramatic. I could tell he was scared of this talk and really nervous since we had made such a big deal about it, and those eyes of his were practically pleading with me for mercy as his voice shook and he stammered, but as I was about to let the idiot off the hook and tell the dummy yet again how we would keep dating, how we would see just each other, for the foreseeable future, he finished his sentence by saying “her last name” and he got down on his knee and showed me just how incredibly fucking dense I was.

“Oh my god!” I gasped, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black box which he flipped open with practiced deftness, and held out to me the most beautiful ring ever created. My right hand reached instinctively to cover my mouth and I began to shake all over. The crowd parted around us, and folks began to stop and watch. I heard a few cameras click and felt the glare from the flashes in my now watery eyes.

Brent took my left hand and gently slid the ring onto my finger.”Jessica, will you marry me?” he softly asked, his eyes still pleading, but me almost unable to see for the tears rising through mine. The hallway quieted as I inhaled and tried to speak at the same time, making a choked gasping noise. Had Brent not been holding my hand I surely would have fell from the lightheadedness as my heart seemed to stop beating and all time and motion froze waiting for my response.

I’m not sure how long it was like that, maybe five seconds, and I heard nothing but the clicks of tourists’ cameras until I heard a voice say “Jessica, you have to give him an answer.”

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